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  1. One of the massive issues with the villain waves was that they stopped basing them on animals. Many of the villains of the original bionicle universe had an animal theme to them. Rahi, Rahkshi, Visorak, Barraki, Phantoka and Mistika. All of these had an animal theme to them. But what separated them was the fact that they felt distinct enough from the animals they were based on to make them interesting. What would stick out more in your mind? Sort of snake people (rahkshi) or just straight up skeletons? The reason it was great the way they did them was that it allowed for a world that felt separate from our own. This kind of creativity was common with the old technic system. This was sort of attempted in the early wave of G2 but it wasn't really that distinct from actual spiders and also was quickly discarded as an idea by the time of the second wave of that year. Why did this happen? It's because CCBS is not designed for animals which is one of it's greatest flaws. This can be highlighted in the 2011 hero factory savage planet wave. When animals were successfully created they required much larger piece counts (scorpio comes to mind) to feel even somewhat satisfying as figures. After 2011 not much attention was given to quadrupeds (creatures which walk on four legs) because CCBS with it's standardised piece system simply doesn't allow for cheap quadrupeds or textured and shaped moulding. Look at lord of skull spiders. That was a mostly technic set. CCBS is part of what the problem is. Whilst it has brought many great innovations I feel it has unfortunately standardised constraction to the point where the creativity has been largely sucked out of it. At least in terms of retail sets. Lego simply needed to find a way to incorporate quadrupeds and distinctly moulded pieces into the sets but they never did that.
  2. I liked the old one better

  3. This is a very interesting move on Faber's part. Although I do wonder what the project will ultimately create. Is it possible this is another case similar to minecraft where Lego consulted the public for advice regarding the sets?
  4. Well.... That was unexpected. Once again I was wrong. Bionicle is looking likely to return. The excitement isn't quite as high for me as in 2015 but with Christian Faber on board I am definitely going to support the new theme. This has the potential to fix everything wrong with G2. The fact the logo is being shared suggests the release is in the near future (2020). Otherwise this would not be allowed to be shared with the public. I'd say we can expect some more info by September at the latest.
  5. If the comments about G2 just selling average are true then it pushes my attitude toward Gen 3 from a "hard no" to "well I guess it's possible". However with the hiatus of constraction it wouldn't make sense for Lego to try bionicle again unless the constraction market picks up. That or they try to revive constraction with another attempt at bionicle. If G3 has been in development since 2016 then that would mean it's been in development for 3 years. I know Lego friends was in development for 4 years and that is the longest time for a Lego theme to hit the market to my knowledge. so if that is happening then we should expect a 2020 release date. However that is a big "if".
  6. I completely forgot that I started this thread. This feels weird.
  7. I'd say Lego have had comedic themes for quite some time. A good example would be the first Lego Island game which had a very comical style to it. However throughout the 2000s this was the exception rather than the norm. Obviously bionicle took itself very seriously as did other notable themes such as exo-force and Knights Kingdom. Other themes such as Mars Mission and castle had a neutral tone where the source material was neither edgy nor comedic. I'd say Lego became more comedic during 2010 with the minifigures line and hero factory and seems to have stayed the same since. My theory as to why this was is down to the change in the perception of childhood. Let me explain. Apparently during the height of Bionicle's popularity Lego intentionally made the themes edgier so that they would appeal to older buyers. This was part of a pretty sophisticated strategy. Lego knew that if older kids were buying their products it would make the sets seem cooler to the younger audience and thus widening their age demographic. However in the 2010s there has been a trend of kids getting out of the market for these products at earlier ages. Nowadays the general consensus is that childhood cuts off at age 12 and in some cases as early as age 10. So I believe what Lego did was change their strategy as less and less older kids were buying their products and thus making the whole "edgy" marketing tactic obsolete. So I think they made the tone of their stories softer in order to appeal to that younger demographic head on and forget about appealing through the coolness factor. Remember though this is just my theory on why this change likely occurred and nothing I have said is concrete.
  8. Oh yeah I saw those. They kinda remind me of the old knights kingdom action figures. Considering that there is only three of them I think they're supposed to be an experimental product. Maybe it is the future of constraction. I guess it would make sense from an economic standpoint (I think those sets are pretty cheap) but it does feel like a downgrade what with the limited arm articulation. Maybe new moulds will be created to make them more flexible. Either way I won't be buying it.
  9. 2019 will soon be here and there appears to be no sign of a new line of constraction figures. Do any of you think they will see a return or is it simply over for the genre? This is the first time in 20 years that Lego have not released constraction figures.
  10. I mean I guess it would depend on how you define childhood. General consensus nowadays seems to be that kids stop being kids between the ages of 10 and 12. So that would probably leave it at alien conquest (pretty cool line). And trust me there is no such thing as too young to get into something. I got into bionicle somewhere between the ages of 3 and 4 and I know I wasn't the only one like this.
  11. Great to see this. Lego island was one of the earliest games I remember playing. Nice to see people still remember it and want it to live on. It just had so much more personality than modern Lego games.
  12. Hey there people! I have a number of bionicle gen 2 sets to sell off. First we will start with what's left of my 2016 collection: Gali - uniter of water - £10 Lewa - uniter of jungle - £10 Akida - creature of water - £6 Uxar - creature of jungle - £6 As a special offer if you buy a toa with their corresponding creature I will lower the price of the creature to £4. And now the 2015 collection: Tahu - master of fire - £14 Kopaka - master of ice - £14 Onua - master of earth - £14 Lewa - master of jungle - £11 Gali - master of water - £11 Pohatu - master of stone - £11 Protector of fire - £6 Protector of earth £6 Protector of water - £6 Protector of jungle - £6 Protector of stone - £6 Protector of ice - £6 As another special offer if you buy a toa with corresponding protector you get the protector for £5 Skull scorpio - £8 Skull warrior - £8 Skull basher - £8 Skull slicer - £8 Mask maker v skull grinder - £22 Please PM me if you are interested.
  13. I don't want to name the store (I don't want anyone losing their jobs). But it was in a major tourist area. They talked to me with this strange enthusiastic and higher than usual tone of voice that I had never heard prior to that day. It wasn't the casual tone that you might hear if the store is in a very enclosed space.
  14. Yeah I just couldn't think of any other reason. None of the other stores did this. No stores where kids would go would do this. There was definitely something off about that store. Thing is I have no idea how long they've been doing this. I went there once in 2011 and this was first (and probably last) visit in 7 years. I just find it strange that this starts right as Lego's earnings go down.
  15. So I went on a trip today and saw the Lego store in a shopping mall. I went to this same store back in 2011 and I thought I would go in there and look at the prices and have a quick browse. Except this was different. Normally speaking in Britain when you enter a store you will normally enter with no contact from the employees. You will simply walk in and start looking in the isles. The employees will only approach you if you've been in the same isle for a while or if you ask them. It was like this when I went to the same store in 2011. I went in, browsed in silence, found what I wanted and took it to the cashier (with some small talk). However when I went in this time there was a guy at the entrance to greet you. I thought this was a bit odd but I shrugged it off. So I looked around for a few minutes until I got to the star wars section. I looked at the constraction figures a bit until one of the employees approached me and very enthusiastically (either these people were told to act or they REALLY enjoyed their jobs) asked me about what sets I was interested in. What was interesting was that when I mentioned I liked the buildable action figures she pointed at the brickheadz. The cheapest option available. When I mentioned I was just browsing and had no money they all quickly abandoned me. From what I hear this is apparently what American store clerks are like. Where they greet you at the doors and ask if you need anything all the time. Apparently it's referred to as "the customer is king". I'm sure Americans might find it strange that I found this disturbing but you have to understand I've been in many places on this island and ever since I was born I've gotten the same treatment. I browse in silence and if I see something I want I buy it. Maybe on occasion talk to the employees a little and go about my day. I was honestly so disturbed by the experience I went and checked other toy stores in the same area to see if it was a regional thing. I didn't receive this kind of treatment. I was allowed to browse and leave in peace. I found it simply uncomfortable. Which also makes me wonder if they did this because they're desperate for sales. That's the only way I could make sense of it. Go with this weird enthusiasm and tone of voice in the hopes of driving sales. Seeing as I got the normal treatment when I was in this store in 2011. It makes me kinda worry about Lego's financial state if it got to this point. Maybe I am looking way too deeply into it. But in this country that sort of stuff doesn't really happen. I never had this kind of shopping experience until today.
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