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  1. IC: Jojax-Fort Razorfish;Vaa @Snelly @Nato The Whisperer @Sparticus147 @Zeal I Jojax scowled and grumbled to herself. She'd challenge Sohmak right now if they weren't about to go on an important mission. Instead she finished preparations on the boat.
  2. IC: Jojax-Fort Razorfish;Vaa @Snelly @Nato The Whisperer @Sparticus147 @Zeal "You humiliated my father three years ago!" Jojax snarled. She aproached Sohmak and pointed a finger at his face. "I don't mind you working with us, but this fort only has room for one legendary Sarke warior and that's me, got it!"
  3. IC: Jojax-Fort Razorfish;Vaa @Snelly @Nato The Whisperer @Sparticus147 @Zeal Jojax stood up from her work untying the boat. "Hey, I know you!" She shouted at the newcomer. "You're the spineless slugger!!!"
  4. IC: Jojax-Fort Razorfish;Vaa @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 Jojax gave out a hearty laugh before sauntering over and grabbing the fireworks launcher. "This looks fun!" IC: The Wanderer-Fort Garsi @Mel @Geardirector "Very well madam, May you prosper in your warmongering." He again bowed politely before mounting his bike and driving off.
  5. IC: Jojax-Fort Razorfish;Vaa @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 "Yeah," Jojax chimed in, "So lick it!" IC: The Wanderer-Fort Garsi @Mel @Geardirector The old skakdi bowed as the party approached. "You can call me the Wanderer. My organization has re-opened the arena of the ancients for all to enjoy. I'm here to spread the word about our opening ceremony and tournament!" He quickly turned and grabbed a wooden flyer off of his bike, offering it to the group. "Normally Glory would be reward enough, but to spice things up I'll have a special reward for the winner. It could be a good chance to scout for new talent, or just watch, or participate, for enjoyment."
  6. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 Jojax elbowed Ahuum and leaned over to whisper. "I dare you to lick the rock"
  7. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 Jojax's body visibly relaxed. I should probably tell everyone eventually, but I'll keep it seecret for now. "Yeah, we found a small camp of people over on the large island. They looked friendly."
  8. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 "Just one more thing." Jojax said, twiddling her thumbs. "And this is just something I made up. What if someone steal's the warlord's prized, u, spear. And then the warlord dies UNRELATED to the spear thing. And then the guy with the spear goes around claming to be that warlord?"
  9. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 Jojax looked at Ahuum quisically as she walked up from the docks.. "What if a warlord just dissapeared one day? What if all his stuff got taken? Could he still come back?"
  10. IC: The Wanderer-On the road @Mel The wanderer pulled his motorcycle to a stop and scanned the area with his X-Ray vision. He got a good idea of where the traps were , but the Garsi were probaly expecting that and there was no guarantee he could spot everything. Besides He was just a messenger. He got off his bike and unslung his instrument, pressing the button that would amplify his voice. "Great warriors of the Garsi Clan, I bare an important message! The time of battle at The Place has returned!" He paused for a moment, waiting for some kind of response. IC: Jojax-Fort Razorfish;Vaa @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 @Snelly After going around the main island the crew were pulling back into the docks. Jojax jumped off the boat and began to tie it up. She wasn't verry good with knots, so she was comphensated for the lack of quality with quantity. "Well," She said, "At least there aren't any big forts nearby."
  11. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 Jojax shrugged. "Yeah, sure, Whatever, Once we're done with that let's go up the river." She looked back at the camp. We're being idiots not to get up there and join the Sarke. IC: The Wanderer-On the road The Wander pulled up to a crossroads with a wooden signpost. On arrow pointed to the coast, another towards The Place, and a third out to badlands. He grabbed one of his wooden flyers, and an old nail and posted it on the pole before looking around. I should probably head to the badlands I wonder how the Garsi family is doing. He climbed back onto his motorbike and rolled towards the southern mountains. OOC: @Mel The Wanderer is approaching fort Garsi. He's still a ways away so you don't have to respond immediately. Just do it whenever you are ready.
  12. IC: NPC Acolyte of The Place-The Place @Toru Nui "He just left to tell everyone we're ready to open. We should Probably get the arena ready for a large group."
  13. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 Jojax smiled and proceeded to row, craining her neck as they approached/passed by camp Tahtorak in order to better see the Sarke arena. IC: The Wanderer-The Place @Toru Nui The wanderer had just finished loading up the tablets onto his motorcycle. He saddled up and took one last look over the grand arena, then he turned and hit the gass, heading onto the road. Meanwhile, the acolyte was obviously shaken by Erna's eratic behavior. "T-the boss wants you to know he's leaving. He's leaving you in charge. He says not to break anything."
  14. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 Jojax grumbled as she sat down and grabbed the ores. "Let's at least pass them by. I wana get a closer look"
  15. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 "Oh, well, they didn't look hostile." Jojax said, getting back up. "We should go over there, I want to see if they'll let me Sarke." She rummaged through her bag and put her mask on.
  16. Yeah, Its probably not going to happen for a while. I'm working on spreading the word in character.
  17. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 @ARROW404 "Let's see, I think there are like 8-10 Skakdi, They're in a small crowd so it's kinda hard to tell." She continued scanning. "Looks like jut a bunca tents and one guy up ona...WHAT!" Jojax stumbled backwards, falling back into her seat. "Were we supposed to be stealthy? Cause I'm pretty sure that guy knows we are here."
  18. Hey, anyone want a fireworks revolver? I'm consiering giving away something as a reward for a tournament at The Place.
  19. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 "Right, I'll get on that." Jojax stood up and began scanning the coastline. After a few moments she perked up. "Hey, I think I see someone! two someones! in the middle of a Sarke!" She began to lean foreward, trying to get a better look.
  20. IC: Nahaki-The Barrowfort Gorned was having the worst possible day of his life. The poor lesterin was chained to a large operating table. The walls of the room were lined with various vials, lit by eery purple lightstones, and this snake-man-thing was standing over him. "Through the mists of death truth becomes apparent. Only in the darkness of the tomb can one truly see." The snake man was holding one of the glass vials in his left hand, and an eyedropper in the right. He took a sample of the substance and dripped it into his victim's eyes. Gorned grit is teeth as his eyelids swelled, he would not give this tormenter the satisfaction of a scream. Nahaki smiled as he slithered off the table and over to the flasks on the wall. The lesterin was trying to act tough, but he would break soon enough. Nahaki put the vial of his own secretions back on the shelf and grabbed a few new ones of various colors. His smile grew wider, this was his favorite part. He drew a ritual dagger and dipped it in the first vial. "All pain is merely a brush with death. The closer to the end, the greater the intensity." He slowly used his knife to slice a wound in the Lesterin's shoulder. Gorned only let out a small grunt. Nahaki frowned, apparently something had gone wrong with this mixture, probably needed more peppers. He wiped the knife off and moved around to the other shoulder, continuing his work. OOC: Open for interaction.
  21. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 "OOOOOooooo..." Jojax dropped he oar and picked up one of the telescopes. "Neat!" She put the device to her eye and began looking around, before recoiling in horror. "AAAAAAH! Oh, it's only you guys." she said. "For a second I thought a pair of tahtorak were aproaching!" IC: The Wanderer-The Place "I think I shall deliver these myself!" The Wanderer said to no one in particular before turning to the skakdi that had brought in the posters. "Will you go and let Erna know that I'm leaving her in charge?" "Yes sir." The skakdi gave a small bow and walked out of the room. The wanderer began carrying the wooden slabs over to his motorcycle.
  22. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 "Sooo...." Jojax said after a few minuets of rowing, heading towards the largest of the islands. "Anyone see anything? And what's the plan if we find something? We just taking a look around or should we try and get in close?"
  23. IC: Jojax-Spineless Bay @Whisper @Sparticus147 "Yeah, Yeah, watever, Let's just get out there." Jojax grabbed the other oar and started to row in the general direction of the largest island, assuming T'harrak was rowing as well.
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