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  1. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) Seeing that Sko was charging some sort of attack, Tekmo knew he would have to make this quick. He didn't catch all of Oreius's ultimatum, but it sounded like it was compelling stuff, though the enemy was probably only half-listening. The vines pulled Sko into grabbing range. Tekmo activated his Mask of Disruption, and moved to grab a hold on Sko's arm. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "Just plain water, please." IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "Oh yes, yes... tell me more about this island. 'Mata Nui'?"
  2. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) Well. It was clear no-one was going to do anything about him. They were far too busy doing whatever it is they were doing. He felt parched, and his lightheadedness was worsening. "Could... could I have a drink?" He asked one of the Vahki guarding him. IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "Well, no. Are you familiar with a place called 'Metru Nui'?"
  3. IC: Ostrox (Mata Nui) "No, thank you... 'Dume', you say?"
  4. IC: Ostrox (???) "Oh, I can admit when I'm lost. You see, I'm new in... wherever this place is. Could you tell me the name of this island?"
  5. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) "GET OVER HERE!" Tekmo unleashed a cluster of vines from his arm, stretching towards Sko, intending on pulling him closer. IC: Ostrox (???) Well, this all seemed rather too good to be true. This almost certainly some form of illusion. Perhaps, to protect something important? "Why hello there!" He said to the Matoran in the process of irreparably damaging his lungs. "Could you tell me where I find myself in?"
  6. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) Tekmo was able to use his shield to block most of the blast, but still found himself flung backwards. "AAARGG!" IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) Well, the Turaga of Water was now out of the picture. A shame. He was feeling rather dry. At least his obnoxious laugh no longer plagued his ear drums. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Interesting - but hardly useful. Ostrox continued to wander the maze of meat. Hopefully, Mazor had an ounce of intelligence in his undead brain, and didn't give the malignant would-be deity what he wanted.
  7. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Clambering back to his feet, Ostrox saw something that confused him. Not Mazor pointing his weapon at him, he figured it was only a matter of time before that happened. No, the False God seemingly feeling pain was what perplexed him. How did clogging the hole up with Bohrok affect him? Your own powers hurting you when you used them seemed too much of a weakness for the 'Great Spirit'... He rested his hand on the wall next to him. It was made of flesh. This entire wretched place was seemingly made of flesh. Flesh feels pain. If you clogged a hole in your body with metal, then you would feel... It was the single greatest challenge of Ostrox's life, not to burst into laughter at that realization. He decided he needed to put some more distance between him and 'Him'. So he ran back to the intersection from before, and went left instead of right. It was worth seeing if there was anything more... vulnerable close by.
  8. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Taking advantage of his sudden backwards momentum, Ostrox allowed himself to fall over backwards, causing the False God's Rhotuka to narrowly miss him.
  9. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Ostrox resisted the pull, his feet firmly planting themselves to the floor, and his hands grasping the edges of the hole. "Heh. And people say I talk too much."
  10. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Time to spit in the face of God. Ostrox suddenly popped through the hole and fired his Disorientation Rhotuka at the so-called 'Great Spirit'.
  11. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) Oh, right. The Hunters were going to assassinate Dume. In all the eldritch horror he had completely forgotten. Well, even if he cared about any of this, he was in no position to do anything in those cuffs. IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) No, no, no, so much no. Ostrox took out his Rhotuka Launcher and began to charge it, making a faint, electric whirring sound...
  12. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) "Your 'order' is a sham." Tekmo readied himself for whatever Skorm-One and Skorm-Two would throw at him. Wooden spikes jutted out from his flesh, as hid green, prehensile vines that writhed like tentacles. "As is your 'mercy'." IC: Ostrox (The Cortex) Over the course of his career, Ostrox had gone to some vile, repulsive places. But this tunnel of flesh was a whole new low. What dark secret did the Matoran hide under their precious Coliseum? Passing by some silvery Bohrok, whom thankfully ignored him, he came to a fork in the path. Before he could make a decision, he heard a crackle of thunder - coming from the tunnel on the right. After running down the meat corridor as quietly as he possibly could, he peered from behind the corner and saw Mazor and Irna being stared down by some... well, abomination seemed the most apt descriptor.
  13. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Elevator) "I don't pretend to understand any of what's going on. Treacherous Turaga, headless Toa, wish-granting elevators that take you to black voids of nothingness and put a slug in your arm, your sense of humour, so on, and so forth." IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Maintenance Tunnels) While some might have forgotten the path Mazor, Irna and Nuju took, Ostrox was not any old someone. His mental discipline and training allowed him to remember the route with exact precision... minus a few detours that he quickly backtracked when he didn't recognize what came next. Eventually, he made his way to the hole Nuju made in the wall, still spilling toxic fumes all over the place. Ostrox readjusted his respirator, and entered into a territory unknown.
  14. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Elevator) "Oh, very well." Waveahk joined Sans inside the elevator. "Since you asked, I am called Waveahk." IC: Ostrox (Ko-Metru) His new respirator mask fitted without any problems over his regular mask. Ostrox made his way across Ko-Metru, back towards the entrance to the maintenance tunnel labyrinth...
  15. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Prison Levels) "You think that because it's not in the immediate vicinity, it's not a threat?" Waveahk asked, trying to steer the conversation back to the point. IC: Ostrox (Ko-Metru, Underground Warehouse) The warehouse was mostly abandoned now. Everyone was out killing things. One respirator mask was not going to be sorely missed from the manifest.
  16. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) While Skorm was distracted with Ardoku, Tekmo began to charge towards the Twilight Toa, intent on bashing him with his shield. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Prison Levels) "Am I even allowed to leave? My survival odds are abysmal either way, so I'm not particularly fussed." IC: Ostrox (Ko-Metru) While on his merry way back to the underground warehouse for a respirator mask, Ostrox's sight caught some strange creature standing in the path of Lord Pridak and his army. It resembled one of Metru Nui's robotic enforcers, but organic in nature. Were the Matoran dabbling in genetically-engineered warriors? Doubtful. He was sure that Pridak could handle it, and even if he couldn't... well, he was Lord Mantax's agent, and was under no obligation to get involved. He continued his way towards the League's makeshift subterranean lair, to obtain the equipment he needed to complete his mission.
  17. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Prison Levels) Ordinarily, Waveahk would've said something along the lines of 'don't touch the glass, the animals hate that', but the words simply didn't come to him. He was going to die down here, he was sure of it. That didn't mean he was going to take it lying down, just because his hands were tied. IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Maintenance Tunnels) Ostrox had made good on his word. He had, indeed, kept an eye on the Krom Sphere from a distance, stalking Mazor, Irna and Nuju through the city and into the tunnels beneath the Coliseum. Of course, he came across an obstacle when it came to the noxious gas that the Ko-Matoran so thoughtfully packed respirators for. Respirators that he, of course, didn't have. "The things I do for world domination..." he whispered to himself. Drawing a mental map of the route he and his quarry took to get here, he followed it backwards until he stepped back into the light. Now, he'd just have to go and find his own breathing apparatus. Hopefully he'd manage to catch up before Mazor inevitably betrayed them all, but he wouldn't... "I... HAHA... wouldn't hold my breath! AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!" ...Well, he thought it was funny anyway.
  18. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Tower) Waveahk lies done to the ground and mutters to himself inaudibly, eyes open wide. He did manage to hold on to his senses for a brief while. But only brief. He waited for the inevitable death that was surely awaiting him for breaking his 'contract'.
  19. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "Down in the prison levels! There's a Toa there with no head! There's something down there! It wants to kill your God! Also something called 'Korruhn', but mostly your God!"
  20. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) "Surrender?!" Waveahk drops down on his knees and outstretches his arms. "I surrender. Technically, I already surrendered, but that's not important! What's down below is important! There's something down there! In the Prison Levels!"
  21. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) Slowly and carefully, Tekmo showed them his badge. "Rest assured, I am most certainly not affiliated with those criminals. My assistants here are all volunteers from Tesara." Which wasn't technically true, but the Skrall didn't need to know that.
  22. IC: Tekmo (The Great Temple) Tekmo quickly turned and shielded his eyes from the flash of light. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Dume's Office) As Waveahk ascended, he contemplated the truly bizarre situation he found himself in. He had been 'coerced' for lack of a better term by an entity he didn't and probably never would understand, to kill a name he didn't recognize, and a deity he did not believe in. And apparently, what he was after could be found 'up'. His loyalty had changed drastically over the past few hours, but for now it seemed he had no choice but to obey a strange, otherworldly spirit, or suffer the consequences. 'Swimming' through the air, Waveahk burst into the office of Turaga Dume through the window, interrupting whatever was going on. He no longer had the patience for any more nonsense. "WHY are there MONSTERS in your BASEMENT?!" He yelled, staring down the entire room.
  23. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Market) 'Up.' Waveahk walked into the open air market, and stared at the Coliseum's Tower. He felt lighter than he had ever felt in his life. It took him a while to realize that was because he was floating. For whatever reason - most likely that thing in his arm - he was now floating in mid-air... no, he was rising in mid-air. As if by simply desiring to go up, he was going up. It felt as natural as breathing. Well, as natural as it could be, anyway. He began to rise upwards, towards the top floor of the Tower.
  24. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) Tekmo descends completely to ground level. "I believe it would be in our shared interest to co-operate in this endeavour."
  25. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "Interesting. We found the same thing pinned on our noticeboard as well. I take it you've been planting explosive charges in the area to try and flush them out?"
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