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  1. Hey all! It's been a while but I'm back with some new goodies for sale! See below for photos and prices, all prices in USD. I'm happy to ship US domestic or international, just be aware international shipping costs a minimum of about $14. PM me your shipping address and I'd be happy to get you an estimate. Payment will be sent via PayPal, I'm open to giving discounts on large orders, just ask! Please PM me with orders rather than commenting, I'd like to not clog up the comments section unless people have questions. I will update this post as needed with what's still available. RARE ITEMS Pearl Gold Vohtarak Shell - $75 (open to offers) Pearl Light Gray/Silver Akaku Nuva - $25 Trans-Neon Green Skull Scorpio Mask - $15 5-Hole Kraahkan - $75 (open to offers) Brown Noble Ruru Misprint - $10 Blue Noble Ruru Misprint - $14 Green Noble Matatu Misprint - $17 Trans-Medium Blue Kaukau Misprint - $50 Gold Vahi - $15 Orange Vahi (2 available) - $9 Disk of Time - $2 OR free with purchase of 2 or more Vahi masks FLASH SALE ITEMS - $1ea All just $1ea, multiples available of all shown above! KANOHI MATA HAU Brown - $2.50ea White - $5ea Black - $8ea KAUKAU Trans-Black - $5ea Trans-Neon Orange - $11ea Trans-Green - $8ea Trans-Red - $7ea MIRU Blue - $5ea White - $7ea Red - $7ea KAKAMA - ALL $4ea AKAKU - ALL $3.50ea PAKARI Blue OR Brown - $1.50ea Green OR Red - $3.50ea White - $6ea GOLD & SILVER KANOHI $3ea OR $16 for one of each of one color (set of 6) KANOHI NUVA $3ea NOBLE KANOHI Ruru - $1ea All others - $4ea KRANA/KRAATA Wild Kraata - $1.50ea Purple Krana (light purple on the left, dark purple on the right) - $1ea Bohrok-Kal disks - $1ea OR both for $1.50 Krana Va - $0.60ea SETS Glopo Dream Builders Masters of Disaster Doomsday knockoff (complete, never assembled) - $15 OTHERS: Click this link to go to my eBay store to see sets I have available. If you're interested in anything PM me, we can arrange a direct deal through PayPal for 10% off prices listed on eBay. Thanks for looking! Sam
  2. Hey everyone! Just wanted to share that I'm selling some parts lots from knockoff/bootleg sets I've picked up on AliExpress over the last few years. I've bought the sets to get specific Technic/Bionicle elements that came in colors not produced by LEGO, but that did however leave me with lots of other interesting parts I had no use for, so I'm putting those up for sale! They're both on eBay, links below: System Parts Lot: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254420926890?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 This lot is made up of parts from 3 different sets, 2 from the "Enlighten" brand and one from the "Glory Hegemony" line. This lot includes TONS of System parts which are essentially Maersk Blue or Light Turquoise, as well as a few in Light Aqua and Dark Purple. Technic/CCBS Parts Lot: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254420901624?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 A handful of different sets here, most of the parts are from a Technic rover knockoff with a whole lot of Dark Green Technic parts. You'll also see a few Bright Green armor pieces and a set of the articulated hands I've seen several folks use in MOCs in Bright Light Blue. If you're interested feel free to bid - or if you PM me with a tasty offer before any bids are made I'll pull the listing and sell to you directly Feel free to comment with any questions as well! Thanks for looking!
  3. I suppose it is a bit of a logical jump, but I figured since Helryx was the first Toa and she was a member of the Hand that it was fair to assume the Hand existed before other Toa did. And yeah I think that between Shadow Stealer's elemental powers, Axonn's brute strength and energy manipulation, and Hydraxon's mastery of weaponry and commitment to Duty that one can imagine the building blocks of what would become the Toa. I just think it's a fun idea that gives more weight to those characters' backstories and to the significance of the Hand in the early ages of the MU.
  4. I like to headcanon that the members of the Hand of Artakha (Axonn, Hydraxon, Shadow Stealer, etc.) might have been prototypes of the Toa - though really more just the GBs trying out different physical builds and power types with an eye more towards experimentation than creating a direct predecessor. Unlike most species which are confirmed as having been created either by the GBs or Mata Nui, we know next to nothing about the origins of the members of the Hand, including whether they are members of species or single creations. To boot, they appeared very early in the history of the universe when Matoran were pretty much the only species living and working inside the GSR. To my memory, any characters other than the Matoran that existed that early on were one-offs themselves (Artakha and Karzahnni, Then Krom, Umbra), save for maybe the Zyglak and/or krana if they were around by then. Though there's no hard evidence, it seemed like a fun and interesting idea to say that the members of the Hand were one-off experiments and predecessors to Helryx, the pinnacle of the creative process, who all decided to band together and make something of themselves as they had far more power than any other beings existing at that time inside the GSR.
  5. How much would you be looking to get for the whole collection?
  6. $15 total for a UK copper huna, at least to my memory, isn't a bad price at all actually. I think I paid around that for mine.
  7. It's hard to tell without seeing them held up to the light, but the third seller's mask looks to me at least to be the US version. In my experience shipping from Germany hasn't been too expensive to the US, how much were they saying it would cost you?
  8. Here's where my thought process has gone: Teridax didn't have to know that his universe existed in a giant robot to be able to formulate/execute the Plan, all he had to know was that Mata Nui "resided" in the Core Processor under Metru Nui and that he could be both incapacitated and, in the event of his weakening/death, his spirit could be replaced as the "god" of the universe. The Makuta didn't have to understand that Mata Nui wasn't just their universe but actually a giant robot to have their Plan make sense or be possible to execute. That being said, beings like Tren Krom, Helryx, and Artakha & Karzahni likely understood/remembered the creation of the universe, but having never been outside it they would have never known it was actually a giant robot. They may have learned or pieced together that Mata Nui lived within or even was their universe, but that would have been the full extent of it. That would have been the information that Mutran learned from Tren Krom, which would have been enough to make the Plan feasible. It wouldn't have been until, as TuragaNuva pointed out, the last chapter of Dwellers in Darkness when Antidermis-enhanced Brutaka explains the nature of the GSR that those present would have known the entire truth. And from there it is indeed likely that others learned or discerned the truth, and since DiD takes place before RoS that fully explains my concerns about those characters' reaction to seeing a giant robot flying away from them.
  9. One big thorn in my mind is the scene in RoS where the group of super-beings (Helryx, Artakha, Brutaka, etc.) are ejected into space from within the Core Processor and they all see a giant robot fly away. In my read of it they didn't frankly seem that shocked by it, which is surprising if they had no idea their universe was a robot. They were able to determine within a few seconds that that robot was indeed their universe and that Teridax was in control of it and had teleported them outside of it, and to do that with no foreknowledge while also dealing with having been cast into the vacuum of space (which they also wouldn't have known existed) does seem like a bit much. However, on the flip side, here's a quote from Teridax's journal that I do think implies he was the only one to know the whole truth, and that he indeed didn't know until his spirit was in control of the universe: "The heroic Toa returned to Metru Nui, even as the Great Spirit Mata Nui began to rise. Of course, no one but I truly knew what that meant. I had been to the places no one else had ever seen. I knew the ultimate truth - that Mata Nui did not rule the universe of the Matoran - he was the universe. The Great Spirit was a vast being of metal, a thing of armored power....We had looked to the heavens for our Great Spirit, when he was truly all around us." - p. 90 Semantics can be debated as to whether this is 100% confirmation that no one really knew, but that would seem to be the implication. In that case I'd imagine that Tren Krom or Helryx or Artakha had bits and pieces of knowledge of how the universe worked that others may not have understood, but no one really knew they existed within a giant mechanoid until Teridax went full god-mode.
  10. Oh I have no illusion they would haha, the theory is entirely for my own entertainment and head canon. I favor it cause I think it makes sense and is fun not cause LEGO would ever back it or actually use it.
  11. Here's a big one: Which if any beings in the Matoran Universe knew that their whole world was really inside a giant robot? And to boot, did these beings know the history of its creation and the Shattering? From the Mutran Chronicles it seems that the Makuta figured it out from the vision given to Mutran by Tren Krom, but elsewhere in the serials we meet the antidermis-being and it claims the Makuta have forgotten their true purpose/the true history of their universe. I could see Helryx and Artakha maybe being in the know too, but I'm just curious if there's any canon affirmation of that or of any other examples.
  12. That would be one element that would take some re-working, true. The solution I like to imagine is that Artakha was given the ancient Vahi/lower half by the Great Beings and split it up into the Great Kanoka and hid them to keep it safe until the time was right. Splitting up powerful artifacts seems to be a running theme, as with the Makoki stones or the Keystones. BS01 does say that Artakha made the Great Disks, and he is one of the most ancient beings in the MU, so I don't think it would be a huge stretch.
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