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  1. There are the same species. No where does it say they are treated as different species. A real life example of different names for stages of life would be frogs as they are tadpoles. Also butterflies and caterpillars.
  2. Saw these on flickr a few days back and I gotta say that these are really great upgrades to the sets. That chariot and spikit just look too good. -Onvermel-
  3. Well for collecting I would say yes as the price is only going to up it seems. I'm almost done collecting the sets and thank goodness for that as their prices have just gone up. However if you are looking for the set mostly just to use it's part then no. Better just get the parts loose. -Onvermel-
  4. Five years already? Well were did the time go. I may not of loved JTO but it was nice to see Bionicle get a chance on Netflix even if it was not well executed. Gen 2 as a whole could of been so much more but I am really glad it happened and am glad I got all the sets when they came out. Also Pohatu I felt actually had a very good and enjoyable characted in JTO. Totally the best part. -Onvermel-
  5. Also on a side note to Toa Ignika's colour being yellow might be the reason Pohatu had orange. Really him having orange never made sense as it seemed lego was making all brown bionicle into yellow yet he was orange. I'm guess as they wanted to make Ignika more unique so he got dibs on the yellow colour. Onvermel
  6. Very well put together moc. I am always happy to see Voriki mocs and this one definitely lives up to what makes a good moc. Clean colours, solid build and unique design. Onvermel
  7. I feel like the mask didn't really chose the colours. He's black, yellow and silver. If you see the yellow as gold then these three colours represent the colours that the mask has or will take depending on the state of the universe. Onvermel
  8. Pure brilliance in building ingenuity. Beautiful like all your mocs but this might have to be my favorite yet. My favorite detail has to be the mask embedded in his chest. Onvermel
  9. An interesting questions to ponder. I've been collecting since 2001 and over the many years am only missing less than a dozen sets. Got all the toa, turaga, and nuva masks. I have almost all the misprints. Missing the black matatu and light blue kaukau. Have all the krana and am only missing 50 kraata. I have a bunch of other bits of bionicle merchandise. The hordika vakama voice changer mask might be one of my more interesting ones. With that I have a tooth brush, watch, board games, all movies, retail display banner, hat, shirt, key chain and pro cds. I wouldn't say anything makes me collection special at least to others but to me it is extremely special as I have at this point spent thousands of dollars and time into it and is a collections I am very proud of. Onvermel P.S. I.m sure there a plenty other stuff I missed and forgot.
  10. Awesome in all the right places! I particularly like Gali's claws. Onvermel
  11. Love Icarax as and this just makes him so much more cool. This is how I imagined him in the books looking. Great job.
  12. Awesome concept for the moc as well as being a great build. Onvermel
  13. I saw this and I must say that it was awesome. A great way to remember the Bionicle legacy. Onvermel
  14. As always with your stuff I love! You managed to make it feel like both a bohrok and a rahkshi while not having one really greater than the other. Onvermel
  15. Thanks! Well you know what the say. Go big or go home.
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