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  1. Well, courtesy of some extremely helpful people, I can now both race this weekend and at the end of the month. Of course, this still only leaves me able to race one kart then, so I have to make a decision on which one I want to run, but that's a much easier decision to make than which entire event. Heck, I even get to take my spare engines out of the box for once and try them out. An another racing note, Dad raced his bigger racecar this weekend. I get the feeling almost no-one here will have heard of them, but he races a V8 dirt modified sometimes. He rolled his own one over a few years ago and hasn't raced since then. First drive back in and he managed to finish 11th in the state. 12 people finished, but hey, 27 were at there event, so 11th is a good job. And with that, I MUST PREPARE FOR SPEED. Well, not much speed, but hey. It's go karts, what do you expect.
  2. Well, actually, lets not. Not for a while at least. So I'm supposed to be racing next weekend. But because of other commitments for most people, it got called off. There's going to be a big race on the 17th of May. I can't afford to go to that without going to another meeting first to make sure all my engines are in safe working order. So I've got two options. Either I go on the 18th of April to a track 6 hours away, take both karts and run them on the same night. Problem with that is that if something is wrong with one, I can't fix it in time to get it back on the track for the rest of the night. Or I wait until the end of this month, where I can only take one of the two karts and make sure it's running properly. It's a two night event, so I'll have time to fix it in between. But it's still only one. And this event is for club points, unlike the other one. As far as I'm aware, I'm leading club points in both classes. Dropping these meetings pretty much puts me out of the running for even finishing top 3 by the end of the season. The other problem is that the 6 hour trip has my father with me. He's the guy who knows what to do. The two night event, he's on holiday interstate. So if something goes wrong, I'll have to work it out myself. Normally, this wouldn't be such a hard decision, but I need to be ready for the big meeting, it's the only time every year we race for money. So... any ideas on how to go about this?
  3. I feel for him. It's people like that that make racing of any kind lose the fun. Happened to me once. Did the three heat races, 2nd in all of them. Starting off second for the feature. BAM. Reverse grid. NO reason, they just felt like it. Best day I'd ever had until then. Lo and behold, What turned out to be a mostly one-lane racetrack left me finishing 4th out of 11, with the 3 beating me being the three who had started in those positions. Sometimes, you've just gotta take what you're given, then go out again next time and kick their butts.
  4. So this is a thing. I forgot I owned it. Dunno how I forgot that. IT'S SO MUCH FUN. Gonna try and beat it on all the difficulties. First run was apparently on normal. Going on easy now because it doesn't count lower ones as well. Accidentally set it to Hero (Above hard) for the first level. BAD IDEA. Couldn't even beat Volga.
  5. Well THAT is a surprise. I actually went looking for your profile when I logged in yesterday. Turns out you're a little harder to find than I remember.
  6. I got a blog. Yeah yeah. New member, blah blah blah. Took me a long time. Honestly, I've been around for quite a while. Used to be a different member entirely. Forgot the password one day and didn't come back. I know, there's ways to recover it, but I kind of screwed up massively on that one. Hotmail had a bunch of security updates around that time, and since I didn't put enough information in at the time, I couldn't do them and got locked out of my email account. I used to be Tntk2 or Reimu or something. I probably had a few other names. I finally decided to unify all of my usernames over all my online stuff. PSG happened to be what I was watching at the time. And with that, I'll be back! Eventually.
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