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  1. "Attacking the factory and being affiliated with Traeferous. That really didn't work out for me."
  2. "Don't take it personally but I'd rather not have met you. Still, you're a whole lot more friendly than just about every other hero I've met so far." OOC: Night Stalker is already wearing cuffs. I didn't have him reply to that part because I figured you'd want to edit that out.
  3. IC: Jonathan Splint and NPC Georje - Digging out Ruby "Thanks. That helps a lot." With some effort, Splint picked up a slice of the pillar and set it aside, revealing part of Ruby's crushed legs. As he moved to grab the next segment, Georje attempted to scan his patient's Core energy again. The first scan had failed, and he wasn't sure why. IC: Ruby She winced as Splint lifted the piece off, then cringed again at the sight of her legs. Georje would find that her power was low, but not dangerously so.
  4. IC: Night Stalker "I am Night Stalker."
  5. IC: Night Stalker "I prefer it. My armor can take it and it's less humiliating than being carried."
  6. IC: Night Stalker "I'm not that stupid. I'm on a hero ship filled with dozens of heroes, all of whom are armed and mostly fit and well whereas I am cuffed, unarmed, and horribly damaged." As Render fiddles Night Stalker feels the pain suddenly stop. "Got it. Wow that feels good."
  7. IC: Night Stalker Night Stalker let himself be rolled over. "A blaster? Really? The extent of my current abilities is sitting up and then falling back down because it hurts. Yeah, it is."
  8. IC: Night Stalker "I ain't going anywhere."
  9. IC: Night Stalker Night Stalker looks up at him from his position on the floor, surveys his badly damaged body, then looks up at the hero again. "I'm full of holes and I can't move my lower half, and you ask how I'm feeling." He lets his head fall back to the floor with a clank. "Never been worse in my life. Just drag slash carry me to the medbay. I just want to not be in pain at this point."
  10. OOC: Ok great. I'll start from when she can see light again and work up to where we are now. IC: Ruby When the light first hit her eyes she sighed with relief. As Splint and the others cleared more of the rubble away she said, "Thank you so much." As they got most of her upper torso out she tugged at her scythe. When it wouldn't come out, she checked to see what direction it was pointing and then turned it on, the scarlet blade stabbing upwards out of the rubble. With a grunt and a wince she tugged it free. "I can chop this beam up into pieces, just step back a bit first." Then with a few swift cuts, she does exactly that, slicing the beam into much smaller pieces. "That's about all I can do with this without cutting myself." IC: Night Stalker - Ignored and in pain "I don't mean to interrupt your argument over why Von's a ghost and whose fault it is, but I'm slowly dying here. If you could just get me to the medbay or something then I'll let you be and you can continue your discussion."
  11. OOC: Hey guys, I'm back! If I could get an update on what's happened in the past week that'd be great. Also, has anyone bothered to fix Night Stalker yet and is Ruby out yet?
  12. OOC: Just a heads up that I'm going to be gone from tomorrow, technically today actually, till next Sunday. Feel free to bunny Night Stalker in case anyone wants to hurry up and repair him (hint hint) and Unit feel free to bunny Ruby. Her legs are crushed badly and she isnt buried very deep. That's really all you need know about her situation at the moment.
  13. IC: Ruby "That's good. I hope no one was hurt. How soon do you think you can get me out?"
  14. IC: Ruby Ruby hears a loud, albeit muffled explosion. Dust falls from the rubble above her. "Hey Splint, what was that?"
  15. OOC: She's completely under, but not too deep.
  16. IC: Night Stalker Night Stalker lies on his back, tired and in pain, waiting for someone to come and repair his numerous wounds. IC: Alexis Ruby Ruby wondered when Splint would arrive.
  17. IC: Night Stalker Night Stalker returned the salute, then watched as Fravi got searched. OOC: I do that salute all the time.
  18. IC: Night Stalker "Probably, but it sure as isn't going to be comfortable. I think they're over there, by the sign that says, 'escape pods'."
  19. IC: Night Stalker Night Stalker didn't even bother sitting up, and simply says sarcastically, "Oh sure, I'm fine. Except for my foot. And my knee. And my legs and my chest and my hand and my hammer and just about everything else." He tries to count each thing off on his fingers, then realizes he doesn't have enough.
  20. IC: Ruby "One moment." She sends them to Splint. "Here you go."
  21. OOC: So are we saying that Ruby should have her coordinates? I can edit it so that she sends them to Splint or we can say that her location circuits were damaged. Personally I prefer the first because that way she gets found sooner.
  22. OOC: From mission control.... which doesn't exist anymore... OOC: Drat. I don't suppose The Astral has any such systems?
  23. IC: Ruby "Sort of. I was in the front of the factory when it exploded." OOC: Can't all the heroes be tracked?
  24. IC: Ruby "I'm Ruby. What's your name?"
  25. IC: Night Stalker Night Stalker decided that he preferred being dragged to being carried. Much less humiliating. "Works for me," he said as the hero struggled to pull his massive body towards their ship.
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