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  1. Whoa! This guy looks epic! I love the aesthetic you went with for him with the armor and helmet. Speaking of the helmet, what is it attached to? Is that a Knight’s Kingdom 2 head underneath or something else? Regardless, keep up the great work!
  2. I noticed a small typo on the back cover of Book 10: “killed” is written as “kiled”
  3. These are awesome updates! I love the new covers as well as the character guides and everything else. Congratulations on finishing the project and thank you for all the hard work you put into this!
  4. Apparently lol (according to BS01) 3259 Kanoka Disk Launcher and Disk
  5. Yeah, it did get fairly quite over the past few weeks lol Fader Bull
  6. This is an awesome MOC! I love the idea of making Nidhiki mid transformation between Toa and Dark Hunter and you pulled it off spectacularly! Great work!
  7. Happy 20th Anniversary, BIONICLE!! Awesome to hear some stories from both Faber and Farshtey!
  8. If we learned anything from today, it’s that castle has a HUGE fan base
  9. This is awesome! Great job, Waj! I love how you synced everything up (especially the Vohrak’s and Carapar’s first appearances and the transition from Toa to Turaga Vakama when the lyrics say “but still the same”)! I also want to say that I appreciate the usage of the music video for BIONICLE a brain Whoa, he actually commented on it? That’s awesome!
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