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    Bionicle and MOCing in general, Warframe, Star Wars, Team Fortress, Deadpool, Lord of the Rings, Borderlands saga, Minecraft and many other games/comic books.
  1. I'd say Huna and Kakama (the original one). They both offer great powers and look amazing.
  2. I just can't express how much I love this. He looks so great, he seems a brutal and fearless warrior. That Axonn is great too! Amazing job!
  3. This is one of the best entries I've seen so far. Great job, they look G2ish without any doubt. I love how they resemble so well the original sets while having a moder build. That Goblin Board (forgot its name ಥ_ಥ) is very well built, great job. Good luck in the contest!
  4. This is a very cool MOC with overall great appearence and color scheme. It resembles very well the new G2 style and has an incredibly cool weapon. I think that these dark gold pieces (especially these Iruini feet) make a little bit of weird contrast, but it's not too bad. Takanuva carried a Spear in the set, and even if this sword looks insanely good I think I would've liked a spear a little more. Overall great MOC, especially that torso, very creative.
  5. He said it just below the Entry Name .-.These are parts from Jack Stone motorcycles.
  6. OMG the function! Impressive MOC, the head is just amasing, impressive build. His legs and arms are quite little, but the original was proportioned that way too, so it's fine. Great job!
  7. He HAS two axes, but he doesn't always have to hold them.In fact he is holding two axes in this art.
  8. Best: Breakout. The heroes had very cool and unique appearence, I loved Breez and Furno. Worst: Voted for IFB. If I wanted minfigures using mechs I would have bought Exo-Force, not Hero Factory. Also Brain Attack was a good candidate because of these weird aliens, bht the Heroes and the pieces were so good.
  9. Great MOC, I love these bulky shoulders, these pieces on the knee that stick out a bit are very cool in my opinion, he is well proportioned and well constructed. The only con is that it doesn't look that much 2015ish he has very few CCBS elements. Still brillant MOC (I'm also working on a Nuju for my Metru Nui Legacy project, and i rebuilt him like 4 times. Still not satisfied of the result. This is very inspiring, you've done a great work!)
  10. Dude... You are very creative! Each one of these MOCs feels unique and has different body build and intresting techniques. And they are made with leftovers, so that's even more impressive! Great job!
  11. Nice MOC! I like how you made him bulky using these torso pieces. Also great job on his head which has a bovine look, these horns are cool too. Good use of the claw piece. I love how the exterior has some little bluish details while the interior is trans orange. It adds contrast and makes it look intresting.
  12. They aren't... probably because THREE bonus masks would be considered too many for a single set no matter how much it cost. I do hope the other masks show up in one way or another... but unless the summer story establishes that there are in fact supposed to be six of those masks or we learn about unrevealed store exclusive sets, there's no way to be sure. Well Toa have got 2 additional masks (Regular one, Golden one and Skull Spider, which is also a mask) and the cheapest ones cost ~15 €. This is the biggest set we've seen so far, I don't think there's any problem with adding three masks to this one. Also it's not fair that 4 Toa got their masks and two are left with their regular golden variats. It just doesn't make much sense.
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