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  1. Daler99


    I’m pretty sure Faber was very involved with HF. He helped with the initial story bible iirc, and he also helped a lot with IfB. I’m sure he did a lot more too.
  2. Daler99


    Oh that’s true. Well, I guess we’ll find out soonish.
  3. Daler99


    Awesome song! What do you guys think, will Christian Faber reveal more on January 4, 2020? (1/4/2020)
  4. Another option that someone mentioned to me is the possibility of those words representing the names of the Protector's specific villages. This could be true because the map at the back of the book specifically marks the locations of the Protector's specific villages. It doesn't name them, however.
  5. After BFVA this year, I finally decided to check out BIONICLE: The Game. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I really ended up loving the game. Even though it wasn't too long of a game, it was engaging and fun. Aside from that, I also have started Beta Testing Darkflame Universe's LEGO Universe recreation. I'm thinking of checking out BIONICLE Heroes at some point as well.
  6. Wow, I missed seeing that back in '10! That's pretty funny. I wonder if that's something that was submitted by a fan or added specifically by the HF team. This implies that either an Agori or a Glatorian phoned the Hero Factory.
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