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  1. IC:Kuraz Kuraz was pacing up and down the recreational area when Kovika arrived. She looked distressed after the destruction she just witnessed in solitary."You also saw what happened in solitary right!? That thing is going to kill us all!"
  2. IC:Kuraz Kuraz arrived at solitary in time to see Kotak and Fade attacking the monster. She hid around the corner of a hallway and watched from there. She nodded to answer Kovika's question. Looks like the monster shapeshifted somehow. If a guard finds us now we're dead. When solitary started collapsing, Kuraz ran away. IC:Nakton Nakton was training when a guard came to his cell. Was he going to be free? No, but at least he would no longer stuck inside this small room. He followed the guard all the way to general confinement, looking at the remains of a hallway where a fight had taken place. That explains why he was evacuated, but how the karz did that happen?
  3. IC:Kuraz Kuraz was about to answer Kovika's question when she was knocked out of her chair by the shockwave. "Sounds like an explosion, let's go." She walked out of the recreation area and headed towards solitary.
  4. IC:Kuraz "No idea, but I think we'll find out more information if we leave. We can't try to sneak out at the same time. I'll leave first, we will rendezvous at the recreation area." After speaking, Kuraz sneaked out and headed for the recreation area.
  5. IC: Skebran Skebran looked at Jettix. "Do I kill them now?"
  6. IC:Kuraz Kuraz had a hard time sleeping after what she witnessed yesterday. It's not every day that you see a monster slicing up a scientist. She had done a good job in concealing her fear in front of the others but there was no purpose in doing it once she got to her cell. She was awoken when the guard opened her door. Sounds like everyone has to go to the courtyard. Today might be a good day for escape. She walked out of her cell and headed for the courtyard. It wasn't long when an announcement sounded through the speakers, this time asking for the presence of a patient called Scriva. She must not forget that name, it could come handy if the escape fails.
  7. It's in the list. You can find it there
  8. IC:Skebran At this point, Skebran realized that more people were bound to arrive. Killing them would not be a viable solution. Skebran didn't flip his ###### this time. OOC: Posting from mobile
  9. IC:Kuraz "The same," Kuraz lied. There was no need for her to know that Kuraz saw the monster slicing the guard. After answering the vo-toa's question, Kuraz headed to her cell.
  10. Now that Halmos has been revealed to be a crystal toa, should I add his element to the list?
  11. IC:Kuraz After finding the recreation area empty, Kuraz decided to walk around the general confinement to see if she could find more allies. As she walked, she saw Gida sitting at the doorframe of her cell. Kuraz recognized the toa as one of the toa who were present where the thing attacked. "Did you saw it too?"
  12. IC:Kuraz Kuraz waited until they were out of Scriva's hearing range to speak. "I don't know what it is, but I'm sure Nyhe knows."
  13. IC=Kuraz Kuraz walked away. She didn't want to get in trouble with the guards, not yet at least. Rather than going to her cell she wanted to see if the recreation area was empty. As she walked many questions filled her mind, like: What wss that monster? Why did the toa back there wanted to talk to Nyhe? What did she knew that they didn't? That toa knew something. Asking her to join their group could be the best or worst thing she could do.
  14. Toa Metru Matau. He made air my favorite element.
  15. Function: Mask of Conjuring Appearance: Sanok
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