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  1. Well, Bionicles based on Space themes, anyways. Space Bionicles by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Two Roboforce ones, the tall one being Commandra, the smaller, Matoran like one being Rator. Commandra and Rator by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Classic Space, whom I have called Soliel. This one is essentially a selfMOC for my girlfriend. She likes blue, I needed to make a Classic Space coloured being, Wanted to try a better feminine figure. Three birds with one stone! Soleil by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Kotahi, the Unitron one. I like this guy a lot. especially his feet. Kotahi by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr "I'm gonna shoot yeah" Kotahi by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr The Spyrius one, with the inventive name of Suiryps... Suiryps by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr The Space Police II guy, called Himana. Himana by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr And last, Kapeti, the Galaxy Squad guy. Kapeti by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Originally, I planned to make a "Toa Team" with the space themed colours using as many different shapes of transparent masks. I got as much a variety as I could. Not pictured above, the Blacktron 2 coloured guy with the trans neon green Miru. (I have posted him before, fairly sure of that) Let me know what you think! EKnight
  2. SInglehandedly the most unexpected thing I have seen in a very long time... EKnight
  3. What happens when you are builder was is sometimes known for building Bionicles, and often known for building boats? You get challenged to build a Bionicle boat, of course. Bionicle of the Caribbean by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Bionicle of the Caribbean by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr And of course, why make a boat and no one to sail it? Jack Sparrow by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr The more I look at Jack Sparrow, the less pleased I am with him. Certain aspects are fine, but others... Eh.... It's mostly the head. the Baze Malbus is actually a serviceable head, but hard to work around. Time to bail out! Bionicle of the Caribbean by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr A lot of Rahkshi died to make this boat. EKnight
  4. I have always thought that Karzahni was the fattest looking Bionicle. The wideset legs do not help. Can't really argue with the whole list, just the placement of Karzahni EKnight
  5. Best use ever for the Ben 10 head and the King Matthias crown. This cracked me up so much! EKnight
  6. Man... I used to know this really well. Lets see what we can remember.... First set was Turaga Vakama, Christmas day in the stocking 2001. Before the end of the year was out, I bought Kopaka, along with a Mask set, which, awesomely enough had a KauKau for Kopake, and a Mahiki for Vakama. And the dark green eyes. I ended up getting Tahu Next, then Pohatu and Onua, not sure which one first. I think Pohatu. A Turaga Nokama at some point, too. Never got any Rahi until later, sadly. First Bohrok was a Tahnok. First Toa Nuva was Gali Nuva, A Christmas present in either 2002 or 2003 from my godparents. 2004, got Vakama and Nuhrii quite early. First Vahki was the... Vorahk?…. right colour, wrong bad guy. That's the Rahkshi. This was the point I decided black was my colour. Things are definitely getting more fuzzy. I was always in and out of Bionicle from 05 to the end, but it's a very safe bet to say the first I got from all those waves was the black dude. In my family of 7 kids, we kind of split up the 6 colours. Oldest brother took the red colours, the coolest, 2nd oldest brother took White. Older sister got blue, the girl. Youngest brother took brown, other younger brother took green. I tried to get red, but kind of got shuffled into taking black. No regrets, though. I remember in 2009, not caring about the "soft Reboot" as I saw it of Glatorians, but then got the Skrall for my birthday. I now consider it one of my favorite Bionicle sets. Eh, I could go further in depth if I wanted, but I don't have the energy for that. EKnight
  7. Hehehe, the hockey faces. My brother had a crapload of these. In games we used to play (And well into our teen years) One character used these like Krana, as a mind controlling mask. Most of those are so ugly. EKnight
  8. Click: Make me a shield one more time, and I'll set my army on you! Mata Nui: Ah, at times like this, I wish I could understand my cut little bug friend!
  9. This is awesome. I didn't think orange and gold would go so well together. And the clock is just brilliant. Usuing feet as part of the shoulders is quite normal, but having them flat side out is an unusual choice. EKnight
  10. The torso seems a bit small in comparison to the rather beefy limbs, but it still looks ok. The dark green does actually go well with a Toa of earth, though if you really wanted a Kualsi in another colour, you could consider painting one. A little bit of spray paint can go a long way, if one is willing. EKnight
  11. I really like his shoulders. Big an menacing. Has a pretty good flow overall. though the legs look a little unfinished compared to the rest. EKnight
  12. This is brilliant! A great reimagining, looks very different, yet was instantly recognizable! I really like how the lower legs turned out, that has to be my favorite part. I may have to steal that design in the future. EKnight
  13. Those teeth are brilliant! Overall the integration of the Reidak spine is very well done. And great use of the Metru canister lids! EKnight
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