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  1. IC: NU-8020S (Northern Desert) "Even with your help, we do not have any leads as to his whereabouts. Locating the fugitive could take several days. Do you have any upcoming reservations or appointments?" @Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@ZippyWharrgarbl@xccj IC: Tekmo and Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut) Waveahk eyed the slug intently. "So. A pair of locals with slugs attached to them attack a Toa. This settlement was also recently attacked by the natives. So if our friends down south attach slugs to people, and people with slugs are attacking us..." He then eyed Stannis. "Still want to tell me this doesn't affect us, Stannis? Or am I not 'wielding my knowledge carefully', whatever that's supposed to mean. Would you like to debate this with the Turaga? I'm sure he'll be more willing to listen to your incoherent ramblings than I am-" "What is happening?! Have you all gone mad!? You're drunk-" Skyra, "-she's unconscious-" Keitara, "-you're not helping-" Stannis, "-and you are just unpleasant." Waveahk. "You-" Irna, "-are fine though, you've been very patient and I'm sorry for what's happening. Now, how about we all go and speak with the Turaga, so that we're all on the same page, and we can actually agree on a course of action? And also, could someone get her a doctor? I'm fairly certain people do not change colour, at least not that quickly." @EmperorWhenua@Keeper of Kraata@Snelly@Conway@TL01 NUVA
  2. IC: Tekmo and Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut) Waveahk finishes his drink, before staring blankly at Stannis. "Well, its not often I hear the dumbest things I've ever heard, but there you go, giving me three new contenders for that title in rapid succession. I know more than you'd like to think, this isn't 'personal', it's basic survival instinct, and if you think this isn't a problem just because we're not knee-deep in slugs right about now-" "Slugs?! You say slugs!?" Tekmo turned to Skorm. "He mentioned slugs, right? Show them the slugs." @EmperorWhenua@Keeper of Kraata@Snelly@Conway@TL01 NUVA
  3. IC: NU-8020S (Northern Desert) "Your offer of help is appreciated. We are in no position to refuse you." That, and her brothers weren't much for conversation. NU-8020S's head turned to the van. "You already possess a means of transportation, but it is smaller than ours and cannot fit us all. It can, however, fit inside our vehicle once the rear boarding ramp is lowered." She then sent a command to the Vahki aboard, commanding them to do so. @Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@ZippyWharrgarbl@xccj IC: Navu (Metru-Koro, Navu's Hut) "I'm afraid I haven't heard of you guys. Then again, I haven't heard much in general. Tales of Toa give us hope, and, uh... the League slave-drivers didn't like that very much." Navu rubs her shoulder a little, already regretting bringing up that subject. @Tarn
  4. IC: Achro (Onu-Metru, The Archives) There was nothing. A gaunt quiet, that seemed to mock him. He was promised a chance to test his might. The noise below promised him a mighty beast to slay. Oh well. He had his mission. No amount of personal dissatisfaction changed that. Achro continued to go deeper into the Archives, the Red Smoke worming its way into every corridor he passed by. @Onaku@Azibo IC: NU-8020 (Northern Desert) "The fugitive is-" If these people were sympathetic to the League, they'd be in Metru Nui. It was unlikely that the truth would make them more co-operative. "-a high-ranking member of the League of Six Kingdoms. His status grants him considerable affluence. He possesses the power to hypnotize intelligent beings into becoming his slaves. No-one on the island is safe until he is apprehended." @Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@ZippyWharrgarbl@xccj IC: Tekmo and Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut) Waveahk rolled his eyes at the ridiculousness around him, and turned to Stannis. "I never said anything about an attack. I said evaluate. Scout. Observe. Perhaps, even open a dialogue. We have other options besides violence and just ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away." "...So is there still a line-" "YES. There is still a line. Speak with the Turaga with you wish to join this mission. Or don't, if you do not." Waveahk began to drink more water out of his canteen. Tekmo turned to Skorm. "Well. We live in a society, after all." Tekmo got into his place in line behind everyone else, inviting Skorm to join him. @EmperorWhenua@Keeper of Kraata@Snelly@Conway@TL01 NUVA
  5. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) Ulkarr still hadn't moved from Po-Koro's entrance. In fact, it hadn't seemed like he had moved at all. @Harvali IC: Achro (Onu-Metru, The Archives) Achro heard sounds of commotion coming from the lower levels. A particularly violent, nasty creature, he suspected. He descended into the ruined depths of the Archives, the Red Smoke coming with him. @Onaku IC: NU-8020S (Northern Desert, Vahki Transport) The giant metal bug was some sort of vehicle, that halted a few meters away from the van. The mechanical legs that supplied its means of propulsion lowered the transport's main body down to the desert surface. Some sort of hatch on the side opened, and NU-8020S, flanked by two of her squad, emerged, marching across to where Mahryo, Lueiji and Triki were standing. "We are searching for the fugitive known as Takadox." The Squad Mother's voice was a distinctly feminine one, conveying power and authority with a cybernetic echo. The subservient Vahki on the left produced an iStone with the most recent photograph of the disgraced warlord on it. "Have you seen this entity?" @Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@ZippyWharrgarbl@xccj IC: Tekmo and Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut) "If I'm honest, I don't really understand why the other settlements even exist. Surely, it's better if we all converge together? Ah, here's Turaga Sans's place now." Tekmo and Skorm walked up to the jovial Turaga's hut, only to find there was a line - and Waveahk was addressing everyone else there about something. "Yes, he did." Waveahk said, answering Irna's question, though Tekmo and Skorm didn't hear what that was.. "Off the southern coast of this island, lies a collection of substantially smaller islands that the natives call: 'the Kumu Islets'. There is reason to believe that the inhabitants of the Islets pose a threat to this settlement, as they are supplying the locals with... let's say 'weapons', for lack of a better term." @Keeper of Kraata@Conway@EmperorWhenua@Snelly@TL01 NUVA IC: Navu (Metru-Koro, Navu's Hut) "Talk about what? I mean, you probably have a lot of interesting stories to tell. I don't. Well, I don't have any uplifting stories, anyway." @Tarn IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "...Fine. I guess I'm gonna visit the Nightmare Pits after all. Now, how do they get inside when it's sacrifice time?" Enra scrutinized the mountain, surveying it top to bottom with telescopic vision for some sort of entrance. @Nato the Traveler@Unreliable Narrator IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) As Sidra headed deeper into the temple, Klawne stared at the ruins around her once more. Taking a deep breath, she decided that, at some point, she would have to visit the refugee camps, before the time came when the camps no longer stood. And what better time than now? Mustering up the strength necessary for the journey, she began the trek. She had no clue where the camps were. Sidra didn't seem to have left any tracks. But going in the general direction they clustered in should be good enough.
  6. IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "Well, yeah, I'm trying to dissaude you. Did I not mention they sacrifice people here? Because they sacrifice people here. I only came here 'cause I saw you coming here, alone, to this forsaken place. I got telescopic vision, I see a lot of things. You really, really want to check out the cursed mountain which might have homicidal cultists inside it as we speak?" @Nato the Traveler
  7. IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "Yeah, I guess you're right. So... you wanna try one of the temples? Might have to go to one near the refugee camps, though. Probably safer than the other ones." @Nato the Traveler
  8. IC: Achro (Onu-Metru, The Archives) 'Red Smoke'. That was the name Achro used for the gas. Not the most inventive, he knew, but it was accurate. A thick, crimson mist began worming its way through the infested tunnels of what had once been the Onu-Metru Archives, smothering all creatures unable to escape it in a shroud of death. Achro himself was unaffected by the Smoke. And why wouldn't he be? If he was, he would already be dead since his body's metabolism created it. If anything, he kind of liked it. Not just the new way of killing people it gave him - burning people to death, while a classic, could get old at times - but the sensation. The pop and hissing sound as it came billowing outwards, there really wasn't anything quite like it. The only other thing that came close was setting himself ablaze with a fiery aura, feeling the oxygen around him burn up as he burnt some piece of Skakdi scum to a crisp with his bare hands. Anyway, so, gassing endangered species to death. Fun times. IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "Dunno. But I'd bet it was something we came up with. The old settlers probably didn't bother to learn the stories of the people who used to live here. They were busy trying to kill 'em all." Enra's expression became more somber. "It's that sort of thing that... that makes me feel guilty living, you know?" @Nato the Traveler
  9. IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) Enra seems lost in thought for a moment before responding. "I don't know about falling from the sky, but I think - this is the story I was told, anyway - that this isn't our first island. Apparently we all moved here after we 'destroyed' our original homeland, which, yeah, I can see happening." IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) "Well, I don't know about 'wise', but staying safe, definitely." @Nato the Traveler
  10. IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Barraki Fortress) Ostrox believed now was as good a time as any to get a word in edgewise. "I sincerely doubt the Turaga will be willing to come here alone, but The Ripple, last I checked, was indeed still functional. And I'm fairly certain Captain Tugarak is somewhere around here." @Unreliable Narrator@Nato the Traveler IC: NU-8020S (Northern Desert, Vahki Transport) The Mahryo Bros. and company would indeed, find something soon. What appeared to be a giant metal bug, scuttling on mechanical legs, was heading towards them, though it seemed to be decreasing in speed the closer it got. @Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@ZippyWharrgarbl@xccj IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Sans's Hut) "Of course." Waveahk left Sans's hut and addressed those lining up outside. "He's all yours. Also, if anyone would be willing to join me on a mission into uncharted territory to evaluate a possible threat to this settlement, that would be lovely." @Azibo@EmperorWhenua@Snelly@Conway@TL01 NUVA IC: Navu (Metru-Koro, Navu's Hut) "Well, OK." Navu takes the pillow from the bed and hands it to Datrox. "It's a little early to go to sleep now, though. How exhausted are you, on a scale of one-to-ten? One being not very and ten being very." @Tarn IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "They are pirates, yeah, which makes them sound more interesting than they actually are. And I doubt any of them are particularly interested in recording, let alone sharing history. I know for a fact, though, that we weren't the original inhabitants of this island. It wasn't us who built all those ruined temples you find everywhere. Maybe you could try those, instead?" IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) Klawne merely offers a shrug of the shoulders. "Well, you are welcome to look, but I doubt there's anything in here that can help you with that... I know what it's like, having your home taken from you." @Nato the Traveler
  11. IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Barraki Fortress) "And I can pass for a Toa, with these robes disguising any noticeable differences. Just putting that out there." @Unreliable Narrator@Nato the Traveler IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro, Tekmo's Hut) "Excellent. Follow me!" Tekmo led Skorm out of his hut and through the streets towards Turaga Sans's residence. "I hope you can appreciate that this settlement was only founded under a week ago. It's a work-in-progress, keep in mind." @Keeper of Kraata IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Sans's Hut) "If you can persuade others to join me, then how can I refuse?" @Azibo IC: Navu (Metru-Koro, Navu's Hut) "...You don't... you don't want me to get something soft for you to rest under, at least?" @Tarn IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "You are speaking with a native. One of the few who's not gonna rip out your spine and floss their teeth with it. But if you're really looking for a second opinion, I guess we can try the Riggers. They hate me the least, I think. They live on a floating scrap-pile called 'the Rig' - hence the name - out on the eastern coast, connected to land by a bridge that looks like someone made it when they were drunk. I doubt they'll know - or even be interested in telling you - what you're looking for, though." IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) "We might share a race, but that doesn't necessarily make them my people. Still, living in an actual house would be superior to hiding out in a cave. I don't know. Dwelling on the past isn't healthy. It's not like you can change it, can you?" @Nato the Traveler
  12. IC: Ostrox and Achro (The Coliseum, Barraki Fortress) Well, that wasn't quite was Achro was hoping for, but perhaps one of these scavengers would at least put up a fight. "You got it, my lord! I'll teach them something fierce, I will!" As he left the throne room to carry out this order, he passed Ostrox and Zaliyah as they entered, to ask a similar question. "Lord Pridak. I understand you must be getting this question rather frequently, but 'idle hands' and all that. Is there anything we can do for you?" @Unreliable Narrator@Nato the Traveler IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Sans's Hut) "To make a long story short: I wished in my head for a cup of water, and some sort of entity gave me one. This apparently meant I owed it something, despite the fact that the deal was made without my knowledge or consent, and it implanted a slug in my arm and told me to go kill Korruhn and Mata Nui. And ever since I got this slug, I've been able to do this." Waveahk hovered in the air for a few seconds to demonstrate. "So far, I haven't been able to explain any of it - until today. The local Skakdi seem to have similar slugs attached to their spines. Their loose lips spun a tale of a chain of islands off the south coast called 'the Kumu Islets', home to strange creatures who implant these organisms inside willing hosts in exchange for fulfilling their commands. 'Aspects', they called them." @Azibo IC: Navu (Metru-Koro, Navu's Hut) After walking a fair distance, and the awkward pause that followed Navu frantically searching her pockets for the key, Navu welcomed Toa Datrox into her place of residence. Aside from some farming tools, chairs, a table and a bed, it was incredibly sparse. There was a backdoor which led out into Navu's struggling plantation field. "Uh, welcome, I think. There's only one bed, so... I guess I'll sleep on the floor. I'm used to resting on hard surfaces, I'll be fine." @Tarn
  13. IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro, Tekmo's Hut) Tekmo's eyes widened, and he tried to look away from the thing in Skorm's hand, but he couldn't. "I'll take you to Turaga Sans's place, but please, please put that thing away." @Keeper of Kraata
  14. IC: NU-8020S (Wilderness, Vahki Transport) NU-8020S was self-aware, but she certainly wasn't the master of her life. Otherwise, she wouldn't be here, out in this miserable wasteland, nor would she have to take orders from those disgusting sacks of meat who called themselves 'kings'. Thankfully, she did not have to expose her, nor her squad member's, perfectly-designed shells to the outer elements, at least not for long. She had taken one of the Vahki Transports that had been relatively undamaged by the... 'migration' to Zakaz. Two of the squad were at the controls, driving through a seemingly infinite horizon of nothingness, while the rest were in the hold in stand-by mode. If Takadox was anywhere on this desolate island, the Vahki would find him. Even if it took an eternity. IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro, Tekmo's Hut) "Opinions on... what? What's in the bag, Skorm?" @Keeper of Kraata IC: Navu (Metru-Koro) "Well, if you've really got no other options, I guess I can't refuse you. Follow me, or something." Navu began to lead Datrox to her home. @Tarn IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "Aw, that's kind of you. Well, if you wanna avoid the locals you're best sticking with me, mate. I know this island like the back of my hand. I can't actually see the back of my hand 'cause the gloves are on, so that's how you know I'm not fibbing." IC: Gnabol (Wilderness) "I arrived here in that giant metal head, so your guess is as good as mine. There's that floating giant bubble, though, so that's something." @Smudge8 IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) "I don't know. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one left, but that can't be true. Can't be. If I survived, it must therefore stand that others did as well." @Nato the Traveler
  15. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) Ulkarr had not moved from where he was standing. Not even a little. @Harvali IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro, Tekmo's Hut) "Excellent! I'll introduce you to Turaga Sans. Don't worry, there's an ex-Dark Hunter wandering around, so I'm sure he'll let you stay here, even if its only temporary." @Keeper of Kraata IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut) Waveahk briskly answered both Stannis's and Irna's questions. "I am Waveahk, and yes, I am to see the Turaga. Right now, as it happens." And with that, he entered the Turaga's hut, rather quickly so he didn't have to be in Stannis's presence any longer than necessary. "Turaga Sans. I need to talk to you about the slug in my arm. I believe I now know where it comes from." @Azibo@EmperorWhenua@Conway@Snelly IC: Navu (Metru-Koro) Navu's eyes widen. "Stay? With me? Not sure why you'd want to, my place's a mess and so am I." @Tarn IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "Even if you really do get something in return, throwing somebody into a pit just isn't good manners, you know? Me name's Enra, by the way. What's yours?" IC: Gnabol (Wilderness) Gnabol lowered his blade and relaxed a little. "Sorry. Just... just a little on edge, recently. I'm called Gnabol, by the way." @Smudge8 IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) "Yes. We did. But that was... a long time ago." @Nato the Traveler
  16. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "Hmm. Good point. So..." Tekmo looked over to where the next mountain in this line was. "We try that one next?"
  17. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) "Very well. I will be here, waiting." OOC: You can have him, I wouldn't know what to do with him. @Harvali@Tarn IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "Oh, most likely. I just don't like waiting around, you know?" Ostrox led Zaliyah to the elevator, and pressed the button to go down. IC: Achro (The Coliseum, Barraki Fortress) Achro entered Pridak's throne room. "So. My lord. Anything you'd like from me?" @Unreliable Narrator IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "Yeah, well, there's something under this mountain called 'the Nightmare Pits'. I've never seen them myself, and hopefully, I won't ever have to. Sometimes, idiots like to toss some poor blighter in as a 'sacrifice'. So, yeah, lovely tourist destination." IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) "Well, I'd like to think of myself as a native, considering it was my people who used to live on this island, and not the Skakdi. Oh, and in this instance, a while's about half an hour." @Nato the Traveler
  18. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "Hmm. Well, it doesn't seem anyone but us noticed. Perhaps we should check someplace else?"
  19. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) "...I may need some help with this. I do not know what the 'launcher' looks like." @Harvali@Tarn IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro) "Never heard of 'queues', have we?" Waveahk muttered to himself after Pardehi left, before taking a swig of water from his canteen.
  20. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) "My name is Ulkarr." He looks downward to address the Matoran. "You must draw us this map." @Harvali@Tarn IC: Achro (The Coliseum, Arena) Discarding his opponent's body on the floor, Achro began to make his way up to the Barraki Fortress. It was time to figure out why they weren't killing yet. IC: NU-8020S (The Coliseum) Her squad of her fellow Nullifiers assembled, NU-8020S took them out into the wasteland in search of Takadox. IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro, Tekmo's Hut) "Indeed. And I'd like for you to join me." @Keeper of Kraata IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut) "It becomes hard for me not to take offense when you use the words 'what could possibly'." @Biological Chronicler IC: Gnabol (Wilderness) Gnabol really, really wished he could read minds right about now. "You mean to tell me you're just out here for some fresh air?" @Smudge8
  21. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) "No. But, perhaps I can offer my services in helping you find this 'companion'."
  22. IC: Ulkarr (Po-Koro) Ulkarr's first impression of the refugee camp known as Po-Koro was a crowd of bodies surrounding a broken yet still functioning body. "What happened here?" @Harvali@Tarn IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro, Tekmo's Hut) "If you intend to speak with the others, that may be difficult. I've not seen Oreius since we settled here, and Ardoku has been missing since our escape from the Great Temple. All of the Matoran inside managed to make it here safely, thankfully." Tekmo poured some water from a jug behind his desk into a cup, and offered it to Skorm. "Drink?" @Keeper of Kraata
  23. IC: Navu (Metru-Koro) "Well, I don't know many people around here either. There's Turaga Sans, of course. That Toa of Plantlife, Tekmo has been helping out with the farming, but beyond that, I don't really know any of these people. Well, apart from you, now." @Tarn IC: Gnabol (Wilderness) "Sorry, but my line of questioning wasn't quite finished. Who do you work for, exactly? Why are you here?!" @Smudge8
  24. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "Excellent. So... what's the safe radius of these explosives?"
  25. IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "Probably should have built downwards then, like the Archives. Anyway, their 'god' was quite an unpleasant individual. Their faith would shatter if they knew what he was really like. Ah well. Shall we see if our masters require anything of us?" IC: NU-8020S (The Coliseum, Barraki Fortress) Yes, because this land of Zakaz was actually quite small, and NU-8020S was bound to run into him if she just looked hard enough. "Command received. Initiating manhunt for 'Takadox'." She marched out of the makeshift throne room, and began to calculate the most likely places that the Mantis would be hiding. Not the refugee camps. They were enemies of the League, and most likely would have lynched him on sight if he ever went there. From what information she had on Takadox, he was smarter than that. One of the native warbands? Possibly. His power of hypnosis might have persuaded them to let him seek refuge in their territory, or even become their new leader. Possibly. The Kumu Islets were a remote location, separated from the mainland. Inviting for a fugitive, but... no. Just no. NU-8020S supposed that she and her squad would have to roam the wasteland and interrogate every meatbag they could find until they found their target. And any time away from the fleshlings that pulled her strings was more time she could spend not having to put up this ridiculous charade of unthinking compliance, so that was a plus. @Unreliable Narrator IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro, Tekmo's Hut) Tekmo's place of residence was rather sparse - probably because it and every other hut was constructed less than a week ago. He invited Skorm to sit down at his desk, while he sat at the other side. On the desk there was a tiny flower in a pot, as well as a photo of Rose and Skyra's wedding. "So, you're here for me, is that right?" @Keeper of Kraata IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut) "If you're here to speak with the Turaga, it'll have to wait. He's talking to someone else at the moment, and I'm talking to him after that." @Biological Chronicler IC: Navu (Metru-Koro) "Me name's Navu. Sorry if they're not up to standard. Soil here's a bit rubbish." @Tarn IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "They've made enemies. Subtle distinction. It's not my fault they're all murderous self-aggrandizing clowns... I'm guessing that, since you're new here, you don't know what this mountain's about?" IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) "For a while. May I ask why you've come?" @Nato the Traveler
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