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  1. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "I do believe it is," he said, answering Akkitu's question. "X may not mark the spot, but I suppose its more of a rough guideline." He turned to address all four of the others. "Our next step is to investigate that smoke. We'll have to fly low and use the terrain as cover, as they may be inclined to shoot at us on sight. Any questions?"
  2. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) After an indeterminable amount of time later, Tekmo and the assortment of pilots he had collected finally arrived at their destination - the Black Spike Mountains. Specifically, the area marked 'X' on the map he had copied from the notice board. He dropped down to the summit of the closest mountain, motioning for the others to follow. He scanned the landscape around him for any signs of life or unusual activity.
  3. IC: Waveahk (The Aquarium, Aqua Magna) Waveahk barged onto the bridge, marched over to another console, and pressed a small green button. This triggered the mechanism to raise The Aquarium's altitude. He then immediately rushed back down again to retract the harpoons from the creature, but he did stop at the cabinet to grab another glass of water, and to check on the minuscule damage he'd done to the leviathan. He did not even seem to acknowledge Vrokdann. This model of airship was designed to be crewed by more than just two people. It was hard enough before Vrokdann had been coerced into service. There was a time when The Aquarium was fully staffed... but that time had long since passed. It was easier to kill these things then. Such a shame things turned out the way they did. And now, he was having to deal with this unholy abomination, instead of something that could at least looked like it could be cooked. It seemed that even dead, those money-grubbing ingrates were finding new ways to anger him, as it was their preserved carcasses that had served as bait to attract this monster in the first place. Yes, he had used the dead bodies of his old crew-members as bait. Actual bait would have cost money. He slid down the wet hallway back to the targeting console, and released the harpoons. And he wondered how long it would take for Vrokdann to inevitably turn on him, like the others did.
  4. IC: Tekmo (Tesara Airspace) Tekmo did a fancy twirl in the air, then set off in the direction of the Black Spike Mountains, motioning for the others to follow him. 'Iron Never Dies'. Was a hoax? A threat? A warning? A boast? Regardless of whether or not there would be anything in the Mountains, Tekmo resolved he would not rest until those behind this attack were found, and brought to justice. His conviction was unfettered, ironclad... though he questioned the conviction of the others. Paju seemed decent enough, but it was clear that she was only here because Tekmo had promised to pay her out of his own pocket. Which he didn't have the authority to do, but that bridge would be burned when they crossed it. But those only in it for the money tended to work for whomever offered the better deal. Akkitu and he had gotten off to a rocky start, and that was before he was arrested for collateral damage during the attack. Tekmo couldn't question his courage and selflessness, but he could certainly question his judgement. He would have watch him to make sure he didn't do anything they'd all regret. Tarutu had gotten off to an even worse start, though she had apologized for her prior outburst... though it still wasn't clear why she was coming along as well. Did she really regret her behaviour that much? Was she just trying to keep her kin safe? Or something less noble? Questions for later. Tacitus was most certainly the biggest problem, both figuratively and literally. Not only was he bigger and no doubt stronger than Tekmo (physically, anyway), Tacitus was arrested for deliberately assaulting someone after the chaos had passed, whereas Akkitu was arrested for what was a well-intentioned mistake on his part. The only consolation here was that he had apparently done so in the misguided notion that his victim knew something about the attack he didn't, implying he wanted answers as much as Tekmo did. Fe enslaved a significant number of his own people, and it was suspected that remnants of their debased infrastructure were responsible for this atrocity. Perhaps he had come to the same conclusion he had. Perhaps he was simply a violent brute. Oh well. In time, all truths would be revealed. If any of this motley crew began to actively work against him, they would be actively working against the Jungle Tribe of Tesara. And then the remnants would be the least of their concerns.
  5. IC: Tekmo (Tesara Vehicle Bay) "I-" The expedition's leader notices a Skyfighter with a familiar blue Matoran piloting it rocket to a considerable altitude. "Alright then, I suppose we're leaving now. Get to your machines!" Tekmo presses a button and the thrusters of his jetpack begin roaring with life as he shoots off after Paju.
  6. IC: Tekmo (Tesara Vehicle Bays) Entering the vehicle bays, Tekmo noticed Paju and Tarutu at their respective vehicles. He then turned to issue commands to his other two 'companions.' "Now then, your respective vehicles should still be around here somewhere. We leave in... shall we say, ten minutes? Notify me of any issues you may have before we take off and... if either of you need to relieve yourselves, public restrooms are that way."
  7. IC: Tekmo (Tesara Marketplace) Tekmo enthusiastically rubbed his hands together. "Splendid! We'll head to the parking bays and be on our way to the Black Spike Mountains. Oh, and I advise against using this as an opportunity for escape. You would not get very far, and you'd be in even bigger trouble than before." He attempted to phrase that last part as more of a friendly warning than a threat, but that would be up to interpretation. Without pausing for a reply, he spun on his heel towards the bays and motioned for Akkitu and Tacitus to follow him.
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    I'm sorry, I thought there would be more people. I'm afraid I'm simply not interested in 1v1.
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    I will play as the Robots, and the colour will be black.
  10. IC: Waveahk (The Aquarium, Aqua Magna) Seeing that the creature's hide could indeed be pierced, Waveahk fired three more harpoons towards it. He then noticed that for some reason they weren't gaining any altitude, even though at this rate the leviathan would eventually be too close for comfort. It was at this moment that he realized that he hadn't instructed Vrokdann how to raise the ship, and that she probably wasn't smart enough to figure it out herself. Not waiting to see if any of the harpoons hit, he immediately began running back to the bridge.
  11. IC: Tekmo (Tesara Marketplace) "That's good to hear. Speaking of which - " he turned to Akkitu and Tacitus behind him. " - I need to ensure your vehicles are in working order. You two remember where you parked, right?"
  12. IC: Tekmo (Tesara Marketplace) "Alright." Tekmo's body language became considerably looser and relaxed. "I'm just glad you've seen my side. Where is your friend? We should be leaving soon."
  13. IC: Waveahk (The Aquarium, Aqua Magna) In the intervening minutes, Waveahk had successfully disposed of 'the bait' - no doubt this was what had attracted Vrokdann's guest. "The purpose of the intercom was so that you didn't have to scream." Waveahk lightly pressed a tiny red button on another console with his abnormally long fingers... and nothing happened. He pressed it again, nothing happened. He continued to rapidly press it until finally the harpoon fired, toward the tricloptic leviathan.
  14. IC: Waveahk (The Aquarium, Aqua Magna) "I'm sure your voice will be loud enough to reach me... or if you're feeling professional, that big yellow button is the intercom. Just don't bother me unless its important, is all I ask." And with that, Waveahk made his leave, stopping to grab another bottle of water from the cabinet.
  15. IC: Tekmo (Tesara Marketplace) “Oh, is that right? And what conclusion has your associate come to? Before you answer, I’d like to remind you that people have died and as such, I'm not in the mood for any further remarks.”
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