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  1. IC: Leonn - Ta-Metru (28 Seconds Later) "Well, you can count me in! I am not sticking around!" Leonn exclaimed, the spy holding his ranged weapon between two smooth claws in case any of the revenants intended on advancing on him again. But, on the better side, he'd inserted himself beautifully into this pair's plan. No doubt he'd be able to pry plenty of information from the dying Toa, as well as from his comrades once the jig was up. Though, if "Ghost"'s facade were good enough, he wouldn't have to forcefully extract much information at all. For now though, he'd focus on not getting eaten alive.
  2. IC: Leonn - Ta-Metru (Kino Der Ta-Metru) "Toa? I must admit, I've nev-" CRRRASSSHHHH!! Leonn's web spinning was cut short by the airship exploding into a nearby building. He squinted, in both awe and shock at the miniature apocalypse that situated itself near the group's location, balls of fire spinning into the air as disks of levitation held them up. Then he glanced down, to see the complete carnage occurring on the street. Matoran dying left and right, glass impaling some, balls of fire engulfed others. A bloodbath. Even as someone as seasoned in brutality as someone hailing from Zakaz, Leonn couldn't help but be completely taken aback by the catastrophe. What had happened to cause this? The events currently occurring Metru-Nui seemed to be scaling up in increasingly disastrous metrics. He'd have to let Takadox know as soon as possible about this. But, as the Le-Skakdi's trademark mouth moved into a grimace, and he turned to his companions to advise them to get moving out of the area, something even stranger, and more horrible occurred. A crack of a jaw is what cued Leonn to it. A snap, like the flourish of a deck of Steltian playing cards. He looked to the street again, to see a growing army of twisted, horrid creatures rising from the pavement and roads, glass in their necks and bodies misshapen, some nearly burned to the crisp. "Good Mata-Nui, what in the world is happening?!" The spy exclaimed, drawing his boomerang as a particularly charred creature began an increasingly quick approach towards him, like something cooked out of Irnakk's most malevolent thoughts. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui
  3. IC: Leonn - Ta-Metru (Building Trust) The Hunters didn't immediately trust him, but that was to be expected. As distrusting as they were disloyal. His head went back over the list, the targets before the network was compromised. He'd uncovered only a few of them, through his exploits. He fiddled with his shoulder holster. The blogger...what was her name....? "Vhisola." He remembered, amber eyes closing as he seemed to recall the fictional incident. "I'd been en route to her place of accommodation in Ga-Metru, but I left as soon as the network went down. I wasn't sure I wanted the Vahki on my heels." Leonn's voice, for a Skakdi, was smooth and clear. OOC: @Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui IC: Thom - Beach Assault (Getting Aid) For once, the Skakdi smiled, genuinely. Though said smile turned into more of a grimace as the pain shot up. "Ain't much of a soldier, ah gotta admit." He gritted his bright white teeth, deciding to reload his revolver whilst the doctor approached him. He supposed covering his teammates was the least he could do. OOC: @Biological Chronicler
  4. IC: Leonn - Ta-Metru (Streets) Leonn smirked at Waveahk's rather blunt and literal response. "It seems I am in the right company, then. Codename's 'Ghost', I was on a trail before the network went down." A lie, but it had been practiced well enough that it might well have been the truth to Leonn. He had alternate identities for every faction in Metru-Nui, though their usefulness tended to vary. The Skakdi of Air's body posture was as neutral as he could manage, and his eyes curiously searched among the two's gazes, already attempting to try and work them out. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui
  5. IC: Leonn - Ta-Metru ("You Know My Name") Meters away from Vyarik and Waveahk, a jungle green Skakdi lurked on the sweltering pavement nearby. Amber eyes curiously turned to the conversation that was currently occurring between the Dark Hunters. Smoothed claws scrolled down from his IStone, turning the device's screen off. Takadox's contact was on speed dial in case he had to make an emergency leak to his master. Of course, with Leonn, he'd never have to do that. With a trained casual stride Leonn made his way over to the scheming assassins, waving to Vyarik as if familiar with the Hunter. Of course, he most definitely wasn't, but prejudice worked in the Skakdi's favour for once, as his species were commonly recruited as Dark Hunter operatives. "You pair who I assume you are?" Leonn asked, in a faux-hush tone, like spilling a hot secret. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui IC: Thom - Silver Beach Assault (By the skin of his teeth...) Pain set in to the cocky Skakdi's body as soon as the zombie bit the dust. He groaned out loud, putting a hand over his chest to stop the flow of ichor. "Ah karzin' hate this beach. Why's tha sky karzin' red?!" He sputtered, clumsily managing to slide his revolver back into its holster. OOC: @Biological Chronicler
  6. Name: Leonn Species: Male Le-Skakdi (Skakdi of Air) Faction: League of Six Kingdoms Description: Leonn is a jungle green with dark crimson accents that don't stand out, but compliment his appearance in a unique manner. His eyes are a distinctive glaring amber. Build-wise, Leonn isn't thuggish but is a more refined kind of muscular, toned and shadowed by just the right amount of functional muscle for his occupation, and he's about average height, meaning his silhouette doesn't massively stand out in a crowd. However, something that does stand out is a small but noticeable burn on his left temple, a tiny white scar on his otherwise unblemished face. He stands more upright than most Skakdi. Powers: Training has granted Leonn a dangerous edge in hand to hand fights when he needs to, though ultimately that isn't where his skillset is best utilized. As a Skakdi of Air, Leonn does possess innate elemental abilities related to Air, but cannot utilize them unless in tandem with another Skakdi. His vision power is Laser Vision, allowing him to blast intense laser beams when required. However, if he blinks or flinches he cannot do this, and also cannot do it in moments of stress. His Skakdi Ability has been likened by his employers to that of a Turahk's, allowing him a temporary but strong aura that elicits fear and unease into anyone nearby him. He normally has this deactivated, as having it on all the time would actually be counter productive to his job, but when he does use it, it is most often for prying information from uncooperative informants. He prefers not to, as a rule, though. Equipment: The Le-Skakdi usually does not need very much equipment to perform his duties but when the opportunity arises he has the tools for the job. In a lowkey sheath on his waist he carries a short electro-knife, a straight blade that serves both as a simple stabbing and slashing weapon but a secondary function can be activated to produce a taser-like electricity effect which can stun when required. For long range occasions, however, Leonn carries a small compactible metal boomerang in a shoulder holster that is sharpened to inflict flesh damage, and is also connected wirelessly to a small device on Leonn's left hand, allowing it to safely slow in its spin when returning and allowing Leonn to call it back whenever needed. Other than that, Leonn has an encrypted IStone that he uses to contact his employers and a pair of shades just for show. Background: Leonn, after Zakaz was conquered by the League, found himself at a unique business opportunity. He'd often been employed by rival warlords as a intelligence gatherer (though with Skakdi there was often little intelligence to gather) but more often as an assassin by the smarter warlords. However, as the League came into play, Leonn's prospects became much better, as his better talents as a spy could finally be utilized properly rather than in a violent and dangerous hellscape. Arranging an agreement with Takadox (and Takadox specifically) Leonn was employed as an undercover agent in Metru-Nui, to keep tabs on the Dark Hunters and also to uncover what exactly was happening to Metru-Nui as a whole. Flaws: The Skakdi lacks a conventional means of channeling his Elemental Energy, and, more detrimentally, has an acute phobia of fire and anything relating to it. He's also rather prideful, and thinks himself above his own kind.
  7. IC: Thom - Silver Beach ("WHAT, I WAS ONLY TAKING A NAP!") Something snapped. Chronological time near halted as the unnatural body of flesh currently tearing Thom to ribbons sluggishly glanced to the side just as a disc smashed into his head, pieces of Kanoka frozen brilliantly. Thom didn't even have to think. Within a split second, the bright white mercenary bridged his lower half upwards and twisted to the side, gasping in pain as his chest flared up again from the exertion but still managing to throw the Bruiser off him. Snarls and half-spoken sentences were spat from the unholy creature's mouth as the Sicario shot upwards in an adrenal surge granted by his ally's sudden intervention. A cocky, energised smirk smeared itself across the Skakdi's mouth. The zombie stood itself up, but didn't make it more than a few inches before a deafening cacophony of lead blasted itself into its already fractured skull, Ta-Metru forged protodermis slugs sending metal and ichor splattering all over the sand. Click. Click. Click. Thom's finger softened on the trigger finally, halted only by the lack of ammunition in his revolver. Ichor and blood poured from his partially ripped open chest, yet he was still alive. OOC: Pardehi has successfully saved Thom's life.
  8. IC: Thom - Beach Assault Thom, distracted by the events currently unfolding, including what looked like Metru-Nui's defeat and even stranger, the sky turning oddly red, was very surprised when the Steltian who he'd quite clearly shot to death earlier (Rather viscerally, in fact) grabbed his leg and dragged him to the ground suddenly, weapon clattering. Despite a few punches, the only thing Thom could do was scream for help as the much larger creature pinned him down and slowly began to kill him, brutally and inhumanely. His watch ticked, as his chest was gradually torn open. He watched, mouth permanently open as his pained cries of agony fell on deaf ears around him.
  9. IC: Kovac Krossfari - Ga-Metru His eyes rested on the Matoran rescuer who'd seemingly been able to evade the Vahki and retrieve Vhisola from whatever horrible fate the corrupt police force had in mind for her. Perhaps he was a virtuous soul after all. Were it not for the Vahki, though, none of the dangerous complications that transpired in the apartment would have happened. Kovac Krossfari, however, had a feeling that particular message was going to stick to Okuo. Metru-Nui's Shadow slunk into the dark, bruised and defeated, but with renewed zeal. There was little he could do now, but plenty for the future.
  10. IC: Thom - Beach Assault (Weapons ineffective) Sprawled on his back, he tried to pick himself up, observing the damage he did to the tank. His one eye widened, as he realised he'd done very little to the thing's exoskeleton. "Wot's gonna kill this thing?!" IC: Kovac Krossfari - Ga-Metru (The dive) And, as Kovac grunted into a breakfall, rolling forward as he hit a nearby lowdown roof, he gasped, dropping himself down to the streets below. He'd survived.
  11. IC: Kovac Krossfari - Ga-Metru (The Great Escape) Everything hurt, but it didn't matter. Kovac Krossfari finally stood, exhausted and weak, but will unshaken. Vhisola had gone, it looked like. And even as the Pillar stood, he couldn't afford to stick around anyway. In a split second, the vigilante dived for the window. The fall would hurt, but it was the only way out. The only way forward. IC: Thom - Beach Assault Groaning, Thom got himself up on one knee, shakily beginning to aim his Cordak launcher at the tank that had shot at them. "Eat this." He muttered, before blasting two Cordak rockets in succession at the tank, knocking him onto his back.
  12. IC: Thom - Beach Assault (Dodging) I hate this karzing beach! The Skakdi, having seen the glint of the cannon first himself, was already in the process of 'leaving', so to speak. Feeling his weight shift as the purple armoured Toa, presumably one of gravity, did something to him, he shot a thumbs up before groaning as he fought past the numbness to launch himself to the side. "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" OOC: @Biological Chronicler @Smudge8
  13. IC: Thom - Beach Assault (Spotting an arsonist) His eye squinted as a blazing inferno seems to be ongoing way in front of them, a large figure backing away from the fire. "Oi. D-Do me a favour. Stick that revolver in me hand for me." Thom looked to his Bo-Matoran ally. "Ah can't grab it meself."
  14. IC: Thom - Beach Assault (Recovery) The Skakdi climbed to his feet, groaning as he used his magnification vision to try and get a look on anything ahead of them. "Ya...you're gonna 'ave to 'ave my back, ya-you know." He said, trying to pull out his revolver with his uninjured hand but finding it rather numb.
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