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  1. IC: Dartakh Soon after the two Toa had entered the tavern, Dartakh felt an overwhelming desire to leave. Something about the two just rubbed him the wrong way -- or it was simply the effects of the drink kicking in. Whatever the case, the comfortable warmth was now behind him, and he was trudging through freezing knee-deep snow, feeling a little tipsy. He was heading towards the general direction of Ko-Koro, or so he at least believed. If he was lost, then at least he finally had an excuse to lie down and freeze to death. Why did he even need an excuse? He shook his head and already missed the drinks of the tavern. But he refused to even consider going back. No, he had to keep moving, keep moving, albeit he had no idea why. That is what his life had been since he had come to this forsaken island. Living for the sake of living, killing for the sake of money, earning money for the sake of spending it, spending it for the sake of living. A complete lack of purpose, and complete inability to find any. Yet it had not always been so. But the past was lost to him. He finally reached the top of a ridge, and the climb through snow had even made him exhausted, despite his strength and stamina. Cold wind carried flakes of snow, blurring vision, but when he squinted his reptilian eyes, he could see the city of ice in the distance. It's almost like what looking into the past was like. He couldn't make out any details, only the shape. Then, the wind calmed down, and the snowflakes gently floated onto the rocky ground. Now he could see the city clearly: All its black scars, its pillars of smoke, its empty streets. Yet he could also see -- and hear -- sounds of battle. They were fighting over Ko-Koro, again. He didn't see much point in sacrificing lives for a dead husk of a city. But such was life on this island; endless fighting, endless struggle, endless pain, no everlasting triumph or peace. At this point, did either side really know what they were fighting for? Power. Wealth. Freedom. Servitude to a dead god. A combination of these, if any. But Dartakh cared for none of these. Wealth, if anything, though he only wanted wealth to keep himself alive. As long as he got paid, he would fight for anyone, good or evil. These people were fighting for such lofty purposes, yet he was fighting to stay alive, so he could fight, so he could stay alive. He felt like a Rahi, a beast trying to survive in a mad world. Who was he to say that the people were fighting for no good reason? He sat down in the snow, resting from the climb and watching the mayhem far away. Sure, there was money to be earned, but first he'd have to figure out why he needed to live. Figure out how to be more than a mindless Rahi.
  2. From what I’ve seen, it’s currently just my recently revived character who is in prison and will be out of there once the timeskip for the next arc takes place. And he’s out on his own, without a leader or fellow members.
  3. true, that's probably what i'll end up doing how will i fulfill my craving for rp now
  4. Ah yes, if you're in prison you can't get out no matter what you do. I now remember how my first character spent several irl months there before i abandoned him because apparently prisons are meant to be inescapable. No one has warned me against the prison break thing. I've only been told about having extended roleplay in the topic. "I was working up a PM to address the issue" It's been like a day, how long does it take to write a PM? the only ones i've received were from Forge and Gear. Apparently Forge did receive a PM from staff, which is weird because he didn't even start the whole thing. Whatever, speaking of PMs I will now take the roleplay to PMs.
  5. >want to get back into rp >the arc ends as soon as i reintroduce my characters >not allowed to have extended rp in wrap up topic, have to end as soon as possible i want to die
  6. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ta-Koro Prison) "Alright, if you say so." He turned around and summoned his powers of ice to create a wall of frost blocking off the passage. He then continued to follow him. "If I remember right, we should turn to the left next, then head straight forward. Quick, before the patrolling guards hear us." He glanced at the cell doors as he passed by them, and noticed the glowing eyes behind bars. Part of him felt pity for them; but if they weren't followers of Ak'rei'an, why should he care? Besides, there wasn't enough time to set everyone free. They should only do so if they had to.
  7. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ta-Koro Prison) As soon as he heard the Skakdi get out, Dahkapa mumbled a prayer to Ak'rei'an, thanking him for his divine aid, and asking him to protect him as he escaped. When the wall came crumbling down, Dahkapa instinctively tried to activate his Kanohi Hau, only to remember it had been replaced with a powerless one. "Impressive strength, even for a Skakdi," he muttered, and wondered if his strength had been somehow increased. Maybe he was just naturally that strong. Thankfully, the designers of this prison hadn't expected such might. "Time to go." He nodded. "Yes, and quickly. Lead the way, I can tell you where to go if need be, but you seem to be the stronger one so you should go first. May Ak'rei'an guide and protect us."
  8. OoC: Alright we got a bit carried away fine. We'll wrap it up in a couple of posts, calm down everyone. I just wanted to rp after 4 years alright ;n; IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ta-Koro Prison) "Well, it's been a while since I've eaten. But they don't serve food that often. They don't care too much for the prisoners' well-being. You should have an hour, optimistically." Indeed, his prediction was largely correct. Over half an hour would pass with no sign of additional guards coming to serve food. There was only one Toa patrolling the hallway; his occasional presence meant that it was a foolish idea to talk. Dahkapa hoped he wouldn't hear the Skakdi dismantling the door with his claws. Once the guard was far away, he said: "I hope you're done soon. I have a feeling they'll be serving food not long from now. Hurry up."
  9. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ta-Koro Prison) "Toa of ice huh. That'll be pretty handy, blocking hallways and stalling the guards." "Yes, if I manage to get out of this cell, that is. It's proofed for elemental powers from the inside, I presume. Not that I have tried to use them." "Any idea where that armory is at?" Dahkapa squinted his eyes and tried to memorize Brontes arresting him. He had removed his mask and weapons, escorted him to the headquarters and given him in, when a powerless replacement mask was placed on his face. He vaguely remembered Brontes taking his warhammer and crossbow down a hallway. "Some idea. Not very exact, unfortunately. But if we manage to make our way into the lobby, I know the rough direction. My personal Kanohi mask is held there too, I assume." Briefly Dahkapa wondered if the other speaker was a burly Toa like he had suspected, and was also in need of his mask. "What species are you, if I may ask?"
  10. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ta-Koro Prison) "Very well", Dahkapa said, and then heard the scratching of metal. He was going to try and dismantle the door, apparently. Dahkapa looked at his own cell door, made out of sturdy protosteel. Briefly he considered doing the same as him, before realizing he had no idea how. He hadn't even seen a cell door before coming here, and he wasn't much of an expert on doors anyhow. It seemed his duty would be that of a patient look-out. Thankfully, he was a patient person. He sat down on the floor and crossed his legs. "So this'll take a while to get right, so in the mean time you can tell me what you are and how much you know your way around a fight." "I am a Toa of Ice, and have been for many years. As the guardian of Ko-Koro" -- he winced as images of his burning home city flashed in his mind -- "I honed my fighting skills as much as I honed my mind. Usually, I use a warhammer and a crossbow, but unfortunately both were taken from me as I was imprisoned. But unarmed combat is not unfamiliar to me."
  11. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ta-Koro Prison) Dahkapa nodded, not that the gesture could be seen. It was a foolhardy and risky idea. Almost guaranteed to fail. But what else was there? Besides, perhaps it was a good idea in the end. For all Dahkapa knew, the other prisoner had been imprisoned before, and possibly had even escaped, and thus knew how to do it again. Even if that wasn't the case, Dahkapa trusted him more than himself. Having always devoutly followed the Virtues before being Enlightened, he had never broken a law and been behind bars. This prisoner at least sounded like he knew what he was doing, which is more than he could say for himself. "Sounds dangerous, trying to escape like that. But I haven't got any better ideas myself. At the very least, I can handle hunger with ease. Ak'rei'an gives me strength to keep going. Maybe He shall give me strength to overcome the guards, too. I wish His divine blessing may extend to you as well, so both of us can be free once more."
  12. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ta-Koro Prison) Clearly, this prisoner was very eager to stop being a prisoner as soon as possible, and was constantly plotting his escape. Dahkapa thought that it would be best to cooperate with him, especially if the guards cared so little for his questions. If they cared so little for Ko-Koro and his desire to save it. He nodded. "Yes, they do. And now that I think about it, they must feed the prisoners regularly. So that is one constant that doesn't change." Perhaps Dahkapa could get him to reveal the conspiracies he was clutching in his thoughts. "Why do you wish to know? I don't see how knowing the feeding schedule is useful."
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