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  1. "Me" a Short Story by Kayori former title was "Breaking Myself" Everyone awoke when deep in the night the Wave Tribe had to flee due to the Elementars - a United Force of the Water Fire Stone and Air Imperiums - had invaded the land to grow in power and supplies. In the run three Matoran were killed four lost and the rest of fifty-two Matorans got to a safe place. The Lightwood Forest was huge and it was a wonder only seven Matoran got lost. Equalize and Sisd were two of them. They were alone and were stuck between thousands of Lightwood trees. Because neither of them had any plan what to do they wandered around in the forest. Days had gone by full of walking and sleeping on the cold ground, until they found a mysterious shelter. They saw it in the distance and ran as fast as they could hoping there was somebody inside. It was abandoned but luckily at a good condition. The Shelter had four Rooms: A kitchen, a sleeping room with four beds, a living room and a storeroom. It looked too good too be real, but it was real and both were happy. They looked if somebody was around. They shouted: "IS ANYONE HERE?!!" but there were no replies. Exhausted, both layed down in the rather dusty beds and slept throughout the whole day. For Weeks they lived there eating supplies from the storeroom. One day Equalize the De-Matoran asked Sisd: "What are we gonna do now...?" There was silence for a moment but then Sisd answered: "We could look for nearby Tribes or join the Elementals." Equalize responded: "I highly doubt they would even notice us. Ill go get me something to drink." Equalize walked through the kitchen into the storeroom. He looked for a bottle of Juice which still seemed healthy but he stopped checking the shelves when he found a glowing stone. He took it and ran into the living room. Suddenly Equalize slipped on spilled water,dropped the stone and fell on the ground right onto the stone shards. Sisd shouted: "Are you okay?" Because Equalize didn't respond to anything Sisd said, she walked over to him to check whats wrong with him. He seemed to have passed out. Sisd first tried to remove the shards and then dragged Equalize into his bed begging and waiting for him to wake up. In Equalizes Mind much was going on. He dreamed of being a Toa in a wide blank plane. He saw a giant Mask floating in the sky. He heard a voice: "Takanuva is that you?" Equalize said: "I dont know who that is but i know that im not Takanuva." The Mask then said to him: "So if you arent Takanuva tell me who you are." Equalize responded: "Im Equalize Mat... Toa of Sonics!" The Mask wanted to speak but Equalize saw the world around him change. Equalize woke up in a desert. No one was around and he was thirsty. Izen remembers a whole new Life he never knew of before. Again the world changes. The present one melts away, right before Izens eyes and the next one slowly builds up. He was swimming in a lava lake. Mox opened his eyes. He couldn't talk and he couldn't walk. Immobile he was floating on top of an endlessly big lake of lava. He was starting to go under the surface slowly drowning in the lake. When he thought his life would end he was somewhere else. Equalize screamed: "HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE?!!! HELP ME!" A giant with 6 Faces each wearing a Pakari one white, one silver, one orange, one green, one purple and one with a deep black Pakari appeared out of nowhere. The Giant said: "What are we doing here? GET OUT!" The Giant opened a Portal and pushed Equalize into it. Sisd said happily: "Equalize your'e awake! Oh god it was only a short time but i thought youd never come back!" Equalize said: "You wont believe what happened to me..." _TO BE CONTINUED..._
  2. IC: *awakes* "Gosh... What is this place? Am i in middle of a Desert? I remember being here before... A long time ago. My head hurts! And why am i even talking to myself?" OOC: Suddenly a voice in Izen talks to him. IC: "Looks like we passed out have we?" "Wha... Who... Umm... Where are you?" "Another plane of existence... You'll remember when you get a little energy." OOC: Izen slowly walks around in the desert looking for a house nearby. After a pretty long time ago "starting" im back ... Oh and the "Another plane of existence" thing isnt all too necessary just a pinch of my characters weird backstory i wont go into detail too much about that so dont worry!
  3. Are they going "oldschool" ? They seem to make the ccbs system more like the metru nui building system which is awesome!
  4. Titan is the german word for Titanium ^^
  5. IC Sile (Ta-Wahi Beach): Sile was watching out for someone who could be his victim. He looked and looked but saw nobody. OOC: You may let Sile interact with a Character of yours if the Character is on the Ta-Wahi Beach. IC Mirukai (Ta-Koro): As Mirukai made his way to Po-Koro and realized that he and Steelize wanted to meet today, so he ran back to his apartment. OOC: You may let Mirukai interact with a Character of yours if the Character is in the Ta-Koro. Key: "Sentence." - Thoughts "Sentence." - Dialog Text - Steelize Text - Yuri Text - Sile Text - Koyo Text - Mirukai
  6. IC Sile (Ta-Wahi Beach): Sile was wandering around in the sand. "What should i do? I could get used to some stuff..." IC Mirukai (Ta-Koro): Mirukai was sitting in his apartment."Lets see whats up with Koyo... He may has some food."He packed some Stuff and made his way to Po - Koro. Key: "Sentence." - Thoughts "Sentence." - Dialog Text - Steelize Text - Yuri Text - Sile Text - Koyo Text - Mirukai
  7. Ignore this. Nevermind...
  8. It is available in the german Play Store if someone cares !
  9. @All Topic: Grammar Idea: ["persons"] I dont want to be lazy but we could say we have a verb: reyo (lets say that means to be) and for the ["persons"] (is that the right word if no i must have forget what that means in english) we just add an ["ending"](i mean the negative of prefix). So ta reyoki means i am ,za reyole means you are and ke reyosu means he/she/it is and so on... @RahiSpeak Topic: Im okay with that Yeah you´re right it might be too early but we can leave the dictionary behind for later and go on with inventing the grammar and style of the language itself. I dont have any Problem with that , its just the thing i would do since i dont have any experience with languages (and the grammar of these [except english and german]) and inventing a language.
  10. Im doing a dictionary here and add new words when they are invented. Please tell me in your next replies (or per personal message) if you have ideas for new OkoFanLang words (or english words) and/or approve/disapprove words. (Scroll down for Legend) Okoto Fan Language Official Dictionary: English - Okoto Speak OkoFanLang - None ??? - Toa (By Lego) R: (/) ??? - Okoto (By Lego) R: (/) Spider - Krata (By Akavakaku) R: (/) Placeholder - None (By - ) R: (/) Placeholder - None (By - ) R: (/) Placeholder - None (By - ) R: (/) Placeholder - None (By - ) R: (/) Placeholder - None (By - ) R: (/) Legend: Placeholder = This is a Placeholder for new words. Word = This is the English word. None = Has to be invented yet. Word = I dont like it. But if the majority likes it its okay. (Only disapproved by me) Word = This word is bad. Has to be reinvented. (Disapproved by multiple people) Word = I like it. Still needs Community - approvement. (Only approved by me) Word = Good. (Approved by multiple people) Word = Perfect. This is probably the best we can come up with. (Approved by very much people) Word = We dont have a real english word for that yet./This word is meaningless right now. ??? = Help! Im not sure what this means in English. R: (/) = Rating (None) R: (++/--) = Rating (Some) + = Approved rated - = Disapproved rated (By: Username/Real Name) = Who invented the Word.
  11. Because it is Christmas for me too* i hit you with a candy cane and steal the mask. I have the mask now! Dont you dare take it away from me i will hit you with a !!!candy cane!!! *trolololololo
  12. Hey guys! We have seen two trailers and comics on the back of the sets. They all feature a iconic animation style similar to the Mixels series. If there would be a Bionicle 2015 TV Show, would you want it in this comic-style or would you want 3D Animation? Would you want a Bionicle 2015 TV show? And what would you expect from that show? Also what do you think what the plot would be? We can discuss these and other thoughts/questions for a Bionicle 2015 TV Show here .
  13. What about fabric/cloth for wings ? They would be home made, but as they're not toy parts this might be a grey area. I would say that would not be allowed. Use only LEGO pieces in your model. You could use the cloth from LEGO Technic Darth Vader or some Viking Dragon Wings. Or just plastic Wings from Bionicle.
  14. Entry: Makuta Kayori Kudos you found a hidden Message! Main Picture: https://imgur.com/a/Uo34X (+Proof that the Account belongs to me) Galleries and Feedback for Judges: Galleries: Do you have Much Time? No: https://imgur.com/a/9FLyK Yes: Want to see something specific? Legs: https://imgur.com/a/01vY6 Arms: https://imgur.com/a/3aYxn Head: https://imgur.com/a/OVv6B Body: https://imgur.com/a/wUnWB Every Picture:https://imgur.com/a/GGziw Feedback: Is my Entry Cool? 100%:Thank you very much! 70 - 90%:Thank You! 20 - 60%:Thanks. 0 - 10%:Okay. Is my Entry Creative? 100%:Thanks alot! 70 - 90%:Thx! 20 - 60%:Okay. 0 - 10%:Well i thought it was creative... Has it inspired Originality? 100%:Thanks alot! 70 - 90%:Thanks! 20 - 60%:Thx. 0 - 10%:mmh ... okay Is it Unique? 100%:Thx very much! 70 - 90%:Thank you! 20 - 60%:Thanks. 0 - 10%:Okay. Did i use Parts creative in my entry? 100%:Thx thats awesome! 70 - 90%:Thanks! 20 - 60%:... Thanks. 0 - 10%: Wait what??? I expected something else... I love Lego and all the Bionicle Fansites for this great Competition! Even if i loose it was great to be part of it! Good Luck to everyone !
  15. Hi! Nice to see a new face in the BZPRPG. I'm one of its staff members and I would normally PM you, but you haven't unlocked the PM system yet. I'm sorry to say that dimensional travel, or parallel dimensions, aren't allowed in the BZPRPG. Your characters mask isn't on the approved list (which can be found on page one of that topic), so you'll either need to change it or submit it for approval as a custom. I'd also recommend that you (if you haven't already...

    1. Krayzikk


      ) read the New Players Topic. Feel free to ask me, my fellow staff, or the News and Discussion Topic about anything you don't understand or need help with.

    2. Kayori alias Equalize

      Kayori alias Equalize


      I joined first because the battle for th gold mask. But i want to play BZPRPG too.

      I informed myself know these things in bzprpg and are trying to fix this :) thx!

    3. Kayori alias Equalize

      Kayori alias Equalize

      * I informed myself about these things...

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