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  1. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) Ulkarr had not moved from where he was standing. Not even a little. @Harvali IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro, Tekmo's Hut) "Excellent! I'll introduce you to Turaga Sans. Don't worry, there's an ex-Dark Hunter wandering around, so I'm sure he'll let you stay here, even if its only temporary." @Keeper of Kraata IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut) Waveahk briskly answered both Stannis's and Irna's questions. "I am Waveahk, and yes, I am to see the Turaga. Right now, as it happens." And with that, he entered the Turaga's hut, rather quickly so he didn't have to be in Stannis's presence any longer than necessary. "Turaga Sans. I need to talk to you about the slug in my arm. I believe I now know where it comes from." @Azibo@EmperorWhenua@Conway@Snelly IC: Navu (Metru-Koro) Navu's eyes widen. "Stay? With me? Not sure why you'd want to, my place's a mess and so am I." @Tarn IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "Even if you really do get something in return, throwing somebody into a pit just isn't good manners, you know? Me name's Enra, by the way. What's yours?" IC: Gnabol (Wilderness) Gnabol lowered his blade and relaxed a little. "Sorry. Just... just a little on edge, recently. I'm called Gnabol, by the way." @Smudge8 IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) "Yes. We did. But that was... a long time ago." @Nato the Traveler
  2. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "Hmm. Good point. So..." Tekmo looked over to where the next mountain in this line was. "We try that one next?"
  3. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) "Very well. I will be here, waiting." OOC: You can have him, I wouldn't know what to do with him. @Harvali@Tarn IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "Oh, most likely. I just don't like waiting around, you know?" Ostrox led Zaliyah to the elevator, and pressed the button to go down. IC: Achro (The Coliseum, Barraki Fortress) Achro entered Pridak's throne room. "So. My lord. Anything you'd like from me?" @Unreliable Narrator IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "Yeah, well, there's something under this mountain called 'the Nightmare Pits'. I've never seen them myself, and hopefully, I won't ever have to. Sometimes, idiots like to toss some poor blighter in as a 'sacrifice'. So, yeah, lovely tourist destination." IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) "Well, I'd like to think of myself as a native, considering it was my people who used to live on this island, and not the Skakdi. Oh, and in this instance, a while's about half an hour." @Nato the Traveler
  4. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "Hmm. Well, it doesn't seem anyone but us noticed. Perhaps we should check someplace else?"
  5. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) "...I may need some help with this. I do not know what the 'launcher' looks like." @Harvali@Tarn IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro) "Never heard of 'queues', have we?" Waveahk muttered to himself after Pardehi left, before taking a swig of water from his canteen.
  6. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) "My name is Ulkarr." He looks downward to address the Matoran. "You must draw us this map." @Harvali@Tarn IC: Achro (The Coliseum, Arena) Discarding his opponent's body on the floor, Achro began to make his way up to the Barraki Fortress. It was time to figure out why they weren't killing yet. IC: NU-8020S (The Coliseum) Her squad of her fellow Nullifiers assembled, NU-8020S took them out into the wasteland in search of Takadox. IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro, Tekmo's Hut) "Indeed. And I'd like for you to join me." @Keeper of Kraata IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut) "It becomes hard for me not to take offense when you use the words 'what could possibly'." @Biological Chronicler IC: Gnabol (Wilderness) Gnabol really, really wished he could read minds right about now. "You mean to tell me you're just out here for some fresh air?" @Smudge8
  7. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) "No. But, perhaps I can offer my services in helping you find this 'companion'."
  8. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) Ulkarr's first impression of the refugee camp known as Po-Koro was a crowd of bodies surrounding a broken yet still functioning body. "What happened here?" @Harvali@Tarn IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro, Tekmo's Hut) "If you intend to speak with the others, that may be difficult. I've not seen Oreius since we settled here, and Ardoku has been missing since our escape from the Great Temple. All of the Matoran inside managed to make it here safely, thankfully." Tekmo poured some water from a jug behind his desk into a cup, and offered it to Skorm. "Drink?" @Keeper of Kraata
  9. IC: Navu (Metru-Koro) "Well, I don't know many people around here either. There's Turaga Sans, of course. That Toa of Plantlife, Tekmo has been helping out with the farming, but beyond that, I don't really know any of these people. Well, apart from you, now." @Tarn IC: Gnabol (Wilderness) "Sorry, but my line of questioning wasn't quite finished. Who do you work for, exactly? Why are you here?!" @Smudge8
  10. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "Excellent. So... what's the safe radius of these explosives?"
  11. IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "Probably should have built downwards then, like the Archives. Anyway, their 'god' was quite an unpleasant individual. Their faith would shatter if they knew what he was really like. Ah well. Shall we see if our masters require anything of us?" IC: NU-8020S (The Coliseum, Barraki Fortress) Yes, because this land of Zakaz was actually quite small, and NU-8020S was bound to run into him if she just looked hard enough. "Command received. Initiating manhunt for 'Takadox'." She marched out of the makeshift throne room, and began to calculate the most likely places that the Mantis would be hiding. Not the refugee camps. They were enemies of the League, and most likely would have lynched him on sight if he ever went there. From what information she had on Takadox, he was smarter than that. One of the native warbands? Possibly. His power of hypnosis might have persuaded them to let him seek refuge in their territory, or even become their new leader. Possibly. The Kumu Islets were a remote location, separated from the mainland. Inviting for a fugitive, but... no. Just no. NU-8020S supposed that she and her squad would have to roam the wasteland and interrogate every meatbag they could find until they found their target. And any time away from the fleshlings that pulled her strings was more time she could spend not having to put up this ridiculous charade of unthinking compliance, so that was a plus. @Unreliable Narrator IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro, Tekmo's Hut) Tekmo's place of residence was rather sparse - probably because it and every other hut was constructed less than a week ago. He invited Skorm to sit down at his desk, while he sat at the other side. On the desk there was a tiny flower in a pot, as well as a photo of Rose and Skyra's wedding. "So, you're here for me, is that right?" @Keeper of Kraata IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut) "If you're here to speak with the Turaga, it'll have to wait. He's talking to someone else at the moment, and I'm talking to him after that." @Biological Chronicler IC: Navu (Metru-Koro) "Me name's Navu. Sorry if they're not up to standard. Soil here's a bit rubbish." @Tarn IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "They've made enemies. Subtle distinction. It's not my fault they're all murderous self-aggrandizing clowns... I'm guessing that, since you're new here, you don't know what this mountain's about?" IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) "For a while. May I ask why you've come?" @Nato the Traveler
  12. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "So," Tekmo says, outstretching his hand to be shaken, "do we have an alliance?"
  13. IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "No plan survives first contact with the enemy. When I get my hands on that-" Ostrox realized he mumbled that out loud. "-this tower is rather high, for being constructed by such small beings. Compensating for something, I would say." He held his hand over his mouth to suppress a giggle. IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro) "I'm-" Tekmo cleared his throat. "I'm sorry. Let's talk at my place." Tekmo turned to the Vortixx. "As for me, I'd say things are going rather well. Of course, they could go better." @Keeper of Kraata@Harvali@Conway IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) The blue Skakdi with the odd gloves seemed to visibly relax as Xane turned around. "I'm from around here, yeah. I wanted to make sure you're not from one of the warbands. Soz." IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) Nervously glancing around, Klawne noticed Nektann drones clanking around the Temple. Well, she didn't want to risk these machines detecting her - she was old and didn't really understand how technology works, OK? - so she revealed herself. "Apologies, you startled me. Sort of a reflex action. I didn't expect anyone else would be here." She raised her hands in a faux-surrender fashion, hoping that the creature would take it in good humour. @Nato the Traveler
  14. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) 'Robots showed up and trashed the market'. Well, that wasn't untrue. "Yes. What she said." IC: Waveahk (Aqua Magna Shoreline, The Aquarium) Slowly, The Aquarium began to hover closer and closer to the Bell, before setting down a few feet away. It considerable time and effort, but eventually Waveahk and Vrokdann were able to get the Bell aboard the ship. Waveahk decided it wasn't worth it to take it all the way to the cargo bay, instead they just left it in the boarding ramp section. As the automated flight path took them back to New Atero, Waveahk decided to try and get to know Vrokdann more, so that he knew what to expect when she inevitably turned on him. "So... what exactly possessed you to shoot lasers at my stand?" He referred to the incident that ended up indenturing Vrokdann to him, back in the New Atero Marketplace.
  15. IC: Ulkarr (The Kumu Islets) Beyond the shores of Zakaz, lay the Kumu Islets. Very few Skakdi would dare venture there, and they as a whole rarely heeded warnings. The only other location that shared this dubious 'honour' was Irnakk's Tooth, and that place had been named after their personal boogeyman. The Islets themselves were not what they feared - there was naught there but desecrated temples. It was what lied beneath that gave them pause. Ulkarr liked the remoteness of the Islets. How it was disconnected from the mainland and their ceaseless, unending savagery. It served to highlight the disparity between them - the Aspects of Makuta - and everything else. "There's no place quite like home. Wouldn't you agree?" He asked no-one in particular. IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) The ding on the elevator heralded a new arrival. It was Ostrox, who's robe-clad form stepped out onto the balcony with Zaliyah, and gazed upon the devastation below. "Beautiful, isn't it?" He asked her, before sighing. "A pity it has cost us so much." @Nato the Traveler IC: Achro (The Coliseum, Arena) Sixty stories below Zaliyah and Ostrox, the mutant Toa known as Achro was getting to know his new friends in the League. By beating the stuffing out of them. One had been foolish enough to challenge him in one-on-one combat. To be fair, he had specified without using weapons or elemental powers, but still. Achro wasn't sure if his opponent realized his mistake. In fact, he wasn't sure if he was still breathing. "I need a new opponent!" He shouted to no-one in particular, holding the bloodied, beaten body of his adversary by the neck. "This one is dead!" IC: NU-8020S (The Coliseum) The recharge cycle was complete. All systems were nominal. A new day had begun. A new day, and more of the Barraki's idiocy. If these two were the ones smart enough to survive, she would've hated to see what the other four were like. But, as feeble as their meatbag brains were, they were the ones in control, and NU-8020S would carry out their orders. For now. "This unit is awaiting orders." @Unreliable Narrator IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro) It had been seven days, and already Tekmo felt at home in Metru-Koro. He didn't know why, but maybe after running around Metru Nui and its surrounding islands like a headless Dikapi, actually managing to settle down in a single place for more than a single day felt... relaxing. Like he was back home, before the dark times. Before the League. Metru-Koro was certainly closer to his village than the urban cleanliness of Metru Nui. He missed them. Every day, he thought of them. He used to be able to recite the names of everyone he knew by heart, back when there was no universe for him to try and fail to save, when there was just the village and the small island it was on. Now, he knew so many people, and so many names he couldn't recount them all. Nixie was alive and safe, he checked on her frequently. Ardoku was missing since their escape from the Temple. Oreius he hadn't seen in a while, but he was sure he was out there, somewhere. Skyra and Rose had gotten married, and he most certainly did not cry at the wedding, such accusations are slanderous. He knew Pardehi. He didn't know anything about him aside from him being the same element as him and also a medic, but he knew him. He - unfortunately - knew of Waveahk, the Dark Hunter he chased back in Ga-Metru that for some reason was hanging around. And then there were all the other Toa, as well as Turaga Sans, that he'd gotten to know a little during the past seven days. And- And there was Skorm. His internal reflection was cut short by the sight of his old enemy - they'd only fought once and it was only a week ago, but shush - walking the streets of Metru-Koro. He wasn't trying to massacre them, which was a staunch improvement from last time, and there was only one of him. For now, anyway. OK, OK. He needed to be calm. Skorm wasn't starting a fight and thus Tekmo shouldn't either. He was just talking to that woman over there. At least, he assumed it was a woman, he was unfamiliar with Zyglak. But it wasn't like he could just ignore him. Tekmo split his being in half, somehow. Twice. Some closure was needed there. Calm. Calm was needed. Acting natural. Breathing normally, that should make him calm. "Greetings, League scu-I mean, er, fancy meeting you here!" Well, that went pear-shaped fast. "Can we, uh, speak somewhere not crowded with innocent bystanders?" @Keeper of Kraata@Conway IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Sans's Hut) "Turaga Sans, I-" Waveahk entered Sans's hut, and immediately froze upon seeing Toa Stannis, the geriatric zealot who tried to bury him alive, standing before him. "I see you're busy. I'll come back later." He then walked as fast as he can back to the door. @Azibo@EmperorWhenua IC: Navu (Metru-Koro) "Excuse me, Toa, sir?" A small grey Matoran tried to get Datrox's attention. "Can I interest you in one of these?" She had a box full of fresh vegetables in her hands. "They're free, by the way." @Tarn IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "Oi," came a voice from behind Xane. "What're doing out here?" @Nato the Traveler IC: Gnabol (Wilderness) For Mazor, the unknown he was walking towards constituted as Gnabol. "HALT! Who goes there?!" From behind a dead looking tree, a Zyglak-esque creature wielding a jagged piece of metal that barely passed for a sword came forth, pointing it towards Mazor. Mazor was equally as unknown to him as he was to Mazor. And the unknown could always be a threat. @Smudge8 IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) Being inside these old places reminded Klawne of happier times. The arrival of these new Matoran and Toa warmed her heart. Or at least, some other organ in close proximity to the heart. Perhaps she should get herself checked for heartburn. She was certain that they would not survive here. She hoped she was wrong, but that might be hoping for too much. Though the temple was abandoned, Klawne didn't feel alone. In this place, she was surrounded by memories. Memories of an island that knew nothing of Skakdi, of Aspects, of giant heads falling from the sky. Perhaps, she would visit this 'Metru-Koro'. Yes, perhaps she would- That train of thought was interrupted by the sound of someone coming. Simply by reflex, she activated her Huna, and disappeared. She saw some sort of strange creature - Sidra - emerge from the entrance. @Nato the Traveler
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