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  1. Summer! Oh wait, got there too late...

  2. IC: The Collector of Masks (Inside the tower --> Outside the tower) "Fine," says the Collector. Sword in hand, the Collector begins to run across the ice towards the guardsmen, taking care not to slip.
  3. IC: The Collector of Masks (In the tower) "Good," says the Collector, "Let's go." He goes down to the room with the broken window, and peers outside to see the guardsmen running across the snow. "What on Mata Nui are they doing?"
  4. IC: The Collector of Masks (In the tower) "Yes, you're right," says the Collector, "But we need him to help us to find those Toa." Then he turns to some of the guardsmen. "Find Aiduro," he says, "Then we're leaving." OOC: I'll leave the guardsmen in your control, Lan.
  5. Fool! The dark alley responds to my own dark magics, overwhelming you with dread shadows and consuming your very soul! My mask.
  6. IC: The Collector of Masks (In the tower) The Collector peers through the window Nikonn pointed out. "Indeed," he says, mentally calculating if the fall is survivable. Then a thought occurs to him. "Where's Aiduro?" OOC: It's been a while!
  7. IC: The Collector of Masks (In the Tower) The Collector narrows his eyes. He could have sworn... OOC: Oh ok, I edited the original post so it's more like "the Collector thinks he sees something" than "the Collector sees something".
  8. IC: The Collector of Masks (In the Tower) The Collector suddenly registers a movement behind and above him and the others. "Look out!" he growls, turning and drawing his blade in one movement, facing his attacker - only, he couldn't see anyone.
  9. IC: Whipcrack (Villain Friend Ship) "Right," grins Whipcrack, coughing violently, "Though I - *cough* - have to admit - *cough* - I would prefer it if we did run into the Heroes." A crazy light glimmers in his eye. "I do love watching them die."
  10. IC: The Collector of Masks (Top of the Tower) "And now this blizzard is rolling in!" growls the Collector, "If they decide to attack us, they'll have the advantage." He looks around carefully, but can't discern any shapes through the flurries of snow.
  11. IC: The Collector of Masks (Top of the Tower) The Collector stumbles, and steadies himself. He peers over the edge of the tower. "Someone has slammed a great deal of snow into the lower floors of this tower," he remarks. He turns to face the others, some of whom had fallen over. "Once you've gotten back up," he continues, "I suggest we look for the perpetrator of this attack." He narrows his eyes, "And if you recall, one of the people we're looking for is a Toa of Ice."
  12. OOC: I ship it! IC: The Collector of Masks (In the Tower) The Collector follows Nikonn up the stairs, and shoulders open the door at the top.
  13. IC: The Collector of Masks (In the Tower) "An excellent idea, Nikonn," says the Collector. He courteously gestures in the direction of the stairwell. "After you."
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