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  1. I'm satisfied with the sets i got. I have like 20 gen 2 sets so i wont get bored of them anytime soon. Im mostly just worried about the community quickly dying off over the course of the next year and not seeing any more cool MOCS. How inactive was this place in 2013?
  2. dangit, all I wanted was a titan makuta set and i would have been satisfied with this generation. Oh well, the story sucked but the sets we got were cool. The ones I got will have a spot on my shelf for a long time
  3. Yeah we dont need a confrontational title like that, and this topic has already been discussed to death really. That being said I'll have my two cents I like gen 2 better for the sets so far, gen 1 had too many clone sets and i wasnt a fan of the over use of dark, muted colors in the later sets. Also the building system wasn't as coherent as CCBS. Gen 2 has a much more sophisticated building system thats more in the spirit of Lego due to the modular nature of it. Gen 1's building system was more specialized, due to things like dedicated limb and torso pieces. CCBS has those as well in the form of armor shells, but due to the non specialized nature of them they can be used for just about anything and placed anywhere. In my opinion the brighter color schemes and use of transparent parts are far more interesting (although some sets use too much gold or silver but its better than too much metru red or blue to me). Also the set designs themselves have more variety than most of the gen 1 waves while still having a clear visual theme that unites them all unlike, say, the phantoka Toa. And they integrate functions far better than any of the gen 1 toa sets really. The plastic quality is much better for gen 2 as well. No more rubbery or scratched up pieces. When it comes to story though gen 1 is much better, gen 2 is your typical toy line tie in story really. But we're only 1.5 years in, that could easily change if it goes on for another 3 or 4 years. Who knows.
  4. I really don't like them. Gen 2 is so much better about this. Anachir hit the nail on the head on my feelings of them. As a kid i didn't care though cause i could only afford to get 2 or 3 of each wave but as an adult its so boring and repetitive. Waves like the Toa metru seem so boring and drab compared to 2015 or even 2016. The over use of dull colors like dark red and blue in later years just added to the drabness and sameyness. CCBS does a great job adding variety to different figures while not needing a bunch of new molds since you can put armor add on pieces anywhere and rotate the CCBS shells in 8 different orientations on a single connection. And its compatible with gen 1 parts so you can get cool custom limb builds using older parts if you want to, as seen with this year. So basically its the best of both worlds.I think for the most part the 2016 did a good job but it wasn't quite as good as 2015 due some articulation issues. If anything the main thing holding them back is having to be compatible with all the creatures and thus limiting their height and shape. Next year I'd imagine we'll go back to more variety for the Toa, assuming they dont do the uniting gimmick again. But still as it stands, even though the 2016 toa have less variety than the 2015 ones, they're still miles better to me as a whole than the first 5 or 6 years of gen 1.
  5. Lewa's arm posability is actually quite good, but to understand it, it's best not to think of it like other arm builds. LDD is also not good for visualization (since the Vorox armor is much more rigid in LDD than in real life and most poses involve angling his arms along multiple axes at once), so if you have any Vorox armor from G1 it can be helpful to build a physical mock-up. In particular, the Vorox armor should not actually be facing straight to the sides in all poses. Rather, it ends up angled back (the extent of this varies depending on the pose, but it rarely faces a full 90° to the side). With the upper arms positioned as such, the lower arms can bend forward and back fairly freely, since the lowest point of the Vorox armor essentially ends up behind the joint. The lower arm shells similarly should be angled back—the crystal add-ons work best as elbow pads rather than covering the sides of his arms. This is something that surprised me when I got the set, since I had intended to rotate the lower arm shells to give his arms more motion but realized that the way the set has them built gives him some arm protection that is well-suited to his dual-sided weapons. Also, because of how his arms are built, his arms can't be raised from his sides to a vertical angle like you can on most figures—rather, you have to swing his arms forward as you raise them. Believe it or not, that's actually slightly more realistic in terms of motion—try raising your own arms with them angled straight from your sides and you'll find that it's very difficult to get them much farther than a horizontal 90° angle! Thing is, even at a 90 degree angle they still look very odd. The shoulders just look terrible when he's not pointing his arms downwards due to them jutting upwards as a result of the irregular shoulder connection. So yeah the articulation is generally okay but due to the way the shoulders are connected it can look very strange and awkward at times.
  6. Judging this on the new Brick Show video of the summers sets: Lava beast's head looks so awkward gappy and weird. Only thing good about him is his hands. Storm beasts articulation is absolutely terrible (seriously, no elbows?), only one thats grown on me is quake beast, he's not very gappy, and has an interesting build (Sideways gearbox? Whaaat?) but he still looks super messy compared to the rest. Can't really say for sure that I'll get any of the beast. Can't say much for umarak since he's posed like ######, ekimu still looks okay but has way too much trans blue.
  7. To be honest, the articulation isn't terrible. I'm currently messing around with him next to a standard HF skeleton build and there's hardly a single pose that the latter can pull off and the former can't—and the few that exist are mostly unrealistic ones I can't even achieve with my own arms. I had a lot of mods in mind for Lewa before I got him, and when he did finally arrive I found that not only did some of them fail to improve him, but all of them were unnecessary in the first place. I had even planned to rotate the lower arm armor, only to discover that the way he's built in the instructions makes the crystal shell details into elbow pads that work extremely well with his double-bladed weapons. All in all he's quite a limber figure despite his shoulder build being unprecedented. Thing is, in order to get a basic pose with his arms down you have to angle the shoulders way back due to the axel the shoulder ball joint is attached to getting in the way. And don't get me started on any pose where his arms are lifted up, a simple T pose looks terrible since his shoulders are way up. Basically you have to have his upper arms down and angled back in order to get any decent poses, and you can, but you basically have to fight the articulation to get something good.
  8. Buy any of the sets that I like. So far i have all of the 2015 toa, one protector, Skull Basher, Skull Warrior, MM vs SG, Tahu, Onua, Lewa (Uniters), and Ikir. so i guess im not really collecting, since collecting implies you're buying them for completion sake or something.
  9. Anyone have a good mod of lewa's shoulders that keeps his look the same but fixes the terrible articulation? I tried rotating them 90 degrees to be more like Gali and pohatu's construction but it doesn't look quite as good.
  10. What's your favorite gen 2 mask? I'd have to give it to the mask of creation. Its just so detailed and well designed. May be my favorite mask ever. Second would probably be Tahu 2016, it just screams Tahu. Looks a lot nicer than his 2015 one, since there's no heavy jaw line. Some may miss that but i wasn't a fan. Third might be Kopaka 2015, although that may be because its the closest to his original mask out of all the 2015 toa.
  11. They handled it much better than the movies did in my opinion. Keeping the look the toys have while slightly updating them to be more appealing and expressive, instead of radically redesigning them with a weird asthetic and giving them mouths. Aanchir, on 26 Jan 2016 - 1:01 PM, said: At least for me i'd rather have them convey their emotions mostly through body language and voice acting rather than having the masks move around. It just doesn't look right when their masks move like that, one of my least favorite parts of the movies.
  12. Oh god, that huge gap under lava beasts head is kind of ridiculous. Looks absolutely terrible. And the fact that his head is so big makes it even worse. Whats with the articulation on storm beast? He doesn't have an elbow joint. Quake beast is just weird, not a fan of the shadow trap on his shoulder, whatever that contraption on his other shoulder is supposed to be, and the purple on his head isnt the same purple on his armor which looks odd. Honestly the only good thing i can say about the beasts is their color schemes. Those are generally good for the most part. Everything else to me is just terrible. They're gappy, but not in a way that at least makes sense like the skull warriors. And just a mess. Not a fan of the giant heads either. Ekimu looks okay, i think he might grow on me. At the very least he could be a parts pack for all that delicious trans blue. Only one I actually really like so far is Umarak the destroyer.
  13. Cheaper? If anything the new bionicle is much more high quality. The plastic was all over the place in gen 1, some pieces were great, others were rubbery, and others felt really hollow and weird (like all the weapons that had a lighter silver color). In gen 2, just about every piece has rock solid plastic quality. I really appreciate that. Also, the builds are much more interesting. Lots of gen 1 waves had the same builds throughout with little variation outside of recolors and different weapons, now you have much more technic parts and varied builds. Yeah the masks are the same for the smaller sets, but just look at all the creatures. Each one has a very different build and a different function, and in my opinion that more than makes up for the lack of unique masks. I do wish we would get a proper 'titan' set soon, seems like we could with Umarak the Destroyer though. I do agree the story so far is terrible though and doesn't compare to the originals, but maybe that might change with the netflix series. In terms of the sets though, i think these are the best yet. Even the 2016 Toa, which in my opinion arent as consistent as the 2015 ones (only Onua and Lewa look good to me by themselves), visually look better than most gen 1 waves. Although maybe thats because i just don't like the technic pinhole induced gappyness and muted "metru" colors that came with all the later sets.
  14. Hmm deciding between Onua and Umarak. Umaraks cool, but something about him just seems boring to me. Can't place my finger on it. Maybe its that Skull Warrior already had a bow and Skull Basher already did the horned thing. And the gappy shoulders and legs are a little weird. But his color scheme is great and I like how big he is. Onua looks really cool though and I like the giant drill. Not much I see wrong with him. Hmm....
  15. Honestly? Just when it comes to what you get out of the box and completely removing the time periods and nostalgia, all of the Toa Nuva and then following is the 2001 toa. Both of these waves had terrible articulation, a very boring build, a huge, clunky torso piece that is extremely specialized, and a function that doesn't work well and makes the articulation even worse (not enough friction on the gears so the arms just fall down.) The Nuva are worse than the 2001 sets in my opinion cause they're barely even an upgrade, the sets are basically the same with some silver armor tacked on and ugly masks (besides Kopaka). While many later sets were much uglier than the 2001 sets (I actually think the 2001 sets particularly Onua and Kopaka look great) at least they had faaar better articulation and builds and you could actually move their arms without them flopping around. Now, if we're just purley going by looks though and nothing else, I'd say they aren't close to being on the top 10 though. So my top 10 (or 12 I guess ) worst sets would be something like 1. Pohatu Nuva 2. Onua Nuva 3. Tahu Nuva 4. Lewa Nuva 5. Gali Nuva 6. Kopaka Nuva (easily the best mask of the wave) 7. Pohatu Mata 8. Gali Mata 9. Lewa Mata 10. Kopaka Mata
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