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  1. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) Tekmo turned to his compatriots to deliver instructions. "Keep your weapons handy, but don't attack unless they do. Friendly smiles, everyone." He led them down as he made a slow descent towards this enigmatic demolitions team. "Excuse me, if I could have your attention?" IC: Waveahk (Aqua Magna Shoreline) "Well then - I claim this salvage in the name of the Waveahk Fishing Company, which I just made up. I'll try and get into that welded compartment later - for now, let's get this hunk of metal aboard The Aquarium. I'll land the ship closer, you just... keep watch." Waveahk left Vrokdann to do just that, mulling over if it was worth it to use her as a test subject - to see if the Bell was safe for living beings to use.
  2. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Remembering what happened last time he tried to block Kal's sword with his shield, Tekmo instead tries to dodge out of the way. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Sculpture Fields, Vahki Transport) "Oh please. Matoran worship Toa. Silly things like logic and reason do not apply to them... but, yes, best to be cautious."
  3. IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) "Well, there's been another abrupt change in the sky, and it stands to reason that the artifact you hold is the cause. Tell me... you weren't playing with it, were you?"
  4. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Tekmo joined Ardoku in charging Kal, intending to stab him with the sharp end of his shield. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Sculpture Fields, Vahki Transport) Waveahk gulped down a bottle of water to prepare for what was next.
  5. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) "It isn't?! I hadn't noticed!" Tekmo was rather indignant over the implication that he fell over just because he felt like it. He managed to get back to his feet and scanned the battlefield to see his adversary looming over the convict. He internally debated with himself for a moment over whether or not he was worth saving, but he was ultimately on Tekmo's side, albeit not by choice. He fired a few more poisonous thorns into Kal's back, hoping to get his attention. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) "Well, we haven't found them yet, so-" Waveahk was cut off at the sight of a particularly bright light in the distance. Yes, Po-Metru possessed numerous facilities that required high illumination - none of these lights, however, were in the direction of the Sculpture Fields, which according to all reliable sources, was a barren expanse of land that contained nothing but statues. And it only just became this staggeringly dark. "Perhaps I was wrong. Look over-wait." The light blotted out for a few seconds, obscured by another statue as the transport passed by. "No, there it is again. What is that?" IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) Ostrox found Mazor lying on one of the beds, clutching the mysterious artifact in his hand. "Excuse me, if I could have your attention, please."
  6. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) A little confused by what just happened, it took some time for Tekmo to get back on his feet. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) Waveahk was still staring out through the window as the sky changed for the second time today, "Well. This is unsettling." IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) The source of the sky changing again was not a mystery to Ostrox. "Where. Is. Mazor?"
  7. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Tekmo gasped for air from Kal's blow, and now his arm was wrapped up with that whip. However, through the gaps of flesh the whip couldn't cover, sharp brambles jutted out, aiming to pierce and scratch the attacker's skin. Of course, he didn't see or expect one of his comrades to shoot a fireball at him. Why would he?
  8. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Tekmo's arm vine pulled his shield back into his hand, as he himself was pulled towards Kal. He raised his shield to block Kal's oncoming swing - as sharp thorns erupted from Tekmo's knuckles, as he aimed to sock Kal in the jaw - the only part of his head he could reach. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) "It will be their undoing." Waveahk stared out of the transport's window, lost in thought for a moment.
  9. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) The whip latched a hold of Tekmo's torso, below his arms. However, the vine from his hand managed to grab a hold of his discarded shield, and swiftly began dragging it towards him. Meanwhile, thick, sharp brambles of wood burrowed out of Tekmo's skin, stretching the whip's hold on Tekmo as they pushed it outwards. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) "Well, the Turaga hiring us, their sworn enemy, may indicate their fears are somewhat justified." Waveahk began taking numerous bottles of water for himself for the upcoming fight. "Then again, a Toa is just a Matoran with power, and Matoran are... well, let's face it, innately cowardly by nature."
  10. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Kal only succeeded in pulling Tekmo back upright, as the vines separated from Tekmo's arm once he had regained balance, leaving them hanging around Kal's wrist. Acting as though he had planned that, Tekmo fired poisonous thorns from his right hand's wrist at Kal, as his left hand sprouted a vine that slithered along the ground, hoping to regain a hold of his shield. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) "Well then, we'll need every advantage we can get. Since the Vahki were so generous as to hand us these water rations... I can think of a more inventive use for them. I heal faster and regain stamina on contact with water, you see. So, as long as this doesn't take too long and we don't guzzle our way through them..." Waveahk didn't finish, thinking - or at least hoping - that his 'allies' understood what he was getting at.
  11. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Kal succeeded in pulling the shield away from him, and his punch connected, fragmenting a piece of Tekmo's mask, knocking him to the ground and causing him to let go of his shield, which fell to the ground beside them. Tekmo's other arm outstretched towards his attacker - and the vines wrapped around it suddenly sprouted forth with significant speed, aiming to encircle Kal's head. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) "...A brilliant stratagem. There is no actual plan then? Just attack him wildly and pray for the best?"
  12. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Instinctively, Tekmo raised his shield to deflect his attacker's swing. Vines began to grow along his free arm... IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) "If we do find our targets, what exactly is our plan for dealing with them?"
  13. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) Now, usually when explosions occur, the idea is to move in the opposite direction. But in this particular instance, it was in Tekmo's interest to investigate the most recent demolition, before those responsible slipped away. He flew down to the canyon below, assuming those accompanying him were following.
  14. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "That will be difficult, considering we still have a severe lack of information. Hopefully, past the second demolition site there'll be something of value. If not... well, we'll see, won't we?" Tekmo fired up his jetpack, leading his group past the mountain with the second batch of pipes, continuing to fly in that direction. IC: Waveahk (Aqua Magna Shoreline) Waveahk returned with the tools ready for excavation, and handed a shovel to Vrokdann. "Let us begin."
  15. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) "COME! SHOW ME WHAT PASSES FOR FURY AMONG YOUR MISBEGOTTEN KIND!" Tekmo deflected an oncoming blow from an attacker's blade, before driving the razor-edge of his shield through his foe's neck. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) Waveahk wasn't entirely sure when the Dark Hunters and Turaga Dume started working together, but then, he was recently either underwater or delirious from dehydration, so he probably just missed that announcement. When 'Ghost' asked for a name, he didn't know if he was asking for his or Vyarik's, but decided to give him his name anyway. "I am Waveahk." Now, while he was assigned a code-name, he personally felt it was ill-fitting and hackneyed, so he never used it. After all, what's a 'Commander' with nothing to command?
  16. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Tekmo charged forth alongside the other attackers, firing sharp, poisonous thorns from his hand towards the defenders. They had this coming. Every single one of them. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru) The liquid protodermis of the chutes had re-hydrated Waveahk, and he was back to one-hundred percent efficiency. He still wasn't entirely sold on this plan - but it was too late to back out now. Vyarik and 'Ghost' might not take kindly to 'deserters'. Wouldn't be worth the hassle. Besides, it was highly unlikely they'd actually find Stannis and Knichou. IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) "Well. Hasn't today been interesting?"
  17. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Outside the Temple) Tekmo was rather excited... until the sight of a bloodstained Toa - talking to what he presumed was a convict conscript, judging from the collar and camera drone following him - reminded him of something - he had arrived rather late to the battle on the beach. He'd only fought those who had already died. He'd never actually had to break the Toa Code and kill someone. Still, for every rule, there had to be an exception. And the League - murderous, imperialist self-righteous scum - were certainly an exception. IC: Waveahk (Ta-Metru) "Right, right." At this point, it was taking all of Waveahk's concentration to follow Vyarik and 'Ghost' through the city, not really paying attention to either of what they said. IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) "Skorm?" Ostrox rushed over to his comrade. "I didn't realize you weren't... with us. Are you feeling alright?"
  18. IC: Waveahk (Ta-Metru) "Ah yes, how could I forget. Well, there's nothing else to occupy my time with, so... I suppose we may as well have a look." This was the same logic he used when he tracked down Vhisola, even though the bounty was aborted. He told himself he'd only observe, but when the opportunity presented itself, it was like instinct. The rush of jubilation he had when the shot landed - it lasted even as he was being pursued by the Vahki. It concerned him a little. He was a professional, not a sadist. He didn't care for the Dark Hunters or their cause, only their money and their 'protection,' as it was. And yet, he killed that Matoran without needing to, and was going to kill Stannis and Knichou without needing to because... bah. He couldn't think straight. A side effect of his mild delirium, of course. He'd feel better once he was re-hydrated, he was sure. IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) "That... that only raises more questions. This is..." Ostrox tried to hold back laughter at the absurdity of the situation, but to no avail. "Hahahahaha... this is ridiculous. May I see this 'whatever that is'?"
  19. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Outside the Temple) "Ah, finally." IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) "Right then, I have numerous questions, but first and foremost - does anyone have any idea why the dead live again?"
  20. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Beach Assault) Tekmo continued to fight back against the unliving horde, tossing sharp stakes of wood at their heads. IC: Waveahk (Ta-Metru) "I believe he refers to Po-Metru," Waveahk said to 'Ghost', as they proceeded to 'withdraw' even further. "But even so, that's a large area to search." IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) As Ostrox threw another reanimated Visorak into the water, Varxii unleashed her wild barrage of lightning across the deck. Ostrox got down, as requested, as one bolt narrowly missed him.
  21. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Beach Assault) Tekmo arrived on the shores of League-controlled territory to find he had no clue what was going on. The enemy seemed to be retreating already... but now their position was being attacked by shambling cadavers. Most unusual... but today had been an unusual day. Or, tonight had been an unusual night. The current nature of the sky made it difficult to say for certain. He leaped into action, bashing in the heads of zombies with his shield, skewering them with long sharp thorny brambles of wood from his free hand. IC: Waveahk (Ta-Metru) Waveahk was still a little out of it, but not enough out of it to not shoot at the approaching corpses with his laser trident, while making a 'tactical withdrawal' alongside Vyarik and 'Ghost'. IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) Ostrox found himself a little disturbed - and fascinated - to see what was previously dead spring back to life. Or unlife, as it seemed. This did not stop him from trying to drive the reanimated Visorak off the ship, however.
  22. IC: Waveahk (Ta-Metru) "On whom's trail-" Waveahk's question was interrupted by the sounds of an airship crashing into several buildings nearby. "...Hmm."
  23. IC: Waveahk (Ta-Metru) Waveahk turned from Vyarik to address Leonn. "Well, I am a mutated Steltian Elite, and he is... Matoran? I think?"
  24. IC: Waveahk (Ta-Metru) "...Ah. You see, from a distance, I thought you were... never mind. The last I saw of them, they escaped up an elevator shaft up towards the airship docks in Onu-Metru. Finding them with the network down will be... difficult."
  25. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) Tekmo stopped running. He had been running all across Ga-Metru with nothing to show for it. Triki, the Great Temple, the apartment building, the killer in the water, and now in some random direction because the sky changed a little. This was most certainly not the behaviour of fearless hero, no sir. It was about time he started acting like one. Rather than pursue things he had no chance of obtaining like the Great Disks or that aquatic assassin, he would take the fight straight to the League, out on the Silver Sea... IC: Waveahk (Ta-Metru) In hindsight, perhaps Ta-Metru was not the best choice for an escape route. The heat was so intense here that any moisture left on Waveahk's skin from the Canal had now evaporated. But he was more than simply hot and bothered - his mutated metabolism required constant hydration to maintain optimal physical performance. If stealth had not been a priority and waterways not so prevalent within this city, he would have brought numerous flasks of water to replenish himself. But no. He was now slightly delirious from dehydration, the psychedelic status of the sky not helping. As such, he didn't see any problem with strolling up to what appeared to be a local and saying: "Excuse me. I appear to be lost. Do you know where I might find and destroy Toa Stannis and/or Matoran Knichou?" Waveahk knew that he wasn't supposed to be pursuing them anymore, he just didn't care. It hadn't stopped him with Vhisola. But what he didn't know was that the 'Matoran' he was speaking to was actually a fellow Dark Hunter, Vyarik.
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