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    Becoming the undisputed most skilled and profound swordsman that the universe has ever known and will ever know.

    I also love viewing what others have built, seeing their creative innovation, and occasionally posting a MOC or two myself. I've always been fascinated with constraction themes and the creative outlet they provide. This, along with my deep love for Bionicle, it's story and it's characters, is my motivation for joining Bzpower

    I also enjoy being in a kind and loving community of fellow Bionicle fans. It's truly heart warming to see so many people, all bound by their love of Bionicle or Lego in general, coming together to create all kinds of wonderful, astonishingly innovative, and creative things. I'm truly honored to be among such fine people.

    I, like every nerd, enjoy video games of a wide range. I primarily play genres produced by Nintendo. More specifically, I enjoy Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby, Pikmin, and Fire Emblem. I do also enjoy the more popular of the non-Nintendo titles, such as Minecraft and Skyrim. I also used to play the more popular PS2 games back in it's heyday, like Jak and Daxter, Kingdom Hearts, (of which I'm still a loyal fan,) Spyro the Dragon, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, and Crash Bandicoot.

    When I'm not busy or otherwise doing something electronic related, I also enjoy Chess, a good chat about the stuff of today over a can of DrPepper, and walking outdoors.
  1. When I heard the team is canceling our most beloved line for the second time, I screamed so loudly, the earth itself began to tremble with my agony (all in my imagination of course). For what a guy who hasn't posted on this site in at least a year's opinion is worth, I agree with many of the statements made here: It was disappointing to hear about the cancelation, but Gen 2 had a decent run. I'd describe Gen 2's cancelation the same way I've heard some Ratchet & Clank fans critique the movie; it was disappointing to say the least, but we got a decent remake of the original game. So it is with Gen 2. Even if you didn't enjoy the story, you can't deny that seeing the Toa in new and improved forms made the whole thing worth it. Stepping out of the Gen 2 era, I think Bionicle is much better off than it was. A big thanks to the design team. I hope everyone here gets things worked out, and all my best wishes go with you and the dedicated people who worked on Gen 2. LONG LIVE BIONICLE!!
  2. HOLY SHIZNIT THIS IS BIG. Here I thought Netflix was useless. Looks like I'll be watching TV a whole lot this time next year...
  3. I wish this site good fortune and many more wonderful years to come.
  4. Another Alphabet to memorize... Life has meaning again!
  5. Admittedly, the reason I haven't really been posting here is because the hype died a while back. Particularly when the story got dumbed down. But then I saw this....
  6. http://i756.photobucket.com/albums/xx205/DashKrimson/JF7L2.gif Edit: Please link to images over 750 kB. -Wind-
  7. Hello errbuddy. Haven't been active here as of late, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm a BZPeep. Finally managed to get my hands on Onua and Gali, so I just thought I'd drop in and give my thoughts on 'em. Gali is certainly a much stronger build than I had anticipated. Pretty solid. I thought she would end up being my least favorite of the new Toa designs (not that I hate any of them ). Boi was I wrong. I didn't realize this from any of the pics or reviews, (which I didn't read very many or much of to begin with,) but they reallly succeeded in making her appear feminine for once, or at least more feminine than the other Toa. Didn't think a slightly shorter axle minus a small technic bar in each shoulder was all it took to make a build more feminine. Luckily, she isn't too feminine... *shudders* Anyway, I didn't think an extra pair of friction gears would've made a difference either, but now that I've experimented, I'm aware that she really can't lift her super clunky trident without them. As far as dual functions go, I'm very satisfied with Gali's. I knew she could use her trident head as flippers, but I wouldn't of guessed she can even hook them together for a mermaid fin of sorts. As for her standings among the Toa, I'd say she's certainly not my least favorite. That place now belongs to Pohatu, even though I love his design (minus the trans-green). I was iffy on the mask design at first, but I've since gotten over it. It's still the only 2015 Toa mask I'm not infinitely satisfied with though. Lewa's is close, but I'm still pretty darn satisfied. She at least LOOKS like the female of the group this time around, so I'm satisfied with her design all around. It's also noteworthy that she has no insanely out-of-place color contrasts. (I'm looking at you, Kopaka.) Onua and Kopaka were the sets I was looking forward to having the most. When I first saw there designs, I was all like They're definitely my favorite Toa redesigns out of the bunch. Love the spear and shield with Kopaka. Fits him well. Not to mention he's ripped now. That's points in the right direction in my opinion. Onua, on the other hand, makes Kopaka look like a friggin toothpick. I've said it a million times before, I'll say it again, nothing suits Onua better than a warhammer. He should've had one to begin with. Also really love the dual function. It probably makes the most amount of sense out of any of them, and it also reminds me of Whenua Metru to a degree. They also managed to give him the hunched over effect, which I didn't notice in any of the pics. I'll never get over Onua's head coming out of his chest. But the arm function was what took me aback the most. I understood what people meant when they said the Toa had friction gears to add to the friction of their gear functions, but when people said Onua had a ball-in-socket joint to replace that, I drew a blank. I had no idea how that would work. But now that I've seen it, I must give credit to the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the design team. It's a truly remarkable little gizmo. It makes Onua as strong-armed as he looks. Now that's what I call ingenious. I was not disappointed by either of these sets. I was even surprised by them in some respect. Let's hope the completely bare-boned (literally) sets of the summer wave live up to the legacy of the Toa.
  8. If history has taught mankind anything, it's that everything sells better when you give it a weird name. It certainly sounds friendlier then MOC. I've been coming to this site, as well as other Lego themed sites for years, and I still don't know what MOC stands for. Neither will the children know what it means if Lego were to advertise it as a "MOC." Even if it was explicitly stated what it means, it still wouldn't draw as much attention as "Kronkiwongi." MOC may be a simple word, but I can guarantee that it will be much more alienating than the word Kronkiwongi. I think it's safe to say this will be a much more successful advertisement campaign. Leave it to Lego to always think of the kids.
  9. Well at least TLG is checking with the fanbase before making a final decision. But are they doing it because they want the fanbase to have input in the story, or because they can't decide for themselves? Or maybe both? The world may never know....
  10. I'm pretty sure they'll use the new art style for the comics - that's pretty much a given. Thank God. I hated the old style. Everything was so shiny, you couldn't see a thing.
  11. What's gonna work? Teamwork! Only one episode left for this season. We've come so far already! *sniff* *sniff* I love you guys so much! P.S. the voice acting has been OK up until now. But that was just awful.
  12. I could totally see myself buying something from one of these. XD
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