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  1. This topic is fairly self-explanatory. Would you be partial to LEGO remaking some classic sets to promote older generations of sets to newer generations of kids and manchildren? If you're not opposed to the radical idea that definitely wasn't inspired by LEGO's past acts of re-releasing sets, what sets would you remake? Additionally, how would you remake them? Would they adopt the CCBS building system or stick to the Technic-based system? If you ask me, I would love to see some classic set remakes, particularly of ones that were particularly lacklustre and in desperate need of revision, such as the 2001 Turaga and arguably the Bohrok-Kal.
  2. The Piraka Rap, but for all of the right reasons.
  3. How about the utopic island of craftsmanship, engineering and creativity known as Artahka?
  4. The artistic direction of the first three years. It's... just... so... GOOD. The juxtaposition between the tribalistic Maori influences and the mysterious technological cracks peering out of the facade of a paradise was so inspired and original.
  5. Would you like to go and spam requests for sheet music on Nathan Furst's YouTube channel with me?
  6. All too true. Another problem that had stemmed from Greg Farshtey's total control of the story is that he didn't exactly have a censor, middle man or representative for rationality. Farshtey could just write his stories in a convoluted, confusing and inconsistent manner without much interference or hesitance on his end because he had no filter whatsoever. I'm not necessarily saying that Greg Farshtey himself was a poor writer - he's fantastic for the most part - I'm saying that he needs more constructive criticism and external input. Just look at George Lucas during the production of Star Wars, for example. Without people like Gary Kurtz, the movie we have today would have been far more convoluted, overdeveloped, inconsistent and boring.
  7. The Island of Doom book clears most of this up with the reintroduction of Turaga Dume sending the Toa Nuva on another perilous journey, peppered with some refreshing subversive elements, but I can certainly understand your gripes here. It's more a problem with the comics, than anything.
  8. One of my most persistent regrets, although somewhat trivial, is the genderlocking of females to the element of water. I know that this theme is primarily directed towards young boys, but that didn't stop Steven Universe from cramming a whole lot of female characters into their franchise. Representation is key here, people!
  9. That is an extremely good point. While I enjoy certain aspects of Teridax's character post-MoL, such as his history with the Brotherhood of Makuta and his backstabbing, strategising mannerisms, I wholeheartedly agree that the potential of a genuinely interesting character was lost. If we're keeping the rest of the story canon, we'd be seeing a Makuta who chooses to overthrow the Brotherhood and usurp Miserix to serve Mata Nui, protecting his 'brother' from his destiny of finding new worlds and collecting information for the Great Beings. Not only that, Teridax would be reverting to his original state of protecting and serving the inhabitants of the Great Spirit Robot, refusing to change in the face of conflict and turmoil. I just only imagine what the final fight between Mata Nui and Teridax would be like with this complicated emotional baggage. That right there is some emotionally charged stuff. The picture of Makuta Teridax as an obsessive and powerful yet loyal and vulnerable character is an incredibly interesting one, even more so if Mata Nui's ultimate destiny and correlation to the Great Beings was developed just a bit more.
  10. Do you enjoy Bionicle? Great. Do you enjoy it's storyline and lore? Great. Do you like it's diverse cast of characters with the exception of Toa Matau, Kiina and Berix? Fantastic. Do you think that some of these characters could have been written better and developed more? Splendid! Now we're on the same page. It's no secret that I have a deep affinity for this franchise, even if I've been inactive for a good few months now. Keeping that in mind, I would love it just that little bit more if some of the characters were given more attention and written more tightly. While the vast majority of these characters are well-written, flesh-out and characteristically unique, some are regrettably bland at best, and unlikeable for the wrong reasons at worst. I'm talking about characters such as Turaga Dume, Axonn and Makuta Miserix, just to name a few. Characters like Artahka and Karzahni are supposed to be mysterious and enigmatic, I get that, but characters like those that I just previously mentioned are begging for more development. The main storyline of the franchise is fortunately more focused and intimate as a result of that, but all that these characters need is a serial to flesh them out, similar to how Lesovikk was developed as an emotionally-broken nomad who had retired their Air Sword long ago due to personal guilt that ended up haunting him for the rest of his days. That's some splendid stuff right there. Now, would you mind doing for some more characters? That's where you, the magnificent reader who decided to waste their valuable procrastination time on my insignificant article, come in. I'm sure that I'm not the only person who regrets that Makuta Miserix did not get the focus he deserves... right? I'm also assured of the fact that the vast majority of the other people on this forum have a longer list of characters that they want to see developed. With that said, what characters would you like to see developed more, and how would you go about it?
  11. The films were never particularly good with their consistency and coherency. I'm 99.98% sure that it was Teridax's Shadow Hand in this situation, but yeah, the film really does make this death ambiguous. He blocks the Shadow Hand with his shield and then Lhikan... gets... knocked out and dies? All things considered, not even a Toa, let alone a frail Turaga on their last legs, should be close to a Makuta's Shadow Hand. That ol' number is absolutely lethal.
  12. Pretty solid taxonomy. Categorising numerous vaguely-defined biomechanical beings was never really so much of a pressing matter to me, but this is pretty much definitive. Nice work.
  13. This revelation is, at the very least, a neat bit of inspiration in terms of art direction. I think the presence of Energised Protodermis, or mercury in this case, in Mangaia serves as some contrast against the comparatively ruralistic* and tribal Matoran inhabitants of Mata Nui. Alas, the shrouded wizard's alchemy against the sticks and stones of the villagers. I always love some historical correlations and analogues. * Yes, I know that ruralistic isn't a word. I just used it because it complimented the flow of my sentence.
  14. I've only ever played the Mask of Creation mobile game, but I don't really think there's more to see here. It was a pretty entertaining waste of about 20 minutes of my time and nothing else. It's fairly standard, one-note, generic and repetitive, but it certainly wasn't bad.
  15. - Prelude - Born of the universe, moulded by the world, driven by gods. My child, this is your universe, this is your world, and I am your god. My child, I bring you into the vastness of space, in the flux of time and space, only motivated by my will. My child, I am Demurgia, and I bring you from the depths of nothing. Rise, my child! Just as they had willed it, Demurgia had created a new being out of what, by all accounts, seemed to be nothing. Everything within the perception of Demurgia's presence and surroundings was nothing. Nothing of note, nothing distinguishable. It was expression of existence in flux; never appearing to be anything and remaining nonexistent through the eyes of the lesser beings. Demurgia themselves was even more of an enigma. No being of the mortal plain could have possibly known who Demurgia actually, in terms of definitive physicality, was. Their influences and creations in the world around them only extended to what they allowed beings of the mortal plain to know. Their voice was simply the delusion of the mortal witness through subjective experiences and interpretations of higher beings, their personality was another delusion and their intentions were, even still, more of an enigma. The very name Demurgia was even rooted in seeds of doubt. Beings of entirely different and alien plains of existence are practically incapable of perceiving each other. It's just, simply put, impossible. My dearest child and my greatest creation, ascend from the void and into sentience! Beings of the mortal plain, or more appropriately, Kolmius, were just like any other beings of individual plains -- sentient lifeforms living in disconnected harmony. Arise from your mortal complacency and into omnipotence, my child! To say that Demurgia was deviating from this order, however, would be a colossal understatement. Since the individual plains of existence have entirely separate laws, physics, societies, regulations, boundaries, expectations, formations, lifeforms and more that starkly deviate from one another, even stranger things can happen when separate beings interfere with a separate plain. Subservient to my will and unbound by the will of the universe, I grant you the gift of exploration. Different beings are bound by their own distinctive, universal laws, but when they... somehow... surpass their own plain and enter another, the very matter of their universe is like sand or clay to them. Birthed of the need for knowledge, I grant you the gift of curiosity. To them, the very composition of other universes doesn't apply to them. To them, the matter of other universes can be moulded to their will. Created from the desire to discover, I grant you the gift of creation. When the deviants had already gone this far, they are beyond intervention. In the pursuit of knowledge, they will do anything. From the pursuit of knowledge, I create a messenger. Be it divine intervention... Rise, my herald. ... unchained interference... Rise, my champion. ... or unregulated experimentation... Rise, my pupil. ... the deviants will do anything to see the universe as it truly is. RISE, MY CHILD!
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