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  1. IC: Ulkarr (Kini-Koro) - A Shadow Across the Land As the evacuation continued, Ulkarr maneuvered himself closer to Komisti, and tried to answer his previous question - which he was much too busy to answer earlier, at least in his mind - in traditional Ulkarr fashion. "These creatures of unusual size are most likely the creations of the Warskaks. In the past, they would journey to the volcano at Zakaz’s heart, which they know as Irnakk’s Tooth, to use the power of that place to bring about these creatures to destroy each other. I had thought they had long since abandoned such... recklessness." He returned to glaring at the Zivon in the distance. "We must go to the volcano. I fear they will continue to summon more, until they again rule supreme over this wasteland." @Harvali@Sparticus147 IC: Enra, Obedient and Impressionable (Tobduk-Koro, Radio Tower) - Not Safe for Broadcast "You mean, go to the Aqua Sphere? But that - wait a minute, is this thing still..." Enra realized that yes, it was still on. "Uh, ignore that. For now." She then pressed the button to turn the microphone until they got their collective heads together. "Information on the Aqua Sphere is minimal." "We know the water has the capability to reverse aging of organic material-" "Unscientific hearsay, nothing more. Knowledge of Tahtorak biology and behavioural patterns is inaccessible, as we are out of range of the Vahki Hive network." "Shall I specify Skakdi Enra to begin communication with Ko-Pou, Akiri?" "All things considered, I believe one of us should-" "Oi! Don’t talk about me like I’m not even-" Enra cut herself off with a shiver, and rubbing her arms together to generate heat. "Brrrrrr... it... it a little chilly for anyone else in here? @Harvali@Sparticus147@BULiK IC: Gnabol (Kini-Koro, Gnabol’s Hut) - Father of Seven Thank the... well, thank no one, to be honest. Gods were either non-existent or useless. But they were safe. Screaming their tiny heads off, but safe nonetheless. Very little of the poison had gotten inside, having slipped through the open windows, but nowhere near the makeshift cots he made for them. As he stopped to catch his breath, hands on his knees, Gnabol then realized his next obstacle - not only was he exhausted and poisoned, a bad combination, but there was no way for him to carry them all at once by himself, without getting them coming into contact with the same green death he was coated in. "No... no, nonono..." He had come all this way, just to die in front of them. And they would still be in an almost empty village, in the shadow of creatures that could squash them like bugs... Gnabol felt his legs give out from under him. His arms caught him before his face made contact with the floor, just in time for him to cough up silver all over the floor. Instinctively, he used his psionic telekinesis to bring a stool towards him for support, pulling himself back to his feet. He had never really believed in the traditions of his people… but he would at least die with dignity. Well, as dignified as he could be, under the circumstances- He used his psionic telekinesis to bring a stool towards him. Psionic telekinesis to bring a stool. Psionic telekinesis. Telekinesis. He raised both arms - and all seven of his children began to float in the air. IC: Klawne (Ko-Pou Shelter) - No Hard Feelings? "I’ll stay here and continue to look after you lot then, if that’s alright." Klawne said to Nixie and the others. "You’re, uh... not still mad about earlier, are you? I may have treated you a litte, erm... like children, if I'm honest." @Vezok's Friend@Onaku@Harvali@Tarn@Snelly IC: Reckless, Lawful and Wayward (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone) - Sibling Rivalry "Excellent work. You may have doomed us all." "We have no time for meaningless complex calculations. Matoran Avka has acted-" "Of course. You would require a processor in order to perform calculations - wait. My sensors detect a sudden drop in temperature." "A hypothesis: this stone represents the element of ice." "You are a supercomputer, 21. How ever would we manage without you?" "Poorly." "YOU TWO, BE QUIET!" @Harvali
  2. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, The Bridge) - In a World That’s Gone Insane Ostrox would have taken the controls as insisted by Parnassus, but apparently the red one thought he was better qualified. "Of course his only reaction to the chemical bombing of his people is to insist made-up words are real. Why would it be anything else?" He said, deliberately mumbling as loud as possible to ensure Leklo heard him. @Eyru@Void Emissary@EmperorWhenua IC: Ulkarr and Gnabol (Kini-Koro) - The Storm Has Arrived Instinct and emotion overriding everything else, Gnabol rushed off to his house. The poison was seeping into him, his body felt it was on fire, but that didn’t matter. He had to make sure they were OK. They had to be OK. Tearing his gaze away from the Zivon, Ulkarr began trying to help with the evacuation, shepherding people into the portal he came from. The poison did not seem to affect him, as he had no flesh to be infected. @Sparticus147@Harvali IC: NU-8020S, Achro and Navu (Kini-Koro Airspace, The Taku) - Everybody Wants to Get Evil Tonight Cease fire? CEASE FIRE?! By Tren Krom, these impostors were a disappointment. If Achro had any real ambitions beyond killing Skakdi, he would probably do something about it. For now, he stepped away from the lightstone weapon with great reluctance. Navu relaxed, and laid down on the cold hard metal floor. Hopefully, that was the end of it. Fighting a giant monster only for it to suddenly become some other robot’s problem had not been in her calculations, but regardless, NU-8020S relinquished control of the turret. She made her way to the bridge... @BULiK@Tarn@NorikSigma@Snelly IC: Enra, Obedient and Impressionable (Tobduk-Koro, Radio Tower) - Bad News and Worse News The two Vahki turned to face the Akiri. They looked at each other sheepishly, as if they didn’t want to tell him anything. A few chirps in their own tongue, and they had decided to break the news as matter-of-fact as possible, split between them. "This tower has recently intercepted public broadcasts from the Skakdi dominion known as 'the Rig'." "If it’s reports are to be believed, there are at least two Tahtorak active on the island, and the island itself is sinking beneath the sea." "I’m sorry, what." The microphone was still on, thus Enra’s reaction was transmitted, just not what she was reacting to. @Harvali@BULiK@Sparticus147 IC: Klawne (Ko-Pou Shelter) - Miracle Cure "You mean, give up your Toahood to try and cure them for good? I understand where you’re coming from Okuo, I really do, but if a Kaita’s power couldn’t, how will this?" Klawne felt her own words be hollow even as she said them. Really, she just didn’t want Okuo to repeat her mistake... @Vezok's Friend@Onaku@Tarn@Snelly@Harvali
  3. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - It's Wiser to Be Mad Well, they’re all dead. Are you happy now? Ignoring that inner remark, Ostrox turned to Leklo and Parnassus and gestured towards the now oddly green looking Kini-Koro. "Did either of you two glimpse the giant green glob of goo that just glooped our granges? 'Grange' means farm, by the way. It’s a real word. 'Glob' and 'glooped' on the other hand..." STOP ALLITERATING AND RAMBLING AS A COPING MECHANISM AND KILL THIS FOOL! He saw what was no doubt the cause of the disruption - a Zivon. He then began addressing Leklo specifically, doing his best to appear calm and collected. "LOOK. Are you going to do anything about this, or are you just going to continue doing what I assume is your best impression of a Vahki?!" His best was not enough. It never has been. @EmperorWhenua@Void Emissary IC: Ulkarr and Gnabol (Kini-Koro) - This Crude Matter "Oh no." Gnabol was now covered in a foul, viscous substance that didn’t seem safe to have touching his skin. Padley was also covered in it, and began violently shaking himself to get it off, which ended up in Gnabol being thrown off him onto the ground below. "Hmm. Yes. This should not come in contact with protodermic flesh." Ulkarr said, examining the liquid he too, was now covered in. He turned towards the Zivon with what seemed to be anger in his features... @Sparticus147@Harvali IC: NU-8020S, Achro and Navu (Kini-Koro Airspace, The Taku) - How Bright the Fire Side of Us Burns His features a mix of bloodlust, fury, and mild panic, Achro grabbed the warm magazine and shoved it into the lightstone weapon. "FROM PERDITION’S HEART, I SHOOT AT THEE!" This time, he would try and aim for vulnerable bits, like the eyes, since the skin was obviously too thick for this weapon to pierce. He took no care to avoid hitting Patiwairutiki or Skyra. Why would he? NU-8020S continued to fire, also aiming for the now more illuminated face of the creature and trying not to hit the ACR. Though her self-preservation protocols screamed for her to evacuate using the Kahu, she did not waver. Cowardice was an organic quality, after all. Meanwhile, Navu, practically paralyzed with fear, tried to keep the light on Nektann. The giant robot that was on their side - apparently - certainly helped. @Eyru@BULiK@pokemonlover360@Snelly@Tarn@NorikSigma IC: Enra, Obedient and Impressionable (Tobduk-Koro, Radio Tower) - Public Service Annoyance Enra gave Kanohi a thumbs-up as she continued, completely unaware of what just happened to Kini-Koro. "Don’t use underground shelters, they’ll collapse and flood. The torrent of rain the beast causes quickly erodes the ground, which is why we needed to evacuate Po-Koro despite it going away. Skakdi and Toa of Earth, Stone, Iron, Jungle, Ice, Magnetism, maybe also Psionics could help reduce the risk of mudslides and other, uh, ground-related issues." Impressionable continued to listen to Skakdi broadcasts. Mostly unimportant, though the most recent two were a source of serious concern. He summoned Obedient over in the Vahki tongue to see what he made of it. He didn’t like it either. @Harvali@Sparticus147@BULiK
  4. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - I Award You No Points "Incredible. Everything you just said was the exact opposite of what is true. It is always about death with you people, you worship it, you cause nothing but death, pain and suffering to anyone who isn’t a Matoran, you have this irrational hate and distrust of me for being what is essentially a rebelling slave, your 'Duty' only changes because it is nothing more than an excuse to commit whatever atrocity you feel like on that day, and the only reason I’m even here is because your leaders responded to an offer of peace with assassination and installing a puppet ruler. Your doom is literally and figuratively approaching and yet you do nothing. You do less than nothing - you actively impede an attempt to do something. It is you who has to prove yourself to me, and so far you have not made a good first impression, I must say." @EmperorWhenua@Void Emissary IC: NU-8020S, Achro and Navu (Kini-Koro Airspace, The Taku) - Everybody Likes to Get Taken for Turns "This unit still remains functional." NU-8020S opened fire, as ordered. "NO PATHETIC SKAK-BEAST CAN KILL ME SO EASILY!!!" Achro tried his best to ignore the massive gash in the hull between him and the weird robot-thing, and continued to shoot at the monster. "I-I-I’m fine. Just fine." Navu regained her footing, and moved back to the floodlight, trying to keep it on Nektann. @Unreliable Narrator@BULiK@Tarn@Snelly@NorikSigma IC: Enra, Obedient and Impressionable (Tobduk-Koro, Radio Tower) - I Got a Great Face for Radio "Heh. At least they don’t have to see me. Right... I’ve gotta... gotta speak clearly - got to. Got to speak clearly..." Enra tried to reduce her accent to something more formal. "And we are live in three... two... one." Obedient pressed the button to begin the transmission. "This is the Tobduk-Koro radio tower, transmitting to Kini-Koro to relay information concerning how to deal with the Tahtorak. Come in, Kini-Koro." Impressionable continued listening to the archives of the broadcasts received from the Skakdi radio station... and then, a new message came through. There was more than one Tahtorak. @Harvali@NorikSigma@BULiK@Sparticus147 IC: Reckless, Lawful and Wayward (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone) - More Information Required Faith. A ridiculous notion. One would think a machine would have no use for it. "Negative. I am not familiar with this form of media." Reckless looked over the rocks. How many were there, and what colours where they? Lawful tried to assist in ensuring the evacuees from Kini-Koro entered in an orderly and efficient fashion. @Unreliable Narrator@Harvali
  5. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - Aggressive Negotiations Ostrox turned to face Leklo. "Dear me, do they charge you by the word?" He chuckled before sighing wearily. "What will it take to satisfy you people, exactly? A litre of my blood, perhaps? My firstborn child? Offer to kill that Zyglak downtown for the 'crime' of being a Zyglak? What exactly do I need to do for you in order for you to do your 'Duty'? Why not at least try to save the people you pretend to care about instead of being obstinate for no adequately explained reason?" @EmperorWhenua@Void Emissary IC: Ulkarr and Gnabol (Kini-Koro) - Sufficiently Advanced Technology "I see you are not aware. I take it you do not have access to the magic known as 'radio'?" "Uh... no, I must say I don’t. I must have missed the memo about a giant monster attack." "'Memos'? I believed those were written, not broadcast." "It’s an expression." "Ah. I understand." Ulkarr's tone made it clear that he did, in fact, not understand. Or perhaps, he wanted to make Gnabol think he didn't really understand, for some reason. "Please, take me to your leader, if you could?" "If I could, yeah. I’m not sure who is supposed to be in charge, actually. It’s all nebulous." "I’ll fix that." "What did you just say-" But before this conversation could continue, the portal began being swamped by those Vulimai had instructed to evacuate the village... @Sparticus147@Harvali IC: NU-8020S, Achro and Navu (Kini-Koro Airspace, The Taku) - I Have No Scream and I Must Mouth "ALERT! IMMEDIATE EVASION REQUIRED!" NU-8020S helpfully added. Achro couldn’t bear it any longer, and opened fire on what little he could see without waiting for a command. Navu staggered back from the spotlight as Nektann and his titanic limb came into view, opening her mouth for a scream that didn’t come... @Unreliable Narrator@Tarn@BULiK@Snelly@NorikSigma IC: Enra, Obedient and Impressionable (Tobduk-Koro, Radio Tower) - Know Your Audience Inside the radio tower, Impressionable began fiddling with the controls, accessing the archive of transmissions both broadcast and received. Apparently, the native tribes had their own radio. He began listening to it at a speed at which only he and Obedient could hear. "I, uh, dunno much ‘bout radios, if I’m honest." Enra confessed. "I speak into the big black thing, right? What do you want me to tell ‘em, exactly? Do you really want my voice in people’s homes?" "You are the most logical candidate. The Akiri possesses an error with his voice box, making him prone to unnecessary repetition. And it is been statistically proven that most Matoran feel apprehension upon hearing the standard Vahki vocal apprehension, because most Matoran are filthy criminals-" Obedient twitched a little, and static came out of him for a few moments before returning to normal. "Where did that come from? I apologize." "O... K." @Harvali@NorikSigma IC: Reckless, Lawful and Wayward (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone) - Prepare for New Arrivals The Amaja Circle. A primitive form of storytelling often used by Turaga. Neither of the bots cared much for it. For Reckless, it was hardly relevant to his function. For Wayward... he did not have a high appraisal of organic culture. Still, if it really did possess some degree of influence, then perhaps it was not a complete waste of sand, stones and time after all. "Administrator." Reckless called out to his fellow machine intelligence. "Please reiterate - what is the function of the Amaja Circle?" Lawful entered behind his brothers, intent on using the portal to go to Kini-Koro - and keep an eye on a certain someone. "Matoran Avka." He addressed the one in charge of guarding the Ruins and its portal. "Did the entity designated 'Ulkarr' travel through this portal recently?" The answer was yes, of course he did, according to Lawful. But the Vahki didn’t quite trust his own judgement on most things. Even this. Of course, everyone was currently unaware that a flood of people was about to emerge through the portal... @Unreliable Narrator@Harvali
  6. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - What Did He Say? "Hmm?" Ostrox looked around, deliberately glancing everywhere except where Leklo was. "Could have sworn I heard something. It sounded like an objection, but without any further explanation or context from it, I can’t be certain..." @EmperorWhenua@Void Emissary IC: Ulkarr and Gnabol (Kini-Koro) - Dark Clouds Ulkarr emerged from the portal, Komisti presumably not far behind him. His attention was drawn to a yellow lizard-thing atop a Manas. "You, sir. Are you aware that your settlement is in danger of being destroyed by a nearby Tahtorak?" "...What?" That seemed to have caught him off-guard. @Harvali IC: Enra, Reckless, Lawful, Obedient, Impressionable and Wayward (Tobduk-Koro) - Last One There's a Rusty Pipe "I will investigate the validity of these statements-" "No you won’t." "I will!" "Incorrect-" Reckless and Wayward began racing each other in quadrupedal mode towards the Ruins. Obedient shook his head in dismay. "I will go through the portal to Kini-Koro to observe, as you have instructed Akiri." Lawful did a little salute, and began following his brothers, though for different reasons. "Er, right. Radio tower. Gotcha... which way is that again?" "That way." Impressionable pointed in its direction. "Thanks." Enra began trudging towards the tower, presumably followed by Akiri and the remaining Vahki. @Harvali@NorikSigma
  7. IC: NU-8020S, Achro and Navu (Kini-Koro Airspace, The Taku) - Turn the Lights Off Navu went for the floodlight as ordered, shining it on the darkness below. NU-8020S remained as still as only a machine could be, silently awaiting target data. Achro meanwhile, could barely hide his anticipation, his feet fidgeting, his breathing erratic, and his fingers drumming across the controls of his weapon, though he was careful not to actually press anything. @BULiK@Tarn@Snelly@NorikSigma IC: Enra, Reckless, Lawful, Obedient, Impressionable and Wayward (Tobduk-Koro) - XXL "OK, uh... I know something about this... this Tahtorak. We don't usually get 'em on Zakaz, unless... it's a Riteborn, I think." "'Riteborn'?" "A monster made by some nutjob playing around in Irrnak’s Teeth. Results of ritual sacrifice and dark magic. Whoever made it is clearly the bad guy, as good people don’t get involved in that stuff, it’s all inherently evil and corrupt. I heard that the little sand circle in the ruins can affect them, somehow." Enra went off on what she remembered from both her mum’s stories and what she heard in back in the ruins, hoping it would be helpful. Wayward shook his head a little, before responding. "Illogical. Irrational... but not impossible." He conceded. "We cannot rely on sorcery!" Lawful protested. "It is only natural that we combat the unknown with the unknown." "We were not programmed to account for 'magic'. We must follow the instructions of the Akiri." "Must we, now?" @Harvali@NorikSigma
  8. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - Come Fly With Me "Funny you should ask... I am familiar with the processes involved, but actually flying it..." Ostrox rubbed the part of his shoulder Parnassus touched, as if he were scrubbing it clean of something. "Well. It was designed by Matoran. How hard can it be?" @Void Emissary@EmperorWhenua IC: Ulkarr (Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone) - Hello, Goodbye Ulkarr entered the temple, and not waiting for whatever automated garbage the Administrator’s faulty programming had synthesized for him, marched into the portal to Kini-Koro. @Unreliable Narrator@Harvali IC: Klawne (Ko-Pou Shelter) - A Relic of the Past "Whoa." Klawne had forgotten just how big Kaita were. "You are now quite tall... are you all feeling quite alright?" @Vezok's Friend@Onaku@Tarn@Snelly@Harvali
  9. IC: Ulkarr, Enra, Reckless, Lawful, Obedient, Impressionable and Wayward (Tobduk-Koro) - No Results Found "No mutations have been detected amongst the settlement’s populace." Lawful answered Prasral. Wayward, however, seemed to object. "How would you know? You have not checked-" "NO MUTATIONS HAVE BEEN DETECTED AMONGST THE SETTLEMENT’S POPULACE." Lawful said, louder this time, as if that would make it more truthful. "Yeah, uh, there’s another prob we got. Zadred thinks that the Earth Portal is especially screwed, ’cause apparently there’s lots of Mesi on the other side in the Earth Ruins." Reckless and Lawful shared a glance, remembering their hunt for Takadox in the Mesi’s underground labyrinth. The eponymous creatures were irrationally hostile and knew how to use their elemental powers together effectively. They likely would not have gotten out if not for their organic allies and null cores. Their predictions of what might happen if they were to gain access to Kini-Koro were not optimistic ones. Impressionable had only been using half of his processing power to pay attention to what was going on, he was too busy pondering the quandaries of his existence. As such, he had no idea what was going on, but it sounded important, so he pretended to have been listening all along by moving his head up and down slowly, a sign of understanding amongst organics. Obedient then arrived, converting from four legs to two. "I must report unfortunate news. Though I was able to make contact with Kini-Koro, I could not transmit our request, as they appear to be preoccupied by the proximity of a titan-class Rahi. Reports claim that this is the same Tahtorak that instigated the evacuation of Po-Koro." "TAH - TAHTORAK?!" Enra seemed quite taken aback at the sound of that. Fear was evident in both her face, body and voice. Ulkarr, however... "I must go to Kini-Koro immediately. They will require assistance." "NO-" Not waiting for permission, he began heading towards the Ruins of Stone, walking with haste. @NorikSigma@Harvali IC: NU-8020S, Achro and Navu (Kini-Koro Airspace, The Taku) - The Sound of Music "Wha...? 'Recently suppressed'?" Navu had no idea what was going on. "Is this really the best time to be listening to music? Don’t we have bigger - MUCH BIGGER - problems to deal with?" Meanwhile, Achro was beginning to twitch with anticipation at the thought of using the weapon he now wielded. NU-8020S looked at him with concern. @NorikSigma@BULiK@Snelly@Tarn IC: Gnabol (Kini-Koro, Airdock, The Taku, Exterior) - A Storm Is Coming "Right." Gnabol rode Padley off back into the village proper. There was quite a lot of commotion about. Hopefully, the kids - er, the Skaklets - were OK. @NorikSigma
  10. IC: Tekmo and Waveahk (Kumu Peninsula) - And Then I Crashed Into You Tekmo only shrugged at Irna, as if to say: 'how should I know'? "Finding this 'Rahkshi', as it's called, is step one on a long list of tasks to perform before we can access an important structure within Kumu. You are trying to resume our mission like I am, right? Or are you on holiday?" @Void Emissary@TL01 NUVA@Keeper of Kraata@Sparticus147 IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - Home Is Where the Heartlight Is "I see. Well… there’s an unattended ship right next to us, would that not work? This isn’t my home, just so you know. I just happen to be here at the moment." @Void Emissary@EmperorWhenua IC: NU-8020S, Achro and Navu (Kini-Koro Airspace, The Taku) - Monster Attack Playlist Achro didn’t mind the audacity of a Matoran ordering him around. He was looking forward to this too much to care. NU-8020S awaited target data. Hopefully, the organic crew of this glorified cargo hauler possessed some degree of competence. Suddenly, Navu calmed down, if only a little. She felt more powerful all of a sudden and she didn’t know why... wait, what the Karzahni was Arnex talking about? Songs? @BULiK@NorikSigma@Snelly@Tarn
  11. IC: Tekmo and Waveahk (Kumu Peninsula) - Apex Predator 'Great One'? Did this mean that this 'Apex' was an Aspect? What manner of creature would name itself 'the best'? Waveahk just sort of glanced between Irna and Apex, as if expecting something bad to happen. @Sparticus147@Void Emissary@TL01 NUVA@Keeper of Kraata IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - Slip of the Tongue 'Ca-'? He meant to say 'Stannis'? Well, it wasn't that interesting. Sounded a little too strange to be a mere mispronunciation, however crude the Matoran Language was. But, onto more pressing concerns... "What exactly seems to be the problem, here?" He asked the shadowy rusted one. @Void Emissary@EmperorWhenua IC: Ulkarr, Enra, Reckless, Lawful, Impressionable and Wayward (Tobduk-Koro) - Border Control "Not at all. Do what you must." "Uh, excuse me? Can I talk now? Zadred-" "Be quiet. The Akiri is busy." "Grrrrr..." Enra growled. "Halt." One of the Vahki positioned himself between Prasral and the Ruins of Stone. "What is your business in Tobduk-Koro?" @Harvali@NorikSigma IC: NU-8020S, Achro and Navu (Kini-Koro Airspace, The Taku) - Hoplophilia At Skyra’s suggestion, unaware that she was not the one in charge, Achro grabbed ahold of the controls for one of the guns. "Finally - I get to shoot something again." He had never seen anything like this weapon before. At least, he didn’t think he had. NU-8020S did likewise, knowing that if any of the fleshbags objected, she could always blame Skyra. Meanwhile, Navu was quite obviously concerned about the whole affair, breathing rapidly and glancing around nervously. @Snelly@BULiK@Tarn@NorikSigma IC: Gnabol (Kini-Koro, Airdock, The Taku, Exterior) - Unforeseen Meteorological Patterns "Yeah. I’m heading home before the rain hits. You have a place to stay? Or at the very least, some shelter?" @NorikSigma IC: Obedient (Tobduk-Koro, Vahki Transport) - Giant Monsters Killed the Radio Star As Obedient listened to the radio, it seemed as if Kini-Koro was in no position to provide assistance. Rather than polluting the airwaves, he began scampering back to the prior meeting place to inform the Akiri of what was going on. @Harvali
  12. IC: Tekmo and Waveahk (Kumu Peninsula) - Not You People Again "Oh no..." Mutated palm met mutated face. Just what he needed. "Your domain? I do beg your pardon, but it’s not as if there are any 'keep out' signs-" "You NEED to SHUT UP, Tekmo. Apex, relax. These people aren’t dangerous. Intentionally." Waveahk glared at Keitara, the whole giant crab incident not going unremembered. "I suppose I should be thankful that it’s only you, and that hothead and airhead are nowhere to be seen." @Sparticus147@TL01 NUVA@Void Emissary@Keeper of Kraata IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - Rain of Terror 'Speaking with storms'. That was a new one. Certainly seemed as if there was a storm coming... @Void Emissary IC: Achro (Kini-Koro, Airdock, Landing Pad, The Taku, Exterior) - Oh No, My One Weakness Taking Kantai at his word, Achro used the elevator as Sanso did, and - if no one was going to stop him - shambled aboard the Taku. It looked like it was about to rain, and well, he didn’t like rain. Elemental tradition dictated it so. @BULiK IC: Gnabol (Kini-Koro, Airdock, The Taku, Exterior) - Tonight’s Forecast "Hmm. Looks as if it’s about to rain. Heavily, too. That’s odd, being in the middle of the desert." @NorikSigma
  13. IC: Tekmo (Kumu Peninsula) - There's a Man in the Woods "Huh?" Tekmo was a little confused by what was going on. He turned to face whatever Irna and Keitara were looking at. Had they seen something within the jungle? There was only silence from where the thing had been seen. No rustling of leaves, no squelching of mud, nothing. The density of the trees obscured any sign of it... until the changed, but unmistakable form of Waveahk hovered out of the foliage before stepping onto solid ground, his orange eyes scanning for whatever it was that he had seen earlier. @Void Emissary@TL01 NUVA@Keeper of Kraata IC: Ulkarr, Enra, Reckless, Lawful, Obedient, Impressionable and Wayward (Tobduk-Koro) - Questionable Sources "The Administrator is a faulty machine created by a failed civilization, and Stannis’ credibility has already been thrown into question. Even if this exodus did happen, connecting our two worlds together, it ultimately matters very little. I fail to see the significance of this." Enra thought it did matter quite a lot actually, but that was just her. Certainly explained a few things. "I shall make radio contact with Kini-Koro immediately." Obedient converted to quadrupedal mode and scuttled off towards wherever that was. @Harvali
  14. IC: Tekmo (Kumu Peninsula) - 'Dubious'?! "Oh, of course. Naturally. I don’t want Skorm to worry about me, or anything." The way Tekmo said that made it seem as if he expected Keitara to have been more distressed by his absence, or something. The more observant of the party - anyone who wasn’t Tekmo - might have noticed something blue hovering above the foliage in the distance, but it quickly descended into the swamp below. @TL01 NUVA@Void Emissary@Keeper of Kraata IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Bunker, Exterior) - Ivu Asz Schrema "Bye! Have fun! Hahahahahah..." Ostrox turned to Vulimai. "'Speech impediment'... ha! I expected more! As for her master... ah well, we’ll incinerate that bridge when we come to it. In the meantime, I should go find Stannis. That is his craft, is it not?" He pointed towards the Ambling Alp. @Gecko Greavesy@Sparticus147@Snelly@pokemonlover360@~Xemnas~ IC: Ulkarr, Enra, Reckless, Lawful, Obedient, Impressionable and Wayward (Tobduk-Koro) - Civil Disobedience "Of course. I am willing to subject myself to whatever is necessary to regain your trust. Within reason." Then Enra showed up. "Akiri, I gots to tell you... oh, you’re busy. Should I come back in a bit?" Meanwhile, the Vahki continued bickering among themselves in their own language, but due to the fact they could communicate in seconds what would otherwise take minutes, their heated debate lasted only a few moments before turning back to Kanohi. "I realize it may be unorthodox, but the Squad Mother deemed Ulkarr as a potential stand-in for her should she be otherwise detained, though he would continue to be under heavy surveillance." "We should postpone any vote we take until these 'tests' are carried out." The others chirped in approval. Except Wayward... @Harvali IC: Achro and Gnabol (Kini-Koro, Airdock, The Taku, Exterior) - That Guy "Well, I guess I should be... oh, gods." Gnabol’s expression shifted to barely concealed disgust as he saw the approaching figure of- "I, uh... is this a recruitment line?" Achro addressed the two Toa, barely giving Gnabol or Padley any mind. "Or do you guys work here?" If looks could kill, the glare Achro was trying his best to ignore from Gnabol would vaporize him. As for Padley, he looked as if he were about to bolt it for the hills at the sight of the mutated Toa, his claws shaking and his treads squealing. @NorikSigma@BULiK
  15. IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Bunker, Exterior) - Foreshadowing "'God-killing'?! Is... is that - HAHAHAHAHAH - that what you think it does? I’d explain it to you, but you very clearly don’t care, much less understand. Have fun dooming the universe a second time, then! Who knows? Maybe we’ll pour out onto a new Xia, next! I can taste the smokestacks and misandry already!" @Gecko Greavesy@Sparticus147@pokemonlover360@~Xemnas~@Snelly IC: Gnabol (Kini-Koro, Airdock, The Taku, Exterior) - In Which Gnabol Imitates an Animal Noise for His Own Amusement Gnabol took Kantai and Sanso with him to the village’s airdock, where the airship had just arrived. "Here we are, village airdock. And here is the airship. The Taku. I don’t why it’s called that. Taku are supposed to be small." He briefly imitated the body movements of one of the aforementioned Rahi, as well as their signature noise. "QUACK." @NorikSigma@BULiK
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