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    FIRST and foremost: Robotics, or anything FIRST related. If it weren't for the fact that I have zero math ability I would pursue an engineering career. But as it stands I'm pursing a career in Geology (which I do not consider second tier, as I enjoy it just as much).

    Movies - I love watching movies, thinking about movies, and writing about movies. Basically if you want to talk about movies, drop me a PM! I'd love your insights and I really don't have anyone else to talk to about movies! I don't have a particular favorite genre as I feel that each one has something to offer in terms of entertainment, nor would I say I have a favorite movie of all time. But if I had to chose a top five:

    - Raiders of the Lost Ark
    - Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
    - Once Upon a Time in the West
    - Lawrence of Arabia
    - Tangled

    Reading - Maybe I just have a thing for storytelling and getting told stories (because I'm not talented enough to write my own), but I also love reading. Again, no favorite genre/type/whatever, but I do have a few favorite authors, mainly Paulo Coelho and Tolkien. I, again, do not like picking favorites, but if I had to chose a top five it would probably consist of:

    - The Devil and Miss Prym (Paulo Coelho)
    - A Passage to India (EM Forster)
    - Bridge to Terabithia (Katherine Paterson)
    - Animal Farm (George Orwell)
    - The Giver (Lois Lowry)
    (not exactly all age level reading but WHATEVER.)

    Music - Mostly instrumental music, whether it's a film score or piano/violin music (often dubbed as 'new age'). I will also listen to classic rock and bluegrass/folk music. Favorite film composers are John Williams and Ennio Morricone, while my favorite piano soloist is Philip Wesley. And although he rarely does solo piano, I enjoy Brian Crain as well ('Song for Siena' is particularly lovely).

    Long Walks - Whether I'm Geocaching or contemplating life, I love walking and hiking. There's just something refreshing about a long walk, especially when you have no idea where you're going. I've often been told that the best way to learn a new area is to get yourself lost, and I find this to be true. So I always strive to get myself lost. Good for exercise and relaxation.

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  1. Maybe I'm a Scrooge and its just me, but I actually think it's kind of ugly. The Technic system isn't doing the aesthetics any favors, and this is one of those rare moments where blue pins absolutely ruin the color scheme. That said, I'm sure kids will vroom vroom it around happily and there's nothing wrong with that.
  2. No denying that this is a fantastic looking set, and one that I may very well for over the $200 for. I admit I prefer the original submission, but understand why the compromises were made where they were.
  3. Disappointing lack of Tangled merchandise here, but I guess it's pretty out of the spotlight compared to the more recent films and more pop-culture relevant ones that are represented here. Also Beast's big headpiece looks bizarre on that minidoll body.
  4. I must be living under a rock because I had no idea the Deep Space Rocket set existed. But it looks really cool! Love the little train cart.
  5. Very cool! I went to China a few years ago but did not keep any currency from the trip. Not sure why since I usually do. I have Euros from a trip to Europe a decade ago (floating around somewhere), and every denomination of Guarani from living in Paraguay. My family went to England for a trip when I was a small child and I'm sure I have some pounds floating around somewhere too. If my goal is to hold on to foreign currency for posterity I should probably be taking better care of it...
  6. Despite the ARC-170 not being in this poll, because it should be, it's still super cool of LEGO to do this. Even though there are already three perfectly good models of it, one of which I own, I voted for the LAAT. Does it need it? Maybe not, but it's one of my favorite Star Wars ships, and its been ten years since a prequel ship was added to the UCS line. The Escort Frigate is the obvious choice since it has yet to make it to set form, but I let my bias sway me in voting here.
  7. There don't seem to be a whole lot of books in that bookshop. Pretty disappointing.
  8. Tekulo! Glad you found a job you think is good. Hopefully it's something you can come to enjoy!
  9. I also only reveal myself for bacon. Fun little video. Looking forward to seeing more and buying one or two of the sets. Hopefully the theme lasts for at least a few more waves.
  10. Almost exactly a year (and two weeks) after writing a blog entry about the 2018 California fires, more are breaking out and the dry October winds we tend to get are certainly not helping . There are probably a few officially labelled fires, but the two I'm reading about are the Kincade Fire, because its closest to me, and the Tick Fire near Los Angeles. Unlike last year's fires which came too close to comfort, we are at no risk from the Kincade fire. Unfortunately many people (39-50,000 depending on which news outlet you read) are at risk and being asked to evacuate. It's completely heart wrenching that this is happening again, and absolutely frustrating when the source of both fires are take into account. I don't really want to point figures, that's a job for someone else and I have no doubt it'll happen down the line, I just hope that everyone is able to evacuate safely. Also want to give another huge shout out and thank you to the thousands of fire fighters (and inmates, according to the BBC) across the state working to contain the fires. With tonight's wind gusts expected to be up to 70 mph they have a major uphill battle, but we're all rooting for them. These brave heroes don't get enough credit, and no thank you is big enough for all the work that they're doing. My thoughts and prayers are with them and the victims.
  11. Being sick is the worst. Here's hoping you have a swift recovery!
  12. Oh, not much. Still sending my resume out into black holes and getting rejections from the few who manage to glimpse it. But, hey, I'm still alive too so I guess that's a good thing. Waiting for your next rant essay in the meantime.
  13. Another year, another LEGO Millennium Falcon. I like the colors on the AT-ST and Y-Wing, though aside from that nothing too appealing about any of these for me. I hope they find their audience, though!
  14. Pirates Bay looks fun and Machu Picchu looks like a nice little display piece. I wouldn't mind if either of those won.
  15. Only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with that minifigure game app that's coming out. Other than that.... I got nothing. Curious to see what it's for.
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