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  1. I totally missed the cesta at first, til I read the comments here and suddenly noticed what was going on. It's so clever! I never drew the connection between both Bionicle characters and programs on the Grid playing disc-related sports. So cool! These are totally wicked and I'm geeking out over them! I love your three old pics - using the backgrounds makes the whole image look 'right'. Also, your newer designs are so fascinating, too. I love the mix of Tron-style lights and angles mixed with the Toa armor... and you kept them all unique. Every time I look back at an image, I see something new. These are wonderful!
  2. It's been about year and a half since I was last around I think. But since joining, I've had, say, 3 one year/one and a half year absences for various reasons.
  3. non-ESRB rating: PG (Pretty Good) IF you like movies about diseases!
  4. He is Morgan Freeman. Naturally.
  5. This is what I've written as part of a paper (essay format, supposedly) that I'm turning in tomorrow. Honest to goodness, word for word. Consider the effectiveness of the movie in communicating its message. As a tool of communication, what are its strengths and weaknesses? The film is quite effective in communicating its message. It scares people into germophobia and educates them on the worst-case scenario. Its strengths include fake blood, crying children, scared families, desperation, death (all of which are very good for getting people to relate to the film on an emotional level for more effective inundation), an old friend who is haunted by past wrongs, a helicopter chase, and explosions. Its weaknesses include not enough footage of gory disease, making the gullible audience think that an antivirus can be isolated, created, and distributed to an entire town in less than a day, and not enough explosions.
  6. Okay... though when you consider we're talking about 'back in the 80's', you'll see what we mean by 'new'.
  7. Whoa! Since when has Duplo had plates? -CF And lime green and orange, no less! It's a newer development in Duplo, which I wouldn't know about except for the kids I babysit have those bricks, too! Amazing, isn't it?
  8. I'm fairly certain that the Duplo square with the eyeball is my favorite LEGO brick.
  9. Senjo

    Need New Music

    Oh my goodness... you're right! I haven't seen either of those movies in ages... I'd completely forgotten! Fantastic suggestions! And thank you EVERYONE for the great suggestions! BioRaptor, I would love to get my hands on Halo 3 ODST ST. I have all the others, but haven't gotten that one yet! And CF, I just borrowed a friend's copy of National Treasure ST; it's srsly addictingly awesome. Also, I have Pirates (<3), got Iron Man at your suggestion, and am in desperate want of Transformers. Man, though, copies at a decent price hard to get! Arpy - thanks! I'll look into that!
  10. Senjo

    Be A Troublemaker

    Do you feel unjustly treated? Want or need to get something done? Don't be afraid to talk to people! And perhaps appeal then to even more people! Ask around! It'll get people talking and then that something WILL get done! That's what I did, and then I had half the campus offices talking to each other and getting things done, the way they SHOULD be! Raise some ruckus! GET RESULTS (so pumped right now!)
  11. That Jackal is so ugly, I mean wow. That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen. I had no idea aliens could be that hideous. Somehow I still don't feel guilty for killing so many in the games. Moving along. Spartan Hazop Olive is AWESOME.
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