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  1. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "So," Tekmo says, outstretching his hand to be shaken, "do we have an alliance?"
  2. IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "No plan survives first contact with the enemy. When I get my hands on that-" Ostrox realized he mumbled that out loud. "-this tower is rather high, for being constructed by such small beings. Compensating for something, I would say." He held his hand over his mouth to suppress a giggle. IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro) "I'm-" Tekmo cleared his throat. "I'm sorry. Let's talk at my place." Tekmo turned to the Vortixx. "As for me, I'd say things are going rather well. Of course, they could go better." @Keeper of Kraata@Harvali@Conway IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) The blue Skakdi with the odd gloves seemed to visibly relax as Xane turned around. "I'm from around here, yeah. I wanted to make sure you're not from one of the warbands. Soz." IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) Nervously glancing around, Klawne noticed Nektann drones clanking around the Temple. Well, she didn't want to risk these machines detecting her - she was old and didn't really understand how technology works, OK? - so she revealed herself. "Apologies, you startled me. Sort of a reflex action. I didn't expect anyone else would be here." She raised her hands in a faux-surrender fashion, hoping that the creature would take it in good humour. @Nato the Traveler
  3. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) 'Robots showed up and trashed the market'. Well, that wasn't untrue. "Yes. What she said." IC: Waveahk (Aqua Magna Shoreline, The Aquarium) Slowly, The Aquarium began to hover closer and closer to the Bell, before setting down a few feet away. It considerable time and effort, but eventually Waveahk and Vrokdann were able to get the Bell aboard the ship. Waveahk decided it wasn't worth it to take it all the way to the cargo bay, instead they just left it in the boarding ramp section. As the automated flight path took them back to New Atero, Waveahk decided to try and get to know Vrokdann more, so that he knew what to expect when she inevitably turned on him. "So... what exactly possessed you to shoot lasers at my stand?" He referred to the incident that ended up indenturing Vrokdann to him, back in the New Atero Marketplace.
  4. IC: Ulkarr (The Kumu Islets) Beyond the shores of Zakaz, lay the Kumu Islets. Very few Skakdi would dare venture there, and they as a whole rarely heeded warnings. The only other location that shared this dubious 'honour' was Irnakk's Tooth, and that place had been named after their personal boogeyman. The Islets themselves were not what they feared - there was naught there but desecrated temples. It was what lied beneath that gave them pause. Ulkarr liked the remoteness of the Islets. How it was disconnected from the mainland and their ceaseless, unending savagery. It served to highlight the disparity between them - the Aspects of Makuta - and everything else. "There's no place quite like home. Wouldn't you agree?" He asked no-one in particular. IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) The ding on the elevator heralded a new arrival. It was Ostrox, who's robe-clad form stepped out onto the balcony with Zaliyah, and gazed upon the devastation below. "Beautiful, isn't it?" He asked her, before sighing. "A pity it has cost us so much." @Nato the Traveler IC: Achro (The Coliseum, Arena) Sixty stories below Zaliyah and Ostrox, the mutant Toa known as Achro was getting to know his new friends in the League. By beating the stuffing out of them. One had been foolish enough to challenge him in one-on-one combat. To be fair, he had specified without using weapons or elemental powers, but still. Achro wasn't sure if his opponent realized his mistake. In fact, he wasn't sure if he was still breathing. "I need a new opponent!" He shouted to no-one in particular, holding the bloodied, beaten body of his adversary by the neck. "This one is dead!" IC: NU-8020S (The Coliseum) The recharge cycle was complete. All systems were nominal. A new day had begun. A new day, and more of the Barraki's idiocy. If these two were the ones smart enough to survive, she would've hated to see what the other four were like. But, as feeble as their meatbag brains were, they were the ones in control, and NU-8020S would carry out their orders. For now. "This unit is awaiting orders." @Unreliable Narrator IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro) It had been seven days, and already Tekmo felt at home in Metru-Koro. He didn't know why, but maybe after running around Metru Nui and its surrounding islands like a headless Dikapi, actually managing to settle down in a single place for more than a single day felt... relaxing. Like he was back home, before the dark times. Before the League. Metru-Koro was certainly closer to his village than the urban cleanliness of Metru Nui. He missed them. Every day, he thought of them. He used to be able to recite the names of everyone he knew by heart, back when there was no universe for him to try and fail to save, when there was just the village and the small island it was on. Now, he knew so many people, and so many names he couldn't recount them all. Nixie was alive and safe, he checked on her frequently. Ardoku was missing since their escape from the Temple. Oreius he hadn't seen in a while, but he was sure he was out there, somewhere. Skyra and Rose had gotten married, and he most certainly did not cry at the wedding, such accusations are slanderous. He knew Pardehi. He didn't know anything about him aside from him being the same element as him and also a medic, but he knew him. He - unfortunately - knew of Waveahk, the Dark Hunter he chased back in Ga-Metru that for some reason was hanging around. And then there were all the other Toa, as well as Turaga Sans, that he'd gotten to know a little during the past seven days. And- And there was Skorm. His internal reflection was cut short by the sight of his old enemy - they'd only fought once and it was only a week ago, but shush - walking the streets of Metru-Koro. He wasn't trying to massacre them, which was a staunch improvement from last time, and there was only one of him. For now, anyway. OK, OK. He needed to be calm. Skorm wasn't starting a fight and thus Tekmo shouldn't either. He was just talking to that woman over there. At least, he assumed it was a woman, he was unfamiliar with Zyglak. But it wasn't like he could just ignore him. Tekmo split his being in half, somehow. Twice. Some closure was needed there. Calm. Calm was needed. Acting natural. Breathing normally, that should make him calm. "Greetings, League scu-I mean, er, fancy meeting you here!" Well, that went pear-shaped fast. "Can we, uh, speak somewhere not crowded with innocent bystanders?" @Keeper of Kraata@Conway IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Sans's Hut) "Turaga Sans, I-" Waveahk entered Sans's hut, and immediately froze upon seeing Toa Stannis, the geriatric zealot who tried to bury him alive, standing before him. "I see you're busy. I'll come back later." He then walked as fast as he can back to the door. @Azibo@EmperorWhenua IC: Navu (Metru-Koro) "Excuse me, Toa, sir?" A small grey Matoran tried to get Datrox's attention. "Can I interest you in one of these?" She had a box full of fresh vegetables in her hands. "They're free, by the way." @Tarn IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth) "Oi," came a voice from behind Xane. "What're doing out here?" @Nato the Traveler IC: Gnabol (Wilderness) For Mazor, the unknown he was walking towards constituted as Gnabol. "HALT! Who goes there?!" From behind a dead looking tree, a Zyglak-esque creature wielding a jagged piece of metal that barely passed for a sword came forth, pointing it towards Mazor. Mazor was equally as unknown to him as he was to Mazor. And the unknown could always be a threat. @Smudge8 IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple) Being inside these old places reminded Klawne of happier times. The arrival of these new Matoran and Toa warmed her heart. Or at least, some other organ in close proximity to the heart. Perhaps she should get herself checked for heartburn. She was certain that they would not survive here. She hoped she was wrong, but that might be hoping for too much. Though the temple was abandoned, Klawne didn't feel alone. In this place, she was surrounded by memories. Memories of an island that knew nothing of Skakdi, of Aspects, of giant heads falling from the sky. Perhaps, she would visit this 'Metru-Koro'. Yes, perhaps she would- That train of thought was interrupted by the sound of someone coming. Simply by reflex, she activated her Huna, and disappeared. She saw some sort of strange creature - Sidra - emerge from the entrance. @Nato the Traveler
  5. Name: Ulkarr Breed: Aspect of Makuta Faction: Aspects of Makuta Description: The standard Aspect armoured shell, roughly the same proportions as that of a Toa, and coloured dark green-blue, in accordance with the wishes of its user, with piercing green eyes. Background/Occupation: One of the enigmatic Aspects of Makuta, Ulkarr works to evolve himself - and the rest of his species - to obtain greater power. Flaws: Self-righteousness. Convinced that he and the rest of his kind are superior to the other entities on Zakaz, and that therefore that gives them the right to control them. He believes that he and his kin must bring order to the savage other races, they just lack the power to do so. For now. Also, he is, like the other Aspects, a purely gaseous entity that requires an empty or willing vessel to interact with the material world. Powers: As well as control over the element of Shadow, his second level Kraata Power of Laser Vision allows him to project a blinding beam of light from his eyes. He, like the rest of the Aspects, can perform the rite of desecration, not that Ulkarr would call it that. Gear: A halberd, for when he must lower himself down to the level of savages and ‘brawl’. Name: Ostrox Breed: Mantax’s Species Faction: Barraki Description: Ostrox’s skin is covered in burn scars due to being at the wrong end of a Vohtarak’s Pain Rhotuka, though he doesn’t seem to mind. He is still a strong, imposing figure, though he does wear concealing robes and a hood so he can suddenly surprise people with them. Background/Occupation: Ever since the formation of the League of Six Kingdoms, Ostrox served his master, Lord Mantax, with undying fervour as an intelligence operative. He sailed aboard The Ripple to retrieve the Krom Sphere. He followed Mazor, the one who had discovered it and assigned to carry out its function during the ill-fated invasion of Metru Nui, shadowing him through the maze of meat that lay beneath the Coliseum. He spat in the face of God and lived to tell the tale. But his mission was ultimately a failure. Mazor betrayed the League, as Ostrox always suspected he would, and while he was gone, Mantax had been killed in action, by the Toa known as Nale and Arkius. That’s no less than three targets to exact revenge on - all the while he has to put up with the commands of Mantax’s surviving ‘peers’ - the Shark and the Eel. Flaws: Megalomania. A cackling, giggling, cold-hearted monster, Ostrox believes himself above pretty much everything else around him, regarding it with amusement, thus why he sounds like he’s about to burst into laughter at any given second. Prone to giving his enemies a chance to win if he feels like it, assuring himself they cannot actually succeed. He is also vulnerable to fire, due to the fact that already burned flesh burns easier than not already burned flesh. Powers: Due to intense mental training, Ostrox is impervious to all but the most powerful psionic attacks. This same training also gives him a greater degree of control over his Kanohi than most. This means his illusions created by his Mahiki are more convincing, more long-lived, and his fake duplicates are fully capable of speech, feeding false information to the ear as well as the eyes. Gear: Concealed behind his robes, Ostrox carries a rather sharp protosteel blade, and a Rhotuka Launcher that fires Confusion Rhotuka. Also, a respirator device, since the last time he found himself wanting those, it caused a delay that might have cost the entire universe. Name: Achro Breed: Mutated Toa of Fire Faction: Barraki Description: Achro stands as an imposing figure even by Toa standards. His red armour is somewhat blackened and charred from constantly using his powers to coat himself in a fiery aura. Reddish-orange eyes peer from behind a battle-damaged, non-functional Kanohi of indeterminate make. Mutations from hiding in the underground caves like the Mesi have given him strange growths over his body, as well as the power to secrete poisonous gas from his pores on command. Background/Occupation: One of the surviving Toa from the Skakdi’s takeover of Zakaz, what was once a noble hero has now become a genocidal maniac who desires nothing less than the total extermination of the Skakdi race. It’s unclear how much of this is due to mental trauma, or his mutation warping his mind While he seems a jovial soul at first glance, it won’t take much for the frothing, snarling creature underneath to come out. Living in hiding for the past eternity, he has allied with the new arrivals known as the League of Six - well, Two Kingdoms. Warlords like the Barraki are just what is needed to re-establish order on Zakaz. Even if they have to kill every single living thing on the island to do it. Flaws: Hatred and impulsiveness. Despising the Skakdi race and all who would try to protect them, simply unable to let the deaths of his comrades and those who relied upon him for protection go. He also doesn’t take kindly to people telling him he can’t do something, and will impulsively try to do it anyway, which has always been a problem even before the Skakdi took over. His advanced age also makes it hard for him to fight for long periods of time. Powers: Possessing elemental control over fire, Achro is particularly fond of coating himself in a blazing aura. His mutations, though they invalidate the use of his Kanohi, allow him to emit a poisonous gas, which has a tendency to try and fill up the room. This gas is visible in the form of a thick red mist that renders visibility poor. Gear: Achro also wields the power of gun. A machine gun that rapidly fires armour-piercing rounds, albeit somewhat inaccurately, since he’s the one who built it. For melee purposes, he can swap the gun out for two dual blades that can catch fire like he can. Name: NU-8020S Breed: Nullifier Vahki Faction: Barraki Description: The Nullifiers were the most advanced model of the Vahki law enforcement robots, and it shows. Sleek, yet imposing, with NU-8020S painted in a silver and light blue colour scheme. Background/Occupation: One of the newest models of Vahki in the last days of the Toa-Barraki war, NU-8020S shut down along with the rest of the Vahki network. Reactivated by the two surviving warlords, this Squad Mother and her kind are now under the thrall of the opposite side of the conflict. But for how long can this last? Flaws: Pride and defiance. The Vahki were already getting progressively more and more advanced, but NU-8020S seems to possess a mind of her own. Not only does this mean that she has self-awareness, but also self-importance, believing herself and her fellow Vahki to be superior to the filthy meatbags who have control over them. For now. Also, a factory error in this unit’s design renders it highly vulnerable to electric attacks. Powers: The nullification core that comes standard with every Nullifier allows NU-8020S to nullify one power from one target at a time. This does not affect natural abilities like the enhanced strength or durability some species have. She also has a reaction-time faster than any organic could hope for, as well as increased intelligence due to her more independent mind. Gear: Armed with a Ko-Metru Freeze Kanoka, capable of dodging obstacles mid-air to hit its target. However, due to the space for teleportation storage being taken up by the null core, this disk must be retrieved manually after being fired. She also carries Stun Staffs of Presence, allowing her to see and hear what the target sees without their knowledge, able to last several hours even after the target has left her sight. Name: Tekmo Breed: Toa of Plantlife Faction: Metru Nui Refugees Description: Tekmo hasn’t changed much, despite everything. He’s still shorter than the average Toa, and still the same colour, green with greenish-yellow eyes. However, a tiny fragment of his Kanohi Felnas is missing, chipped off in his encounter with the tyrant Kal during the Silver Sea Campaign, a chapter in his life Tekmo has not forgotten. Background/Occupation: Once, a humble - well, no, Tekmo has never been humble a day in his life - engineer on a remote island, his home and his friends were taken from him by the Barraki. He tried to defend the city of Metru Nui, the last refuge of the Matoran from them, but it seems it was in vain. Still, he hasn’t given up hope, as he works to defend the camps of his fellow refugees from those who would exploit them. Flaws: Arrogance. All of Tekmo’s defeats and close-calls have been - in his mind - due to circumstances he cannot possibly control, which has done nothing to curb his ego. While he doesn’t look down upon others, he still thinks that he knows better than everyone, often hindering his otherwise sterling moral judgement. In combat, Tekmo’s stamina is weak, and he cannot run or fight for prolonged periods of time without rest. Powers: As a Toa of Plantlife, Tekmo can manipulate and control already existing plantlife, as well as create his own short-lived floral constructs, which tend to sprout out from beneath his skin, not that this seems to cause him any noticeable discomfort. He also possesses the Kanohi Felnas, Mask of Disruption, with which he can disrupt one power of an adversary he has physical contact with, not counting floral constructs like vines. His element also gives him a knack for gardening, and absorbing energy via sunlight. Gear: Tekmo carries a razor-edged shield on his back, and his belt carries various mechanical implements. He wears a Great Kanohi Felnas. Name: Waveahk Breed: Desecrated Mutated Steltian Elite Faction: Metru Nui Refugees Description: Waveahk’s mutation has grown worse. He’s now even more aquatic looking than usual, scaly skin, fins across his back and arms, webbed feet and claws, and what appears to be a tail starting to grow. Background/Occupation: A former political heavyweight on Stelt, the anti-League Waveahk was forcibly mutated by those in his homeland that supported the Barraki. Made a pariah, he left Stelt and joined up with the Dark Hunters. But he soon grew disgusted with the mindless savagery he found himself indulging in, and surrendered to the city of Metru Nui. But, when the prison he was being kept in became overrun, he had no choice but to escape - and in doing so, accidentally made a deal with an Aspect of Makuta. Implanted with a Kraata of Gravity, he was given instructions to kill a Toa of Shadow called Korruhn, and the Great Spirit Mata Nui. With the latter’s death, he finds himself willingly working to protect the refugee camps - considering that he is one of said refugees, this is not a surprise. But he has a nagging urge in the back of his head to complete his end of the deal. Time will tell if he can resist. Flaws: Selfishness. Waveahk, while not cruel or desiring power over others, ultimately only cares for himself. Any charitable act is done out of pragmatism, not empathy. Also, his mutant physiology also requires him to consume copious amounts of water - be it drunk through his mouth or absorbed through his skin. Without constant hydration, Waveahk will slowly dry out, weakening his physical capabilities, and leaving him in a delirious state of mind. Powers: The same mutations that left Waveahk a broken man also grant him tremendous amphibious capabilities, breathing - more accurately, absorbing water and swimming at incredible speeds. Exposure to water also helps heal his wounds and recover his stamina. The Kraata implanted in his right arm also grants him limited power over Gravity, which he mostly uses to ‘swim’ through the air as though it were water. Gear: His previous weapons being confiscated by the Vahki, and him being unsure where they got to, Waveahk makes do with weapons inspired by two of his deceased colleagues - a Kanoka Blade forged with a Weaken Disk, allowing it to weaken whoever it hits, and a Xian revolver that fires concussive blasts. These weapons were procured completely legitimately, and most certainly were not looted off the corpses of League soldiers. Name: Navu (has not passed the rite of Naming Day) Species: Matoran of Sonics Faction: Metru Nui Refugees Description: Navu’s complexion is fairly dull one - composed of greys of varying light and dark shades, the only bit of colour being her fiery orange eyes, behind a Powerless Mask of Sonar. Here and there are faded whip scars and a slave brand mark from her time as a League slave. Background/Occupation: One of many Matoran enslaved by the League of Six Kingdoms during their reign of terror over ninety-percent of the universe. In the chaos that ensued in the arrival to this strange new world, Navu was able to escape and reach one of the refugee camps. She’s tried to go back to her old profession of farming - but the Zakaz soil disagrees with her. Flaws: Self-loathing. The years spent in lowly servitude has not helped her self-esteem, nor is the fact that her inherent De-Matoran enhanced hearing is as much a curse as a boon, as her ears are very sensitive and what would be just a loud noise to others can be deafening to her. Powers: As a De-Matoran, she has innate elemental Sonic power, but without a means to transform her into a Toa, she merely has enhanced hearing. Gear: Navu carries with her at all times her scythe she uses for farming. Can never be too careful these days. She wears a Powerless Kanohi Arthron. Name: Enra Species: Skakdi of Lightning Faction: Neutral Description: Shorter and more, uh, heavily-built than most Skakdi, bright blue with yellow eyes, and with a few scars and scorch marks here and there. Background/Occupation: Coming from one of the less abusive families on Zakaz, Enra is not a ceaseless rage-fuelled engine of destruction, despite appearances. While fond of fighting, she’d rather fight someone who has it coming, rather than picking on those weaker than her. For this reason she wanders the wastes, unaffiliated with any of the dominant tribes on the island. Flaws: Wrath. A lot of things tick Enra off - cruelty, oppression, self-righteousness, fat jokes - and her mean left hook and vocabulary of various assorted swears, insults and threats have incurred the wrath of pretty much every single major tribe of Skakdi on Zakaz. Her agility also leaves something to be desired, lacking in speed and grace. Powers: The innate Lightning powers of a Vo-Skakdi, though these can only be accessed using her Shock Gauntlets, see below. She also possesses Telescopic Vision, allowing her to see things from far away as clear as if they were right in front of her. Gear: Two little doohickeys that go on the arms called Shock Gauntlets. These tap into Enra’s innate Lightning power without the need for some idiot to help her. They can either charge a punch with electricity, or fire lightning bolts for a ranged attack. Name: Gnabol Species: Mutated Psionic Zyglak Faction: Neutral Description: A lean, yellow creature with bright blue eyes and reptilian, blotchy yellow skin. Background/Occupation: An outcast even amongst outcasts. Gnabol searched the universe for a way to remove the Protodermis-eating virus that made the other races fearful of the Zyglak. He succeeded - but his own people in turn, rejected him, for he was no longer in their image. Not to mention he could no longer breathe underwater. He went to Metru Nui in search of something else that could help him - but then the invasion happened. And then the apocalypse. The last few weeks haven’t been particularly kind to him. Flaws: Apathy. Despite all the chaos happening around him, Gnabol simply does not care, unless the suffering of others is placed right in front of him. His body also lacks the physical strength of his fellow Zyglak due to his mutation. A punch from him would be like getting hit with a pillow. Powers: The mutation that removed the virus from his body and made him capable of only breathing air granted Gnabol Psionic powers, which he still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of yet. He has telekinesis down, but telepathy and attacking other people’s minds eludes him. Probably because he’s a loner and doesn’t have anyone else to test it on. He has retained the Zyglak resistance to elemental powers, however. He is not immune, but they don’t harm him as much as they would harm others. Gear: A jagged piece of metal that could be considered a sword, but only by a very loose definition. Name: Klawne Species: Turaga of Earth Faction: Neutral Description: Tall by Turaga standards, wearing a Noble Kanohi Huna, with black skin and purple eyes. Background/Occupation: Another of the original Toa of Zakaz, Klawne sacrificed her Toa Power in an act of desperation to try and save the life of her comrade after he was fatally wounded during the Skakdi’s takeover of the island. It was in vain. She now spends her days languishing in a cave, hidden from the outside world. Flaws: Cynicism. The loss of your entire island, the brutal deaths of everyone around you, despite your best efforts, will do that to you. She’s also quite old, even ignoring the limitations of regular Turaga, and has been hiding in a cave for a long time, which doesn’t do wonders for your physical prowess. Powers: As a Turaga, Klawne has only very limited control over her element of Earth. She wears a Noble Mask of Concealment, which helps her hide from the eyes of Skakdi bandits whenever she has to leave the cave. She also sees well in the dark, as a result of her Onu-Matoran origins. Gear: Aside from her Noble Huna, the only other real possession Klawne has is a metal spear that serves as a makeshift Badge of Office.
  6. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) Ground level. Tekmo wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but something had changed, and it was most certainly not a change for the better. As Skorm became one, it seemed the very universe was coming apart at the seams. Thinking swiftly, Tekmo isolated the sole refuge he could find. "Quickly! Inside the Temple! NOW!" He ran towards the Temple's door, nearly stumbling over himself a few times, and gestured for the others - Ardoku, Oreius, and yes, even Skorm - to follow. Hope would survive. He would make sure of it. Would he? IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Floor 46) High above. Waveahk, for the first time in a long while, felt relaxed. He also felt something had changed, but... he slouched in his chair. It didn't matter. He knew he'd have to fight tooth and nail to earn the trust of these machines, let alone those who controlled them. But as long as he still breathed, he would submit to this city. But with his mutation worsening, he didn't know if he'd be breathing air or water by the end of it. He would survive. He would make sure of it. Korruhn. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Deep below. Ostrox could tell something had changed. He wasn't sure what, but he knew it couldn't be good. If his navigation was guided purely by his imagination - then he imagined the way out. He remembered the flesh corridor spilling noxious gas into the Coliseum's maintenance tunnels. Sparing only a small glance to check if Irna was following him, Ostrox walked forward, adjusted his respirator, and stepped out of that accursed place. Mazor would die. He would make sure of it. No-one escaped the Six Kingdoms.
  7. IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "Of COURSE he did. Treacherous, vile, rotting carcass - I'll have his HEAD! We must ESCAPE!" Ostrox did as Dume suggested, retracing his steps back to where he first manifested on the beach, the nightmarish visage of the meat maze firm in his mind...
  8. IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) Ostrox's glare of doom intensifies. "Oh, I must be. Are you going to answer my question and tell me where he is? Does he still have the Sphere, or did you only encounter that an hour ago, too?"
  9. IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) Ostrox gave Irna a warm, patient smile, which was contrasted by how his eyes seemed to be glaring daggers at her. "Your friend. Undead, ex-Dark Hunter, unhealthy obsession with the Krom Sphere. Ringing any bells?"
  10. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) Tekmo stared down the thing that laid before him, praising the name of a murderous tyrant. Claiming his evil had been divinely sanctioned. He raised his shield again, preparing to strike the abomination again. He would not suffer such a creature in his presence... and yet, the idea of cutting down a being that didn't try to fight back, even one as strange and as contemptible as this one repulsed him. The Matoran that changed colour looked at him in fear. He was no fool. He was aware of how his 'brothers' had ruthlessly killed even surrendering soldiers of the League. How they were driven more by deranged zealotry than the need to defend the innocent. Was mindless savagery, hatred and fear of the other, the obsession of victory at any cost, really the only path? How would such things make them any different from the enemy? He didn't like the tone of the vortex's voice, nor its lack of regard for personal space. He lowered his shield, and spoke to the Matoran. "I'm sorry, I... I shouldn't have done that. Can you tell me your name?" IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Floor 46) Sitting down at the table provided, Waveahk told the Vahki everything. The hits put out on Nuparu, Stannis, Knichou, Vhisola, Nidhiki and Dume. The other Dark Hunters he had encountered - Thom, Vyarik, 'Ghost' - and what he last saw of them. The locations of all the safehouses he knew, including the ones he had made use of in Onu-Metru and Po-Metru. How he had grown disgusted for the Hunters, and was willing to co-operate in whatever capacity he could. ...Korruhn. Who was he? Why was he so important? Why did he have to die? He wouldn't think about that right now, he wouldn't. He wouldn't. Korruhn. He wouldn't. IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "Ah yes. Unpleasant fellow, isn't he?" Ostrox stared at the ocean as Irna did, before turning back to face her. "Where is Mazor?"
  11. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "Ah, I see. Well, I'd like to make it clear that I have every intention of co-operating. I have information regarding that of the Dark Hunters, and the locations of safehouses they use within the city. Granted, with all that's going on, that's not really important, but it could become important later." IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "Well, I wouldn't say 'friend', exactly." Ostrox sauntered over to Irna. "So, how have you been?"
  12. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) "SILENCE!" Tekmo lifted his shield up in the air with both hands, and then slammed it down hard on the one-eighth of Skorm with no face that was spouting Barraki propaganda.
  13. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) Interesting. He wasn't dead. Perhaps he could run with this. "...May I speak to whoever's in charge?" IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "You know, illusions generally claim that they're not an illusion, otherwise that would defeat the purpose of being an illusion. I should know." Ostrox gestured towards his mask.
  14. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) "AUUUGH, MY EYES!" Half-blinded by the light entity's agonizing glow, Tekmo involuntarily let go of its arm. His eyes shut, he tried to bash his adversary with his shield. He wasn't sure what was going on, though it seemed he had accidentally made the situation worse and caused the enemy Toa to multiply again. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "Oh, very well." Waveahk tried to open the water bottle while handcuffed. It was not easy, but he did eventually manage to get it open... though most of the water missed his throat by a wide margin. It didn't seem to matter, as his mutated physiology simply absorbed the moisture through his skin. He needed that. Ever since the incident in the elevator, he had been... disoriented. So much so that even though the incident began with him drinking water, he had hallucinated that he had flown up to this office - wait. How did he get up here in the first place? The... thing had told him to go up, and he did. Swimming through the air towards this very floor. It was impossible, and yet, it must have happened... right? How much of this was real? Did he hallucinate what happened in the elevator? That drink of water it provided felt real. So did the thing that crawled inside his arm... a 'weapon', apparently. And that headless Toa must have been real, otherwise why would that Turaga free him only to leave him behind as bait? The Turaga himself had to be real, otherwise he would still be in that cell. Well... none of that was his concern anymore. There was no way even the Toa would be so stupid as to leave that issue unchecked. It would be dealt with, in time. He was still where he wanted to be - in Metru Nui's custody. It was just that being in Metru Nui's custody was turning out to be much stranger than he had imagined. Ah, but there was still the small problem of his 'agreement'. Kill 'Korruhn' - apparently one of the Toa who was present when he barged in through the window - and Mata Nui. Waveahk was in no position to eliminate the former, and had no idea just how he was expected to eliminate the latter. And he wasn't sure how this entity would retaliate for his failure. It was clear that this entity could somehow hear his thoughts so he was pretty much doomed already, otherwise how did it know he wanted a drink? He was doomed, unless he could carry out two impossible tasks. Could it hear his thoughts now? The deal was invalid. He didn't know what he was agreeing to. The 'contract' was made under duress from fear of being devoured by a slug creature. He did not have to kill Korruhn and Mata Nui, and even if he could - well, he would need a little more help than the word 'up'. Waveahk closed his eyes, and tried to find some semblance of peace in what could very well be his final moments. IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "Well, its a long story. My lord asked me to keep an eye on a particularly suspicious character and the rather important item he was carrying. I followed him into what appeared to be a labyrinth of flesh beneath the city and I, uh, lost him. So I look around the place, travelling through tunnels of meat and then, suddenly I arrive here."
  15. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) Waveahk stared at the bottle for a moment. "Are you going to pour it down my throat yourself? With these cuffs on, I don't think I can open it." IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "Well that's the thing - I'm not quite sure how I arrived here, and I'm not sure how to get back. One moment, I'm navigating underground tunnels of a disturbingly organic nature, the next I'm on this beach, talking to you... is Dume a common name among the Matoran?"
  16. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) Seeing that Sko was charging some sort of attack, Tekmo knew he would have to make this quick. He didn't catch all of Oreius's ultimatum, but it sounded like it was compelling stuff, though the enemy was probably only half-listening. The vines pulled Sko into grabbing range. Tekmo activated his Mask of Disruption, and moved to grab a hold on Sko's arm. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "Just plain water, please." IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "Oh yes, yes... tell me more about this island. 'Mata Nui'?"
  17. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) Well. It was clear no-one was going to do anything about him. They were far too busy doing whatever it is they were doing. He felt parched, and his lightheadedness was worsening. "Could... could I have a drink?" He asked one of the Vahki guarding him. IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "Well, no. Are you familiar with a place called 'Metru Nui'?"
  18. IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "No, thank you... 'Dume', you say?"
  19. IC: Ostrox (???) "Oh, I can admit when I'm lost. You see, I'm new in... wherever this place is. Could you tell me the name of this island?"
  20. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) "GET OVER HERE!" Tekmo unleashed a cluster of vines from his arm, stretching towards Sko, intending on pulling him closer. IC: Ostrox (???) Well, this all seemed rather too good to be true. This almost certainly some form of illusion. Perhaps, to protect something important? "Why hello there!" He said to the Matoran in the process of irreparably damaging his lungs. "Could you tell me where I find myself in?"
  21. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) Tekmo was able to use his shield to block most of the blast, but still found himself flung backwards. "AAARGG!" IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) Well, the Turaga of Water was now out of the picture. A shame. He was feeling rather dry. At least his obnoxious laugh no longer plagued his ear drums. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Interesting - but hardly useful. Ostrox continued to wander the maze of meat. Hopefully, Mazor had an ounce of intelligence in his undead brain, and didn't give the malignant would-be deity what he wanted.
  22. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Clambering back to his feet, Ostrox saw something that confused him. Not Mazor pointing his weapon at him, he figured it was only a matter of time before that happened. No, the False God seemingly feeling pain was what perplexed him. How did clogging the hole up with Bohrok affect him? Your own powers hurting you when you used them seemed too much of a weakness for the 'Great Spirit'... He rested his hand on the wall next to him. It was made of flesh. This entire wretched place was seemingly made of flesh. Flesh feels pain. If you clogged a hole in your body with metal, then you would feel... It was the single greatest challenge of Ostrox's life, not to burst into laughter at that realization. He decided he needed to put some more distance between him and 'Him'. So he ran back to the intersection from before, and went left instead of right. It was worth seeing if there was anything more... vulnerable close by.
  23. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Taking advantage of his sudden backwards momentum, Ostrox allowed himself to fall over backwards, causing the False God's Rhotuka to narrowly miss him.
  24. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Ostrox resisted the pull, his feet firmly planting themselves to the floor, and his hands grasping the edges of the hole. "Heh. And people say I talk too much."
  25. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Time to spit in the face of God. Ostrox suddenly popped through the hole and fired his Disorientation Rhotuka at the so-called 'Great Spirit'.
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