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  1. This is the MoC I submitted for the BFTGM competition back in November, and I felt that I should make a topic for it and see what you guys think about it. Natrix: History Natrix was ancient serpentine warlord that used to have reign over a large portion of Otoko, leading an army of reptilian humanoids known as the Varans, that formerly lived peacefully alongside the villagers. Natrix's aggresive personality and hunger for power over the island caused many conflicts with the other tribes, and ended up forming a rivalry between the villagers and the Varans. After a great war occurred between the two factions, Natrix was defeated by Ekimu and Makuta, with the assistance of 6 of the villagers most skilled warriors. His unconscious body was then imprisoned within a tomb buried deep within the island. The Varans were then banished from Otoko by the villagers in fear that they would attempt to reawaken their sleeping overlord. The location of Natrix's tomb on Otoko is currently unknown, and treasure hunters on the island are forbidden to search for it. Abilities: Natrix is covered with plenty of blades and strong armor plating, making him a very resilient opponent. Having no ranged abilities, Natrix prefers to fight up close and personal, or stealthily hunting down his target (his large size makes that rather difficult, however). He is armed with 3 large blades on each hand, the largest one being designed to suck the life force from his prey. Most of his armor plating is on his body and tail, which he utilizes to constrict and crush his prey. However, his body is not entirely covered in armor and spikes. His back is his most vulnerable spot, having very little protection on it, but his large size and rapid reflexes makes it extremely difficult for an opponent to flank him.
  2. I hope i'm not too late to enter. Name: Natrix http://i.imgur.com/QoLWRBA.jpg
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