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  1. I know not of what you speak. Ha ha, very funny.
  2. The Mukau. But seriously, I would have to go with Kardas.
  3. For me, it's the inclusion of the "CCBS" into the BIONICLE universe.
  4. I know this is a minority veiw, but i dont mind overly specilized parts from time to time. (in bionicle, that is)
  5. I personally prefer the classic system to "CCBS", as I find the pistons and gears to add to the bio mechanical nature of the characters. "CCBS" on the other hand, I find to be rather plain looking.
  6. give me something to eat

  7. Oh the pains of de-clipping limb joints.
  8. BLASPHEME!!!! sorry, I just get very defensive when someone says negative things about bungie-era Halo.
  9. How could you forget Galidor? It's exponentially weirder than all of the themes you mentioned.I try and forget Galidor existed, sorry.
  10. Weirdest sets/lines: Mixels. The lego movie sets. Time cruisers. Chima. Fabuland.
  11. The Xbox (classic and 360) always had one advantage over other platforms: Halo. That is til 343i messed it up.
  12. And from what I've seen of halo 5, it dosnt seem to be getting better any time soon. The major flaw with the "xbone" is that almost every game on it can be either found on the 360 or on another platform, so there's no real push to get the "xbone".
  13. I think we all agree that kiss players is one of the worst things transformers has done.
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