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  1. Daler99

    In a Line

    "Come, my friends -- let us go and celebrate a Ko-Matoran who became a Toa... and a Toa who saved a universe." —Turaga Vakama Describe the Great Rescue in a line.
  2. This is so awesome! I appreciate all the thought and effort that Nick put into making 13 different mosaics! It's amazing that we got BIONICLE alternate models for a set based on Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe artwork.
  3. Wait, the guy in the corn-on-the-cob suit is the Mayor? This looks pretty cool, but the price is quite high for 1500 pieces.
  4. Daler99

    In a Line

    “I can’t wait to build my new Ehlek and Hahli sets! *SNAP* Describe the Bohrok Kal in a line!
  5. Daler99

    In a Line

    A great composer who brought a cool new take to the franchise’s music, which got released in albums 14 years later. Describe Hoseryx in a line.
  6. Daler99

    In a Line

    An immersive and fun way to play through parts of the BIONICLE story. (I’ve only played the PC version, but I’m assuming they’re similar) Describe Kollorak in a line.
  7. Daler99

    In a Line

    “Onu-a! Onu-a! Onu-a!” Describe “BIONICLE Jam 2k2” in a line.
  8. Should be fun! I’ll try to tune in to some of these events. The interview with Mr. Windham should be very interesting.
  9. Daler99

    In a Line

    An iconic contest and a sweet deal for the All American Rejects (until LEGO forgot to go pick them up for 14 years). Describe Ahkmou in a line. >:D
  10. This is really awesome!! Great to see that this is actually an alternate model! Nick Vaas always delivers.
  11. Daler99

    In a Line

    One of the true masterpieces of the BIONICLE story. Describe Podu in a line.
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