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  1. Three Masks for the Matoran by their tools Seven for the Turaga in their High Tower, Nine for Heroic Toa bound by their code One for the Makuta by his dark power In the Land of Drestal where the Shadows goad. One Mask to rule them all, One Mask to find them, One Mask to bring them all and in the darkness bind them In the Land of Drestal where the Darkness Rules. I'm so sorry Iron_Man5, I just had to take the idea and run with it.
  2. Earliest I remember is the Chrome Chrusher from Rock Raiders, but probably some Duplo thinking about it.
  3. Psionics is not an element - acid would be. Give an explaination as to the difference between Stone and Earth or possible switch them. Make love canon/ show the factories where matoran are made. Possibly both. Less races - have some, but just not so many. Make one of the Barraki a Skakdi from the time before they where mutated, or more Vortixx in the Dark Hunters. No Mono-Gender elements. More characters aligned to the minor elements.
  4. Kopaka: Quick! Too the Sales! Izotor: Slow down, it's only G2!
  5. So there has been speculation of a new version of Bionicle (note sure if it's true or not, and I'm not very convinced yet, although I still hope). Anyway, this got me thinking about some ideas for a theoretical third generation of Bionicle and I came to the thought of what could be the possible heroes; I mean we assume that the Toa Mata will be the heroes, but do you guys think that it is important for Bionicle for that to be the case? Personally I think the Toa Mata should be present - kinda like Optimus Prime and Megatron for Transformers. However I would be interested in seeing the Toa Mata in a different role, either as the mentor's or as legendary predecessors to a new Toa team - someone like the Toa Inika, the Voya Nui Resistance or the Chronicler's Company. But that's just my thoughts, what do you guys think the role of the Toa Mata should be in a potential reboot; protagonists? Mentors? Antagonists? Not present? Something I didn't think of entirely?
  6. Gali: At last, I've found a G2 picture for the Bionicle Caption Contest Gen 2! Kivoda: You do know that's a golden mask right?
  7. Musical does sound awesome.
  8. Nuparu: I will defend Jaller and Halhi's love to the end! Vezok: Sorry kid, but Greg hired us Dark Hunters to remind everyone that love is dead!
  9. Click: *click*Kill *klakk*them *click!*all! Mata Nui: Ah,, he wants a treat!
  10. Ackar: Isn't he suppose to have Jungle powers? Mata Nui: JUNGLES AN ELEMENT!?
  11. What is contrived about it? That's the whole reason OP's having his problem, there's no incentive within the G1 universe and lore as of current that necessitates Turaga Nuva. Anything that would prompt the Toa Nuva to become Turaga, then, must be something that's made-up out of the blue--thus, contrived. Making new Toa is the only logical reason I see in this thread, but does Spherus Magna really need more Toa, especially with the revelation that Glatorian can use elemental powers? Only a handful of Glatorian have elemental powers (thanks to the Kanohi Ignika), and Toa have been stated as being physically stronger and more endurable than Glatorian, not to mention their more innate elemental powers and confirmed ability to use Kanohi (no evidence for or against Glatorian having that power). Toa are thus individually superior in a lot of regards, and thus creating more of them at a future point may be required for some situation.
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