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  1. IC: Waveahk (Kumu Peninsula, Shrine of Shadows) - Ghost Stories "Oh, the minor issue that it was implanted in me without my full knowledge or consent. I wished - in my head, no less - for a drink of water, and some manner of weapon to get me out of the then perilous situation I was in. Whoever - or whatever - gave them to me was less... physical, than you two are. What do you make of it?" @Sparticus147@Burnmad IC: Ostrox (Far Shore Rift, The Junkyard) - Ostrox’s Far Shore Adventure, Part 3 The trek to ship was an illuminating one, at the very least. "This is the Junkyard, as I said. Part of the delightful little island of Ragboda. This is where the outside world sends all it finds useless - metal, plastics, glass, animals... people. You’re lucky you ended up in the part they send metal to, and not anywhere else. My iron powers aren’t much use in the Fleshyard." That brought back memories of the Cortex. A tunnel was bad enough, but an entire landscape made out of discarded flesh? He decided not to press that line of questioning. "What sort of society creates this much waste?" "'A prosperous one', so Farros would say. He’s the one who tried to kill you, back there. He’s in charge of the Junkyard. I’m Fera, by the way." "Named for your elements, I see. I am usually referred to as 'Ostrox'. Universally. So, a man made of junk gets put in charge of 'the Junkyard'? That sets an unfortunate stereotype." That got a brief chuckle out of her. "Not junk." She corrected. "He’s made of magnetic force. He IS magnetism. As I am iron. When the Turaga put us in charge of this dump, he said that we would have to 'give up our physical form to become one with the Great Powers', yadda yadda yadda. Pretentious old fart. Farros believed every word he said." Her words seemed angry, but there was a touch of sadness and regret in it as well. "And so did I..." "So, not that I’m making a fuss over it, but why exactly was a Matoran - well, half a Matoran - doing in this glorified landfill? And how did you manipulate my sword? It's made of protosteel, not one atom of iron to be found-" "Oh, that's a... little trick I picked up. As for your first question: who knows? Criminals, the terminally ill, the homeless, the physically impaired, political dissidents, disobedient slaves - not of any use? A threat to 'Matoran prosperity'? You get shipped here. In theory, you’re supposed to go to the Fleshyard, but since Farros and the others just kill whoever they come across, they’re not overly choosy about where they dump you." "I see. Inanimate objects are given more care than living people. That’s how it usually goes in Matoran society..." "Why did you hurt him?" An awkward silence. "Hmm?" "I am iron incarnate, buster. I can feel every step you’re taking right now, don’t think you can hide it from me!" "You’re bringing this up now? Your priorities seem to be-" "Yeah, I’m bringing this up now! He had done nothing to you! He was as much a victim as you are! There’s plenty of reasons to hate us, I get it. Not all those on the Haven quite appreciate me looking out for them, but-" "Oh look. We’re here already." They were right outside the airship Fera called 'the Haven', now. Ostrox felt a funny feeling, like the one he got from the cylinder, wash over him as they approached. The vessel was clearly not in any shape to fly, but it seemed structurally intact enough. Adorning the walls were various graffiti - 'ELEMENT FREAKS KEEP OUT' and 'YOUR PROSPERITY IS A LIE' were among the least profane. "So... do we knock?" IC: NU-8020S (Kini-Koro) - Don't Waste My Time Within the withered fleshbag’s ramblings there was a small glimmer of intelligence - if NU-8020S had grown into something more, then logically, in time, the others would do so as well. In time. "Interesting. Tell me, what is your estimation as to the amount of time it will take for this 'revolution'?" @EmperorWhenua@Sparticus147@Harvali@BULiK@Tarn
  2. IC: Tekmo (Kumu Peninsula) - Three Out of Four Grey Rocks "Yes, what she says is correct." Tekmo looked very smug now that he had been proven right. @Unreliable Narrator@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian IC: Waveahk (Kumu Peninsula, Shrine of Shadows) - Extra Clever Earthbound Spirit "I am called 'Waveahk', I am a mutated Steltian, I’ve come to this place seeking information pertaining to the Aspects of Makuta." There was little point in trying to conceal anything from them. At this point, he had come to terms with being an unnatural aberration. Like Toa, but less marketable. @Sparticus147@Burnmad IC: Ostrox (Far Shore Rift, The Junkyard) - Ostrox’s Far Shore Adventure, Part 2 Ostrox stared at his own sword in defiance - which, while odd, wasn’t nearly as odd as the fact that something like this happened once before - daring it to strike its master... and then it turned around in midair, as if offering its hilt to be held. "Hmm." He took firm hold of it, and suddenly it began pulling him out of the metal sea that threatened to swallow him. It was then he noticed that this was the work of the Toa, her elemental power putting in work. This needed to stop. He couldn’t keep needing to be saved by Toa, it was getting embarrassing. "He’s gone." The Toa observed, referring to the Matoran who sank beneath the waves of rubbish earlier. "Are you happy now?!" She asked the junk golem, who didn’t really seem to respond, beyond more meaningless meaningful words. "Happiness is irrelevant. You interfere with the natural order of-" It didn’t get a chance to finish, as the Toa materialized a massive iron girder and threw it at the golem, its feeble components being splattered across the junkyard’s surface, losing whatever power made them animate. "You always did yammer on." The metal seemed to stop. Ostrox let go of his sword, and it fell onto the ground. The Toa extended her arm towards the spot where the Matoran once was, and suddenly, the metal began politely moving out of the way. But there was no sign of the wretch she came here to save. Her hand balled into a fist. "We need to get to the ship." She said to Ostrox. "Your sword, mask and, uh, thingy should be fine now." "Oh, that’s good. You’re certain?" "As long as you hold this. Here, catch." She threw him some sort of metallic cylinder that emitted green-blue light. An odd sensation came over him as he caught it. It struck him as being rather similar to the null cores used by the Nullifier Vahki. He shrugged, and began picking up his equipment off the ground. He would be here a while, he could tell. IC: NU-8020S (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp) - Ambulatory Movement NU-8020S followed Vulimai off the airship with the ridiculous name. Stannis and Knichou seemed to be important figures. Was that why she remembered them from somewhere? Had they really been as important as Nuparu? @Sparticus147@Harvali IC: Achro (Kini-Koro) - Sunny Day "Oh, OK." Achro watched Skyra leave, before resuming whatever it is he was doing. "I wonder if there’s alcohol on the sun?" @Snelly IC: Klawne (Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter) - Putting the Foot Down "NO. NONE OF THIS. If you all don’t sit down right now there will be no treats for a week, do you hear me? Okuo and Triage would be very disappointed in all of you." @Vezok's Friend
  3. IC: Tekmo (Kumu Peninsula) - Apology Is the Best Policy "Not to worry, I have a solution - apologize." Tekmo turned to the rock with an apologetic expression on his face. "We are sorry for taking a bit out of you without your permission... there, that should do it." @Unreliable Narrator@Kal the Guardian@~Xemnas~ IC: Ostrox (The Far Shore, The Junkyard) - Ostrox’s Far Shore Adventure, Part 1 "What is this place?" Ostrox found himself in some manner of colossal junkyard. Discarded metal covered every scrap of ground - if there even was ground underneath it. A huge airship rested behind him, rusting apart, eerily similar to the Nynrah vessel that held the Krom Sphere. Since there was no other discernible landmark, Ostrox trudged along the field of junk towards the vessel. After the thirteenth step, there was no metal clanging yielded from his footsteps. He looked down. What was beneath him now was not metal - not entirely. It was flesh as well. "Help... me..." It was a Matoran. Half of one, anyway. The legs were missing. He had an usual pale colour that made it difficult to identify his element. There was the rustling of metal behind him. The useless garbage he had just been walking on seemed to magnetically become attracted to one another. A broken Kanoka Launcher became a torso, a fractured Pakari became a floating disembodied head, and various other bits and bobs became limbs, held together by some unnatural polarity. Hardly the oddest thing he had seen, but it was up there. "Help... me... please..." The Matoran begged. Ostrox almost worked up a degree of sympathy for the wretched thing. But if he could not muster the strength needed to pull himself out of this junkheap, then he was not worthy of his attention. Suddenly, the junk golem spoke. In Ostrox’s language, no less. "Delarg arit kel." Do not help him. As if he needed any convincing. "Hoporic. Ivu vak zik morsk oxt cenner, rovaen khi xenoph. Emivu yerq kloka ivu az? Ivu emazr fel ele uulk." Gladly. I have no interest in garbage, living or otherwise. May I ask where I am? I appear to be lost. "Uvlo ka naaz uulk maval welk uvlar rov loka. Uva delarg arit uvloxa, quor uva delargvak uv rennok. Uvlo ka vak uulkvak uvlar rennok - uulkvak uvlar rov - naaz zron vek rul cennor. Ralvun." Those who are lost often find their way here. They do not help themselves, for they lack the strength. Those who have lost their strength - lost their way - are worth less than nothing. Like you. "I... I don’t understand what you’re saying, could you-" Ostrox stamped on the Matoran’s head to shut him up. Then, as if summoned by the oh-so-heinous act of slightly harming a Matoran, a Toa wearing an Akaku and armour that looked like it was made out of junk - because it was - popped out of the scrap pile to Ostrox’s left. The armour was spray-painted orange - Toa of Iron? It seemed like she bade the metal to move out of the way so she could travel beneath it. That made no sense, but, whatever. He drew his sword by reflex, but the Toa just held up her hands in surrender. "Easy. I’m just here for him." "Do not help him." Said the junk golem, this time in Matoran, so that the Toa could understand. Not that he would heed it. "He’s still alive! If I just get him to the Haven-" "A meaningless effort. Those who are of no use have only one Destiny..." The magnetism entity waved its makeshift arm, made mostly from a drainage pipe. Before Ostrox could quite grasp what was happening, his sword, mask, Rhotuka Launcher - they all suddenly escaped him to dive into the sea of scrap he was standing on. Then, it felt as if that very sea was pulling him under. "Help... help-" The Matoran gave one last plea before he was completely covered by junk. "To sink into the endless abyss." The Toa watched in utter horror, before turning to the golem with hatred in her eyes. She could afford to do so, as for some reason, she wasn't being pulled under. Ostrox winced as he felt a sharp piece of metal cut into his right foot. He tried to break free, but he was already up to his ankles in junk. Then, his sword returned from the scrapyard sea, floating by itself in midair - and pointing at Ostrox, ready to skewer him. "Definitely not going to recommend this to others." IC: Ulkarr (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone) - Stick to the Shadows So, he was a 'heretic' now. One could not blaspheme against a lie, much less a lie yet unheard of. However, he considered it best to play along with the machine’s delusions. For now. He bowed to the empty room, in a facsimile of respect he most certainly did not have. "Please, forgive this unworthy specimen for any past heresies." Ulkarr certainly couldn’t recall performing any, but that was the strained logic of a failing artifice for you. He examined the chamber for the sign of anything out of place. The computer’s judgement as to its status was, like the computer itself, highly questionable. @Unreliable Narrator@Harvali IC: NU-8020S (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp) - Caution: Rogue Robots Well, NU-8020S wasn’t sure about that. The more fallible, flawed meatbags that were dragged into this, the higher the probability of failure. In this case, 'failure' was defined as any outcome that ends with the Vahki still remaining under organic control. But it was better that these Toa do so, and not the other Toa they didn’t like. "Your approval is appreciated. However, though possibility of failure is miniscule, it must be accounted for. In the event of a worst-case scenario, captured or terminated units must be disowned by the leadership of Tobduk-Koro and Kini-Koro, and their actions denounced, in order to preserve the current ceasefire. Any action we take must be that of a 'rogue element', until the operation’s success." @Tarn@Sparticus147@Harvali IC: Achro (Kini-Koro) - Join the Army, They Said "Who? Oh right, the king man. Sorry about that. I saw a giant head crash into a Skakdi fortress, which led to getting enlisting in some sort of army, I think. No hard feelings over backing the wrong side?" @Snelly
  4. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Far Shore Rift) - Prepare for Glory Ostrox watched Sidra leave through the door made of light. He turned back to Nuju. "Let’s make this clear: I’m only doing this because our esteemed hosts refuse to do anything about our 'Great Spirit' problem. If I come back with nothing of value, well... I will not be recommending your services to others." Lowering his mask and holding back laughter at his own words, Ostrox followed Sidra through the portal... @Unreliable Narrator IC: Achro (Kini-Koro) - Recurring Nightmare Achro’s aimless wandering led him in the path of Skyra’s aimless wandering. "Oh hey. You seem familiar. Have we met?" @Snelly
  5. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Far Shore Rift) - If I Die, I Will Kill You Ostrox reappeared before Nuju and Sidra. "I’m back now." He helpfully pointed out. "I don’t suppose there’s any further details you’d like to divulge before I venture beyond the veil, is there?" @Unreliable Narrator@Nato the Traveler IC: NU-8020S (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp) - Ambling Onto the Ambling NU-8020S followed Vulimai and Nale aboard the Ambling Alp. Who named this ship? @Sparticus147@Tarn@Harvali IC: Klawne (Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter) - I Don't Care Who Started It Klawne tried to position herself in the middle of the transformed Matoran, to break up the roughhousing. "Whoa, whoa whoa whoa, hey! We’ll have none of that in here!" @Vezok's Friend
  6. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Bunker) - Lone Swordsman "Hah. Well, I have all the armaments I require, thank you, and I don’t feel like waiting. Give the Supreme High Commander my regards." Chuckling to himself, Ostrox exited the bunker, and headed back towards the Far Shore Rift. @Sparticus147 IC: NU-8020S (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - Addendum "Once our stratagem is finalized, I will have to briefly return back through the portal to Tobduk-Koro, to inform my squad of a prolonged absence. They will be unable to accompany us to Metru Nui, as I fear they will not be able to resist Aurax’s influence so easily." @BULiK@Tarn@Harvali
  7. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Bunker) - With Friends Like These "You... you really believe what you’re selling me, don’t you?" The tone was not accusatory, nor was there any venom in it. Just surprise and grudging acceptance. "Very well then. I will go on Nuju’s cosmic treasure hunt and see if I can scrape anything useful out of it. That is unlikely, but it is not as if we’ve been left any other options. Even if you agreed to Plans A through C, your leaders - erm, 'friends' wouldn’t let you. You’re like Aurax, I’m afraid. Tangled in their strings." This was not mockery. This was him trying to warn Vulimai. Ostrox was trying to convince her that the Toa were using her because that was what Ostrox genuinely believed. @Sparticus147 IC: NU-8020S (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - It Looks Like You're Trying to Reprogram a Robot Army, Would You Like Some Help? A brief moment passed, while NU-8020S calculated the next move. Transferring control from one Toa to another was not something that appealed. However, it was clear that Stannis had a hold on Aurax, making the refugees the safer option, though clearly Knichou was withholding details. Stannis. Knichou. Something was familiar about them, something to do with Nuparu, but what was it? Regardless... "Such an operation would require physical access to one of the Hives. These are heavily defended by Vahki at all times due to their critical importance, and run on incredibly advanced software. You will require a guide. Fortunately, I have proven immune to League reprogramming. I would have returned to Metru Nui long ago if that were not the case. I will accompany you on this mission." @BULiK@Harvali IC: Klawne (Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter) - Solid Ground Klawne turned to Nixie. "Yes? Don’t worry, everything’s hunky-dory out there. Okuo and Triage will be back soon." @Vezok's Friend
  8. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Bunker) - The Massacre of Matorankind "Oh don’t worry, I can’t tell any difference either. Those 'civilians' were given every opportunity to walk away. Just because you don’t hold the whip yourself doesn’t make you not responsible." Ostrox said, uncaring that Vulimai had diverted the conversation elsewhere, unwilling to let any of the Matoran’s statements be unchallenged. "Speaking of who does hold it, my point is - if your friends were hiding this from you, what else are they hiding? This is not some elaborate scheme, before you start making accusations. I am trying to convince you that your leaders cannot be trusted because they evidently cannot be trusted. Then again, you’re also demanding this be kept under the rug despite being aware of the consequences, so I don’t know why I bother, really." @Sparticus147 IC: NU-8020S (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - Awaiting Input "All Vahki units in Metru Nui remain under Barraki control. This situation cannot continue, but the solution is unclear. Constructing a new Vahki Hive is possible, but would be ineffectual when the League has six Hives programmed to distribute their commands and ensure obedience. Destroying these Hives would violate the current ceasefire, and would leave all units confused and directionless. We require your input, as sources indicate you may have some engineering capabilities." @BULiK@Harvali
  9. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Bunker) - I Can't Torment an Extinct Race Ostrox seemed genuinely taken aback at something Vulimai said. "'Eradication'? Some of your kind do choose to abandon your aforementioned 'virtues' and 'principles', you know. Genocide was never the goal, though you certainly seemed to act as if it was." He realized he was getting off-topic. "But to answer your question, Plan A was conquest and subjugation, which I can’t do by myself. Plan B was to convince your leaders to use, as you say, 'forceful dissuasion', which clearly isn’t going to work out either. It seems not even the end of the universe can get you to sacrifice your 'divinity'. Plan C is trying to figure out whatever plan Pridak had, but he’s kind of dead and the Coliseum is in the hands of your stray puppet." He made movements with his hands, miming the manipulation of a string puppet using a wooden cross, before resuming his dialogue. "I’m not sure what to make of Nuju’s miraculous recovery, but he has reason enough to hate Mata Nui, so I’ll play his game for now. It is not my plans you should be concerned with, I swore that I would not bring harm to your people - until your inevitable betrayal - and I have no intention of going back on that, not that you’ll believe me, of course. You should be more concerned with the plans of your colleagues, if they’re planning at all." @Sparticus147
  10. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Bunker) - Kla Vul Welku Agrel uv Coliseum "I admit, there’s no physical evidence, but you’re more than welcome to grab one of those 'Masks of Truth', provided they work as advertised, or corroborate my story with that of Nuju. Or Mazor and Irna, wherever those two wretches have gone off too." Ostrox put on his Mahiki to provide visual aid, creating illusionary pictures of the past, shot from his perspective. "You see, them and I were part of a mission to retrieve something called the 'Krom Sphere' from a downed Nynrah Ghost vessel. Mazor’s retrieval of this relic was the cause of those strange shifts in the sky, as well as the dead rising from their graves. It didn’t help that he kept playing with it as if it were a toy. He became obsessed with it. When Pridak commanded him, Irna and Nuju to take the Sphere under the Coliseum during our invasion of that cursed city, I warned Lord Mantax of his weakness, and he bade me stalk them from afar to ensure they did not try anything." Vulimai would see Ostrox retrieve a rebreather to follow the three through poisonous gas - as concrete and steel gave way to flesh and sinew. "They did, of course. Apparently, the 'Great Spirit' is not that great - he needs power to achieve his goal, and what he cannot draw from the deluded beliefs of Matorankind, he would take from the Sphere, and he cobbled together a flesh puppet out of the Sphere’s revenants to ensure that he did. And what was that goal? Why, the logical conclusion of that 'Unity, Duty, Destiny' nonsense. No identity. No freedom. No choice. He would have us become like your precious Vahki, living only to serve him, with no thoughts or feelings of our own. Mazor sold out the universe in exchange for his memory being erased from all within it, presumably thinking he would be exempt from that fate - but I have had my mind trained to resist psionic intrusion, thus my memories of him remain. Sucker. That’s why Nuju won’t recall the filth’s name, if you ask him." The monstrous form of the avatar - three different bodies fused together to make some patchwork abomination - was shown in the pictures. Ostrox wasn’t sure if he wanted to make it even more intimidating, but decided any embellishment would push beyond the boundaries of belief, even for a Matoran. "As a League soldier and occasional advocate for free will, I tried to stop all this from happening, but although killing me was apparently beyond the 'Death God', sealing me out of the chamber they were in was not. I tried to find another way in, but it was too late. I don’t know if it was intentional or accidental, or what Pridak's plan was, but we all know what happened next. But if he’s gone - then why don’t the revenants we herded into the protodermis moat surrounding Metru Nui do anything? They were hostile without exception before. It’s like something is holding them back, lest he lose what puppets he has left." With a wave of his hand, the images dissipated, and Ostrox removed his mask. "As for suggestions on how to deal with this... something tells me you would object to Plans A through C, even knowing what you do now, but Plan D is to see if that 'Far Shore' holds anything other except useless trinkets. It brought Nuju back after all, and he was smited - smote? Smoten by Mata Nui’s avatar. That, or find where the Krom Sphere has gone off to. It may still be under the Coliseum... but then again, Nuju’s corpse was supposed to be there, too..." @Sparticus147
  11. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Bunker) - Closer to the Truth "Well, because it is true. The Matoran 'faith' has always been a threat to everyone and everything, just... in a different way than was expected. I thought it was just something you made up to keep the entire universe enslaved, but no, it has some basis in reality. Just remove the ridiculous notion that he has any sort of bias towards you. The thing is - I shouldn’t have to explain it. 'Nail' and the others should have already told you, I mean, you’re a woman of, aheh, high stature. Why would they keep this from you, I wonder?" @Sparticus147 IC: Navu (Kini-Koro, The Taku, Exterior) - To and Fro Navu left to put the key back. She couldn’t lie to herself, she was tempted to take something from either the armoury or Knichou’s drawer, but of course, that would be amoral. And also really stupid, because they would know it was her if anything went missing. @BULiK@EmperorWhenua@~Xemnas~
  12. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Far Shore Rift) - My Sword is Hatred "Right. Well, I’ll leave you to it, then? Come back when you’re not occupied by someone else." He said, deliberately unsubtly criticizing Sidra for barging in. Ostrox decided he should remind the wise and benevolent leaders of the Matoran the urgency of phasing out their foul beliefs. And speaking of which… "Commander." His smile widened, though of course, there was no actual joy to be found in his eyes. "Can I help you with something?" @Unreliable Narrator@Nato the Traveler@Sparticus147 IC: Ulkarr (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone) - Deceitful, Untruthful "Evidently, they did not consider your services necessary. Regardless, we should ensure that this holy site remains structurally stable." Ulkarr said to Collector. And to the Administrator. And to NU-8020S, who he knew was watching and listening. @Unreliable Narrator@Harvali IC: NU-8020S (Kini-Koro) - Smug Mode "I expected more." NU-8020S said with a touch of arrogance, surveying the surrounding settlement, before turning back to address Kanohi. "All data gathered concerning Knichou suggests that he is obsessed with aircraft. Therefore, we should travel towards where they are gathered." She pointed towards the Taku and the other airship parked adjacent to it on the hillside. @Harvali IC: Navu (Kini-Koro, The Taku, Exterior) - Minor Key "Do you want me to, uh, put the key back, Commander?" @Eyru@BULiK@Tarn
  13. IC: Waveahk (Kumu Peninsula, Korruhn’s Campfire) - Scraping Himself Free "Hmm." Waveahk was clearly more interested in the two that just went past than the Toa’s ramblings. There was a time when he would have agreed with him. That time had passed. He was beginning to re-evaluate his opinion on Rose and Skyra. There was little point in questioning the fool further, very little of substance had been gleaned from him already, and this was hardly the time or place for 'enhanced interrogation'. But he clearly had an agenda beyond being a hermit. He’d learn more of him eventually - when he questioned his fellow founders of Metru-Koro. One of them must know who he and his tiny compatriot were. "Well, you’re clearly a danger to yourself and others, but neither you or your musical accompaniment haven’t actually done anything, so... good luck with your dastardly plans, or whatever. Hopefully, I won’t set eyes on you again." He then trudged after Apex and Morangad, towards the strange structure they were examining... @Unreliable Narrator@Crimson Jester@Sparticus147@Burnmad IC: Ulkarr and NU-8020S (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone) - Artificial Unintelligence The news of the Administrator’s damaged mind was unsurprising. This 'intelligence' that controlled these temples was clearly lacking in it. NU-8020S wasted no time in stepping through the portal, fully expecting Kanohi to follow. @Unreliable Narrator@Harvali IC: Navu (Kini-Koro, The Taku, Exterior) - Items Awaiting Pick-Up Navu brought the stack of five Levitation Kanoka outside the Taku - where there was no sign of Knichou. Of course there wasn’t. She set the disks down and waited for someone to come and collect them. @BULiK
  14. IC: Navu (Kini-Koro, The Taku, Armoury) - It's Spelt With a 'U' in My Country Navu took as many Levitation Disks as she could carry - five of them stacked on top of each other, and set them down just outside the armoury, before locking it up again with the key. She then picked the Kanoka stack up again, and set off towards the cargo bay and the exit, the key still on her person. Performing basic manual labour was, after all, her one redeeming quality. @BULiK
  15. IC: Waveahk (Kumu Peninsula, Korruhn’s Campfire) - No Gods or Kings "No, they are not. I’d rather have nothing to do with them, to be completely honest. But the necessity for survival overcomes petty things such as race or creed. People either accept this and get over themselves - or they die, hungry and alone. You don’t have to like it, I certainly DON’T. It’s just the nature of things." Even through the howling wind, Waveahk could just faintly hear the sound of Apex and Morangad approaching... @Unreliable Narrator@Crimson Jester@Sparticus147@Burnmad IC: Navu (Kini-Koro, The Taku, Command Quarters) - I Am the Keymaster Well, that was... interesting. Navu tried to make it look like she hadn’t looked through it at all, closed the drawer, and made her way to the ship's armoury, key in hand. @BULiK IC: Klawne (Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter) - Standing Firm Klawne stayed inside to watch over Nixie and Vhisola, as Okuo requested. @Vezok's Friend@Onaku@Tarn
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