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  1. I'm sorry, I've sold all of my Vahi's, the gold Avohkii would be $1.50 but I'd prefer not to do orders that are that small.
  2. I'm selling a lot of five Vahi Masks of Time for $50 buy out or with bidding starting at $25. http://www.ebay.com/itm/131280063746
  3. I've already sold one of the gold and silver Mirus and all of my Krana. The price for what's left is $7, how does that sound to you?
  4. I've sold the Infected Hau and the White Hau, The Masks of Time are $9 each.
  5. I'll have to wait to send the items until I get the money, if you're okay with that then you can use cash, Paypal will faster though.
  6. I've sold the Copper Huna, Black Akaku Nuva, Gold Hua, and Gold Pakari. $2 for the TNG Miru $1.50 for the Silver Miru $1.50 for the Green Kaukau $1.50 for the Gold Miru $1.50 for the Green Pakari x20 Krana for $.50 each comes out to $10.
  7. Yeah, sorry, it's too small of an order to justify shipping to the UK. All of my Kanohi are all in good condition unless stated otherwise.
  8. In order $1.50 $1.50 $2.50 but I'm finalizing a sale which includes both. $1.50 $1.50
  9. That sounds great! So with the two Copper Huna ($1.50 x 2), the unbent white Hau ($1.50), the white Miru ($2.00), the two shadow Kraata ($2.50 x 2), and the gold Hau, Pakari, and Kakama ($1.50 x 3) that would come to a total of $16. Sounds pretty good. I'm fine with PayPal, I just need to set up an account to do so. ~B~ Okay, I'll send you a message and we can talk about shipping.
  10. I've sold the black Hau and all of the Kaukaus besides the red, green, and blue ones. They are in good condition aside from one of the White Haus which is slightly bent, I'd prefer $1.50 per mask, if possible. I tested the Cupper Hunas and light can be see through both of them. I've sold the Orange, Black, and Clear Kaukaus, the prices for normal masks are $1.50 a piece.
  11. What's a normal price for Shadow Kraata, I've looked around but I haven't found anything. The Gold Hau, Pakari, and Kakama are each $1.50.
  12. I have some gold Vahis, would you be interested in buying any?
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