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  1. Hi all! I’m almost done with the collection, just a few left. As stated in the title I need: x1 Lime Green Rau x1 Lt Gray Rau x1 Dk Gray Komau x1 Lt Blue Huna Everything has been acquired, thanks! I also have some things to sell: All sets are in used, good-great condition, with no instructions. Completed unless otherwise noted. 8531 Pohatu x2 (One missing boulder) 8532 Onua 8535 Lewa 8561 Nuhvok - no Krana, no rubber band 8570 Gali Nuva 8572 Tahu Nuva Rahkshi - no Kraata 8587 Panrahk 8588 Kurahk x2 8589 Lerahk x2 8590 Guurahk 8592 Turahk 8614 Nuurakh 8615 Bordakh 8740 Matau Hordika - no spinners, no ripcord 8732 Matoro Inika 8916 Takadox - no squid 8915 Matoro Mahri x2 Titans/Warriors/Vehicles: 8622 Nidhiki Krekka - Alternate trans-clear hose, rahkshi foot is has stress marks at axle, but still functional, 1 cracked socket 8954 Mazeka - Torso is black instead of gray 8943 Axalara T9 - no rubber bands or Lewa 8991 Tuma - One cracked socket in each leg support I also am almost done parting out Keetongu, Nui Rama, and Tarakava. I will update when they are 100% completed. Thanks for all the help, folks! -JohnT
  2. Hello All! I am back for a brief time after a hiatus to finish my Kanohi collection. It's really close, so any help is always appreciated! I am missing only TWO Mata Kanohi: a Red Pakari and a Green Hau. This is my Krana Collection. I need a Blue Vu and a Pearl Dark Gray Vu. I am also looking for a Silver Akaku Nuva and a Stage 1 Vorahk Kraata. Finally, I would like to get a substantial amount of Mata Heads with respective Brain Stalks in various colors. Around 20 or so, I think. On the side, I am interested in getting some other collectibles, like the Trans-Yellow Kaukau, Copper Masks of Victory, and a Movie Edition Kraahkan. I am not too keen on buying them for going rates, so if you want to suggest an offer I'll accomodate. I am interested in purchasing these, but I also have a reasonable amount of Kanohi, Krana, and Kraata (Pic 2) to trade/sell. I am open to all offers! I am in the US and ship via USPS Flat Rate. I will not trade internationally. Thanks!
  3. I haven't seen a PGK auction since mine on Reddit last summer..? I don't know, it was a long time ago. Hope this one is just as good...
  4. Hello, unfortunately, I've been a bit slow about updating the topic, you can purchase the sets, but Axonn has already been purchased by the original party. It'll be live for as long as it's posted
  5. I will have to see the status of the other interested party on Axonn and Defilak, but Takadox is available right now! PM received! Queue formed!
  6. Hmm, I'm afraid I do not know why that is happening.. It is only 6 kraata, though, so if it doesn't start working soon I'll tell you what they are and what level.
  7. Inventory liquidated. It's been a pleasure doing business with you all.
  8. To each his own, I'd say. I'm a lot less into handling masks and a lot more into cycling set inventory. I agree with the kraata, though, since wild kraata is really hard to come by nowadays.
  9. Can I have a link to the final auction? I haven't been on eBay in a long time.. lol Nevermind, found it. I don't quite know the reasoning behind the high price. I've seen a better lot go for half the price last summer..
  10. I'll pledge $4 for 1 red Hau, 1 green Hau, 1 red Pakari, and 1 green Kakama. I would also be interested in a protodermic silver Miru Nuva and Akaku Nuva if any are available. Is it also possible that you could get a pic/list of the types of krana available? I'm looking for only a particular few. Lastly, are you in the US? I'm tryingnto get cheapest shipping possible. Thanks!
  11. Do we get to choose the masks we want if we pledge..?
  12. Wow, I got Karzhani a month back in an eBay lot with lots of other sets for like $20, however, it was only missing the just-as-expensive cape part! Regardless, it's quite a surprise that this is expensive and rare..
  13. I'd be willing to trade you the silver Hau Nuva, valued at about $20, along with the 5 (?) gold masks that you want for the movie edition kraahkan, a copper huna, and the black Ja you have. Are you in the US?
  14. I have a silver Hau Nuva, and all gold masks, I am interested in the Movie Edition Kraahkan, a copper huna maybe, and some krana.
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