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  1. OOC: Night Stalker's post is nulled. Sorry, Vestak, but he's busting a hole in the ground, turning to Corroder, saying "I am going to do this thing", pushing a truck towards the Heroes, apparently tunnelling through the ground (I understand he's tearing up the ground but I'm not too sure about there being a big open space right under the road like that? But that's a moot point as the main issue here is all the actions in the post), running through these tunnels, reappearing under the Heroes, and then shooting and swinging a hammer at the same time. This all was done assuming that none of the characters present reacted to any of these events except the last one, or reacted to them in a way that the players of these characters might not agree with (someone might have jumped the truck and gone after Night Stalker, for example). It's just too many actions in one post, and doesn't give reasonable time to react.


    Barrier and Ruby have responded, but Barrier's post is vague enough to either not need editing or be easy enough to edit, and of course Ruby is in the same post as Night Stalker's IC.


    If you have any concerns, want a clarification, or feel like I've made an error, feel free to ask in the discussion topic and I or one of the other GMs will do our best to make sure things are set right. But yeah, until we sort this out, it's nulled.



    OOC: I understand.  Would it work to edit out the part after he hits the truck?


    As for the road, I imagine that Mekron being the metropolis that it is, would have lots of utilities that would be delivered underground to keep them out of the way.  These would need to be maintained so it would seem necessary that there be enough area for robots to work.  I'm kind of thinking along the lines of how our streets have manhole covers to access the sewers, but with differences obviously.

  2. IC: Night Stalker


    The street was well built, designed to hold up all the vehicles traversing it constantly.  However that did not make it a match for Night Stalker's massive strength.  He managed to bust through it quickly and found manypipes and structural supports, but not enough to slow his movement.  He fired more gas bombs at the heroes and switched out that magazine.  He needed a noisy distraction if he was going to get beneath the heroes, and here was one conveniently in front of him.  


    Since the truck used anti-gravs and the driver hadn't bothered to turn it off in his haste to leave, it was still floating.  Another bonus of anti-gravs was that when no one is at the controls, they could be pushed any which way.  Night Stalker commed Corroder as he backed up a step.  "I'm going to hit them with the truck, then come up under them from beneath the street.  The truck should keep their attention, need to keep that gunship's attention.  I don't want it alerting these heroes."


    Confident Corroder would do as he asked, he swung his hammer into the side of the truck.  The large vehicle, now with a massive crater in the side and bent at an angle, hurtled towards the trio of heroes.



    IC: Ruby


    "Bad reflexes you say?" Ruby says as a mischievous grin crosses her face.  "Did I mention the part where I can operate at over twice the speed of standard heroes?  If his reflexes are as bad as you make them out to be I should be able to take him.  Barrier, if you give me cover fire Gorn can take on Corroder with his shield."  She whips her head around as she hears a loud crash and sees the truck hurtling towards them.  She activates her speed, dashing out of the way.  The crimson hero assumes Gorn's shield will hold against the truck, and that the Titan will be following it closely.  Her sniper rifle is already loaded and she's ready to fire once the titan is in her sights, which, with his size and her speed, should be like shooting fish in a barrel.

  3. If she is using a lever to flip cars fast enough to make it seem like her sheer speed flipped them, meaning all they see is a blur run by and cars the blast of air flips the cars, then she would have to be going fast enough to move faster than advanced robotic eyes could see and come back and flip the cars after she's already run through, if she's trying to be realistic.  At that speed she could flip cars with the force of running by, but that speed is also incredibly OP except for the part where she would die the moment there was an obstacle in her path.

  4. IC: Ruby and Night Stalker


    Ruby figured Gorn meant the arm that was shooting at them, so she shifted fire from his joints to his gun.  She aimed for the part shooting energy blasts, because that might explode and damage the arm.


    It had been a mistake on the heroes' part to bring Gorn.  Night Stalker remembered all too well the way it felt to be sliced up, and he could say that without a doubt that had the worst experience of his life.  As much as Night Stalker had wanted to help the heroes, the sight of Gorn threw that out the window.  He began backing up towards cover, trying to formulate a plan that involved him beating Gorn within an inch of death when the red hero started shooting his gun arm.  While his armor was thick, sniper fire to his gun would not end well.  He turned and ran behind a large truck someone had left behind in their efforts to get away from the villains.  He commed Corroder and said, "You won't get through that shield with just acid.  See if you can get at the ground beneath them."  Night Stalker blasted the ground beside him a few times, wondering if there was enough room beneath the street for him to get at them from below as well.

  5. IC: Morphos


    "I should be able to get into the control tower without too much difficulty.  The hard part will be getting the key card card and finding a terminal I can access.  I'd bet that they're all password protected.  So far getting in requires incapacitating one of the workers and getting their terminal passcode.  If we don't want a scene then I'll let you do your bit first and it that doesn't get you anywhere I'll try my way if I see an opening."



    IC: Ruby and Night Stalker


    Ruby, running just behind Gorn, rounded the corner and saw two villains.  One was easily recognizable as Corroder, while the other was a towering hunk of armor carrying a massive warhammer.  


    Night Stalker saw them with his radar and turned around, immediately firing a few gas bombs and energy blasts at the group while shouting to Corroder, "Heroes are here!"  Then he noticed Gorn.  "YOU!" he bellowed and increased his fire rate


    When the Titan roared, Ruby raised her sniper scythe and opened fire on him.

  6. OOC: Sorry for being inactive.  Finals just ended so I should be good now.


    IC: Morphos


    The shapeshifter debated his options.  If he went for the operators he would have to deal with three victims, and that could get out of hand.  They also might not have access to past records, which was what Morphos was looking for.  The two desk workers would be easier to grab, and they would have access to what he needed.  As they approached, he commed Xplode and asked, "Will you be able to get the information we need where you are?  I might have a way to get it, but it could end very badly with such little planning."

  7. IC: Morphos


    Even as the complications piled up, Morphos figured out a way he could make this work.  It was almost the midday break.  He pulls someone aside, gets the code/key card from them, kills them, and takes their form.  Then, while most of them are on break, run over to the guards and say he forgot something in the command room.  Fairly simple from there.  Morphos crept around, making sure to stay out of sight, then found a good spot to ambush.  He settled down to wait.

  8. IC: Morphos 


    It wasn't hard to find the control tower.  The things were conveniently made to be taller than everything around them.  The problem was that since it had access to the flight plans there would probably be security.  He didn't think there would be a guard, maybe one if he was unlucky.  He'd scope out the place first and see what he found.

  9. IC: Night Stalker


    Night Stalker said to Corroder, "See if you can weaken the supports in some of these buildings.  If we need a quick exit we can bring them down behind us and hopefully on any heroes chasing us."


    IC: Morphos


    After hiding himself away again Morphos shifted to an appearance similar to the worker bots.  The way he saw it, he had two options now.  Join up with Xplode and the others at the Starwhale's dock or break into the control tower and convince one of the workers to give him what he wanted.  It wasn't a hard choice.

  10. IC: Ruby


    "Currently We're going to hide behind his shield and shoot them down.  We'll probably revise that when we see exactly what we're up against.  What are your skills?"

  11. IC: Morphos


    Morphos noted the pause and decided it was time to wrap it up and find somewhere else to search for info.  "I want to know because my clients want to know, and since they pay me I do what they ask.  They also pay me to keep their business a secret whenever possible.  Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.  Good luck with your new hires."  With that, Morphos turned and walked back the way he had come.


    IC: Ruby


    "We need this to go quickly, there are lots of civilians around.  If you can cover me with your shield as well I can snipe them from behind it."

  12. IC: Ruby


    Seeing Gorn start heading for the villains Ruby ran to catch up, which she did very easily.  She said, "Don't just assume it's Corroder.  She's not the only villain who can use acid."

  13. I understand.  If you look back to Night Stalker's discussion of where they should go he says he wants to be far from the heroes and cops, but that doesn't say they actually went far away.

  14. IC: Morphos


    "Thank you for your time.  Is there anyone around here who could clarify the finer details for me?"


    OOC: Before the Mekron heroes go villain hunting, I'd like to point out that Night Stalker and Corroder aren't a mere 5 blocks from the station.  It'd be a bit further.

  15. IC: Morphos


         Morphos irritably clicked off the comm, his dislike of Rotor rising, and hoped for the best.  He ducked into some shadows and stepped out looking much more formal and businesslike.  His face now wore an expression of professionalism.  

         When the foreman saw him, he smiled and said, "Hello sir, I am Mr. Anderson.  I represent one of the clients of the recently MIA freighter known as the Starwhale.  My client wishes to clarify if the perpetrators at any time may have acquired any information on the cargo they have had shipped on the Starwhale in the past.  If you could provide me with any information in regard to this issue or point me in the direction of someone who could I would be very grateful."

  16. IC: Morphos


    "Trust me, you're one of the last people I would want as a secretary, but you're all I've got right now.  Can't you look it up on the internet*?"


    OOC: *Or whatever it's called here. :P



    IC: Ruby


    "Whoever they are, I'll be glad to take them down."

  17. IC: Morphos


    Morphos kept walking past the foreman and his crew, ideas circling through his head.  After a few moments of deliberating, he came upon a plan that might work.  He commed the ship to talk to rotor and, making sure there was no one close enough to hear him, said, "Do we have any info on the client who hired the Starwhale?  If you can't get that, could you find some of their past clients?  I might be able to get information on the ship but what I asked for will make my story that much more believable."



    IC: Ruby


    When Ruby heard Chief Drax yelling she looked up, curious.  When she heard the words "Villains are attacking" she was fingering her scythe, her finger resting on the power switch.  She figured Stormer was about to tell them what they would be up against, so she restrained herself from pressing for details.



    IC: Night Stalker


    The towering robot turned to Corroder and said, "They know we're here by now.  Lets move, give them a chase.  We don't want to loose them, so we'll be using guerrilla tactics.  Blow stuff up, melt into the alleyways, pop up somewhere else and blow up more stuff.  Follow me."  Night Stalker began lumbering away, quickly taking the color of the walls of the buildings around him as he headed for Mekron's commercial district.

  18. Would the mekron villains be able to contact each other?  I know there was no post about them exchanging numbers for their comms or anything but it seems like something that would happen anyway, without need for a post about it.  I just wanted to make sure so I don't accidently metagame. Also, is there something like the internet that is easily accessed by people?

  19. IC: Night Stalker


    "We're trying to draw attention, so I should.  You are more infamous, but pretty much the entire city hates me.  You stay out of sight.  It'll give us an edge when the cops and heroes come."  With that, Night Stalker strode into the open and fired several gas bombs at the base of the tower.  He began firing warning shots at the nearby civilians who started running away screaming.  After about a minute of this Night Stalker charged towards the tower, barreling through the dispersing gas cloud and swinging his hammer into the tower.  It rung like a bell as it began to fall, and it hit the ground with a discordant crash.  Night Stalker then began shooting down all of the security cameras he could find.

  20. IC: Morphos


    Morphos left, deciding to look for the Starwhale's dock and find some information there since Blink was hopefully handling her end in the less friendly part of town.



    IC: Night Stalker


    Their target would soon become apparent to Corroder, as it was hard to miss.  It was a gleaming tower, polished to a perfect shine, that created intricate patterns on the ground with the reflected sunlight.  Night Stalker couldn't remember exactly what it stood for, but he knew it was something the city was proud of.  Best of all, it was completely unguarded.  It was also very open, meaning they would be seen very quickly.

  21. IC: Night Stalker


    Night Stalker though for  few seconds, deciding which famous building would be best, then headed off in a direction opposite from Black Phantom, activating his camo as he did so.  "If anyone sees me especially we're done for, so stay close or you'll lose me."


    OOC: I don't think we have any canon buildings in Mekron aside from the police station, so should I make one up?

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