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  1. Wow, this looks like a great contest. I'm glad that we're not limited to our piece collections rather our imaginations and I can't wait to see some of the entries. I hope that I can think of something worth entering.
  2. NAME: Rogue_47 BIOGRAPHY: This metal monster was built as a working robot to accompany the Matoran of Spherus Magna. It was meant to possess tremendous strength to carry massive equipment as well as a lack of any emotion other than commitment to its master and the tasks that were asked of it. At some point it must have been hacked or reprogrammed by some unknown being who uploaded a soul into the robot as well as the lust for the death and destruction of anything or anyone that doesn't conform. For countless years it has been lost in the endless landscape of Spherus Magna and over time has slowly seeped into legend, with most people telling you that it is no more than a story. The robot is said to have modified itself with an arsenal of weaponry and gadgets, also bearing a new red colour to make it clear that it is no longer a standard working robot. Equipped with a powerful zooming lens for an eyepiece and the strength of six Toa it has been described as an unstoppable force. To match its original identification number and unknown whereabouts, the machine has been dubbed 'Rogue_47'. FEATURES: Zooming eyepieceBlack torn cape (taken from the Character Vezon)Left-mounted claw-bladeRight-mounted plasma gunLong-range explosive missile mounted on left shoulderLink to Gallery: http://www.bzpower.com/board/gallery/album/260-rogue-47-battle-for-the-gold-mask-competition-entry/ Side note: My current profile picture is also a close up of my character's face.
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