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    FIRST and foremost: Robotics, or anything FIRST related. If it weren't for the fact that I have zero math ability I would pursue an engineering career. But as it stands I'm pursing a career in Geology (which I do not consider second tier, as I enjoy it just as much).

    Movies - I love watching movies, thinking about movies, and writing about movies. Basically if you want to talk about movies, drop me a PM! I'd love your insights and I really don't have anyone else to talk to about movies! I don't have a particular favorite genre as I feel that each one has something to offer in terms of entertainment, nor would I say I have a favorite movie of all time. But if I had to chose a top five:

    - Raiders of the Lost Ark
    - Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
    - Once Upon a Time in the West
    - Lawrence of Arabia
    - Tangled

    Reading - Maybe I just have a thing for storytelling and getting told stories (because I'm not talented enough to write my own), but I also love reading. Again, no favorite genre/type/whatever, but I do have a few favorite authors, mainly Paulo Coelho and Tolkien. I, again, do not like picking favorites, but if I had to chose a top five it would probably consist of:

    - The Devil and Miss Prym (Paulo Coelho)
    - A Passage to India (EM Forster)
    - Bridge to Terabithia (Katherine Paterson)
    - Animal Farm (George Orwell)
    - The Giver (Lois Lowry)
    (not exactly all age level reading but WHATEVER.)

    Music - Mostly instrumental music, whether it's a film score or piano/violin music (often dubbed as 'new age'). I will also listen to classic rock and bluegrass/folk music. Favorite film composers are John Williams and Ennio Morricone, while my favorite piano soloist is Philip Wesley. And although he rarely does solo piano, I enjoy Brian Crain as well ('Song for Siena' is particularly lovely).

    Long Walks - Whether I'm Geocaching or contemplating life, I love walking and hiking. There's just something refreshing about a long walk, especially when you have no idea where you're going. I've often been told that the best way to learn a new area is to get yourself lost, and I find this to be true. So I always strive to get myself lost. Good for exercise and relaxation.

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  1. Since I couldn't vote three times for Adventures, I gave my other two to BIONICLE and Rock Raiders. Those are the only three of interest to me on the list. I like the castle sets, but those always return in some form.
  2. It's an achievement that it got 10,000 votes, but I see TX Master games as an incredibly difficult sell. It's clearly a game of some sort, but gives no indication how to play. The model itself is also bland. The rest are great models but nothing stands out to me as worth making into a set. But I guess we will see.
  3. Wow, what a fantastic and incredible looking model. But man, if I thought the Big Ben set was a repetitive build....
  4. Vorahk1Panrahk2

    Halloween 2020

    Okay that pineapple actually looks pretty dope with the way the light comes through the skin.
  5. I got that shirt, or one like it. I don't remember what was on it- knew I was never going to wear it so I gave it someone else. Some corporate rah rah "we're all in this together" stuff with a dragon on it. That was our mascot. A dragon. Wasn't uncommon to see someone wandering around in a dragon costume with their six foot pool noodle trying to keep people separated.
  6. Not really interested in the set, but those mini figures are perfect. Love Oscar the Grouch!
  7. For a short time, maybe three months, I worked in a sort facility. Mostly scanning and water spider. Favorite job was inbound because I got to just mindlessly toss boxes onto a conveyer. Least favorite was outbound because I am terrrrrrible at stacking those trucks. Contrary to what I read online, I too found that there was a huge emphasis on safety, they were definitely trying to avoid any and all lawsuits, and I felt like they were moooostly taking the pandemic seriously? If anything I took more issue with other workers who would refuse to wear their masks properly, and Amazon didn't do much about it. They didn't do much about people getting within six feet, but honestly, given the nature of the job, that's just impossible to avoid. We had one trial lane that tried to establish one way paths to pallets but it was kind of a mess. My bigger issue with Amazon is how tone deaf they are. They shove the message of teamwork and camaraderie down your throats with T shirts and facility mascots, and offer "fun" things like raffles and free food. But we all know how much they crack the whip- there's pretty much no room for anything they try to promote. And those raffles? Never got a ticket. Criteria for getting them seemed totally arbitrary. Other than that, can't argue with your negatives or positives. The one good thing about the job is that it kept me physically active. I lost more weight in those three months than in three years of trying. And of course gained it all back as soon as I left for a desk job. I absolutely get why people work for Amazon. It's not a bad deal. And if I needed to I'd go back. But I wasn't happy working there at all.
  8. I hope Ideas doesn't follow their own trend and approve the motel or Community idea. I get it. They probably sell well, and people like them, but they seem so generic compared to a lot of the other cool things that get to 10k. I'd love to see them approve something unique like the calendar or the working safe, but I wouldn't be opposed to some of the other non licensed sets. Really like the windmill.
  9. Yeah I've been seeing how bad its getting up there- I really should have mentioned you all in my post. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a little bit of luck shines through and the fire crews can get these things under control. Big shout out to all the personnel involved with fighting them. I think I might make some baked goods and drop them off at the local station. It's the least I can do to show gratitude.
  10. The fire that was threatening my local area is mostly contained. Actually it has been for two weeks or so. Evacuation orders are probably almost entirely lifted by now except for some small area. So that's mostly good. It did not come without losses for many people, though. But it's California, and we're a box of matches when it comes down to it. Hotspot detection satellites are lighting up the state like a Christmas tree. That's why even though we (folks in my area) aren't being immediately threatened by fires, we're still breathing near toxic air, ash is falling down like a light sprinkle of snow, and everything looks like Las Vegas from Blade Runner 2049 (which, not fun fact, the look was inspired by this very phenomenon). And many, many people are still being threatened by fires. And we aren't even in fire season yet. October is when we start to see stronger winds, when things can get really bad. But, then, at this rate, what will be left to burn? What a miserable end of summer.
  11. Fun minifigure for the deluxe edition, but the rest of the deluxe content is so pointless you're basically paying $10 for that minifigure. Still, I'll definitely be picking up the standard version at some point. Looking forward to seeing how improved the level designs are.
  12. Work on Wednesday was agonizing. It was really hard to get anything done while keeping the burn map open and watching it spread closer and closer to my girlfriend's place of residence. They were never under mandatory evacuation, but everyone around them was so they left anyway. It did end up jumping the highway, leaving a whole new range of people in danger and forced to evacuate. We were not one of those groups, but its still terrifying to watch a fire line inch closer and closer to your home. It got only a mile away from my girlfriend's house which might seem like it lot, but this thing has grown massive since it first started. Mostly its heading north, which is some comfort for us. Either weather is favorable or fire crews got a handle on it where we live. Some evacuations orders have been lifted and it does not seem to have moved much in the past few days (toward us) despite there only being overall 7% containment. But the winds are driving it north. So while we might be okay, there are entire communities still at risk. The number of personnel involved in fighting it has tripled and I'm grateful for each and every one of them. I'm hoping for favorable weather so they can fight it successfully, but apparently there's more lightning predicted for this weekend. We really don't need another fire.
  13. I was really happy when we got some summer rain earlier this week. I can't remember the last time that ever happened in my life, and it came with thunder and lightning which is also a rarity. It was cool at first, until I got to work on Monday and heard that it started a fire. It was small at first, but two days later, like all of them, it erupted into a monster. 32,000 acres burning, and although it started really far away its now threatening the home of some family friends, and where my sister keeps her horse stabled. The fire started only a few miles from where I work, but has gone the other direction, away from the biggest urban center in the area (of origin). I do not know the likelihood that this fire is going to threaten us. I'm not an expert. I've heard fires have trouble jumping highways which is what it would have to do but that's not really any comfort. My girlfriend lives on the other side of that highway and if keeps going the way it is, they will have to evacuate. Current containment is 0% as of last night. My thoughts are going out to the victims. If asked to evacuate, please be responsible and do so. Hose down what you can, put a sprinkler on the roof and hope for the best. My gratitude is going out to the 501 people CalFire lists as personnel involved with this one.
  14. Vorahk1Panrahk2

    New Job

    This was the very first red flag, believe it or not, raised even before the interview. There is barely a web presence online with them. Their website is barebones, filled with out of date information and broken links. There are no reviews or comments from past employees or competitors that I could find, barring a workers comp legal matter they were involved with 21 years ago. They are mentioned a few times in local articles, but that's pretty much it. They are very small. Your last sentence there is a good point, but for now I do not believe having the company on my resume will harm me more than the experience will help me. I've been turned down several times for not having paid experience (always emphasis on "paid"), so that is what I need to get under my belt, and believe me once I do I'll start applying again. I'd be surprised if anyone outside the industry has heard of them, much less has an idea of their reputation. And future jobs I'd look for would be outside that industry. (I'm in more of a technical support role. The skills I'm learning are transferable and applicable elsewhere.) I realize this is all very vague- I'd rather not give away too many details. Your advice is certainly sound. I was thinking I'd start applying again when I hit the 4-6 month mark. Any sooner and I think that would be a red flag for potential employers. Because if the work then is like the work now.... yikes. You wrote "bored or wondering what was going on" and that pretty much sums up the past month. Thank you for your response, and I wish you luck with your own endeavors.
  15. Vorahk1Panrahk2

    New Job

    A little over a month ago I started a new job. After over a year of searching, it was exciting to finally throw away the part times I've been working and start full time doing work that, maybe technically isn't what I studied in school, but still uses what I learned in school. My first instinct is that how great it is to finally, after years and years, have a job that I don't hate... and sometimes even really like. Sure the commute sucks, and they aren't paying me enough that I can afford to move closer, and the projects aren't meaningful to me personally, but I'm mostly enjoying what I'm doing. And I'm learning from doing them, and they will definitely make me more marketable for something in the future that more aligns with my interests. (And benefits. Job has benefits. A job with benefits is (almost) always better than a job without.) There's only one big problem: I'm not sure why they hired me. Or wanted to hire anyone. The better part of the past month has been me struggling to find work to do to fill the nine hours a day I'm wanted there. The projects they've had for me so far have been quick ones, that I've deliberately worked slowly on because I learned quickly that there's basically nothing for me to do all day. The past few days have been a bit of fresh air because I actually have a task to accomplish, but its pure busy work, making me feel like I'm working a glorified internship. I've brought up my concerns twice now. The first time I was told not to worry about it, they're still working out what my day to day tasks will be. Fine. But never heard more about it. I brought it up again and was told, don't worry about it. Be patient for now, the busy season is coming. Which again, fine. But what about when the busy season is over? And what am I supposed to do until then? Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful to have a job (with benefits), especially considering current events when most people are losing theirs and many still are struggling. But my concern is that eventually they're going to change their mind and decide my services are no longer necessary. It was clear to me even before starting that this is not an organized company. With my offer letter alone there was conflicting information about whether my job was seasonal, full time, if I'd get benefits and if I'd be paid salary or wages, and my new hire paperwork had two different forms listing two different hourly rates, one of which was meant for me and the other which was not. My very first week I came in on a Saturday (offer letter said weekend hours required), confirmed Friday that I was supposed to come in the next day, then was told on Saturday when I got in that I could have stayed home and they didn't have my contact info to tell me otherwise. Come on. We both know that's a pitiful excuse and a lie. And then they messed up my timecard and tried to not pay me for a day. The amount of red flags with this company are worrying, and I'm not about to recommend that anyone work there. But I'm also not really in a position to throw away an employment opportunity. So for now I'm just going to hope that things get better and that things pick up and I can keep my job despite the fact that there's nothing for me to do there at the moment.
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