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  1. I honestly think the Transparent Fluorescent Reddish-Orange works with the other colours*... Am I alone? Like I can see where people are coming from, but I think it looks nice :$ *Well, I think the 70791+70792+70793 combiner is too colourful & clashes.
  2. Dina is spot on IMO Really? I despise it, & I wouldn't call is a Cockney accent. It;s the type of accent no person (who has been exposed to a society outside of a town of 2) actually has any more. For most intents & purposes it is an imitators accent. Probably sounds like the real thing to those with minimal to non existent exposure to the actual thing, but hey that's how brains work when it comes to accents etc.
  3. They won't let us. Although on the off hand that anyone ends up talking about bad rap music dropping "piraka" in amongst some other words carefully might be enough that someone might gloss over the 'gibberish' or click... Not a shibboleth as such but an odd calling card. I swear it'll happen at least once before the world forgets Bionicle xD
  4. Generally, a shibboleth is mean to be kind of innocuous inconspicuous, there are plenty of exceptions like "Yksi" were the White Guard asked people to say it; if they pronounced it wrong (with /ju/ rather than /y/) they were shot on the assumption they were a Russian fighter etc. Not inconspicuous. But someone can easily have a vague idea about something & guess the right answer... generally isn't an optimal choice for a shibboleth. The main thing is; how are you going to slide "I am Takanuva..." into a conversation? Why not just ask them flat out if they're a fan of Bionicle? It's not really less conspicuous...
  5. Primus inter pares has a funny way of ending up in these things... A leader isn't necessarily more equal than others ... reality just tends to ...drift that way (Besides, isn't a 'fight' over who should be leader a primary drama piece? Learning how to work together etc. etc.)
  6. Considering that TLG is 'imitating' its own work (pretty much the only 'correct' application of ripoff in conjunction with G2, given they haven't done anything fraudulent nor have they swindled anyone); which is what people tend to expect from a reboot... I'd say "Toa Two!" would be on about the same level for humour
  7. Eh only 40 people have voted, & there are 10 different options for villains; you're the only one who's made them you're favourite; it doesn't mean others don't like them, we just like other stuff more.
  8. 31 (do the 6 votes from option to get rolled into option 1 as a pseudo-preference system or is that taken into account or discarded because so few or?), but yeah, maybe leave it a bit longer, but I'm not overly fussed.
  9. I... haven't really got any definitive perceptions on what the Protectors genders are (other than the PoF); for the most part they are irrelevant to me; I could see most of the going a number of ways with varying degrees ... but that's not exactly I think they are say "ambiguous, indeterminable, and possibly nonexistent" although I'm not opposed to that either, I'm kinda 1 level above that; I'm meta-(meta-)gender determined XD (No offence to anyone; I simply haven't got any primary views yet, so I'm open to any of those 5 being male/female/intersex/agender/indeterminable/etc. so yeah, I nulled my vote.) I'm not sure if it's actually that non-standard for people to use "headcanon" to refer to their own version of the 'verse; there may be no fanfiction or work which uses it r maybe there is, but unlike some other thought they might have they like to entertain it's own existence, sure they might be able to also call it an AU, but I haven't seen many places insist that a headcanon can't include something that couldn't exist within canon without retcons. But yeah it is a bit misleading.
  10. Yeah that was the most egregious, but it sounds bizarre throughout the majority of the video (to me anyway), Where the stress is placed on each word seems non-standard, each sentence doesn't seem to (consistently) match any particular poetic line or stanza; sometimes he does sound somewhat ""epic"" or dare I say Morgan Freemanesque? Ultimately a certain 'deep' sound but disgressions aside: he speaks in a rather marked form in some ways I think this works well, but on the other hand some might (or might not) feel it jarring. (Personally I think that having such an unusually large gap between "Mask" & "Hunt" was actually worse; it indicates they where aware the name wasn't optimal [How about Bionicle Mask Search? etc.] & yet he sounds like he's trying to rush the last word in after a very long gap, admittedly his/a normal gap probably wouldn't be enough as even if people did recognise the /h/ they'd be likely to say he said something else anyway ... which some are still likely to do! I suppose the main point is to not upset parents~guardians or moral guardians.) People using awkward constructs or emphasis or timing isn't unusual when it comes to such things, but he sees to be pretty consistently using all these things in odd ways.
  11. Well to my understanding all the comics up to Comic 15: Mata Nui Rising (Ignition era, 2008; Bionicle Battles for Power) can be quite legally copied &/or read legally, as (over)simply the 'licences' have 'run out', so whilst they are still TLG etc. property it's free for all non-commercial uses ie providing no one (else) makes money. I believe the same can be said for all the books up to #2 The Legend Reborn (Bionicle Bara Magna, so after '08). The vast majority of the games don't have anything new as far as the story goes; MNOG, MNOG 2, QftT are some of the more notable ones (as far as story goes), & even then a few of the others can be played for free entirely legally So you're set for all the story up to and including 2008, books & comics; I'd suggest looking at Biosector01s' articles (or rather just the lists, don't want to spoilers[?]) on books & comics so you know you're reading them in a somewhat logical order Although I would also suggest that you read the books before the comics! After that I would suggest having an actual look at the wiki. Enjoy!
  12. A nice change up in their competitions. ...Their narrator has some rather nonstandard intonation patterns...
  13. Out comes a musically talented mould-hivemind and its own watery environment! In goes ALMSIVI. [i haven't seen any of the latest season of Doctor Who so I'm gonna jump ship now.]
  14. Eh... We see vines pop up around him in the Mask of Creation game... so I think that & his name kinda indicates he has some form of control over plants ... as his name suggests.
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