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  1. Awesome in all the right places! I particularly like Gali's claws. Onvermel
  2. Love Icarax as and this just makes him so much more cool. This is how I imagined him in the books looking. Great job.
  3. Awesome concept for the moc as well as being a great build. Onvermel
  4. I saw this and I must say that it was awesome. A great way to remember the Bionicle legacy. Onvermel
  5. As always with your stuff I love! You managed to make it feel like both a bohrok and a rahkshi while not having one really greater than the other. Onvermel
  6. Thanks! Well you know what the say. Go big or go home.
  7. I absolutely love this! Looks like it would fit perfectly in with the rest of the 2008 wave of sets. Great job. Onvermel
  8. Indeed it is.How did you do a blue-shaded inner layer for the mask when the inner part that came with the set was red? The piece came in a trans light blue with a Aquaraider set from 2007. I was originally going to go for the trans red but when i realized it came in the blue shade just like the smaller version of the mask i just new I had to use it. Onvermel
  9. Funny thing about that no. People outside of here have come to the same thought and honestly there is quite the resemblance. Completely by accident but I don't mind it. I've actually always liked Gorms look as purple has always been my favorite colour. Main reason I chose purple, if you are gonna go big chose the best colour.
  10. Thanks, glad you like him! I just wish I had taken the pictures a little sooner as I could of taken it in the exact same spot.
  11. I love this so much. The watch is a beautiful touch. This is also I think the first Bingzak moc I've seen.
  12. Well only starter this two and a half years ago and finished it two years ago. Yeah been sitting around before I actually got around to taking pictures. He by no means is perfect as he has a lot of gaps, proportions are a little weird, back isn't cover up and he has some stability issues (but not many). However I am very happy how it turned out as I had not attempted to create a MOC this large since 2008 with on old OLD creation. More pictures can be found here https://www.flickr.com/photos/125839668@N07/albums/72157707057929371 Dentar was an extremely talented Makuta with his ability in making intelligent rahi. He also hated toa, more so than most Makuta as he saw them as inferior and thought that the Makuta should of been the protectors of the Matoran. So he rebelled against the rest of the Makuta to start working on a species that there only purpose would be to kill toa. He made his laboratory at the very bottom of the universe far away from everyone on an island named Mutani Nui. Over a couple thousand years he had created a new species that were just what he needed. The Urapun. Unfortunately before he could act with his new found army he was destroyed by the Great Beings leaving only a giant crater with no trace of the events of what had transpired. The Urapun survived never knowing there true purpose.
  13. Love this! The idea of playing up the fish feel and look works great. Also using the azure colour is nice to see. Onvermel
  14. There is a photo of just the sword in the Flickr page. Also if it's looking a little rough that was slightly intentional as I tried to make it look like a crytal blade. Onvermel
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