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  1. I actually went to the Legoland Windsor fireworks event, I was really young though so I barely remember it. I vaguely remember sitting on the grass watching and hearing vakama and macku's dialogue. The hype for MoL was real there, they had screens in the shops showing clips of the movie everywhere.
  2. That's very true, I feel the greatest tragedy in Bionicle was LOMN being cancelled. An open world Mata Nui would be amazing. But would you play as Toa or Takua? How would it work? I feel that collecting all 36 Kanohi (or 72 depending on your point of view) by swapping between Toa could work, each mask would be a mission only certain Toa could enter.
  3. I think I'd actually start it right after tales of the tohunga, I see that story as more of a hobbit story in comparison to the rest of the year being more of a lord of the rings. I think it would be weird for Takua to lose his memory halfway through a series. I also think it's best discovering the world much the same way that the Toa and Takua are. I'dways stick to the MNOG depiction of the Makuta and Manas encounter but I don't mind either way when it comes to the shadow toa.
  4. One thing I've wanted to do for many years is create a stop motion for 2001, although it may never come to pass I've always liked planning out how I'd do it. However one thing I struggle with is deciding where the focus should be. Takua has always been the main character of the first 3 years in my view, so I had tinkered with the idea of having the show focus more on him. The problem with this approach is it would mostly be a retread of MNOG but in third person. So then I thought of having the stories of the Toa and Takua running in tandem similar to how lord of the rings does it, however with so many things happening in 2001 it could become overstuffed, so I thought of setting it out more like a TV show such as Game of Thrones. This is currently how I'm trying to devise the story, with each episode being about 10-20 minutes and having about 6-10 episodes. But I do often flip-flop between how I think it should be handled. How would you guys want to portray 2001? Would it be stronger focusing more on a character like Takua and having the Toa remain mysterious through dialogue and brief appearances like MNOG? How much of your own material would you add or would you remain completely faithful to the comics and games?
  5. Thank you all for your excellent answers. It's really interesting to see how much 2001 was retconned or changed over time, and how years that followed added so many layers to that part of the story. You say that the Turaga believed that it would be cruel to tell the Matoran about Metru Nui, whereas they referred to Mata Nui as an island paradise often, was it just that they were trying to encourage and reassure the Matoran when they knew their condition wasn't ideal. I had obviously seen Makuta in the wrong light, I believed he had planned out exactly how he would take over the entire Matoran Universe, but he's more of an opportunist really, he'll take whatever he can get. It's interesting to me that they decided to change the story to not have any Matoran die during the dark times, with all the brutality in later years I don't think it would have hurt to also have some Matoran lost to help emphasise how trying those times were. I hadn't seen that thread of compiled stories before, thank you very much it's amazing.
  6. Haha yes sorry about the onslaught of questions, it's just all the things I thought of in my research and didn't want to create separate topics for each. - I did wonder how much of what happened in the storyline was forced because of game mechanics becoming canon, I imagine the story would have been much more 'videogame-y' if the game had ever seen the light of day. - I assume they weren't killed, maybe they just found their way back after Makuta's defeat. - That's an interesting way of seeing it, I never considered that he was stalling for time during the early years of the story but it makes sense considering how close Mata Nui came to death shortly afterwards. - Yeah I understood their function, I was just curious how they were found, I assume the cancelled game would have answered that question, and many others. - So did the Turaga have their own set of masks too? - But those masks were seperate to the Toa's quest and were found on the way? I assume they weren't stored in their suvas. - That makes sense, I haven't gotten to that book actually. I feel like a lot of the story for the first year was relying on the PC game to be released to actually tell the story, but when that didn't happen it left a few gaps that had to be reconciled by just 1 book later on. Thanks for your help!
  7. Recently I've been trawling through the books, comics and biosector to try and piece together 2001's story. There were a few things however that I'm curious about that I can't really find answers for. - The turaga made the toa stones that Takua gathers to summon the toa, why did they never use them in the first place? Was there any point in waiting a thousand years for this? - In MNOG, Jaller sends takua to Ko-Koro to find the missing scouts from the Ta-koro Guard but I don't seem to remember if they were ever found or mentioned again. Takua seems to get sidetracked. - We all know what Makuta's endgame was, so what was the point in harassing the matoran for a thousand years and why did he never try releasing the Bohrok or Rahkshi before the Toa arrived? - The Makoki Stones are only ever mentioned as being things the Toa just so happened to pick up whilst searching for masks, was it ever elaborated on where they found them and if they were ever told to do so? - I'm confused whether the Turaga hid the kanohi around the island or if Artakha hid them. - Did the Toa actually collect Great Kanohi versions of the Turaga's masks? The only source that seems to suggest this is MNOG but we know that some aspects of this were non-canon. - Was there any good reason for the Turaga not telling anybody about Metru-Nui are anything about the Matoran Universe? Did they just see no point?
  8. I had always assumed the language on the back of the Avohkii was another language that used the matoran alphabet, like how English and French use most of the same letters. Then again I've never read what it says. As you said, giving Turaga Dume a metruan build was probably easier, just as it was probably easier to use the same model for all of the Turaga in the movies rather than create new ones. In my mind the sets are their canon design, mostly because I prefer them that way.
  9. Yeah, and I appreciate that the Turaga Lhikan set or "Gold Good Guy" may not be entirely canon either, despite whether that was originally supposed to be Lhikan or not.
  10. So we know that when a Matoran becomes a Toa their design becomes the same as how they imagine a Toa to look, for Takua he became like a Toa Nuva and the Toa Metru took after Lhikan and other pre-existing Toa from Metru Nui. So where exactly do Turagas' forms come from? Although the Toa Metru transformed into similar looking Turaga, why did Lhikan and Dume have different Turaga forms even though they are all based off of the same Toa Metru build? Could this be a case more of the set design not being entirely canon? as the movies show that the 6 Turaga on mata nui have the same build as the ones on Metru Nui, although this could have just been a way of cutting corners like how the Matoran keep the same design throughout the films. Also could the variance in form have anything to do with the means of transformation into Turaga?
  11. Outstanding work! Makes me wish that we had a MNOG style TV show when the sets were released, the characterisation here is all spot on!
  12. From: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/10779-how-many-matoran/ [...] It was once twelve, then upped to 1000. * * * I'm pretty sure this is a myth. Source? So was the number retconned between years then? I don't feel like the number per Koro was only 12, even in MNOG we see more than that
  13. Sorry if this has been discussed before but one thing I have always been curious about is how big the population of Mata Nui was, especially in comparison to Metru Nui. The coliseum in Metru Nui showed that there were possibly tens of thousands of matoran, as shown in the second Bionicle Movie, however in MNOG we see all the matoran of Ga-Koro trapped inside one small hut, with Macku supposedly being the only Ga-matoran free. Even MoL shows considerably less matoran than what we got in the second movie. So what happened to the matoran? were some left in Metru Nui? does it show that there were many casualties during the thousand years before the Toa's arrival? Or is it just artistic license and different depictions?
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