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  1. I rip off my hand with Gukko in, removing him from my body and demonstrate to him the difference of screaming and complaining. Onaku's Mask.
  2. IC: Navuru (Onu-Koro) Destiny isn't something that happens overnight. It takes time. But quite frankly I am bored. AND IT IS NIGHT! Well, according to the clock, you don't get much sunlight in a subterranean city. I need something to do other than spend hours cooped up plotting the downfall of Matoran society in a house far too small for me anyway with elemental powers I don't have the opportunity to use. Taking out a stone slab out of the drawer and a carving tool I start carving an advertisement for my services: Work needed! Come inside for details. Maybe not the best but it will do. I put it outside the house. This street is not exactly busy at night (which is good thing considering the amount of thugs and hoodlums in this town) but just down the road is Ferron's Forge, the greatest forge in town, (or so I'm told I've never gone there) so someone of the type I'm looking for will pass by and notice. There's also the cafe that I HAVE gone to, there are some... interesting people to be found there. As I go outside I see the nutjob (Hammerlock) again for what I hope will be the last time. I try to put the sign up and go back inside as quietly as possible. And believe me I know quiet. OOC: Open for interaction.
  3. I take Onaku's molten metal and use it to create a spear which I impale you with. My Mask,
  4. I negate YOU with hyper-physical technology. My Mask.
  5. IC: Navuru (Onu-Koro) It's taken three days, but those feeble-minded bureaucrats down at the office have finally registered me as alive. I could always hear well as a Matoran, but now... especially with a Great Arthron, I can hear almost anything. Even the faint footsteps outside. (Hammerlock) I don't know who it is, and I don't much care. Frankly it could be all the monsters of Karzahni out there and I wouldn't bat an eyelid.
  6. I steal the enemy intelligence. My Mask and Intelligence.
  7. There's a very good solution to that. MEDIC! My Mask.
  8. My spirit lives on in VahkiDane's body, as does Pohatu's. Meh. Things could be worse. I sit down and have a cup of tea with the Master of Stone. VahkiDane's Mask.
  9. You cannot headbutt with fists. My Mask.
  10. You cannot punch with a face. My Mask.
  11. Ghidora hits my evil (er) clone. His death causes an explosion that kills the Kool-aid Man/Hulk. I then perform "surgery" on him. Five minutes later he has lost all his vital organs. My Mask and Cadaver.
  12. Thankfully I'm a licensed surgeon and both of us stitch up each other's wounds at the same time. We then throw our knives at both Gukko Lord and Doublebee. Our Mask.
  13. I am dead. But MY evil (er) clone comes and revives me. Then we kill Doublebee. Our Mask.
  14. I climb out of the void, throw BionicMushroom in there and decapitate Onaku for being a hypocrite. Who's Mask is it again?
  15. Future me comes and reminds us both that NOBODY BUT ME COULD CHANGE THE REALITY CODE AFTER I ENTERED. He disappears, I use the code to go back in time, become future me, do the reminding, disappears, go back to the present. I exit and makes sure nobody (including me) can change reality ever again before exiting just to spite everyone. Logic is still immortal. Who's Mask is it again?
  16. Considering you used a pathetic rod of limited power to destroy me, my spirit lives on and enters the reality code while you build it and prevent you or anyone from accessing the code again. I am reality. So my Everything.
  17. I kill Onaku and throw his pathetic rod of limited power into oblivion. Otherwise known as Cornwall. I then blunt the Master Sword. My Mask.
  18. I take the plane to New Jersey, kill you (since there's nobody to redirect your death at) take the Mask, go back to this forum and give it to Groot just to see what happens. Groot's Mask (and Spine)
  19. No can do. Since now everything that played out in the seventy-five page long dream actually happened, including Onaku's rule that says, no time travel. Regardless, I proceed to dislocate your spine to New Jersey. My Mask.
  20. Don't worry, we all regenerate after we die. Also I seem to remember facing my death with dignity when you killed me. So I kill you anyway. My Mask, YOUR death.
  21. Just before the kaboomy, I use the Vahi to go back in time (which I can do, considering Onaku's new coding was part of our shared dream) and kill Pohatu as he takes the mask on page 2. I come back to the present and everything has played out as it did in the dream. Oh and I kill Gukko Lord and VahkiDane. My Mask.
  22. IC: Navuru (Onu-Koro) I walk along the street. I plan to find those so-called "friends" who left me to die. I know where they live, I know where they go out during the day, I know everything about them. Except for the fact they're dead. I find this out moments later as I see a sign offering a reward for retrieving their Kanohi for their respective funerals. Five days pass before the feeble-minded bureaucrats can label someone as dead, or deceased as they like to call it. How Ehu liked to call it...
  23. Out comes a flaming laser that shoots chainswords. In goes Antidermis.
  24. I reattach my head, knock Gukko Lord and VahkiDane's heads together, and remove Dallior from his legs. My Mask.
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