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  1. episode 11 http://www.lego.com/en-gb/bionicle/story/episode-11
  2. What if they introduced new rod holes/rods? Say, a square or something?
  3. As the topic says, I'm looking to buy the Japanese promotional, Kabaya sets: 1291- "Yellow Dirt Bike", 1290- "Red Volcano Climber", 1292- "White Ice Explorer", and 1293- "Yellow and Green Swamp Craft". I don't know much about these sets or really the rarity, except that they were exclusive to the Japanese candy company "Kabaya". With that said, the highest I'll pay for one of these badboys is 10$ unpackaged. Of course, we can always negotiate the price.
  4. No, not at least how it was. If Hero Factory was any indicator, it'll probably grow very little. A lot of the veterans don't like CCBS, which is a contributing factor.
  5. I wanna try my hand at some stop-motion, but I dunno if I can do it with iPhone and a chromebook.
  6. I wonder if Biotube is going to return to the way it was, minus the flame-war stuff. I've seen some Bio2015 mocs pop up here and there, but it still seems sluggish as ever.
  7. Hmm...I'll probably buy these. I like Adventure Time after all.
  8. So I got my good 'ol PS4 back in July of last year--no problems. But lately, I've noticed that my system would 'pop' randomly while in power-save mode, as well as beeping randomly when turning into said mode. Has anyone else experienced these phenomenons? If not, what problems have you had? I have no problem replacing my PS4 if it came down to it, but really prefer not to blow 400$ again.
  9. Onua does look a bit...Wonky. But I can appreciate the art style. (your videos are pretty funny, btw)
  10. I'm not saying it isn't cool, because it is my 3rd favorite. And I'm not saying Bionicle blew it out of the water. That is my complaint with 2002-2003. The clone villians. Look at my signature and you'll see a ranking. I happen to love Roboriders, and think it went on not long enough. I would love to have them back. Every theme had a problem. None were perfect. Except GALIDOR! Just kidding please don't kill me I never meant to question your opinion of it, just to say that, past the initial impression of "motorcycle people", they're about as un-cloney as you can reasonably expect from any one wave. The "RoboRiders are just cool" was me expressing my opinion of them, because while I don't often think about them (15-year-old theme and all that) I still think it's a really neat concept and I wish it was more marketable because I'd like some more motorcycle people in the future. For all I know the builds could be different and innovative for each set. But I don't have any, so I guess that's why I have this opinion on it. But if you like the builds, all to you. I just like the fact they are *Freakin Motorcycles* I only have one (Swamp) that I got a couple of years ago. It's pretty easy to figure the rest out, though, as there are plenty of sites with piece inventories and instructions available for viewing, if you're interested. I'd actually encourage you to, as some of the builds and functions are rather neat. Ditto. I just bought all of them (except the promotional sets...for now) from ebay/Bricklink.
  11. So which one is missing from that poisoned Hau lot?
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