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  1. Thank you! The tan stars feet don't come from anything - LDD allows you to use pieces in any colour you like.
  2. Now for something altogether simpler. I wanted to create a stocky, lumbering character that managed to have some degree of menace whilst being very slightly comical in appearance. I decided to use the "Axxon hands" for the gauntlets, and I added the chestplate and a few more grey bits just before rendering. The result, I find, is a satisfying mix of Bionicle and Hero Factory parts. "Gauntlet" was a short and stocky Dark Hunter, who preferred to live in damp and moist conditions. He was lumbering and ungainly, but he made up for his lack of maneuverability with his huge bladed gauntlets, which is where his codename came from. Few understood how he could be such an efficient Dark Hunter, but those who faced him and his blades seldom lived to tell the tale.
  3. A fantastic build, and what's more, it's totally believable as a set. It looks as though you could actually play with it.
  4. Yes, it's a Dark Hunter minifigure. And yes, he really is meant to be that size. "Infiltrator" was once the average size for a Dark Hunter (i.e. quite big). However, one of his missions led to him touching a cursed Kanohi Pehkui, which reduced him to just a fraction of his original size. Fortunately, his diminished state meant that he was the right size for sneaking around unnoticed, which was of great use on many missions. His reduced size did not make him any less savage, and he would relentlessly attack anyone who got in the way of his mission no matter how big they were. He carried a powerful combat staff that fired bolts of energy, as well as a hand held launcher that he used to fire deadly explosive discs. He was also one of the few Dark Hunters to wear a mask (albeit a miniaturised version) - the Kanohi Siluvak, the mask of unconsciousness, which allowed the user to put targets to sleep. And here's a comparison with another MOC to give you a sense of scale: Any feedback is always welcome! (Also, sorry about the picture quality. For some reason it's stopped letting me use the pictures I've uploaded to the LEGO Gallery.)
  5. Great stuff! The use of the fire pieces for the energy blast is a brilliant touch.
  6. Excellent stuff! Everything about this design just fits together perfectly.
  7. "Mole" was a Dark Hunter with a particularly savage nature. He relished every mission regardless of what he was told to do, and was frequently chosen for missions for his skill in carrying out surprise attacks with great efficiency. He was given the name of "Mole" because preferred method of travel was to burrow underground, which he did effortlessly. He had thick armour, and his long claws and great strength allowed him to tunnel thought just about anything. He also carried a shoulder mounted launcher which fired Zamor spheres filled with a corrosive substance. He mainly used this for corroding rock he couldn't quite tunnel though, but also used it as a weapon. It was these characteristics, combined with cruel and feral nature, which ensured that he never failed a single mission.
  8. What you see is pretty much the idea that I had in my head when I made this. I was going for a mostly tan colour scheme with little touches of green and grey. Any metallic colours other than the ones that are there would ruin it.
  9. This was my ninth attempt at a Dark Hunter, and is also one of my favourites. Overlord was once a ruler who enforced an oppressive regime on his island's people. For centuries he ruled through fear and faced no threats to his rule. That was until six matoran became Toa and overthrew him, freeing the matoran population. The ruler was consigned to the shadows, making several attempts to regain his rule, but was never powerful enough, so he waited for centuries, biding his time. Eventually, driven by desperation, he joined the Dark Hunters, taking on the name "Overlord", and the Shadowed One promised that one day his rule would be restored. Overlord is immensely strong and powerful, and has the ability to transport himself between places. He wields a double-bladed staff and has near-impenetrable armour. He is determined, and will not let anything stand in his way.
  10. Might be a bit big for the head, but I'll have a go.
  11. How would you suggest I do that?
  12. What would make it look more squiddy? Being a squid. It's meant to be an intelligent humanoid Rahi though. Like Keetongu.
  13. What would make it look more squiddy?
  14. Yes, it's Bionicle Cthulu! Actually, no it isn't. This is Teuthix, a giant humanoid squid Rahi. Nothing like Cthulu at all, really. Teuthix was a large squid-like humanoid Rahi that lived in the murky depths beneath Ga-Metru. It could react violently if provoked, and was known to lash out with its tentacles at Matoran who disturbed it. However, it was also willing to aid the forces of good in much the same way that Keetongu was. Following the defeat of Makuta Teridax, Teuthix left the Matoran Universe to live in the Great Ocean of Spherus Magna.
  15. You might have seen my other MOC, Arthroporak, a great big centipede. Here is a MOC I'd made previously which inspired it. I made this first, but I came up with the backstory after making the Arthroporak. Most of the Bionicle MOCs I make on LDD are intended to be Dark Hunters, and this is one such Dark Hunter. "Crawler" was once a native of the Northern Continent. At some point, he was kidnapped for use in a series of experiments. It was during one of these experiments that he was merged with an Arthroporak, becoming a monstrous multi-legged creature, and this transformation allowed him to escape by smashing his way out of the facility. As there was no longer a place for him in his homeland, he joined the Dark Hunters. After many years serving the organisation, he still feels hatred towards the mysterious group who changed him into his current state. After being merged, Crawler gained a variety of new abilities. He inherited the venom palps and flexible tail of an Arthroporak, as well as a venomous bite. He also wielded four sets of protosteel talons with his four front limbs. Perhaps his most interesting power was his ability to grow new segments of his body, something an Arthroporak cannot do. He could regenerate lost segments no matter how much of his main body had been lost. This meant that he could only be killed by destroying his heavily armoured head.
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