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  1. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Wise Man's Archive) The reply was disappointing, but not unexpected. Outsiders knew very little about the Brotherhood, which guarded its secrets closely. He was more surprised how his inquiry did not appear to make the Matoran concerned or suspicious. It was a relief, and he now thought that the Vortixx he had met in the Drifts may have been wrong. Perhaps some people were more accepting of Ak'rei'an's followers than he had thought? Or perhaps the Matoran simply assumed he was conducting an investigation of some sort and was just happy to help him. Whatever the case, his response was useful, although he doubted he could easily access the Sanctum's library without arousing some suspicion. "Ah, thank you for the information. I'll be sure to visit the Sanctum next." He paused briefly. At first he was going to say good bye and leave, but it had been so long since he had been in a bookstore that he couldn't just go away like that. "But... perhaps you have something else that interests me. You see, I am a student of philosophy and ethics. Do you have some tomes to recommend to me?" OOC: @ARROW404
  2. OOC: is it really peaceful if people keep coming in IC: Sir Dahkapa (Wise Man's Archive) Once, Dahkapa had been a scholar. Therefore the libraries and archives of the settlement had been like secondary homes for him, even after he had become a Toa. Despite the occupation by Makuta's servants and the reconstruction, he still easily recognized many familiar places as he walked past them, and reminisced about the good old days. Yes, it was true that he had been delusional back then, believing that life was finite and that Mata Nui was infallible. But perhaps there was bliss in ignorance. Nowadays he had to carry the burden of truth, which weighed down heavily on him. He missed the times when good and evil could be more easily distinguished, when his ethical compass hadn't been so completely shattered. He sighed and entered the Wise Man's Archive. He had been there before, but he did not remember when. Or perhaps it was a false memory. His mind was muddled ever since the Conversion. In any case, the librarian wasn't familiar to him. As he walked inside, he looked around himself and saw many bookcases and shelves filled to the brim with scrolls, tablets and codices. Finding what he was looking for would likely take a while, yet he was hesitant to ask the Matoran for help. The subject matter was touchy, to say the least. But there was no way to avoid the librarian knowing what he wanted. Ultimately, he'd have to get it from him. In a true Ko-Koroan manner he silently greeted him with a nod, though he smiled as well. "I am glad to see that this place is still standing. I hope little of value was lost in the recent chaos." His smile faded and he took a deep breath. "I need to find something... unusual, and I am not sure if you have the kind of tome I am looking for. Do you have anything about the... Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an?" The last words were almost whispered. OOC: @ARROW404
  3. IC: Dartakh (The Dark Walk) As Dartakh observed the bizarre events before him, it quickly became clear that the stranger had elemental powers likely related to shadows. But he waited patiently, perhaps against his better judgement, before using his anti-elemental device. He was a soldier, and good soldiers followed orders. There was nothing he could do but wait for them. It was hard to stand by and do nothing when a Toa was vaporized before his eyes. He clenched his jaw, his claws grasping his device, but he did not press the button. Then, the stranger disappeared, leaving like a Rahi that had gotten bored of playing with its prey, and sent in his minions do finish them off. Finally, the Lieutenant's orders came, albeit all too late. And the orders were obvious, too. "Understood, sir," he growled as they were quickly being surrounded by what appeared to be Rahkshi. His heartlight was glowing brighter as his body tensed itself for combat. Clearly, all the Rahkshi had powers of some kind, but now he was unsure if his device even worked on them. He had only ever used it on Toa and such, whose powers were clearly elemental in nature. And now was the worst possible time to experiment and find out. Like the Lieutenant had ordered, he would only use it when he saw elemental powers being used, so he put the device away for now. But he did know that Rahkshi had strange powers, some of which could aim for the mind. Therefore he swapped his protosteel helmet with his Boruhka helm. The Rahkshi's fearsome reputation meant that he would never underestimate them. He also readied his shield and mace, standing near one of the Lieutenant's clones. It wasn't clear which clone was the one he should stay with, so he just remained close to the nearest one. "Sir, before we all die gloriously, I'll have you know that my name is Dartakh, not Darkahn," he muttered to the Lieutenant and his clones. OOC: @Light
  4. IC: Oliphko (Papa-Nihu Reef) Oliphko listened quietly until Ferron stopped speaking. "Um, yeah, true, but there's also a lot of water. And the noise too, as you said. I don't know about you, but I don't think water suits me that well. At least, not the enormous amount of it outside." "Also... it's interesting to hear what others have written about meditation. Personally, I never read about it... I moreso figured it out myself over the years. Maybe I've been doing it wrong all this time, hehe..." She chuckled, albeit she sounded a little nervous. "Anyways, when should we, uh, begin meditating? I haven't done this with someone else before so, whenever you're ready I guess?" OOC: @Geardirector
  5. IC: Oliphko (Papa-Nihu Reef) "Ummmmmmm..." Oliphko mumbled and furrowed her brow in thought. "I suppose what I seek from meditation is... peace. Of the inner kind. You know, a feeling of calmness and unity with the world. And... the ability to immerse myself deep in thought so I can better understand the Virtues and their meaning. In the end, what I am trying to say is... it makes me happy, you know? My anxiety fades away and everything feels less unknown and terrifying." She went quiet and smiled awkwardly. "That, uh, doesn't sound too weird, does it?" OOC: @Geardirector
  6. IC: Dartakh (The Dark Walk) While Dartakh felt no fear, the same could not be said about the Matoran. The mysterious figure appeared to have the powers of shadow, or something else, as his eyes leaked and glowed red. Somehow, this seemed to get to the Matoran, who were overwhelmed by terror. "Foolish brakas!" he muttered as he saw many of the Matoran rout. He wasn't surprised this happened, but he was nevertheless angry. The training had failed to instill a proper sense of discipline in the guards. There were many thing he hated, and cowardice was one of them. It had been a mistake to bring them down here. Worst of all, he'd probably get paid less if any Matoran were lost during the expedition. "Someone go look after the Matoran and make sure they don't get lost in the dark!" he shouted to the others in the group, unable to go himself as he was the one with a device that could save them a whole lot of trouble. He turned to the Lieutenant and whispered: "Sir, looks like he's got powers of some kind. Should I use my device?" The thought of wearing his Boruhka helm did not cross his mind. He simply assumed the Matoran were cowards, and that he himself was immune to fear. Even if the stranger had psychic powers, he felt confident -- perhaps arrogantly -- that he could resist them with ease. OOC: @Light and @darkwalk gang
  7. what an amazing work of art well, dartakh was told to be in the middle of the group, so that’s probably where he still is. if lieutenant is at the front then he’d be behind him @Light
  8. IC: Dartakh (The Dark Walk) He did as the Bo-Toa said, cutting off a piece of the glowing plant with his protosteel knife and wrapping it around his wrist. He regretted not buying a lightstone before the trip, so it was a relief to get a personal light source, albeit he did not know how long the vine would keep glowing. Its light wasn't strong and the darkness did its best to suffocate it, but like the Toa had said, it was better than nothing. Seeing a broken piece of a Matoran's mask did not startle or surprise Dartakh. If anything, he had expected to see something worse in the room. Nevertheless, it was clear proof that someone down here had been violent. Then, in a sudden motion, the Bo-Toa threw her weapon into the darkness, and revealed the someone. Within a second, Dartakh was ready for combat, his shield raised and the elemental energy disruptor in his hand. This was no Rahkshi-- in fact, it was hard to tell what the someone was --but he likely had elemental powers of some kind. Dartakh did not know if the someone had psychic abilities. Just in case, he probably should put the helmet on, but at the present he was far more concerned about the stranger's elemental powers. The someone already appeared immune to pain, which was bad enough on its own. If he had powers as well, then they were very much in trouble. He had nothing to fear as no shreds of virtue remained in him. He welcomed the danger because it made him feel alive again, after feeling dead for so long. OOC: @Light and the dark walk gang
  9. IC: Oliphko (Papa-Nihu Reef) She looked around herself as Ferron illuminated the cave with his lightstone. It did not seem too wet, thankfully, so she comfortably sat down opposite him. "Oh, yeah I think it will! It's, uh, a nice cave." There was an awkward pause. "So um, should we begin? Or do you need a quick lesson on meditation?" OOC: @Geardirector
  10. IC: Dartakh (The Dark Walk) A roll call was probably a good idea to make sure no one had disappeared into the dark. Not that he had personally kept track of all the members of the group, as he only cared for his own survival and his paycheck. The rest was for the Lieutenant to worry about. "Dartakh, four," he said loudly, albeit with a dry throat. He realized he had barely spoken since entering the tunnel, so hearing his own voice in there was strange. Despite trying to be loud, it sounded muffled and quiet. It was as if the air around him was trying to silence him. The desire to leave the place as soon as possible kept growing stronger. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) He smiled gratefully as the gate opened. "I will come back to meet with the Le-Toa. Farewell until then, friend." After re-equipping all of his items, he finally entered the Koro. In some ways, it looked the same as ever, but in many other ways it was unrecognizable. Some buildings had been rebuilt from scratch, others extensively renovated. Construction was still in progress as he saw Matoran and Toa busy at work. The town felt lively, in stark contrast to the last time he was here. Fear had been replaced with defiance, and devastation had been replaced with creation. The spirit of Mata Nui was strong here now. It was disgusting. But anything was better than the reign of Makuta's followers who sought nothing but destruction. In a way, the Koro was undergoing the cycle of death and rebirth-- so perhaps, in a way, it was a sign of Ak'rei'an's power, not Mata Nui. Either way, his home was safe for now, so there was nothing to worry about. He'd nevertheless remain vigilant to prevent history from repeating itself. Makuta's influence might still linger somewhere in the Koro, hidden in plain sight. His mind stopped wandering when he arrived at his destination. An unremarkable alleyway next to an all too familiar building. He walked to an unmarked grave and knelt down in front of it. "Hello, Jaatava," he whispered. "I will find a way to bring you back, once I unveil the secrets of life and death. I promise."
  11. IC: Dartakh (The Dark Walk) The tunnel was increasingly narrow as they approached their destination. The tall Vortixx had to crouch to fit inside. It didn't help that the group was rather large, so they had to spread out more to avoid being cramped. It was looking more and more like a trap, and Dartakh did not like it one bit. He muttered something in relief when he heard that they had arrived. However, the sensation of relief quickly went away when he heard that the 'passage is rigged to collapse'. Getting buried underground was not a warrior's death that he had dreamed of. He hoped the Toa in the group were strong enough to handle the weight of the earth above them. For once in his life, he had no choice but to depend on Toa to protect him. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) "Ah, of course. Understandable, as it is better to be safe than sorry." While he was presenting all the items in his possession, starting from his weapons, he talked about his 'intended business'. "First and foremost, I intend to see my home again. It has been a while, and I simply wish to walk around and witness what has changed. More specifically, I want to visit the library. I used to spend a lot of time there before the Koro fell. Then, I... desire to meet an old friend of mine." His voice cracked slightly at the end, and he coughed. "Excuse me." OOC: @Visaru
  12. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) The reception was warmer than he had anticipated. Despite his different appearance, they still recognized him. He smiled warmly in response. Perhaps the Vortixx had been right. "I am pleased to hear all that. I pray to- erm, Mata Nui that the Koro may never fall again!" He briefly considered the request. For now, Ko-Koro was safe, and their enemies were hiding. If he stayed here to help with the defences, the servants of Makuta would continue to gather their strength. His spirit could not rest at ease and allow that to happen. "While I will always do my best to protect my home, I am afraid I cannot stay for long. My duty beckons me." He glanced behind himself, to see if Joskander was coming yet. But there were no signs of life in the frozen wastes. He sighed and turned back to face them. "On another matter, my companion should be coming soon. He's a Le-Toa. Tell him to wait for me here. I have... business to attend to within the Koro. May I enter?" OOC: @Visaru
  13. IC: Oliphko (Papa-Nihu Reef) "Well, uh, that's good to hear, I guess." She wasn't sure if he was being honest, but it sure sounded like it. Despite still not understanding anything, she didn't ask any more questions and obediently followed the Turaga until they arrived at a cave. Now she at least understood why he had brought her here. The cave did seem like a good meditation spot, at least if you ignored the crashing sound of the waves nearby. She followed him inside, and hoped it wasn't too damp in there. OOC: @Geardirector
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