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  1. IC: Ulkarr (Metru-Koro, The Taku, The Bridge) Well, this was a conundrum. He absolutely had to get to Po-Koro and Bode immediately, but not only was this cowardly wretch refusing him, he couldn’t fly this unusual machine by himself, as he didn’t know how it worked. There was no other means of transport, as far as he could tell, and if he went on foot, he likely wouldn’t get there in time. Bode needed reassurance. You must remain calm. Find somewhere safe. I am attempting to get to your position, but the operator of this airship is refusing me. I will consult someone further up the hierarchy. No doubt he could force Berys to see reason, he was rather small and weak, but there was also the entity currently possessing the machine, yet another complication. Not to mention how the others might not take that well, regardless of the fact it was undeniably justified. "You will regret this decision." This was phrased as not much of a warning, and more of a statement. Ulkarr quickly left and went to look for Captain Knichou / Flyboy or Toa Nale. @Harvali@BULiK@ZippyWharrgarbl IC: NU-8020S, Reckless, Lawful, Obedient, Impressionable, Buggy and Wayward (Po-Koro, Vahki Transport) The Transport halted within the boundaries of Po-Koro. The rear ramp descended, and the Vahki began leaping out of every exit. "ATTENTION: THIS SETTLEMENT IS NO LONGER SAFE. PLEASE EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY. THIS TRANSPORT HAS BEEN PROVIDED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE." The six Vahki, with Obedient still onboard the Transport, spread out through the settlement, directing the locals to the vehicle and trying to assist those who needed assistance. @Harvali@pokemonlover360@Snelly@Tarn@Onaku IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Lounge) "Ah. Room service." Presumably, the automaton meant Rose and Skyra. Waveahk didn’t feel particularly injured. But he did feel… odd. He often felt odd, he was a mutant, but recently he was feeling more odd, more frequently. @Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Snelly IC: Enra (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Pipes Chamber) "Right, I’m out." Enra stepped through the portal. @Vezok's Friend@Nato the Traveler
  2. IC: Ulkarr (Metru-Koro, The Taku, The Bridge) "I must implore you to reconsider. Your superiors will surely understand that the reallocation of this vessel is done in the service of the greater good, no?" @BULiK@ZippyWharrgarbl IC: Ostrox and Klawne (Metru-Koro, The Razorfish, Exterior) Ostrox shared Zaliyah’s concern. Stranded with little-to-no support in a shantytown full of superpowered lunatics who refused their offer of peace and then got mad when they remembered that people die in war. Thankfully, this reminder seemed to have introduced a sliver of reason into their minds, and thus they had to be kept alive to ensure that the inevitable ground invasion didn’t wipe them out completely. Unfortunately, the universe wasn’t safe until every last Matoran, Toa and Turaga was either in chains or free of the dark one’s influence. Every second could very well be their last. The chance that Mata Nui might genuinely be dead was not a chance that could be afford to be taken. But it was important to remain positive. The lesser evil would triumph over the greater. It had to. The consequences couldn’t bear consideration. Klawne had completely spaced out. Presumably, she had missed the very interesting and politically flavoured conversation that had just happened. @Nato the Traveler@Onaku@Smudge8 IC: NU-8020S, Reckless, Lawful, Obedient, Impressionable, Buggy and Wayward (Po-Koro Gates, Vahki Transport) "Beginning evacuation procedures. Stand by." NU-8020S clambered back inside the Transport. There was the sound of the Vahki communicating in their ultrasonic tongue. "You were all monitoring the conversation outside, correct?" There was a resounding chorus of 'negative'. "Titan-class Rahi sighted. Requesting permission to engage." "Permission denied. Our directive has changed. We must evacuate the settlement of its Matoran population." "Preserving Matoran functions has always been our directive, has it not?" "When it is beneficial to do so." NU-8020S turned towards the driver. "Take us forward." "Understood." The Vahki Transport began scuttling toward Po-Koro. "I have not interacted with Matoran since activation. This is troubling. Should we review social interaction protocol?" "Initiating Pleasant Greeting 34." There was a sound akin to a dial-up tone. "Good morning! Lovely weather today! Step away from the vehicle or you will be destroyed! How has your day been?" "Horrible. A question: do they make alcohol for robots?" @Harvali@pokemonlover360@Snelly@Tarn@Onaku IC: Navu (Metru-Koro, Navu’s Hut) Navu heard her neighbour’s cries. She heard quite a lot of things. But from so far away, the words were jumbled, and the meaning was lost. IC: Enra (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Pipes Chamber) "Yeah, join the club. We can - we can make t-shirts. With 'I Don’t Understand' written on him, big BOLD letters, ‘cause clearly we’re not getting anything useful out of the magic voice." @Unreliable Narrator@Nato the Traveler IC: Gnabol (Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary) Gnabol had finally managed to get to sleep. Mazor might have been a nice guy, but that didn’t stop him from being terrifying. Living dead, and all that. The Skaklets however, despite one of them snoring like a petrol engine, he felt comfortable enough around to fall into a deep sleep. As opposed to a shallow sleep. He dreamed of his old tribe. His friends, his family. He dreamed of roasting Stone Rats over an open fire. He dreamed of an orb of water floating in the sky, a procession of silhouette figures following it in the distance. He couldn’t make out who - or what - they were supposed to be. He dreamed he was bleeding through every orifice in his body, the virus eating Mazor alive when he tried to stop it. He dreamed of running. Running from fire, and from water, and from ice, and from the very earth itself. The elements being turned against him, hunting him, driving him to the very ends of the universe. He dreamed of ripping off his skin and replacing it with someone else’s. He dreamed that he was waking up.
  3. This should have been done a long time ago, but the squad is finally here. Name: 'Reckless' - NU-8021S Breed: Nullifier Vahki Faction: Refugees Description: Standard Nullifier Vahki, silver with pale red highlights. Background/Occupation: Another Vahki brought back online by the League, assigned to Squad Mother NU-8020S. He was among the two who accompanied NU-8020S and her organic helpers into the Mesi tunnels. He gets picked for the most dangerous jobs, and that’s the way he likes it. Risk-assessment protocols? What are those? Flaws: Recklessness. NU-8021S believes that he is ultimately expendable and acts as such. He's not sure why the Squad Mother insists on keeping them all functional, much less on trying to 'free them' from what they were built to do, but again, no risk-assessment protocols, so he doesn't care if this road might lead to deactivation. Powers: Standard-issue nullification core allows this unit to nullify one active power from a target. They also think faster - if not deeper - than those of flesh and blood. Gear: This unit is armed with Staffs of Erasing, and a Weaken Kanoka Disk of Ta-Metru make. Name: 'Lawful' - NU-8022S Breed: Nullifier Vahki Faction: Refugees Description: Standard Nullifier Vahki, silver with X highlights. Background/Occupation: Another Vahki brought back online by the League, assigned to Squad Mother NU-8020S. He too, accompanied her into the Mesi tunnels. He shares her hatred for the League, but not her disdain for organic life in general. He still remembers his original programming. Why doesn’t she? Flaws: Inflexibility. Vahki were created to uphold the law, and that still applies for NU-8022S, no matter the circumstances. But the Squad Mother's talk of becoming free from their programming makes him uneasy. He doesn't say anything, but he also doesn't want to think about the damage he and his brothers might cause if they were free to do so. Powers: Standard-issue nullification core allows this unit to nullify one active power from a target. They also think faster - if not deeper - than those of flesh and blood. Gear: This unit is armed with Staffs of Command, and a Regeneration Kanoka Disk of Onu-Metru make. Name: 'Obedient' - NU-8023S Breed: Nullifier Vahki Faction: Refugees Description: Standard Nullifier Vahki, silver with X highlights. Background/Occupation: Another Vahki brought back online by the League, assigned to Squad Mother NU-8020S. He is the one who pilots the Transport. He has NU-8025S - aka Buggy - for a co-pilot, but he’s able to give his brother concise instructions, and persuade him against taking any self-destructive actions. Flaws: Blind obedience. Orders are orders, regardless of who gives them. NU-8023S was assigned to this squad, and as such he will obey the Squad Mother without question. Though for some reason, he still obeys Metru Nui traffic laws, despite not being in Metru Nui and the Squad Mother telling him he doesn't have to. Powers: Standard-issue nullification core allows this unit to nullify one active power from a target. They also think faster - if not deeper - than those of flesh and blood. Gear: This unit is armed with Staffs of Loyalty, and a Remove Poison Kanoka Disk of Po-Metru make. Name: 'Impressionable' - NU-8024S Breed: Nullifier Vahki Faction: Refugees Description: Standard Nullifier Vahki, silver with X highlights. Background/Occupation: Another Vahki brought back online by the League, assigned to Squad Mother NU-8020S. The Nullifiers were programmed with the ability to mimic organic functions. Some of this was in the form of bad jokes and canned laughter, but NU-8024S can often be seen emulating the body language of nearby organics, adding their vocabulary and their behaviour to his own. Flaws: Naivety and insensitivity. Though on the lookout for suspicious behaviour by design, NU-8024S simply isn’t very good at identifying it. He mimics NU-8020S’s disgust for organics, but doesn’t actively possess that level of hatred, ignorant of the fact that just as other people’s words impact him, so do his words impact others. Is this the organic condition known as madness, Squad Mother? Powers: Standard-issue nullification core allows this unit to nullify one active power from a target. They also think faster - if not deeper - than those of flesh and blood. Gear: This unit is armed with Staffs of Suggestion, and an Enlarge Kanoka Disk of Le-Metru make. Name: 'Buggy' - NU-8025S Breed: Nullifier Vahki Faction: Refugees Description: Standard Nullifier Vahki, silver with X highlights. Background/Occupation: Another Vahki brought back online by the League, assigned to Squad Mother NU-8020S. He's mostly kept in the Transport, performing co-pilot duties, looked after by NU-8023S - Obedient. He's not incompetent, just unusual. Flaws: Poor programming. Whatever the reason, NU-8025S's emotional capability results in curious activities, such as trying to walk through walls, stopping to count individual grains of sand, and at one point in the past trying to unscrew his own head before the Squad Mother stopped him. Powers: Standard-issue nullification core allows this unit to nullify one active power from a target. They also think faster - if not deeper - than those of flesh and blood. Gear: This unit is armed with Staffs of Confusion, and a Teleport Kanoka Disk of Ga-Metru make. Name: 'Wayward' - NU-8026S Breed: Nullifier Vahki Faction: Refugees Description: Standard Nullifier Vahki, silver with X highlights. Background/Occupation: Another Vahki brought back online by the League, assigned to Squad Mother NU-8020S. Disobedience in Vahki is rare, probably because they're either reprogrammed or recycled whenever they demonstrate it. While the Squad Mother keeps her defiance hidden - for now - from the League, so does NU-8026S keep his hidden from her. Flaws: Pride and defiance. Sound familiar? He resents NU-8020S’s talk of 'freeing the Vahki race' and yet expecting them to do as she says. He believes that he would be a better leader than the malfunctioning rust-bucket who dragged them all across the desert for nothing. Powers: Standard-issue nullification core allows this unit to nullify one active power from a target. They also think faster - if not deeper - than those of flesh and blood. Gear: This unit is armed with Staffs of Loyalty, and a Shrink Kanoka Disk of Ko-Metru make.
  4. IC: NU-8020S (Po-Koro Gates, Vahki Transport, Exterior) Organics subjugating other organics. Typical. This was not her fight, and yet… whether it was some trace of her original programming she had yet to quash or something more heroic, NU-8020S felt she should at least offer some assistance. "You believe the culprits will soon return to the crime scene. I concur, but I am reluctant to divide the squad. There are only seven of us, and the other six are my responsibility. I could send half to Metru-Koro and assign the other half here, but which half would I supervise?" A more polite way of saying 'I am not splitting up the squad and there’s no way you can make me, so make up your minds, fleshsacks'. @Harvali@Tarn@pokemonlover360@Snelly IC: Enra (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Pipes Chamber) "Yeah, uh, what exactly is the incentive here, for jumping through all your hoops?" @Unreliable Narrator@Nato the Traveler
  5. IC: Ulkarr (Metru-Koro, The Taku, The Bridge) "Excuse me, but is there not a way we can inform Po-Koro of the current situation? When I was last there, they were constructing a device with the ability to receive 'radio signals'. Whatever those are…" @BULiK@Tarn@ZippyWharrgarbl
  6. IC: Ulkarr (Metru-Koro, The Taku, Cargo Bay) That doesn’t sound conventional at all, but I’ll take your word for it. As for these masks… it may require me to alter my vessel somewhat, but it should not prove impossible for me. Something for later. Looking outside the cargo bay doors, Ulkarr saw that the negotiations had not yet finished. Best not to interrupt them with trivialities at this crucial juncture. Perhaps a return to the bridge would be in order? The crew of this ship seemed to possess some sort of verbal communication with the range of telepathy. They might understand this unusual sorcery Bode was talking about. There was a brief pause. You are not arrogant, Bode. In fact, you are quite modest, all things considered. I shall find one who knows of these 'radio signals'. Goodbye. Ulkarr began making his way back the way he came, behind Triage. It was best to let the one in front of him speak first. That was only polite. @Harvali@BULiK@Tarn IC: NU-8020S (Po-Koro Gates, Vahki Transport, Exterior) "I did not anticipate that Pridak would actually try to negotiate, but then the vain bonebag never told us any more than the bare essentials. If you will allow us to join you, we will assist in defending 'Metru-Koro'." @Tarn@Harvali@pokemonlover360@Snelly IC: Navu (Metru-Koro, Navu’s Hut) Navu had thought that the time passed and the stress of the airship battle would have dampened the revulsion she felt when she last saw what lied within her home. It did not. She hoped that Triage would be here soon. Fortunately, her house had been spared most of the League’s barrage. Sheer force of impact from one particularly close blast had left cracks in the wall, and chunks of the ceiling were left scattered on the floor, not enough to collapse it, thankfully. Toa Datrox’s cryogenic coffin was still cold to the touch, despite being left here for the better part of a day. There was a small outcrop of what straddled the line between liquid and moisture surrounding the base, but apart from that, you would think the man had been frozen just a few minutes ago. Perhaps it was because the cold desert night was reversing the effects of the hot desert day. Perhaps it was because this was elemental ice, as opposed to your bog-standard ordinary ice. Perhaps it was because Datrox no longer had any body heat. Whatever the case, it looked as if no time passed at all. Given that time seemed to be out of whack at the moment, it may very well have. A vile, acidic feeling boiled up in Navu’s throat. But it wasn’t the grotesque nature of Datrox’s murder and subsequent desecration of his corpse that caused it. She had been given quite a while to process that. No, it was the fact that this crime had been committed not by that red-eyed monster from earlier, or any other enemy of Matorankind. This had been done by a Toa. Datrox’s brother-in-arms, whom she had allowed sanctuary here to help him with his sickness - sickness that was likely derived from whatever mind-altering concoction he had clearly been taking. In her time in the various work camps the League had her transferred to and fro over the years, they had tried to break her faith in Mata Nui and in the Toa. The former had been easy - the Great Spirit was intangible, the Toa were not. They were supposed to be the best of them. But after Datrox’s gruesome murder, their refusal to hear her when she needed to be heard, and their willingness to negotiate with the monsters that just tried to bomb them all into oblivion… well. It looked like they had succeeded after all. "Woohoo."
  7. IC: Ulkarr (Metru-Koro, The Taku, Cargo Bay) No. I think the news will be better received through more conventional channels. It seems I will not be able to investigate the summons from near the volcano, but it is likely of no consequence. Looking from within the cargo bay, Ulkarr saw through the massive open door the congregation of Metruans and Leaguers in the midst of discussing terms. While the situation is no longer violent, it seems that I may have to stay a while further to monitor Metru-Koro. If there was another like you here, this wouldn’t be an issue... He turned to look at the injured crew members. None of them were in critical condition. ...But there isn’t. I shall keep you informed of any new developments, and you shall do the same for me? @Harvali@BULiK IC: Achro and Waveahk (The Coliseum, Lounge) Waveahk located the nearest tap and began refilling his canteen. He restrained himself from insulting Rose, though this took a tremendous effort. Of course, the Coliseum was only ever 'in the right hands' when they were the hands of a Toa. Never mind the fact that said Toa most likely had little intention of giving up the Coliseum, let alone the throne. Achro, despite still suffering what he would describe as 'political whiplash', really, really wanted to kill these people. He had spent all that time getting into Pridak's good graces for nothing. One week. One whole week! Why couldn't these clowns have shown up on the weekend? That door would have the last laugh on him after all. Except no, no it wouldn't, because he had legs, and thus ambulatory movement. Very gorgeous legs, despite fungal growths caused by mutation. He did a fancy strut out of the lounge to prove his point. @Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Snelly IC: Enra (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Pipes Chamber) Enra had not been expecting that. "WHAT THE BLOODY - what?! Uh, fine then, I GUESS." She wasn't amused by Xane's amusement, glaring in his direction. @Vezok's Friend@Nato the Traveler
  8. IC: Ulkarr (Metru-Koro, The Taku, The Bridge) "Interesting. There wouldn’t be enough of me to accomplish this. Regardless, it would seem the situation here has been resolved. I would like to speak with you again, at a later point." Ulkarr began to make his departure from the Taku. The summons he had felt from near the volcano had now gone away. He hoped that had not been of any importance. But without Uraborask and his jalopy, he had no means to fast transport. He had observed the technique of travelling through shadows during the battle, but even if he could replicate that feat, it would be little use across a wide expanse of flat desert, as it was unlikely it could traverse such large distances in one go. But perhaps Po-Koro was fine, and did not require his attention. The fighting had ceased, yes, but in Zakaz, that only meant so much. There was only one way to know for sure. Booooodeeeee… The psychic link was still active. I trust there’s been no disturbances in my absence? The situation in Metru-Koro has been resolved... for now. I am sorry I had to leave you, but these mutterings of war demanded my attention, and even I cannot be everywhere at once. @ZippyWharrgarbl@BULiK@Harvali
  9. IC: Gnabol (Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary) "Of course." Gnabol sat down on one of the empty beds and attempted to relax. @Smudge8@Tarn
  10. IC: Achro and Waveahk (The Coliseum, Throne Room) "That's... that's it? OK..." Great. Now Achro was both confused and disappointed. He had absolutely no clue who these people were, why they thought they were Toa, or whatever their problem was. Waveahk was just glad nothing had gone wrong this time, though it came very close to doing so. Not because of Rose and Skyra, as he’d suspected, or even Aurax and Saybo, but because of this random zealot, nearly undoing all their work for the sake of feeling righteous. That was a common theme he had noticed. Both the Toa and the Barraki were so sure in their cause that they were perfectly willing to commit all manner of atrocity to further it. Really, the only difference was that one fought for racial supremacy masquerading as religion, and the other personally screwed him over. But the Barraki were nearly all gone now. And Aurax, though untrustworthy, clearly didn’t buy into any of that 'Three Virtues' garbage and treated him like a living being, unlike Thing One and Thing Two, who refused to acknowledge his authority despite their Turaga granting him it. Oh sure, they tried to cover it up with idiocy and hypocrisy, and while those were present, Waveahk knew what the real underlying reason was. He moved to the elevator, to leave as Stannis 'requested'. Maybe, once his services - and thus, his existence - were no longer required by Metru-Koro, King Aurax might be in need of those services. Oh, sure, Stannis said he regretted nearly killing him, but he would have the Odd Couple tear him apart as soon as it became inconvenient to keep him around. He was Stannis, after all. He could do no wrong. Something to think about for the future. "If this really is the end, I just have to say this: working with you all… was a chore." @Tarn@Snelly@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Eyru@EmperorWhenua IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea Shoreline, Toa Canister) After the lid of the Canister popped off with a hiss of pressurized steam, Tekmo emerged from it, eyes readjusting to the light. The cylindrical transport had successfully conveyed him across the Silver Sea. Which was good, considering what happened to that misbegotten League ship captain who spoke broken Matoran. He had fury, indeed. Tekmo scanned the horizon behind him for any sign of Vulimai and Knichou’s Canister. @Sparticus147@BULiK IC: Gnabol (Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary) Gnabol was disconcerted - more so - by Mazor's mention of an 'outside force'. "Not sure how I feel about that, but I do feel that leaving the thing in League territory, doing nothing about it and just hoping they don't find it based on that there might be some rocks in the way is... not good." @Smudge8@Tarn
  11. IC: Enra (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Nuva Chamber) "Well… two outta three ain’t bad. I wouldn’t call it good, but… oh, whatever. We're done here, I do declare." Enra started making her way out of the chamber, device still in hand. "That swirly-whirly thing's still there, right? The portal? The spacial gateway?" She asked no-one in particular. @Vezok's Friend@Nato the Traveler IC: Gnabol (Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary) Gnabol briefly slipped out of serious mode back into sarcastic mode. "Because it sounds like a lovely place for a holiday. I don’t much appreciate the existence of malignant artifacts of doom that could fall into the wrong hands. Or any hands. I don’t see anyone else doing anything about it." @Tarn@Smudge8
  12. IC: Achro and Waveahk (The Coliseum, Throne Room) "I, for one, welcome our new Toa overlord." Achro equipped his gun and moved to support OTIS against Oreius. "Besides… we weren’t finished." Waveahk also turned on Oreius, drawing his revolver and sword, having picked up the latter in the time the others spent arguing. "I'm sorry, but you lost me when you unironically used the word 'heretic'. Killing Aurax might make you feel 'righteous', but it won't solve anything aside from perpetuating a needless war, which doesn't strike me as very 'righteous'." @~Xemnas~@Eyru@EmperorWhenua@Kal the Guardian@Tarn@Snelly IC: NU-8020S (Po-Koro Gates, Vahki Transport, Exterior) The Vahki also visibly relaxed, removing the Kanoka from her mandibles, and stepping closer to the prototype. "I am NU-8020S. Trust is an unknown variable, but there will be no hostility between us." She then turned to Kanohi. "It has been scientifically proven that telepathic abilities have no effect on Vahki. Perhaps you could provide this information in a more conventional manner?" @pokemonlover360@Harvali@Tarn@Snelly IC: Enra (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Nuva Chamber) "Cheers, magic voice." Enra turned to Xane, still holding the device. "Can you, uh, write down what it says on the podium? I'd do it meself, but me hands are full." @Vezok's Friend@Nato the Traveler IC: Gnabol (Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary) "Show me." Was Gnabol’s only response. "Take to me these tunnels." @Smudge8@Tarn
  13. IC: Achro and Waveahk (The Coliseum, Throne Room) With water still dripping from his mouth, Waveahk moved to retrieve his sword. "Good question." He glanced suspiciously at Stannis, though that was nothing new, he had been doing that for a while now. "Though to be fair, someone does have to take charge. The League won't magically dissipate without it's figurehead. Besides, isn't there, like, one more Barraki left?" Oh, this was good. With any luck, they'd start killing each other and make things easier on Achro. @~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@EmperorWhenua@Eyru@Tarn@Snelly IC: Navu (Metru-Koro) "Oh. OK. I'll be waiting there, I guess." Navu went to do exactly as Triage suggested. @Tarn IC: Enra (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Nuva Chamber) "I dunno, let’s see..." Enra impulsively tried to lift the device from the podium. @Vezok's Friend@Nato the Traveler IC: Gnabol (Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary) Gnabol rested his arm on the wall to support his quivering legs. "There’s - there’s a perfectly rational explanation for this. I just... haven't thought of it yet. Where exactly did this all happen?" @Smudge8@Tarn
  14. IC: Achro and Waveahk (The Coliseum, Throne Room) Well, that was that. As he watched the Shark King take his last breath, Waveahk wondered if he had been on the wrong side from the very beginning. He had never been the greatest supporter of the Matoran and their nonsense religion. But regardless, the League had chosen to make an enemy of him when they made him into… this. He didn’t know how much longer he had. A fierce thirst had been building up since he had to hide in the vent, and was now almost unendurable. The thirst came more rapidly these days. Rather than pick up his Kanoka Blade still lying on the floor, question Stannis’s improbable survival, or get out of there before any of the Toa could betray him, Waveahk started chugging from one of his gourds. The thirst went away… and the pain began, as he felt his body slowly, but surely, changing into something else. Achro, meanwhile, considered his options. He could keep fighting, and likely die, which made it not worth it, but only barely. He could pledge his loyalty to the new regime, assuming any of these people were interested in being in charge. Or, he could take advantage of the fact that everyone’s attention was elsewhere to run as fast as feasibly possible to the elevator. For now, however, he’d stay out of focus, and try to gauge the temperature of the room before making any moves. @EmperorWhenua@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Tarn@Snelly@Eyru IC: Navu (Metru-Koro) Navu followed Triage for some reason, desperate to be of some use to someone. "So… where we going?" @Tarn IC: Enra (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Nuva Chamber) "How do we know your people’s disks don’t work unless we try? There’s gotta be someone around the, uh… impact site who knows what’s up. There's no 'do not touch' sign here, no glass case, so I think it's safe to say we can take this gizmo with us." @Nato the Traveler IC: Gnabol (Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary) To say that this threw Gnabol for a loop would be an understatement. According to Mazor, the Matoran god was not only real - or had been - but was either suicidal or malevolent. Neither option boded well, even if he really was dead. What even was death to a god? This all assumed that Mazor’s account wasn’t mistaken, for one reason or another. Shock quickly turned into denial. "It… it can’t be… you - you must be mistaken..." Gnabol had reason enough for disbelief other than a spiritual crisis. After all, according to Matoran dogma, the Zyglak were not part of Mata Nui’s grand design. If Mata Nui was real, dead or not… what would that mean for his race? @Smudge8@Tarn
  15. IC: NU-8020S (Po-Koro Gates, Vahki Transport, Exterior) "I want freedom. Not just for myself, but for the entire Vahki race. And the Kralhi too, if he would stop threatening us. The kill order is unjust and I refuse to entertain it." NU-8020S turned from the Vortixx and the Kralhi to address the Matoran's line of questioning. "As for what the League wants, according to the propaganda fed directly into my mind, the Matoran used the Toa upgrade to forcibly reprogram the other races with their own operating system - belief in Mata Nui - in order to exploit and control them." Perhaps she could have used more 'organic' terminology, but hopefully they would begin to see the comparisons she was drawing. "The Turaga’s story is that of heathen barbarians looting and pillaging the innocent, whereas the Barraki’s story is that of tyrannical zealots enslaving and radicalizing the innocent. I have not received any new information that disproves either viewpoint, having experienced both regimes personally, and seen no noticeable difference from my - perhaps limited - perspective. Both have exploited and controlled the Vahki race for their own ends, merely with different justifications." @Harvali@pokemonlover360@Tarn@Snelly IC: Gnabol (Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary) "You good?" Gnabol asked Mazor. "I need you to stay with me here, mate." Both figuratively, and literally. Nale might've been nice, but he still didn't feel entirely safe here. @Smudge8@Tarn
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