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  1. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) "That's, uh... that's rather discriminatory - what was your name, again?"
  2. IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Undercity Streets) Waveahk narrowly avoided breathing in the smoke, holding his claw over his mouth, as he saw the Vahki simply plow through it, being purely mechanical beings and thus not needing to breathe. He couldn't see anything through the dark haze that now obscured where his targets once stood - but he did see that the elevator pod they were fleeing towards was now all the way up to the docks proper, no doubt taking advantage of the confusion. Thom would have some explaining to do. Well, he couldn't pursue them in that elevator, so he resolved to simply abandon the shadows and make a mad dash towards the nearest other elevator... the same one his fellow Dark Hunter Vyarik was jogging towards in his Matoran guise, not that he knew that. IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) Ostrox moved up closer, intending to skewer the Visorak on his sword once Aksa and Morah were finished prying it off the former.
  3. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) "They-they wouldn't do... alright, maybe they'd do the first two things, but only if you had broken the law."
  4. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) "Vahki wouldn't-oh, very well, whatever you say." Tekmo determined that joining Triki and his merry band could help him find the Disks... and also, make sure Triki didn't get into any trouble.
  5. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) "...Yes. We will seek the Great Disks then! As Toa, I and Karista can, uh, supervise you, as you undertake this noble endeavour." IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Undercity Streets) Apparently, Waveahk would not be waiting for as long as he thought, as his targets very quickly moved on from the corpse, heading towards the docks nearby... which, since Waveahk had come from the Protodermis Canals, was not quite in his direction, but it was close enough. Unfortunately, something they must have done must have upset the Vahki, as they were now also in pursuit, having the advantage of not having to skulk in the shadows like he did. He hid, as the clockwork automatons quickly closed the gap between themselves and their shared targets. He was about to step up the pace when there was suddenly this hissing sound...
  6. IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) "Fascinating..." Ostrox observed from a safe distance. "...And also, very concerning."
  7. IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Undercity Streets) Either Waveahk didn't see Thom, or he ignored him, as he crept his way through the dark recesses of downtown Onu-Metru. It did not take long for him to find what he was looking for. He saw from behind street corners Matoran dispersing from a central point. He went in the opposite direction, sticking to the shadows all the while, before coming across both his targets - Knichou and Stannis, along with a second Toa and a Vahki, looking over a corpse, with various other Matoran staring blankly like idiots, as if this was the first time they'd seen a dead body before. Waveahk remained out of sight behind a dark corner. It was no good striking now, with so many hostiles and witnesses. He knew that he may be there a while.
  8. IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Protodermis Canal) "Yes, feel free to just stand around being useless." Waveahk began to walk away from Thom, intending on continuing his search on foot through dark alleyways. He should have been still dripping yet, but his skin just seemed to absorb all the moisture.
  9. IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Protodermis Canal) "How about we continue this riveting conversation after Stannis is dead, Knichou is captured and we get paid?"
  10. IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Protodermis Canal) "And you presume that I'm 'terrible'." Waveahk climbs out of the water and onto dry land. "But perhaps together, we could reach some level of competency." Of course, that level wouldn't be a combined result, it would be Waveahk's skill minus Thom, but the mutant decided that the gunman didn't need to hear that part. Meat shields were hard to come by.
  11. IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Protodermis Canal) Waveahk puts away his Zamor. "Now, was that so difficult? I've come for either one. Do you want to get paid, or do you want to spend all day talking with 'fish'?"
  12. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) "Uh, right... well, if none of you are concerned about this, I suppose it... doesn't really matter, I suppose. You said you were looking for the Great Kanoka Disks, yes?" IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Protodermis Canal) "I believe I asked a very simple question. But, since you yourself are clearly very simple, I'll say it again: Dark Hunter, yes or no?"
  13. IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Protodermis Canal) "It appears my tone was too polite. You see, I am a Dark Hunter. You are now aware of my existence. If you are not a fellow Dark Hunter... you see where this is going?"
  14. IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Protodermis Canal) Thom's telescopic vision revealed that what he saw in the water was not a Takea. But in fact, some sort of mutated Steltian... which had seen him, as well. At phenomenal speed, the creature rose to the surface of the water, brandishing a Zamor Sphere Launcher. When he spoke, his voice seemed distorted and wrong, perhaps something to do with lungs and gills co-existing. "Your name and occupation, if you'd please."
  15. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) "I... I am Tekmo. I-I told you this."
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