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  1. I don't know, i might now have enough parts to make more. And I picked my favorite element (water/ice) to make. And the water one is under-armored to show he is the younger brother to the ice warrior. Thank you for your feed back!
  2. I honestly didn't have enough of the parts I wanted so I just used the black
  3. thanks for your feedback, but i was going for a different skull warrior than the one LEGO made with its color scheme
  4. This is Exo, he is my own creation gone through many transformations and battles of his robotic life. He has a jet pack and swift speed that is even faster than sanic. The Silent Warrior, Exo http://imgur.com/a/xOQlV#0 Hope you enjoy, and I'm open to comments and criticism
  5. This is just amazing, i love it. I just love the details on everything
  6. Another creation from Hero Factory beasts from below. The Alpha Tunneler Beast comes in for its attack! http://imgur.com/a/jcC9o#0 ​Hope you enjoy, I'm open to comments and criticism
  7. This is the King Beast. Part of the Hero Factory beasts from below, this is one of my own creations. http://imgur.com/a/FWwxv#0 Hope you enjoy, and I'm open to comments and criticism Dismantling him soon for new project
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