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  1. Looks even better than the first. Gali sounds different than before, but I like it. Makuta sounds not bad and his voice fits his character. Onua sounds good too. Looks very promising. I especially like Kopaka grabbing lewa's foot.
  2. also, this trailer is pieced together from pieces of the episodes, so dont count your chickens just yet.
  3. I'd say it looks not bad. Can't judge by trailers because they are not good representations in most cases. Umarak's voice is obviously unexpected and is choke inducing, but I'm glad they didn't pick the cliche "DEEP BOOMING EVIL VILLAIN VOICE." Ekimu's voice = thumbs up
  4. okay, the sets look sick! Umarak = . Ekimu looks awesome with that trans blue and it appears we are getting the mask of ultimate power with him. The beasts look promising but not too enticing at the moment.
  5. Toa are not robots, they are biomechanical life forms.
  6. To match the gold parts on Melum when they combine. I think they were asking why he didn't have MORE gold armor. I kind of agree—while his color scheme isn't awful, I wish he had used gold Vorox armor for his shoulders (perhaps in the place of the Earth Blue shells on his arms, which could've been silver or something and stuck out less). They probably did it like that because they wanted to make him have the gold of a larger set, but wanted to please those who griped about it on the master version.
  7. I agree. Either Kopaka is ambidextrous, or he is just right-handed. Besides, I am right-handed and I would hold my gun in my right hand and my sword in my left. Not to mention, he is right-eyed, so he needs to hold it in his right hand. As far as his design, the gold thighs vs silver accents doesn't work unless you have the creature on. His build is complex(ish) and makes for a more interesting assembly. Unfortunately, he has lost a lot of his uniqueness as most of the others have. Still, it beats the out of the Nuva version from 2002.
  8. Not really? I mean, he's the first Toa who realized that by working together they could defeat the Lord of Skull Spiders. He was also able to keep Tahu and Kopaka from fighting. He's a Toa of few words, but so far his words and actions have been quite helpful. And as for some of his more embarrassing moments, I suppose you can chalk it up to the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is realizing that striking the lever in the arena too hard might bring the whole arena crashing down. Wisdom is realizing that when your friend is in danger, the condition of the arena should not be your utmost concern. You can kind of compare him to Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, except perhaps not to taken to quite such an extreme. Yes wise; clever... not so mucI-I; also I-Ionest to a fault. jee I-I key not workin
  9. I would like to participate in the giveaway, please.
  10. How he would have loved smashing two skulls in one punch.
  11. Yi? probably the name of a future character. #1 episode so far
  12. I did too. It kind of makes me wonder if it actually means he take the leadership role of the team, or its just the storytellers trying to give more attention to the Toa who aren't named Tahu. Also, did anyone else catch Gali's 'just flew in' comment about Lewa? I think that might be the first bad joke Gali had said in these episodes. check episode 8 "I'll flush him out."
  13. What? Only Tahu Nuva reverted to Toa Mata. All of them did, but Tahu was the only one shown like that Where are you getting this? Tahu reverted to cash in on nostalgia be compatible with the Golden Armor. As Tahu said in the comics, Mata Nui had no reason to revert him to the weaker form besides the Golden Armor. I thought I saw it on the Bionicle Wiki. Guess I'm wrong though.
  14. Has anyone noticed Kopaka's leadership role?
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