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  1. IC: Voyin - Matilda's Place And, following Matilda, came Voyin, dressed in a comfy sweater and looking very excited to eat pie with her friends. She waved to Garuda. "Hi!" OOC: @ZippyWharrgarbl @Click Through the power of the Necronomicon I am here temporarily.
  2. IC: Falh - Zakaz, Metru-Koro He scratched at his wrist again compulsively before he looked back at Stannis' red eyes narrowing. The old man already irritated him. "Preventative measures are still necessary in war, Toa Stannis. We intend on bringing the dribbling monster that attacked the settlement to justice. Is that not correct, Arkius?" Falh glanced to the Onu-Toa. He resisted the urge to scratch at his wrist again. OOC: @Onaku @EmperorWhenua
  3. IC: Falh - Zakaz, Metru-Koro The Ko-Toa grunted in displeasure as more Toa arrived. "I assumed this would be a war party, not a social gathering." Falh grunted, briefly regarding his "allies" and their appearances. He felt as if he knew the Po-Toa, the name especially felt familiar. "I am Falh." "If you all are done bloviating, I would like to set off." OOC: @Tarn @Onaku @EmperorWhenua @Smudge8 @Biological Chronicler
  4. IC: Vent - Zakaz, The Wastes Vent kickflipped their board joyfully as they pulled far ahead from their friend. They only paused when Vent realized that they were leaving Providence far behind. Begrudgingly, they slowed a bit. OOC: @Burnmad IC: Falh - Zakaz, Metru-Koro "Hmph." He barely acknowledged Jephro, but turned to look at Changua's appearance. A Vortixx. Not one of them. "Why do you roam here, Vortixx? If you're here to sell your garbage inventions, I'll break your arm." OOC: @Onaku @Smudge8 @Biological Chronicler
  5. society liver has logged on

  6. IC: Vent - Zakaz, Metru-Koro "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!" Vent cackled, as their board blasted into overdrive and they went flying forward in a direction they hadn't really thought much about, like a Tiokaha rocket. OOC: @Burnmad also open to interaction for anyone that wants to hang with a demon and a speed demon
  7. IC: Vent - Zakaz, Metru-Koro As the Tiokaha got back on their hoverboard, their mask began to glow. Providence would feel his body start to feel significantly lighter. OOC: @Burnmad
  8. Arkius is setting up a crusade to chase after a Skakdi marauder if you'd like to join us.
  9. IC: Vent - Zakaz, Metru-Koro Vent waved at Rose, sighing with a little bit of disappointment as they realized it'd likely just be the two of them. That's okay. New friend, new goal, lots of thrills for the both of us! "I reckon we should just set off, Provvie! The world's our oyster, you know! And...I had an idea about your speed troubles..." A mischievous grin smeared itself across the Garai on Vent's face. OOC: @Tarn @Burnmad IC: Zai - Zakaz, The Rig The Ta-Skakdi had come to check up on the situation, to find her liege had seemingly finished her business. She should never underestimate psychic abilities, especially Yumi's. "Kor! Come over!" Zai called begrudgingly as she approached Yumiwak, red eyes inspecting the corpse. His death had been quick, it looked like. Her and Yumi's styles differed very greatly in that respect. Well, most of the time. Yumi did tend to indulge in longer ends when they befitted the subject. "Did you discover what you wanted, my lady?" Zai asked, knowing the answer already. OOC: @Tarn @EmperorWhenua
  10. IC: Vent - Zakaz, Metru-Koro The Tiokaha looked a little disappointed, but smiled after. "Ah, well. You don't have to come along if you don't want to. It's all peachy!" Vent looked to Providence. "Guess we'll need someone else then, buddy." OOC: @Tarn @Burnmad
  11. IC: Falh - Zakaz, Metru-Koro "Three is more than enough." Falh scratched at the skin below his paper white wrist armour, before suddenly stopping and looking back at the other Toa. "When do we depart, Onu-Toa?" OOC: @Onaku @Smudge8 IC: Vent - Zakaz, Metru-Koro "Well sure, we just go...." They paused. "Hmm. Nah, no clue. What about you, tall lady?" OOC: @Tarn @Burnmad
  12. IC: Falh - Zakaz, Metru-Koro Falh grunted, in confirmation. The Toa didn't seem heavily equipped but his wordless, complete confidence portrayed by his expression and stance remained. "How many do you have?" The Ko-Toa asked, red lined optics moving briefly to observe the Ba-Toa beside the both of them.
  13. IC: Falh - Zakaz, Metru-Koro (Meeting up) Arkius would soon enough see a proud looking Toa of Ice begin to approach him, eyes behind his Felnas scrutinizing him and his companion as if with a magnifying glass. "I assume you were the one who called to arms." Falh addressed Arkius, red eyes narrowed. OOC: @Onaku @Smudge8 IC: Vent - Zakaz, Metru-Koro (The Love Shack) They waved, a little awkwardly. "Yeah, uh, plans changed. We're on an adventure now, wanna come? I mean, we can pick up Sky on the way if you want. And if she wants. You guys seem cool and expeditions are more fun with friends." Vent explained, before looking to their new friend. "Oh, this is Providence. He's a Gas-Man. From the Kumu thingies." OOC: @Tarn @Burnmad
  14. IC: Vent - Zakaz, Metru-Koro Not too weirded out by his new friend's strange way of moving, the two soon arrived at Rose's place. It was worth a try to convince the giant Ta-Woman to join their adventuring party, after all. Vent knocked on the door of the shack. OOC: @Tarn @Burnmad
  15. IC: Juno - The Dais Juno does much the same.
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