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  1. Four MOCs to kick off my 2019! Son of Makuta - Slow Rahi Archives - Colony Drone Skull Valkyr (Pohatu + Nilkuu + Skull Skorpio Combiner Model) Brick Badge: Silver Lining
  2. Aye, cheers man! The judges said initially they were split 50/50 between our entries - it was definitely close. His was one of the best MOC's I've seen from him, while I certainly could've cleaned up my entry some: Biggest thing IMO is the 'Plague Mech' had some bits (arms, lower legs) that could've been finished much better. Totally agree about the photography - less light, better backgrounds, considering setting up a lightbox. In hindsight I definitely should've used black card instead of white for the last one's backdrop. If I had time I would've manually edited it out, but I made it real hard on myself lul. Yeah man, these competitions have been great for pushing me further and getting me to explore ideas I wouldn't have on my own. Building really is something I enjoy now, I'll see if I can keep churning 'fancy doodz' out!
  3. Here are the four entries I made for the 2018 Bio-Cup on Flickr (before I was eliminated in an epic Semi-Finals). Gotta say, the competition was much fiercer than last year; Though I reckon I had it in me to go all the way, I'm quite content with my performance. (Preliminaries) 'Elements': Admiral Fahrenn (Round 1) 'Theme Fusion > Ninjago': Nindroid (Quarter Finals) 'Holidays > Up Helly Aa': MacGuizer the Piper (Semi Finals) 'The Future > Dystopia': Attack On Plague Mech
  4. Hey, I can definitely see the Mercy coat-thing there - the 'healer' angle is a really neat inversion on a character that just mutates everyone. Nice job keeping elements of the original set, love the feather-adorned catcher claw.
  5. Pridak: Paragon by Poor Disadvantaged "If it were possible for a biomechanical being to be a perfect physical specimen, Pridak was it." - City of the Lost (Bionicle Legends 6) Under the banner of Pridak - glorious leader of our League of Six Kingdoms - we shall achieve the impossible, and end Mata Nui's great Tyranny once and for all! By the power of the common man coupled with the stewardship of our six war-kings, we will bring a new era of unity and peace to our lands. Comrades! You have nothing to lose but your chains! ~ Entry to the BioSector01 competition, depicting a pre-mutated Pridak as a valiant, powerful army general. Found their wiki article on him quite useful for informing this design; went for 'Warcraft-esque' proportions to suggest physical strength, and went over-the-top fancy to hint at his pride/narcissm. I tried to incorporate some of the iconic pieces from the original set: the blended shark-blades, big-and-long feet, and white shoulder daggers all made it in there. Definitely not a 'perfect' moc by any stretch, but I hope you like it anyway!
  6. Some real nice concepts and builds here, well done everyone who entered. Choosing a pair that executed an interesting concept exceedingly well, my vote's gotta go to 'Involuntary Symbiosis'.
  7. I personally dislike the skull spider masks and forearms (only used them because I couldn't find anything better), so I'm glad you found them passable. Thank you! . This is the sort of feedback I love, cheers. I meant the bulk to emulate a 'Sub'marine somewhat, but by doing so it deviated from the source quite drastically. Could've used some of those janky blue bits better, or a sleeker shape could have been another direction to take. Yeah, Jayko's quite 'stylized'; the small feet, smooth but large upper arms and tight waist complement the look I was going for at the expense of exact human proportions - though I'd say the former is more important and I wouldn't change them. You and I both - my Galidor pieces are now a long way out of sight haha.
  8. Sub Slizer: ScuBa WotFace Jayko the Quick, Eagle of Talonjay (Previous post for Troddon, the Poor and Disadvantaged) This month I finished a 'Self-Moc' and participated in two collabs and a competition. Highly doubt I'll ever build at this pace again, but I'll try!
  9. Thought I'd make a Self-MOC that’s representative of an in-universe species that’s not yet-another-blimmin-Toa, so here’s a Skakdi (Piraka). Had a blast with the colours, especially the Metallic Blue, and blocking the black to represent skin – these abs are plastic-hard.
  10. My four entries to the 2017 Bio-Cup on Flickr. Check it out if you haven't already, there's such a brilliant collection of stuff, and the winner is still to be decided! I thought I'd group all of these together for the sake of convenience. With the benefit of hindsight, I've got a few things to say about each of these, if you don't mind me doing so. Eliminatory Round: Bitil Revamp Round 1: Mompka Round 2: "One More, Oh Mighty Sun God." Round 3: Oblivion's Emissary I'm very content with my placing - top seven what up - in a competition which got such a large and consistent turnout. This competition pushed me to go beyond what I'm usually comfortable with, and I'd definitely be down to try different things in the future as I continue to grow and learn. Cheers to the judges and all my fellow contestants for making this Bio-Cup happen. I'll eagerly await the final rounds of MOCs that will decide the winner.
  11. Ohyan: A wizened Ko-Matoran warrior whose sole wish is to preserve his brothers and sisters from the countless invaders that come from across the sea, even if it should require the surrender of his own life and his now desolate homeland. Izah: A pious Ga-Matoran General who is intent on defending her once-verdant homeland against the countless threats that seek to destroy them, even at the price of her and her soldier's lives.
  12. In Okoto’s Region of Stone, a villager might be minding his own business when the expanse of sand around them suddenly erupts into a great shimmering sea of many colours. The rays of the great hot sun that beat incessantly down upon the desert are reflected and refracted into the full lustrous spectrum of red to purple, immersing their hunched silhouette in a sheen of breath-stopping prismatic radiance. More-often-than-not, the villager will then look up, flip off a rude gesture with a cussword, then ensure that any food they brought with them is well out of sight. These semi-intelligent vulture-like beings have earned a reputation amongst the locals as a pest that acts purely in its own interest. As well as food and territory (anything its rays touch is the Condor’s, according to the Condor), specimens of both genders are constantly aware of their appearance and are always searching (or fighting) for shiny trinkets and spare parts to add to their glittering mantles. When they aren’t at the nearest waterhole admiring their own reflection (if they can find a puddle that isn’t too muddy), there will always be some scrounging through houses or harassing Villagers and their livestock. Fortunately, when this happens all it needs to send it packing is a bit of humility - a commodity locals are more than happy to dispense …in the form of manure and DustHog droppings. This is a combiner model that is built solely from the pieces contained in 71303 Ikir, 71304 Terak and 71301 Ketar, the Creatures of Fire, Earth, and Stone. After a Mech, Tahtorak, and Dragon, I decided to go for a humanoid of sorts, which was both fun and difficult since the Creatures contained few of the conventional limbs and torsos (not to mention connectors) one would generally rely on. I’m quite happy with how this turned out. I’m especially pleased with the head and torso, and I think I did a decent job applying each set’s various key pieces (though I couldn’t quite get bear-trap armour to work, sadly) and grouping the plentitude of gold, orange and purple together.
  13. Who is Sir Adric? How is he related to Kentis, King Jayko, Karzon, Dracus, Vladek, or the other Knights? Does he hail from a Kingdom in Morcia, or has he journeyed from beyond? Does he have a superpower like the other Knights? Why or why not? Why does he wield an Axe? Was he never taught swordsmanship, or is this a deliberate choice that reflects an aspect of his character? Efficiency? Intimidation? Brutality? Why does he fight? Does he truly wish to protect his King and his people and end the suffering caused by Vladek’s tyranny? Or is he merely compelled to fight out of his pledges as a Knight, perhaps forgoing his other duties to do so? Does he obtain liberation from performing his tasks to the utmost of his ability, or is he in reality just a slave to a system that will never let him get what he wants? ... Guess we’ll never get to know, will we? This is the result of me asking myself the question: ‘What would a Knight’s Kingdom creation look like?’ As well as relying on parts unique to the theme, I sought to emulate the basic click-jointed-brick construction fundamental to those figures released between 2004 and 2006. Though in this instance I didn’t just want to make a Bionicle with Knight's Kingdom pieces, after obtaining a bunch I’m definitely going to in the future – some real neat metallic colours.
  14. A wizened elder from the Region of Earth often speaks of a legendary creature that slumbers deep below the ground of Okoto. Though there are none who can confirm his claim, so too are there none who can disprove it, for no one has dared ventured to the place the elder describes as the great beast’s location. In his saga, he recounts his arduous journey where he traverses innumerable tunnels, caverns and chasms on a quest he was fated to walk alone. He takes pleasure in describing his encounters with multi-headed scorpions, moles that breathed fire, and geodes of rock and crystal that he swears moved on their own accord. At the climax of his fable he tells of a great tomb, hewn from the purest of crystal by ancient, mysterious hands. Venturing within its innermost chamber, he beheld a wondrous sight – a mighty sleeping dragon curled up atop a huge pile of bones, shimmering in a magnificent kaleidoscope of colour. With great spectacle the elder describes the moment where the dragon’s eye opened, it’s penetrating gaze boring into his very mind and heart. To the wicked and selfish, the dragon shall show no quarter, it’s splendorous breath of light withering the unworthy’s very spirit before finally burning away their flesh, leaving nothing left of them but their skeleton to add to its heap. But to the righteous and pure of heart, to the ones who live a life of integrity and selflessness; with an earthshattering ‘doot’ of its trumpet it shall bestow a grand gift of calcium and strong bones. This is a combiner model made solely from the pieces contained in the sets 70791 Skull Warrior, 70792 Skull Slicer, 70793 Skull Basher and 70794 Skull Scorpio. I only just got the Skull Slicer last month, so I thought it would be neat to do another G2-style combiner (even if it is a tad late). Pretty happy with how this turned out - the biggest challenge was by far finding ways to use that absolute rainbow of neon colours you've got without this looking too horrid.
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