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About Me

I have been around in the online lego community since about 2006 or so. I started with a mocpages account as a pre-teen - back then my username was 'xiazeran'. Left lego for about five years or so when G1 ended, but the new Bionicle reboot had me coming back. I've known about BZP since the early years, but I have never made an account until 2015.


I'm mostly just here to post mocs. If you want to view them all, go to any of the below links to my accounts on other sites.

Some images may be unique to certain accounts.

If you're unable to reach me via PM here, try contacting me on Instagram or DIscord.

My discord ID is Socketball#6091



Flickr -

Mostly lego/bionicle creations, with some regular photography here and there.

I post what I feel are the best pictures I have taken here, so images I feel are lacking in presentation or are otherwise irrelevant are posted elsewhere. I consider this to be my main site as far as Lego is concerned.


Instagram -

Mostly focused on the custom cast pieces, but I post a moc here from time to time. Likely the most direct way you'll be able to contact me, aside from on Discord.


Brickshelf -

May be a while for some things to be made public, but most everything is posted there, even the ###### pics. I... uh, ok, that wasn't even remotely a bad word. Alright, the not-so-good pics. Maybe that won't be filtered.


Tumblr -


My 100% on topic blog focused on my custom mask casting operations. Everything about my custom masks is posted here.

My blog for posting mocs. Not much else to say, really.















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