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  1. This is kind of a hard question to answer... I was born in 1999, and only got into Bionicle in 2005 through 2010, though I really grew to love it. I was a fan for a couple of years prior to that (I remember seeing the Bohrok commercials and playing Mata Nui Online Game on my family's computer) though I was too young until then, when I got Hordika Vakama and Nuju for my 5th birthday. The last theme that I collected as a child probably was Bionicle G1, or if you look a bit later, Bionicle G2, of which I'm fortunate to have a mostly complete collection along with some LEGO Movie sets. My first adult theme was probably when I started collecting modular buildings at the same time.
  2. Not to mention with some specific examples like Darth Maul, or Darth Vader in the LEGO games and sets, the original media is too violent and thematically dark to appeal to young audiences or their parents. I'm not sure parents would appreciate it if there was a "Death of the younglings" set with an Anakin Skywalker minifigure. Hence why they only alluded to it in the LEGO magazine comics by saying "Anakin put the younglings in time out!" Trends in media and marketing tend to cycle around and repeat themselves. Cartoons used to all have happy endings, and then with the new golden age of animation (Chowder, Adventure Time, Misadventures of Flapjack, Steven Universe, etc), content creators got tired of the endings they were told. So they made bittersweet, melancholic, and sad endings to their cartoons, and that heavily pervades the themes of their shows. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years LEGO cycles around to trying to appeal to older kids and teenagers with edgy stories, themes, and design language in their sets. Maybe with that will come a renaissance for Bionicle or constraction as a whole. But who knows.
  3. If there was to be an animated film series, I really want it to carry the design aesthetics of the original animations and commercials, not the films. The only one that really did that at all was The Legend Reborn but even that kind of fell flat as far as animation quality, storytelling, and tone.
  4. Heh, that's pretty dang funny. Surprisingly, I haven't had issues with the Gali hooks in my collection though.
  5. I did find one pretty cool thing though. I found a .zip file with .psd files for all of the first wave of Bionicle G2 sets and their box art and design. I shared it in the /r/bioniclelego Discord server, and have a copy saved to my google drive.
  6. I only have 41 sets, with a few duplicates thrown in there. That's split between G1 and G2 pretty evenly. I was fairly young when Bionicle started and didn't start collecting until 2004, on my fifth birthday, with two of the Toa Hordika sets. As far as general Lego stuff goes, I have 138 sets. Sadly a lot of socket joint pieces for my G1 sets are broken so I can't reassemble some of them. I need to bricklink replacement parts for them and reassemble them, and then try to collect as much Bionicle stuff as I can.
  7. To be honest, I'm a bit tired of that argument. Video games aren't, and never will be the death of Lego, or any of its themes. And that includes Bionicle. I remember when Minecraft came out and blew up to be the huge game it is today, people were freaking out and talking about how it was going to render physical toys like Lego useless. Those same arguments happened with video games and movies, and I'm sure the same of movies and books. Lego recognizes there's a market for constraction out there, else they never would have kept making it after Bionicle died for the first time. Bionicle was a huge part of all of our lives, and what we collected as Lego fans. They're still referencing Bionicle in some of their properties. Things like the map of Mata Nui in the Ninjago City Docks set, or "THE BIONICLE MOVIE" on a film marquee in the theater in The Lego Batman movie. Lego knows that there's still fans out there, people still interested in the property. They know it could be successful again if they managed things correctly, and they want to be for the fans. You can see that in the writings and direction behind G2 in the art book. It's just a matter of time. It's not going to be G1 again, but I hope they can come close.
  8. There are being made of pure elements; the Element Lords, but they don't show up until way later. There are also creatures/characters with varying ratios of mechanical to organic body parts, though our main characters are entirely mechanical.Hmm... Interesting. May I also say that it may be best to put a bit more Voodoo head influence imto some of the characters? If you don't know what I'm getting at look at and analyze the pictures of the prototype Voodoo heads sets, get sort of a fell of the motif and atmosphere they give off is what I mean, that may be beneficial. True enough, and I agree. We're working on concept art for masks and armor, and I can say that they're inspired by many different sources, and are extremely creative and interesting; I'd go so far to say that some designs even look better than G1 Kanohi. I'm sure that some masks can be inspired by the Voodoo Heads, though the over-all design would need a bit of an overhaul for our art style and direction.
  9. Hey guys. I'd like to mention I'm also a member of this project. The story takes place in an archipelago of islands on a planet, each of which have varying climates and different villages, all centered around Japanese styled architecture and culture. Each village is composed mixed gender tribes of elemental robots, who elect champions to perform quests for villages, IIRC. The main 6 characters, elected as champions are in essence the disgrace of their tribes. They're basically sent off on a suicide quest. I'd like to say more, but all the lore and story isn't 100% solid yet. This is the tumblr, with all the artwork and story stuff on it.
  10. I actually fell asleep midway through dinner a few nights ago, and I dreamt I was fighting the Skull Villains with Tahu's swords, except I was normal 5'4 me height and Skull Slicer and Warrior were a good 7-8 feet tall. So yeah, that. But it was insanely cool, it was as if I was actually a Ta-Okotan, which was awesome.
  11. I'd say the core premise isa simple story, based in Faber's imagination with his brain tumor. The concept of 6 heroes arriving in canisters, in the sole purpose of defeating an omnipotent force, that's Bionicle.
  12. In G1, I'd love to live in Karda Nui, in a hut on top of the fallen stalactites. It seems relatively airy and bright, with plenty of weather from the water pouring through Mata Nui's chest. G2, it'd probably be the City of the Maskmakers in its heyday, before Makuta went Oppenheimer on Okoto and broke the single rule.
  13. I have three responses: Zoe Deschanel as Macku, Robert Downey Junior as Vakama, and Mark Hamill as Vezok and Vezon.
  14. Pretty much the only sets I regret not getting are the full Toa teams from 2006-2009, any and all titan sets from 2006-2009 so Brutaka, Axxon, a second Vezon and Fenrakk, Vezon and Kardas, a third Gadunka (seriously though, how did I end up with two Matoro Mahris and Gadunkas), Hydraxxon, Maxilos, Karzahni, Makuta Icarax, Axalara T9, 2008 Takanuva, Makuta Icarax, Skopio, and most regrettably, 8998 Toa Mata Nui. I missed out on a lot cause I was busy bolstering my technic collection those few years, and am only starting to get back into basic bricks besides birthday gifts by getting the Sea Cow for my birthday. I don't want to sound spoiled or anything, I have like 65 sets and 18,000 pieces, I just wish more than 21 of those were Bionicle.
  15. I'd say my two favorites are Vamprah and Icarax. Vamprah is my favorite because he's a wildcard - he never speaks at all in the continuity, and this makes for some good opportunities to expand his story, which I think is brilliant because he's almost a blank slate for fans to write and theorize their own head canon about. I also like Icarax because he's the real original Makuta. He's pretty much a bigger badder version of Teridax, his only fault being his old age. I believe this is why Teridax was able to defeat him. I regret not buying his set back in 2008, even if it would've eaten up all my birthday money and allowance.
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