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  1. Lol, I bought one of those and I thought it got squashed in the mail. Here are pics: https://imgur.com/a/RsfZ0HI I received refund for it because guy sent me this Kraata in regular envelope without any protection and I was pretty sure that it got squashed. And I have one of misprint Iruini Kraata, but I didn't know that they exist in other stages than 3.
  2. I can get Polish version of Journey's End for you when pandemic in Poland will be over. This book is still available in Polish shops.
  3. Thanks for pictures! The only picture of this misprint I had was pretty bad. Comparision photo with correct Tahnok Kal's and Lehvak Kal's windshields will be really usefull as illustrative photo when looking for this part :).
  4. Patrick Biggs (DeeVee) owns it. But I don't believe that he will sale it.
  5. I'm looking for one of those misprint Bohrok Kal windshells . If you are willing to sell it, I can offer cash as well as I have items for trade listed in my topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/27485-wild-kraata-misprints-kanohi-and-more-for-saletrade-kraata-sellout/
  6. I have both Black Skrall Shield and Shadow Kraata stage 6. I can reserve them for you and we can finish the deal when coronavirus crisis will end.
  7. I have the same problem. I have your e-mail address and I sent you e-mail right now.
  8. Due to decison of United States president about closure of borders for Europe all flights to USA including cargo flights are cancelled. Because of that packages to USA are not accepted anymore by Polish Post until further notice. Also due to coronavirus situation in Poland I decided to minimize the risk of infection, reduce time spent outside home and I will not send any items to other countries during at least next 1 month. You can still reserve items if you want though.
  9. I sent you a PM regarding spinners. Sadly I don't have Nestle Kongu Rotor.
  10. First post updated! New items: - Infected Hau Nuva masks (3 different patterns available) - Agil (Ekimu's falcon) and Scorpion G2 polybags (multiple polybags available, only $2.80/piece) - Bionicle G2 Magazines - 2002 masks and Ekimu's mask ...and the most important - Kraata sellout has been started. 139 Kraata are for grabs!
  11. I have both issues of Polish Bionicle G2 Magazine for sale: https://i.imgur.com/unzcdQt.jpg https://i.imgur.com/3T3ySIo.jpg Please let me know if you're interested in buying them. I sent you a private message as well.
  12. I had multiple full sets some time ago, but all are already sold. If you won't be able to find any full set, I still should have more than a half of set available: Red Matatu, Brown Matatu, Green Matatu, Brown Ruru, Green Ruru, Blue Ruru, White Ruru Prices for them are listed in my topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/27485-wild-kraata-misprints-kanohi-and-more-for-saletrade/
  13. I sent you PM. I wrote to Sam few hours after his post and somebody already reserved it and later bought it, so maybe I'll be lucky this time :D. EDIT: NOPE. Still looking for Pearl Gold Visorak shell.
  14. I updated first post! Items added: - Copper Komau (translucent) - Shadow Kraata (2x Stage 4 and 2x Stage 6) - 3x rare 175 Kanoka - 2x Great Disk of Ko-Metru ...and still a lot of stuff previously posted is up for grabs. I'm badly looking for Wild Kraata of Gravity stage 5, so if you have it, we can work out something for sure!
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