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  1. I'm really enjoying this. I don't have much time these days to log on, but I like to check periodically to see if a new chapter has been posted, and I'm always excited when there's a new one. It feels completely canon, and at this point, i pretty much consider it to be so, so far - I'm glad it's so long! You're only 30 chapters in, and there's over 100?? yes, please. Do you have the chapters already planned/written, or are you composing from scratch each time you post a new chapter? (asking because you already know there's over 100 chapters, per your OP on this thread.)
  2. i agree, just from a cursory reading that looks like a good way to do it. i'd still like to see a mobile game, but alas, i'm not a dev...
  3. i liked this one - i thought the concept of the "glitch" was pretty neat. one thing though - as a toa of lightning, wouldn't she be resistant to the electricity, and not harmed by her own power like that? or at least resistant enough not to kill her...
  4. Yeah, to clarify: attention everyone! Adobe's decision to discontinue support for Flash Player in 2020 will have zero effect on the functionality or playability of any archived Flash content. Such content includes the MNOG, the MNOG2, the Bohrok and Bohrok Kal Animations, the Piraka Animations, and any other Flash-rooted content that was: Created prior to the point of discontinuation in 2020.Or is created using offline tools that allow the .swf files to be stored in a self-contained manner.A number of commercially and freely available software tools are capable of playing .swf files, including Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player. Both are still fully supported by their respective manufacturers, both of whom have not announced any plans to cease to do so. I'd be psyched to be a part of a project to restore, reset, and possibly remake the MNOG and similar Flash-rooted files, particularly the ones that have suffered over the years. That said, the discontinuation of support for Adobe Flash will not directly lead to any need to do so in any way. -Azani could you go into more technical detail on this please? (and sources, if you have them! ) my understanding was that flash was going to be totally shut down - and if you don't want to/can't download the games, then they'd still be playing in the web browser, which wouldn't that mean that they wouldn't work? anyway: what about making some of these games into an open-sourced android/iOS game? i have no idea how we could convert to touch-based controls(technically speaking), but i think they'd translate pretty well to the game's physics/controls and stuff. i can imagine mnog now on my phone: as i touch one side of the screen, it moves that way, and with mnog2 you can just tap to click where you want to go, per the original. or, with mnog, you could even get the gyroscope involved: as you tilt the phone/tablet one way, the game moves that way (instead of moving your mouse to a side of the screen as you did in the original desktop, you'd just tilt your device.) i remember there was an effort on this a while ago, but it didn't get very far because people didn't get very involved and it petered out quickly. that said, i think someone managed to get a watered down version of it running, if not playable, on their android device, and that was years ago. android (and iOS) has evolved so much since then, i think it'd be interesting to take another look at doing this. (it would also be great b/c it shouldn't require any data usage, so you could play it offline. long commute/airplane rides, anyone?) since it's technically IP of a company, you probably couldn't publish it on the play/app stores, but at least for android that shouldn't be a problem, as the game's installation file can always be sideloaded - but it should still be open source, so that it can be vetted for security and stuff that the play store would normally do. that turned out to be much longer of a post than i intended...
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i figured that the people who contribute here would probably be best suited to this. If this is in the wrong place or i'm wrong about that, let me know. Anyway... As you all may have (or may have not, i guess) heard, Adobe is killing flash. It's a good thing, since it has tons of security problems, and if i recall correctly, it is being replaced by HTML5, a better, more secure, and more capable alternative. It will slowly be phased out, to give developers time to port their projects over, until finally in 2020, it won't work on anything anywhere anymore. The only problem with that is that loads of original BIONICLE media runs on flash, and isn't something that's going to be updated like a modern website will be. The original MNOG, MNOG 2, the piraka animations, the bohrok animations, etc... they all run on flash, and will be inaccessible if we don't find a solution. We need to find a way, before flash dies, to convert these important parts of bionicle to something that can be run and used the same way as they can now, without resorting to (excessively) hacky methods and the use of non-updated software. We want to keep the bionicle media alive, without keeping the security flaws of flash alive as well. I don't really have a good closing for this, but maybe that's a metaphor of what will happen if we don't find a solution. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Author's note: composing this on a mobile device apparently does not allow formatting, so I may edit this work after publishing it. It's a quick-and-dirty (not like that - this is game of thrones after all) story I thought up after watching game of thrones, not meant to be part of a larger work or anything. You don't have to worry about spoilers either - I'm just imagining what a game of thrones plot line would look like in a Bionicle context. Enjoy! Toa Tahu had been alive for a very long time. 100,000 years, more or less. When you're that old, a few centuries here or there don't matter anymore. He'd been asleep for most of it though, thanks to the fact that he was destined to save the great spirit if something happened to him. After almost two years of wakefulness inside the robot that turned out to actually be the great spirit, he had lived on spherus magna for many more, and it had been a relatively peacefully life - until the Others came from the north. Today, as he fell from the sky toward the army of the dead marching below, he wondered if his life was going to come to an end. A number of years ago, an expeditionary force of ko-matoran and ice agori had gone north, to find out what lay at that geographical extreme. It was rumored that that is where the great beings had gone, among other rumors that swirled among the denizens of the new metru nui. They didn't find anything - or so everyone thought. A couple months after they left, horrible beings descended upon the new society from the north, bringing cold and death with them. They seemed to have ice powers, and beyond that ability to control snow and other forms of frozen water, they had the ability to destroy heat it seemed as well - that was not a standard part of elemental ice powers. More than that, it seemed they also had the powers of the kanohi tryna - for along with them, they brought an army of the dead, and they added to that army all who fell before them. Eventually, it was discovered that the dead were vulnerable to fire, although the strange Others - dubbed "white walkers" by Turaga Matau - seemed to require extremely high temperatures to be felled, as they were more resistant to the heat, likely through their destruction of it. They could be felled, however, by a particular type of stone that had formed from cooling magma, and this was used by onu- and po-toa to help drive them back. After being driven back North to a certain point, a great wall was made, and charged with the elements to repel any of their attacks, and the matoran and agori were allowed to rebuild their city for a time. The wall became known to the matoran as the new great barrier, thanks to another astute observation by turaga matau, but they knew in their hearts that they couldn't ignore the white walkers forever. What few were aware of, however, was that there had been a captive taken during the war. While those creatures were extremely durable, they could still be held captive, and interrogated. What was discovered was that, no, they hadn't harmed the ko-matoran expeditionary force sent north years earlier, they were the expeditionary force. They had found a small pool of energized protodermis in the north, and a kanohi tryna hovering above it. In their efforts to investigate, they had fallen in, and been transformed, not into toa or glatorian, but a horrible homogeneous mix of the two with powers and abilities that were yet unseen, and a burning hatred for all. The mask had also fallen in, and that, apparently, is where their ability to raise an army of the dead came from - and nothing with any of this had to do with the red star, who's inhabitants had been brought back to live properly, and who had since lived under suspicion when the White Walkers came. On one cold late-autumn day a few years later, the guard force on the great barrier reported a massive army - larger than anyone had ever seen - marching towards the wall. Surely, all the toa and glatorian in all of their great cities could not withstand such a fight. A painstaking decision lay before the toa. With knowledge from Gali and the other two nuva, they knew what a Nova blast could do. With that power, they might be able to save their people. After much debate and deliberation, with the turaga, glatorian, matoran, agori, and amongst themselves, a battle plan was decided upon. That was why Tahu was currently plunging to his doom. As he fell, he remembered a final rehearsal of the plan before taking off. It was absurdly simple, yet still horrible. Tahu, as the only toa with enough other powers - from his use of the golden armor - to fight after using up his elemental power, and as a fire toa, was chosen to be the one to go. Lewa, as his brother in arms, volunteered to fly him over the army of the dead. From there, tahu was to fall towards the army, and unleash a Nova blast of fire, effectively becoming a bomb over them. The flames would wipe out a good portion of the army, and it would take time for the rest to reach him. Botar was waiting on the wall - he would teleport to the toa and bring him back - but in the event that he was too late, tahu had other powers he could use to fight the walkers before he could be extracted. Tahu fell, and he charged his blast. He wanted to wait as long as possible before releasing it, to allow lewa to get away, although he prayed he was high enough up that it wouldn't matter. Closer... Closer... The dead looked up and saw the glowing fireball descending upon them. From how many there were, tahu guessed they had raised an army of everyone who had ever lived and died. Less than a second before he would have hit the ground, and falling at a considerable speed, and still about a hundred feet in the air, tahu unleashed his power. It was as great and terrible as Gali had told him it would be. His fall rapidly slowed as the concussive force from the explosion pushed on him. He felt the power flowing from him, and it seemed to never end. A compression wave of hot flames rushed over the dead, far and wide, and they were cremated instantly, allowed to finally rest in peace, freed from the enthrallment of the white walkers. Tahu barely saw the ground rushing up through the flames, and he fell into the crater and hit the ground hard, and lay still. Botar saw the mushroom cloud rise, and covered his audio receptors, and braced himself. A second later, a shockwave greeted him and the toa standing with him on the top of the wall's highest tower. After the light died down, and only smoke and ash were billowing in the sky, he vanished into thin air. Tiny fires smoldered for kilos around. At the center of it all, a red toa lay in the bottom of a crater, unconscious. Botar appeared next to him, scooped him up, and vanished again, as he heard the characteristic sound of animated corpses screaming as they ran towards him. Tahu slowly opened his eyes. He was laying on something soft, somewhere dark and quiet. Everything hurt. He sat up quickly, and fumbled for his sword, thinking the battle wasn't over. Lewa and Gali stood over him, and the rest of his teammates were in the room as well. Lewa clanged his fist, meeting his questioning gaze as he realized what was going on. "We did it brother," he said. "It's over. It's finally over."
  7. Love 'em or hate 'em, thanks to the kanohi Olmak, Bionicle is full of them. On my BS01 userpage I made a list of a bunch of them that probably exist, given the fact that there are literally an infinite number of alternate realities that could exist in the canon. I thought it'd be a fun writing prompt to post here (if i've posted this in the wrong place, please let me know!) and see what everyone comes up with: pick one of the alternate realities from the link above (or make your own!) and write a little short story based on it. (make sure to say what's different from the main canon reality before your story starts!) Make a new topic so people can comment on your story per usual, and reply to this with the link so everyone here can see it! Have fun!
  8. this is awesome - more original bionicle content available online is great. nice work! how did you talk to BMP to get them to post this? i thought their message boards were defunct.
  9. mata nui, this is great! you don't by chance have "BIONICLE: World" do you? that's the only book i haven't been able to read yet, and i would love to read it.
  10. Have you guys heard of an app called candid? apparently there's a bionicle group on there - but it doesn't look like there's much activity/people on it. i think it'd be cool if more people from here joined the group. it's basically an anonymous twitter for whatever group topic you join.
  11. guys look what i found: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lfcjizo0yeykac7/Makuta%27s%20Guide%20to%20the%20Universe.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2kvf0d6lhqg71rl/Bionicle%20Encyclopedia%20-%20Updated.pdf?dl=0 that's two reference books at least... i was looking for them before through the bionicle world search terms, but as soon as i looked for the makuta guide, i managed to find that. they came from a reddit link that i cannot seem to find again, so credit to whoever posted them
  12. A while ago, someone posted scans of all the bionicle novels on tumblr, and it allowed tons of fans to catch up on something we might have missed, even though the original copies were no longer available. i have no idea if i'm asking in the right place, but does anyone know of a way to read some of the guides, like makuta's guide to the bionicle universe, and the encyclopedias, online? i never got to see them, and i can't seem to find them anywhere - even like a kindle download off amazon or something. thanks in advance!
  13. I posted this to the LMBs, but since they're going to be shut down, I figured I'd post it on BZP too. Feel free to post your own thanks if you want. Greg, Since this might very well be the last chance I get to post something that you'll see, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your work on the BIONICLE universe over the years, and your continued activity among the fans that are still paying attention, even though most of us have become adults now. Lego's Bionicle franchise more or less defined my childhood for me. I received a toa set for Christmas in 2001, and after going to the website listed on the canister with my parents and reading the epic story about the characters, I was hooked - for life, apparently. To this day, I still believe the story that the Bionicle team put together over the years is one of the best ever told - and you were a huge part of that. Many stories these days are recycled versions of other stories, yet the Bionicle team managed to put together something that was original, intriguing, creative, and long lasting. Bionicle truly was one of a kind, and I don't think anything will be able to replace it for a long time to come. Bionicle certainly had some flaws - the rumors online that some Lego employees thought the theme was too violent (or my personal pet peeve: too many elements - ice and water are the same thing! haha) show that. But the fact that we held, and apparently still hold, the theme to such a high standard is a testament to how great it truly was, even with its flaws. (And furthermore, it couldn't have ever been the toy that saved Lego if it wasn't what it was, "excessive violence" and all!) There were many people who worked on Bionicle and made it great, and myself and the other fans are grateful for all. But only you, Greg, interact(ed) with the fans on the level that you do/did, so for that, thank you. It's been said before, but I'll say it again: whatever you do in the future, know that you've already made something fantastic for so many kids who opened their first toa canister under the Christmas tree and found a legend inside. With Gratitude and Nostalgia, A.
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