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  1. Dangit, someone beat me to it... Oh well, guess there can be two XD. Anyway, like the art style. Translates well and looks very unique. Love the purple!
  2. Yeah. Part of me laughed, part of me found it very fitting given his new design.
  3. Nicolas cage as Lewa Nicolas Cage can play any BIONICLE character flawlessly. Nicolas Cage as Roodaka. I'd pay money to see that happen. Ask, and have answered. And here are a couple others: One And another (this was my favorite ) This is hilarious.
  4. I think something is going to happen involving the Vahi. They're definitely building up to a plot point that goes much further than the Skull Spiders, and it's obvious Okoto has quite a bit of depth to it, so hopefully we'll find out sooner or later what all this time-related foreshadowing/callbacks are leading up to.
  5. I was hoping for confirmation, but yeah, I could see this happening. It'd be cool for the Toa to have a cameo.
  6. With all the promotional videos being released, the big controversy has been the fact that every animation uses just one voice actor, sort of like an audiobook. So I was wondering: if Lego was doing a series, who would you want to have be the voice actors for the Toa?
  7. Congrats on making the Main Page! I really like the head design. It establishes a sort of tribal feel similar to what we got from the Mask of Creation, and is a good way to incorporate purple into the MOC's scheme. Any chance we'll see more Matoran get revamps like this?
  8. Prehistoric_Echoes


    This is really well done. I like the styalized look of the character. It blends the human and Bionicle aspects really well. The mask is definitely my favorite part. My only issues are probably the armor on the upper arms and legs. On the arms, they look a little small compared to the rest of her body, while her leg armor seems a little too elongated. But overall, great drawing. Do you plan on doing more of the Toa?
  9. Wow, this is really cool. Definitely holds the Bionicle vibe so far, and its cool to see a story from Matoran perspectives. Also, I have to ask, do you draw all the images yourself, or do you use MNOG assets?
  10. I like the style, but it could use a little work. The proportions are all strange, and he looks oddly feminine with smooth features and large chest. Also, it's weird how only one of his eyes is glowing. Everything's well thought out and designed though. I especially like how is energized ice sword is a laser buster sword. Might steal that in the future.
  11. This is amazing. You are very lucky to own something like this. The insight into Bionicle's history and the pure nostalgic value of this is staggering. I don't think I'd be able to sell it were I in your position.
  12. A couple of drawings I've done over the last few months. Nokama Metru: Based this mainly on the Miramax version with some of my own ideas on Toa anatomy thrown in. Hahli Inika. I decided to make the max more of a mix of Kaukau and Elda rather than just the straight up Elda mask. I think it turned out okay, so...yeah. Well, thanks for viewing!
  13. Toa Metru Vakama has always been one of my favorite Bionicle characters, ever since that game-changing novel Time Trap. There are a few reasons for this. One is the fact that he's dynamic. He has an arc to him, going from a nervous first-time hero to hiding his fears behind false confidense to finally realizing his potential as a Toa. Another is the fact that his set is probably one of the best looking of the Toa Metru (although all the Toa Metru are pretty awesome), and lastly (as I noticed in long after he had become a peripheral character) I related to Vakama a lot.
  14. I've caught myself making references or even using euphemisms from Bionicle (I often say "catch my current" after a Ga-Matoran said it in one book), but I don't normally talk about it unless I'm around those who I know already either like it or tolerate me liking it.
  15. I have to say, I really like the Metru/Hagah building system. With some modifications, you can create very poseable, really good looking models that can stand out while all having a similar body type. Plus, I kind of see that Toa style being the most common in the Bionicle Universe, as many of the Toa we've seen from across the Bionicle universe had a body type the same or similar to them.
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