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  1. I think I'm only going to get Lewa and Uxar, maybe Gali and Akida. Frankly, from the looks of these sets, there are better things to spend my money on.
  2. SGvMM, a few weeks ago. I'm saving my money for a vacation to Florida, though, so I probably won't be finishing the summer line until the fall.
  3. That looks really, really good. Great idea using that program. Being an Halo player, 60fps always looks beautiful to me. Gives it a more lifelike image, I feel.
  4. I honestly thought this was old news... Well, hopefully once people start reading the book in its entirety,they'll see that she's a girl and that's that.
  5. Maybe, but what if the sets' skeletons didn't reflect muscularity as much as the armor did?
  6. The pieces were brittle from 2007 onward. They toys just broke way too easily. I'm glad it was brought back with CCBS, because I probably wouldn't buy them otherwise.
  7. Just throw all the pieces into a giant mosh pit and build them like that all at the same time. Sometimes I really feel sad for this little guy. They used to show pictures that specified to not build in the grass, or maybe it was carpet. Either way, it was sound advice. On a different note, I just got Skull Warrior from TRU using a gift card for $15, and am waiting for LEGO to release them online so I can buy the rest (sweet, sweet VIP points). What is it, 100 points lands you 5 dollars in-store credit? [Really] useful down the line once more sets come out (as I have not only a limited budget, but a limited interest in buying any other LEGO lines). ​Back on topic, I like Warrior. At first I thought he was a little on the small side to be facing Kopaka (same size as Pohatu, btw), then I remember that not only is he cheaper than him, but the Skull Warrior set is supposed to represent one of who-knows-how-many Skull Warriors in the story. The size and power difference makes sense with that in context. As for the colors, I like that silver and trans-orange are unifying colors between all the Skull creatures. Looking forward to buying the rest in... probably this order: Slicer, SG+MM, Basher, and Scorpio.
  8. Maybe this is because I was only one when Bionicle started, but I just love to play with my sets, pose them, and most of all, build them. They're toys, not collector's items. Like, when I bought a huge haul of Gali, Lewa, Pohatu, Nilkuu, Kivoda, and Vizuna on New Year's Day, the thought never crossed my mind to keep them in their boxes. I was yearning for the thrill of finally having new (and, in my opinion, better) sets to build and enjoy. Though, it could also be because I was there with my little cousin, buying him his first Bionicles ever. He loves LEGO toys; he takes them apart to build in new ways not 30 minutes after they're built the first time. I didn't want to be a stick in the mud that was his 6 years old pure bliss.
  9. Creation could of course be referring to the creation of a fan-made story or piece of art. In any case, I'm not really interested having the mask. Sure, it's beautiful, but it would just gather dust, the way I treat trinkets. Ah, well. Good luck to anyone who wants it, though.
  10. I think he was going for more of a "Skull-themed warrior", not a 70791 Skull Warrior, as in the set. Dunno, but I think that overall it looks nice.
  11. This. Is. Brilliant! I can't wait for confirmation on this!
  12. They've been officially released at LEGO brand stores in Great Britain, France, Germany, and possibly other countries. As for how BZPower got them, that's because the LEGO Group allows them and certain other fansites to get free sets for reviews, contest prizes, etc, including advance copies of not-yet-released sets (though there's sometimes an embargo attached prohibiting the site from posting the review ahead of a certain date). Oh, alright. Still sucks that regular folk in the US have to wait. I'm really looking forward to getting them so I can play with them with my little cousin when I visit him halfway across the country in august.
  13. How are people getting these sets early? We're still in June!
  14. I think you have missed out on one crucial ship. Gorast x Reidak. They're both partially black, both morally corrupt villains, her little stinger-mouth must be great for kissing... yeah, I think my brother was onto something with this ship.
  15. From a layman's viewpoint, the Toa look like robots. As did the Hero Factory figures. I just want to point out that all the characters of 2015 have obviously robotic heads. We don't know if they're robots, or cyborgs, or whatever. Just saying that they look like robots at this point in time.
  16. Five pages? Ouch, you feeling alright? Want to sit down? Yeah, it seems that people are talking about MNOG, but how it ties into the main topic of how Gen1 is different than Gen2? No clue there. I brought it up as an example of a storytelling device G1 had in its first year that G2 doesn't have, and then speculated a bit about the possible reasons LEGO isn't taking that approach for G2. I absolutely LOVE Mata Nui Online Game for its story, immersive gameplay, and world-building, but I'm not sure how good a job it did at actually getting the story to the fans. Oh, alright. Thanks for clarifying!
  17. Well, for whatever reason, LEGO decided to release the first book (and activity book+mask) in August. I guess there could be a little more material, but keep in mind that LEGO also has a lot of other brands that need to be worked on.
  18. Five pages? Ouch, you feeling alright? Want to sit down? Yeah, it seems that people are talking about MNOG, but how it ties into the main topic of how Gen1 is different than Gen2? No clue there.
  19. Also, who's that "Windrider" he was talking about? A mod? Sorry, the only mod I know by name is Makaru. Windrider? She's retired staff, so not actually a mod or admin. You can check out her profile here: http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/5071-windrider/
  20. It's funny because both of them are aggressively adult-oriented. I really do hope you were kidding.
  21. Agreed. While I think that the structure of the plot is just as simplistic as 2001's, the amount of story and characterisation is lacking. Don't forget that we're only 5 months in, and in August, we're getting a novel (and an activity book w/ a mask!). I wouldn't be too quick to judge the story when it hasn't even been portrayed in all its forms yet. EDIT: That's the second time today I've been Ninja'd.
  22. Not brown-nosing. Rather, respecting them for putting up with little gits like you who can't seem to respect them at all! You really have reached the limit of my patience. *sigh* Just please do everyone a favor and think before you speak. EDIT: ninja'd
  23. Doing away with the disrespect in that comment, allow me to explain what a "tyrant" is: "a cruel and oppressive leader." In no way do I believe any of our mods, especially the one in question (Makaru), are tyrants. They're neither cruel nor oppressive, and aren't even really leaders, so much as they are... moderators. I can't think of a better word because it fits so well.
  24. Dude, respect our fellow members and especially respect our mods and admins. This is supposed to be a friendly community. Back on topic, I an tell you that at 6 years old, when the Piraka first came out, I loved them. However, most of the brutal violence stuff flew right over my head. Just like Aanchir said a little while earlier, just because Gen1 seemed darker, doesn't mean it was meant for a mature audience. It just meant that they did a mediocre job of making it appeal to the target audience. Now, as for the 2015 Skull villains? They're evil, undead, and look the part. When I first showed my little cousin, who is 6, the pictures from NY Toy Fair, he basically flipped out. Zombies are in right now, and these are a perfect example of them that aren't totally over-the-top gory.
  25. In which case, he can go to general discussion and say how he almost lost an eye, or, you can PM him and find out there. Please, let this off-topic discussion be and get back on topic now. I believe the last productive post was Fishers' about Vakama? Yes, I was very glad that we got more fleshing out of the Turaga's characters. Find out why Nuju needed a translator, or how Vakama became so wise... it was a wonderful, somewhat darker story arc, what with the feelings of pessimism and betrayal, and corruption. It was also nice to see some of our favorite Matoran develop and grow as they defeated foes not even the Toa Nuva could. What I feel would have been nicer is if the Toa Nuva themselves had more character. Granted, I didn't read all the books, and most of what I know is from the movies and content on Bionicle.com, but... the Toa Nuva really seem one-dimensional. Here's hoping that that don't make the same mistakes in gen2.
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