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  1. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) "Uh, right... well, if none of you are concerned about this, I suppose it... doesn't really matter, I suppose. You said you were looking for the Great Kanoka Disks, yes?" IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Protodermis Canal) "I believe I asked a very simple question. But, since you yourself are clearly very simple, I'll say it again: Dark Hunter, yes or no?"
  2. IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Protodermis Canal) "It appears my tone was too polite. You see, I am a Dark Hunter. You are now aware of my existence. If you are not a fellow Dark Hunter... you see where this is going?"
  3. IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Protodermis Canal) Thom's telescopic vision revealed that what he saw in the water was not a Takea. But in fact, some sort of mutated Steltian... which had seen him, as well. At phenomenal speed, the creature rose to the surface of the water, brandishing a Zamor Sphere Launcher. When he spoke, his voice seemed distorted and wrong, perhaps something to do with lungs and gills co-existing. "Your name and occupation, if you'd please."
  4. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) "I... I am Tekmo. I-I told you this."
  5. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) Tekmo turns to Karista. "Oh, I'm sorry. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Toa Tekmo, and you...?"
  6. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) "You're looking for them too? Look, as important as finding the Great Disks is, you can't just leave your... bike out here in the open, someone might steal it... or what's left of it."
  7. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Metru) The Toa Mangaia? Traitors? Preposterous. One among them betraying Metru Nui would have been difficult to accept, but not outrageous as the entire team going renegade and necessitating incarceration. Something was wrong. Very wrong. Still, there was little point contemplating that now. The less Toa defending the city meant Tekmo would have to step up his game to compensate - what better way to do so than finding the legendary Great Disks, that could perhaps prove valuable in the war against the Barraki? His search was distracted by what appeared to be a vehicular accident. Some sort of bike lying on the ground, from which three entities - a Le-Matoran (Triki) and what appeared to be a Ga-Matoran ('Revamp') and Toa of the same element (Karista) - were walking away from. Tekmo walked after them. "Excuse me? I believe your vehicle is... non-functional. Is there a problem?" IC: Waveahk (Onu-Metru, Protodermis Canal) Something swam in the protodermis canals of Onu-Metru. Something hunting for the Matoran Knichou, or the Toa Stannis. Whichever came first... IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, League Territory) "A merchant vessel. Hah! Well, one takes what one can get!" The one known as Ostrox ascended up the ramp and boarded the frankly inadequate transport they had been assigned.
  8. Name: Tekmo Species: Bo-Toa Faction: Metru-Nui Description: A green, slightly shorter than average Toa with yellow-green eyes. Background: Relatively new to Metru-Nui, Tekmo hails from another island - one now lost to the Barraki and their League. But that was before he became a Toa, and all the power that comes with it has made him determined to stop the League’s progress before it goes any further. Flaws: Tekmo’s recent transformation has gone to his head - he now thinks that he’s invincible and can win the war against the League by himself. His arrogance and desire for people to see him as a hero can often muddy his otherwise sterling moral compass. Powers: As a Toa of Plantlife, Tekmo can create short-lived floral constructs, such as vines, trees, seeds and thorns, either manifesting from the ground below him or protruding from his skin. Using his Kanohi Felnas, he can disrupt an enemy’s powers through physical contact. Only one power at a time can be disrupted, and the enemy has to be using it, just finished using it, or preparing to use it. He also, ironically enough, was an engineer before his transformation, and thus has a natural aptitude for machinery. Equipment: He wears the Great Kanohi Felnas, Mask of Disruption. He also wields a razor-edged shield. Name: Waveahk Species: Steltian (Mutated) Faction: Dark Hunters Unaligned Description: A tall dark blue figure with blazing orange eyes, Waveahk’s otherwise robust form is marred by the visible effects of his mutation, such as fins, webbed feet and scaly skin. Background: Once, a powerful figure in Steltian politics, Waveahk was mutated against his will by rival powers, making him an outcast. With nowhere else to go, he has sided with the Dark Hunters, though he thinks that he’s clever enough to abandon them and live when it suits him. Flaws: Waveahk wasn’t a very agreeable person before his mutation, and it's only gotten worse with time. Misanthropic and selfish, he would betray anyone or anything if he thought he could benefit and get away with it. This same self-centeredness means friction, at least on his end, whenever he has to work with the other Dark Hunters. Powers: Waveahk’s mutations allow him to breathe underwater as well as travel faster in water than on land. He also heals a substantial rate faster when submerged. Equipment: A trident that fires laser beams and doubles as a melee weapon, and a Zamor Sphere Launcher which applies considerable kinetic force upon impact. Name: Ostrox Species: Mantax’s Species Faction: League of Six Kingdoms Description: A broad-shouldered purple creature with glaring red eyes, Ostrox’s Toa-like form and power to use Kanohi allows him to pass off as a Toa from a distance, with the power of his Kanohi Mahiki completing the illusion. Background: An intelligence operative in the Barraki Mantax’s service, Ostrox serves the League simply because Mantax is part of it, whom he possesses undying loyalty for. A vicious and cruel creature, he will stop at nothing to ensure his mission is complete, laughing all the way. Flaws: Like most megalomaniacs, Ostrox suffers from a compulsive desire to gloat and monologue at times he really shouldn’t, often prone to spontaneous maniacal cackling, overly elaborate plans, and unnecessarily prolonging the suffering of his victims. Powers: Ostrox possesses significant durability and physical power, as well as strong mental fortitude, able to keep up the illusions of his Mahiki for long periods of time. Equipment: He wears the Great Kanohi Mahiki, Mask of Illusion. He also wields a protosteel sword and a Rhotuka Launcher that induces disorientation.
  9. So, how many characters are we each allowed? Just one?
  10. OOC: I got permission from Onaku via direct messaging to assume that Tacitus is still following Tekmo. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) Tekmo's jetpack sprung to life, and he was following Akkitu and Tacitus as the three of them made their way to the source of the strange smoke. He flew behind them, intending to keep them in sight at all times. IC: Waveahk (The Aquarium, Aqua Magna) "Finally." Waveahk set The Aquarium down a fair distance away from the shore, intending to walk on foot the rest of the way. "With me, Vrokdann." He didn't want to leave her aboard his ship for any meaningful length of time. He also made sure to bring his weapons with him, just in case...
  11. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) The ranger's demeanour suddenly became more serious and professional than it had previously. "At the risk of sounding ungrateful for your assistance: I'm not paying you to mountain climb. We're supposed to be a team, even if we don't technically fit that description. You can't go off on your own like that." Tekmo re-positioned himself so that he was addressing the entire group, and became his usual cheery self. "Alright then! Paju, Tarutu, if you'd like to investigate the pipes using your vehicles. Akkitu, Tacitus, accompany me to the source of that smoke." The engines of the Wings of Fire began to thrum, but Tekmo wasn't going to take off until the two 'volunteers' did as well. IC: Waveahk (The Aquarium, Aqua Magna) "No." Waveahk manuevered the airship into flying across the coast, surveying it for something, not even exchanging a glance with Vrokdann.
  12. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "You most certainly are not. You're not leaving my sight for any longer than ten seconds, and neither is he." Tekmo jerked his thumb towards Tacitus. "And we can't stay here - for all we know this is enemy territory, and that's why-" Tekmo leans over the side of the mountain and yells to Paju: "-WE SHOULDN'T LEAVE OUR VEHICLES UNATTENDED!"
  13. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) Tekmo was certain by now that Tarutu was doing this on purpose. But of course, he was the professional here, he reminded himself, and he would act like it. "...Certainly. You're not the ones I need to watch over, after all-" Tekmo shot a glance at Akkitu and Tacitus. "-but, who's going to look after her vehicle, since she's... left it unattended, shall we say?" He gestured towards Paju's Skyfighter, 'the Element'. He was genuinely concerned that something might happen to it if it was left unoccupied, but he was also doing so to point out the... shortsightedness of leaving it here in what was, for all they knew, enemy territory.
  14. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "What?!" Tekmo tried to call after Paju. "Nonono we haven't put it to a vote! We have vehicles! You don't need to climb down, we have-" Tekmo's palm came in contact with his face, and he released a muffled groan of frustration. "Aaargh..." IC: Waveahk (The Aquarium, Aqua Magna) Waveahk was, unfortunately, not dead, and resurfaced up onto the bridge. He seemed unhappy. Unhappier than usual. "To the Chasm with this ocean. To the Chasm with you. To the Chasm with EVERYTHING!" Waveahk slams his head down on a buttonless section of the navigation control panel. Without moving, he inputted the commands to move the Aquarium towards the shore. He was not chasing a hoax, he told himself. He was going to find that diving bell, and he would not have to kill giant death monsters for a living ever again.
  15. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) Incredible. Barely thirty seconds after landing and they're already- "Yes yes, I did see them, the pipes are definitely of Fe construction, but I believe the smoke to be of greater importance. Of course, neither is going anywhere and if you all feel otherwise, we can check it out first."
  16. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) "I do believe it is," he said, answering Akkitu's question. "X may not mark the spot, but I suppose its more of a rough guideline." He turned to address all four of the others. "Our next step is to investigate that smoke. We'll have to fly low and use the terrain as cover, as they may be inclined to shoot at us on sight. Any questions?"
  17. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) After an indeterminable amount of time later, Tekmo and the assortment of pilots he had collected finally arrived at their destination - the Black Spike Mountains. Specifically, the area marked 'X' on the map he had copied from the notice board. He dropped down to the summit of the closest mountain, motioning for the others to follow. He scanned the landscape around him for any signs of life or unusual activity.
  18. IC: Waveahk (The Aquarium, Aqua Magna) Waveahk barged onto the bridge, marched over to another console, and pressed a small green button. This triggered the mechanism to raise The Aquarium's altitude. He then immediately rushed back down again to retract the harpoons from the creature, but he did stop at the cabinet to grab another glass of water, and to check on the minuscule damage he'd done to the leviathan. He did not even seem to acknowledge Vrokdann. This model of airship was designed to be crewed by more than just two people. It was hard enough before Vrokdann had been coerced into service. There was a time when The Aquarium was fully staffed... but that time had long since passed. It was easier to kill these things then. Such a shame things turned out the way they did. And now, he was having to deal with this unholy abomination, instead of something that could at least looked like it could be cooked. It seemed that even dead, those money-grubbing ingrates were finding new ways to anger him, as it was their preserved carcasses that had served as bait to attract this monster in the first place. Yes, he had used the dead bodies of his old crew-members as bait. Actual bait would have cost money. He slid down the wet hallway back to the targeting console, and released the harpoons. And he wondered how long it would take for Vrokdann to inevitably turn on him, like the others did.
  19. IC: Tekmo (Tesara Airspace) Tekmo did a fancy twirl in the air, then set off in the direction of the Black Spike Mountains, motioning for the others to follow him. 'Iron Never Dies'. Was a hoax? A threat? A warning? A boast? Regardless of whether or not there would be anything in the Mountains, Tekmo resolved he would not rest until those behind this attack were found, and brought to justice. His conviction was unfettered, ironclad... though he questioned the conviction of the others. Paju seemed decent enough, but it was clear that she was only here because Tekmo had promised to pay her out of his own pocket. Which he didn't have the authority to do, but that bridge would be burned when they crossed it. But those only in it for the money tended to work for whomever offered the better deal. Akkitu and he had gotten off to a rocky start, and that was before he was arrested for collateral damage during the attack. Tekmo couldn't question his courage and selflessness, but he could certainly question his judgement. He would have watch him to make sure he didn't do anything they'd all regret. Tarutu had gotten off to an even worse start, though she had apologized for her prior outburst... though it still wasn't clear why she was coming along as well. Did she really regret her behaviour that much? Was she just trying to keep her kin safe? Or something less noble? Questions for later. Tacitus was most certainly the biggest problem, both figuratively and literally. Not only was he bigger and no doubt stronger than Tekmo (physically, anyway), Tacitus was arrested for deliberately assaulting someone after the chaos had passed, whereas Akkitu was arrested for what was a well-intentioned mistake on his part. The only consolation here was that he had apparently done so in the misguided notion that his victim knew something about the attack he didn't, implying he wanted answers as much as Tekmo did. Fe enslaved a significant number of his own people, and it was suspected that remnants of their debased infrastructure were responsible for this atrocity. Perhaps he had come to the same conclusion he had. Perhaps he was simply a violent brute. Oh well. In time, all truths would be revealed. If any of this motley crew began to actively work against him, they would be actively working against the Jungle Tribe of Tesara. And then the remnants would be the least of their concerns.
  20. IC: Tekmo (Tesara Vehicle Bay) "I-" The expedition's leader notices a Skyfighter with a familiar blue Matoran piloting it rocket to a considerable altitude. "Alright then, I suppose we're leaving now. Get to your machines!" Tekmo presses a button and the thrusters of his jetpack begin roaring with life as he shoots off after Paju.
  21. IC: Tekmo (Tesara Vehicle Bays) Entering the vehicle bays, Tekmo noticed Paju and Tarutu at their respective vehicles. He then turned to issue commands to his other two 'companions.' "Now then, your respective vehicles should still be around here somewhere. We leave in... shall we say, ten minutes? Notify me of any issues you may have before we take off and... if either of you need to relieve yourselves, public restrooms are that way."
  22. IC: Tekmo (Tesara Marketplace) Tekmo enthusiastically rubbed his hands together. "Splendid! We'll head to the parking bays and be on our way to the Black Spike Mountains. Oh, and I advise against using this as an opportunity for escape. You would not get very far, and you'd be in even bigger trouble than before." He attempted to phrase that last part as more of a friendly warning than a threat, but that would be up to interpretation. Without pausing for a reply, he spun on his heel towards the bays and motioned for Akkitu and Tacitus to follow him.
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    I'm sorry, I thought there would be more people. I'm afraid I'm simply not interested in 1v1.
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