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  1. IC: Jephro-Metru-Koro @Toru Nui Jephro had been sitting looking at the ground when someone bumped into him, jerking him out of his thoughts. "What's going on?"
  2. IC: Mazor-Metru Koro Mazor nodded. "I had been hoping you would help me, I feel responsible for a lot of this, and I was hoping you'd help me fix it. But if you need time I understand."
  3. IC: Mazor-Metru Koro @Conway Mazor sighed and looked to the ground. "I...I wanted freedom, everyone was teling me what to do. I wanted to make my own destiny. The only thing is..." he looked back at Irna. "I think he erased my past. I think that's why you don't remmember me."
  4. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro @Conway "When we got there we recovered an artifact. I grabbed it, and the dead began to come to life. We had to scramble to escape the undead matoran. I was in charge of keeping the artifact, and I didn't trust the Baraki, so I would confide in you. We went on a mission deep beneeth the archives, we were supposed to use the Artifact to Kill Mata-Nui, but I was feeling rebellious, and made a bargan with him instead. You didn't think it was a good idea..." His voice trailed off. He had been looking at the ground, at this point he looked back up. "Do you remember all that?"
  5. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro @Conway "It was as we were preparing for a salvage expedition. We were going with a group to recover a crashed Nynrah Ghost Ship."
  6. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro @Conway Mazor took a step back, "Yes, there is. We used to be good friends. I trusted you more than anyone else in the league." He paused, then sincerely asked, "Do you really not remember me?"
  7. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro @Conway "Yes," Mazor Nodded, he had been wondering what he would say, and he couldn't think of any way to handle things lightly, so he just got to the point. "Do you Remind me?"
  8. Mazor-Metru-Koro @Conway Mazor simply nodded and left the room. He proceeded to wander Metru-Koro, looking for his old friend Irna.
  9. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary @Toru Nui @Tarn Mazor nodded. "Were both pretty tired, we don't have to leave immediatly. And there's someone in town I'd like to catch up with.
  10. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary @Toru Nui @Tarn "I was kind of hoping that if we dug it up, I'd be able to fix all this... When I used it I felt some kind of outside force comforting and guiding me."
  11. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary @Toru Nui @Tarn "It was a really strange place," Mazor said to Gnabol, "It was a series of tunnels even deeper then the archives. The Walls were covered in Rotting Flesh... I-I think it was his brain."
  12. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary @Toru Nui @Tarn Mazor nodded. "I've never been more certain." He couldn't think of what else to say. He wanted to try and fix what had happened, but he didn't know what to do. He was thinking about going after the Krom sphere again, but it was a long shot and he didn't want the others to feel like he was going to drag them into it.
  13. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary @Toru Nui @Tarn "I'm sorry. I was being selfish." Mazor said. His voice was sincere but his statement wasn't directed at anyone specific. He sat down and sighed, rocking the skaklet to sleep. "I know what you must be thinking, the Krom Sphere didn't cause the crash." He paused for a moment and swalowed a lump in his throat. "My choices caused it." "The person I gave it too...Was an avatar of Mata-Nui. Pridak sent me on a mission, we went beneeth the archives. I was supposed to use the sphere to kill Mata-Nui. But I was selfish, and I gave him the sphere in return for a freedom from destiny. I don't know what happened after I left the room, I don't know if Mata-Nui would intentionally kill himself, or if he just didn't have time because I spent so long bartering. He said he was going to remake the world into a better place. I didn't know I would cause all this suffering." another lump was caught in his throat, and he couldn't swallow it, his eyes grew wet.
  14. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro As Mazor walked he hastily rocked the Skaklet. Normally the rough ride would have made things worse, but the baby was strangely calm. Mazor sat down on a piece of rubble. "I really messed up." He mumbled, "I should probably go back and talk to them." The infant said nothing, it merely staired back at him and sucked it's thumb. Mazor got lost in thought "I had thought Mata-Nui was going to make a better world, but this, " he looked around at the destroyed village, "This is just as bad, if not worse." The guilt sunk into his heart like a fishing hook. "I was selfish, Maybe the Barraki were right, if I had used the sphere to end Mata Nui, maybe we'd still be back in the sky." He thouight back to the moments before the crash, The feeling from the sphere, it hadn't come from Mata Nui. Maybe he could still fix all this. He stood back up, and the Skaklet gave a little giggle. Mazor turned and began to walk back to the infirmary, as he did Mata Nui's words echoed in his head. Someday, you'll freely come back to Me.
  15. IC: Kane-Oma-Tesara Vehe looked up. "Hey there, Hestala, I presume my work is satisfactory? I also managed to get an extra bit of omph out of the engines that you might find usefull.
  16. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro @Tarn @Toru Nui Mazor could feel the gaze of Nale and Gnabol eating into his concience. That moment, when he had handed over the sphere, it had felt liberating. But now he only felt guilt. He couldn't stop thinking about the destroyed village around him. It was his fault. By giving away the sphere he had allowed the crash to happen, and as a result much of the universe was suffering. The last Skaklet was still squirming in his arms. "I'll be right back." He said haistily. "I'm going to go calm this guy down." He turned and left the building, trying to rock the Skaklet to sleep.
  17. IC: Kane-Oma-Tesara It took nearly a whole day for Vehe to repair the Vista Baby, but he did a spectacular job. He rebuilt the boarding ramp from scratch, buffed out all the dents and scratches, and even though paint wasn't his specialty, he didn't get his reputation for nothing, Hestala would be pleased. He sat on his toolbox cleaning off his hands with an oil rag when Hestala and Kane-Oma aproached.
  18. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro-Ruined Infirmary @Tarn @Toru Nui Once inside the building Mazor moved over to a bed and began placing the sleeping skaklets on it one by one, grabbing blankets where avalible to wrap them up. He paused again and turned to face Gnabol. "I had hoped to cut all ties with my past when setting out," He said. "I'm sorry I didn't mention any of this, I didn't think that it would ever be relevant." He got back to work. While three of the babies he had been carying were already asleep but one of them was being really squirmy. "It's hard to describe. It was some kind of puzzle, and as I used it I fell into a trance. I felt like someone else was guiding me, and when I was done... drastic things had happened." He felt a lump in his throat. "I-I belive it was what caused the changes in the sky in the days before the crash."
  19. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro @Toru Nui @Tarn "When we decided to come here I didn't expect to meet anyone from the league, at least not anyone that would remember me." Mazor said to Gnabol. He paused for a moment. Irna hadn't remembered him, was it possible that Mata-Nui had erased everyone's memories of him? But if he did then why did Ostrox remember him? He shook his head and continued walking. "The artifact...I belive it was known as the Krom Sphere. It was some sort of puzzle that could...affect things in the world around you." His hesitation to share details was pretty obvious.
  20. IC: Mazor-Metru-Nui @Tarn @Toru Nui "It's Complicated," Mazor said as he followed Nale. "But you've got the gist. I was a reluctant soldier in the league, Ostrox was my commanding officer. We were on an expedition and I recovered a powerful artifact. Rather than doing what the barraki wanted me to, I gave the artifact to someone else in return for a chance to escape the League."
  21. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro At Nale's offer Mazor sighed in relief. "Thank you so much, what would you like us to do?"
  22. IC: Jephro-Metru Koro As Zaliah and Iradra began to talk Jephro shiethed his swords and watched. "I'm sorry, I was expecting something else..." IC: Mazor-Metru Koro YOU!!! Mazor stopped dead in his tracks as Ostrox locked eyes with him. How does he know me? Mata-Nui said everyone would forget. And of all the people to remember, why Ostrox? Mazor turned to Gnabol and whispered. "It's a long story, I didn't expect to meet anyone here." He straitened up and tried to look as dignified as he could when he was extremely tired and carying four children. Three of them had just fallen back to sleep, but one of the ones in his arms was squirming like mad. He began to advance again slowly, unsure about how to proceed, He decided to try and ignore Ostrox. "I can see this is a bad time. Were just looking for somewhere to stay overnight," He glanced at the skaklet in his arms who was prying at his chest armor. "And hopefully to drop off these little ones. We found them abandoned in the swamp, and they are a little much for us.
  23. IC: Jephro-Metru-Koro Jephro was startled out of his slump by a loud crash. He quickly stood up, drew his swords and ran to see what happened. As Zaliah steped out Jephro froze, Zaliah looked like a toa, but something was off. "Were you the one on the radio?" IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro @Conway As Mazor and Gnabol aproached Metru-Koro he spotted a familiar face. Normally he would be hesitant, but he was weary, so he called out. "Hey, Irna!"
  24. Hey, just so everyone knows, I'm going to be super bussy July 30th through August 10th, so I might be able to keep up. I'm going to try and get at least one more post out before then.
  25. IC: Jephro-Metru-Koro As Jephro staired at the corpse of Turaga Sans his thougths were traveling faster than a phase dragon. He had assumed that turuga sans was just doing what was best for the village, but his actions had lead to it's destruction, and now it sounded like they were going to have to surrender. Turaga are supposed to be our wise leaders, he thought, Why would he do something so stupid? And why did I belive him? Why wouldn't the lady on the walkie-Talkie back down? I thougt it was obvious we had won. IC: Mazor-Metru-Koro Outskirts @Toru Nui After Several days of travel, Mazor and Gnabol had entered the desert, making the trek back to Metru-Koro, They heard explosions going off. As they crested the last hill, the saw Metru-Koro, burning, but quiet. It seemed whatever battle had been going on was finally over. "Wow," Mazor mumbled to his companion. "Don't we have immpeccable timing."
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