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  1. Hey you guys have I missed anything in the last many months I've been gone? I actually haven't been here since June
  2. Apologies; I've been away for a long time due to educational reasons (finals) and it appears I've missed something very big.
  3. Urchin


    IC: Skoll There was really nothing more here. While others may have discovered things that were at least minorly interesting, he had only uncovered some incomplete pieces of metal, along with a great deal of boring old rocks, but nothing worthy of note. He'd need to move elsewhere, but perhaps he should return his current collection to his shelter first. Since there wasn't a lot, the trip wouldn't be too long or exerting. He made it back to his shelter in fifteen minutes, left the scraps in a pile against the wall (which didn't really change the appearance of the hovel) and set back towards the wasteland. He'd be glad to find anything new or exciting, whether it was metal or not. Open for Interaction
  4. Inspired by SnowyAegis's new species Araka, and by The Amaztastical Lynn's take on the species in LDD, I wanted to try my hand at creating a simple Araka... And earlier this afternoon I finally got around to making made this. (Brickshelf image link, I hope it works.) It's a Regenerate Araka. The whole "green" theme made me think Jungle, so I gave it a machete and crossbow. I feel like I should have worked harder, but eh. Don't know if I'll end up using this particular character or not, but I thought the species was very cool.
  5. Urchin


    IC: Skoll The flat, dull expanse was positively crawling with scavengers today. The Su-Matoran would likely have to travel further out in order to find anything remotely useful, so he just continued to wander, kicking up the sand with his feet as he went. He wasn't really in any hurry. Looking all around, he noticed quite a number of the newcomers, mostly working in teams. It was just a passing thought really, and soon his focus diminished. Presently, he decided that there wasn't much point in going further than this, so he started examining the surrounding area more closely, not really expecting to find much other than the usual. (OFI)
  6. Urchin


    IC: Skoll (Morning) The night seemed to pass in mere moments. He started awake, feeling like he hadn't slept a wink. This was going to be a bad day. Crawling out through the shabby door, he stood up and stretched. Maybe instead of really trying to gather scrap, he'd see how far he could get by midday. That was his cutoff time for wandering far. It was to make sure he got close enough to the little town by each nightfall. Now, which way to go today... After a few seconds' pause, he shrugged, shuffled around for a spare piece of steel, and tossed it high. It landed, and he grabbed his poorly-bashed-together sack, with the old canteen and its few remaining drops of water. He would need more soon. It was time to go once again, and so he set off in the direction lady Fate had chosen. Skoll open for interaction. Location: Leaving for the wastelands, wherever is convenient.
  7. Urchin


    IC: Skoll No one having bothered him on his way back, the Su-Matoran reached what seemed to be a stack of sheet metal and other various lengths of material, placed next to a hill of sand. It was nowhere near done, but every day it grew better... if one could call it a decent dwelling in the first place. Heaving up one pipe to the top, he wrestled it into a position that may not have been as secure as he would've liked. He couldn't complain though, it was darkening, and he had a hole in his roof. He hadn't ever actually seen the outside at night, and something told him he didn't want to, from what the whispered rumors said. Placing the last piece over the hole, it was left covered, if unstable. Ducking inside, he replaced the heavy sheet of metallic material over the door hole. No one seemed to be in need of sharing his shelter, so he doubted he would be disturbed. It was time to stay hidden and try to sleep the chill desert night away. Morning would come soon enough...
  8. Urchin


    IC: Skoll Slowly approaching the shantytown, another Matoran paused from dragging several long pipe-looking objects behind him, noticing the presence of many others nearby. Hmm, a few faces he'd seen before, and more newcomers like him. He didn't know their stories, but he could take a guess. Everyone's was the same, after all. Even though he had been here for only a few short days, he had quickly become used to life here. Looking up, he frowned. It was later than he had planned to get back. Shaking his head, he resumed hauling the metal to the small town. He subconsciously tuned into the conversations going on as he drew nearer. (Open for interaction at last.)
  9. Heh. Would've posted this a lot sooner, but I wasn't done. Name: Skoll Species: Su-Matoran Gender: Male Mask: Kakama (Powerless) Abilities/Skills: A decent fighter, since not much fazes him. He dabbles in fixing things, to a very small extent. Normal Su-Matoran abilities (low heat resistance, bright light resistance). Weapons/Equipment: None. Appearance: His bronze-orange armor is obviously old, but kept shiny by polishing. Or it was polished regularly, until recently. The other color of his armor was white, but now has a tarnished appearance due to the sand and grit of the wastelands. His eyes are a bright but pale blue, contrasting with his slightly dull appearance. Personality: Skoll is, in a word, courageous. He hates to back down from a challenge, and views survival here in the wasteland as one such challenge. Though he has this competitive nature, he often does things alone, perhaps to avoid getting distracted. He is calm and respectful, and appreciates this attitude from others as well. He likes to watch the sun rise and set each day. Weaknesses: Has poor survival skills. Nearly always gives people the benefit of the doubt. Does not yet have anything usable as a weapon. *Note: The spear in his "Appearance" photo is not in his possession.
  10. I suppose it's time to finally do this. Name: Vergissmeinnicht “Ver” Species: Skakdi (Air) Appearance: The first thing one would notice about Ver is that he wears primarily cornflower-blue armor. This is unusual for an Air Skakdi, although a forest green can be seen within this armor. He is rather thin, wearing light armor only, and not too tall. His spine has short flat spikes jutting out to the sides. These match the cornflower-blue that covers him. His eyes are pale yellow. As a Skakdi he of course has rather sharp teeth, and he has taken good care of them. Gender: Male Powers: Skakdi Elemental Air, only usable in conjunction with another Skakdi. Telescopic Vision. Weapons: Two sweeping blades, somewhat crescent-shaped. They have no special aspects, though they seem to be very hard to break. They are like a mix of a sickle and a scimitar. Tech Items: None Other Items: Some coinage, not too much.This is kept in a small belt pouch. Weakness: He has below average strength, and wears light armor. Strong hits are the most dangerous to him. Being separate from other Skakdi is also a weakness, since he cannot use his elemental Air alone. He cannot attack from too far away without another Skakdi, since his weapons are for closer combat. Alignment: Good...ish History: Vergissmeinnicht is a wanderer. He was raised in a small mercenary Skakdi clan, growing up around fighting and a lot of treachery. After he had enough of this, Ver decided (to spite his clan) to prove that one didn’t have to be a stab-happy turncoat in order to get someplace in the world, and left. He now travels where the wind takes him. Personality: He is usually nice enough to talk to, though as a Skakdi, he does have a bit of a negative side, manifesting in the fact that he is easily annoyed and occasionally sarcastic. He is often hesitant or indecisive, and prefers to let others make the important choices. The thing he probably has the most trouble with is deciding whether or not to kill, since he doesn’t want to be a typical Skakdi killer, but he doesn’t have the “hero’s” desire not to kill. Thankfully, he doesn’t often care to fight, though he will if he must. Since he lacks any real powers of his own, he often finds himself outmatched. His strong point is not strength, but mind and speed. His intelligence is above average for most Skakdi. It may not seem like it, but he does have a sense of humor… he just doesn’t use it that much. Other: His surname is Rustcutter, but he has dropped the name because it sounds crude and does not fit with his first name at all.
  11. I've been wondering if I should get involved with the "main" story at all... And the main reason I haven't yet is because the BZPRPG seems so long! (Not to mention I haven't posted in over half a year.) What with that foreshadowing post though... hm. You veterans out there, give me some advice if you could! Should I join, and if so, when? Things like that.
  12. I find it funny that the only time people really talk on here, it's about an argument. Listen, Water Toa have been underwater before [Mahri Hahli], and it was story canon. Hahli was 'in her element,' but still had trouble fighting the Barraki at one point. Now I'm aware that this is not like real Bionicle canon, but still, you guys. This is a little silly to be arguing over. Make a choice and stick with it. It's either usable, or it's not. This doesn't have to be an argument. ...I'm not trying to sound rude or anything. Just giving my input. I probably won't post again during this.
  13. Well I don't have much to say at this point. Good run, until things turned sour. I still have yet to be in an RP that actually ended the way it was supposed to, ahaha... or one that I didn't have to drop out of. Oh well, that's my problem. My point is... it was kind of fun, things went wrong, and we didn't fix them right. See you guys around BZP. Maybe.
  14. Well yeah but the way Ghidora's been writing... It seems like the same one. Even though it's already been implied that there is a "baby monster." Maybe this one is like... a reincarnation, sort of like Vezon and Fenrakk becoming Vezon and Kardas. And it would have the same memories, so... I guess that makes sense... But that would also mean that every time we kill it, it only becomes stronger. Which is always a fun time!
  15. IC: Gida Yes, it was refreshing to eat normal food again. And now that the mysterious thing was dead, Gida didn't really have that much to worry about. Except Halmos. And all the other staff. And being stuck here in the first place. And- Okay, I get it. I know all that. Still, it's a sight better than the situation before. You got that right. Say, did I ever tell you what I was? No, you seem to have skipped that part. Several times. Oh... in that case, then... Too bad you're gonna have to wait longer! I hate you sometimes. Consider the sentiment reciprocated. Do you know how annoying it is to be sentient and not have a controllable body? Oh... I guess I hadn't thought of that. Yeah, it's pretty annoying. But it's okay. OOC: Gida, having a strange internal discussion, is still in the "fancy five-star restaurant" area. Open to be interrupted. And sooooooon the monster will return. Fun.
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