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  1. Vortixx are scheduled to use their tech to fight, as they have no powers either. I suppose I could make some of their gear available to Engineer Matoran. Functionally I imagine they would work like weapons or as re-purposed Kanohi. For example, a device that projects a force-field like a Hau, or maybe a jetpack and a gun that shoots out a grappling hook. That's another discussion, though. The reason I'm even contemplating Matoran riders is that I'd have to lay the groundwork in order for Toa to use Exo-Toa; which has been a planned feature for some time. It's the same kind of code, so once one type of vehicle/mount is programmed, it is easy for me to re-use the same scripts for different things.In fact, the reward for defeating the Exo-Pyro boss was originally going to be that the armor cooled down and allowed you to ride it as a normal Exo-Toa. I ran into trouble with the code, though, because once I removed the player and replaced it with an Exo-Toa the game control system would count you as dead and respawn a normal copy. I have fixed this to an extent -- this is what the current Mahiki power was a test-run for. I can replace the player character without triggering respawn. Still, I have to program a proper player-controlled Exo-Toa, and that is best done from scratch in the new engine. The old one is too messy to change at its fundamental level.I'll probably make a preliminary test run for this, like I've done with the Kanohi Kadin, the chain lightning power and the Laser Crossbow in the past.Riding in exo-toa armor would be cool! Thing is, Windows 8 is kinda making it hard to play bionicle fighter now, as it's a lot slower and keeps crashing!Also, is bionicle fighter available for windows 10? I don't have it yet, but can you get it on windows 10? Please Answer!
  2. I'll tell you the story, banana. Toa firuka was once a mask maker as a matoaran, and was not the best mask maker, but he tried... until Ta'haji, toa of light for Karuisten Nui, gave him a toa stone. Firuka is brave, Impulsive, and blames himself for the death of toa Ter'ghao, toa of plant life, his former mask making friend.Firuka often has fights with Aerkey, Toa of air for the Toa Karu, which threatens the Toa Karu's unity.But when the Makuta and his Cordakai army threaten to destroy Karuisten Nui forever, the toa must unite.
  3. Thanks guys. I'm still working on my self MOC, but thanks to you guys, I can make it look awesome!!!
  4. The "mini games are pretty fun, in a way.Not much sound, but still fun.Only one doesn't seem to be approved by my computer...
  5. I have no direct idea how to create awesome MOCs. I do have some that I think are awesome, but don't have the best balance in the world.Plus, they are made often by random parts I can find,and then changing a bionicle set, mainly by changing the weapons and mask.Mainly I get some of the toa Inika and change the head and mask, with some additional armor.Also, you can see what set it came from.Firuka came from the set Toa Jaller, from the bionicle Inika series. Then I added bionicle stars Tahu into the set. I did add additional upgrades, but you can still see that he still has some of Jaller's parts.I did remove some of Jaller's parts, though. See how I replaced Jaller's gold chestplate with a gray one? Gold looks a little too flashy on Firuka... I like Firuka's double sided flame sword the best... So, I ask you guys again... HOW DO YOU MAKE AWESOME MOCS? Now, I pay my respects, and end this message- NOW...
  6. BioJayFan

    Flat-color Rahkshi

    Hey, I'm HORRIBLE at drawing bionicles.I can't even draw a simple kanohi hau!!! Thats waaaay better then MY bionicle drawings... Thats why I take pictures. But I'm bad at taking pictures, too, unless their close-ups These are only SOME of my bad pics.
  7. I created I lot of characters in bionicle fighter. Its really fun to see your plans in action. (Such as killing takanuva,makuta,exo-pyro,etc.) Takanuva is really hard, though. http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/115034-biojayfan/ Check out my profile .... See screenshots of my character with the name BioJayFan: http://www.mediafire.com/download/pp2k5jgg6chkk2k/screenshot104.png http://www.mediafire.com/download/80zheuwqc87bh8z/screenshot100.png http://www.mediafire.com/download/vquegowtnu1ygxh/screenshot156.png ^^^ Click here to see (download) a sceenshot I took today of bionicle fighter as BioJayFan... Most of the links you post, katuko,don't work!!!Well, It doesn't work for me,anyways. There is some good Ideas I have for matoaran weapons, such as kohlii sticks that can launch kohlii balls and can be used up close.I like that idea.I won't give you a hard time about it,though, seeing it might not work too well and might add bugs to it. Soo... you haven't started multiplayer yet? Crudnuggets...
  8. I have wondered if people like my mocs, and I'd like your guy's opinion. Here are some of them: They are of Toa Firuka, one of my MOCs.I can't post any more in the gallery, because I ran out of space!!!! So if you like my MOCs, then please reply!!!
  9. Bionicle has great sets

  10. Its Bionicle. By the way, its the mask of light.It might be from the regular takanuva set,but theres a bionicle stars takanuva, so I guess that makes it confusing.... This is a custom moc.(I just posted this randomly)
  11. Uh...Katuko? I clicked on "posted image" and it said "problem loading page" Is there something wrong with my internet connection or what?
  12. I'm actually fine with the windows 8 bugfix. (as long as bionicle fighter stops crashing....) So, when are you exactly going to make servers and stuff, because I have an idea (it might be a bad idea).Maybe if someone makes a server, they could choose a map that other players can play on.(Example: I set up a server and choose the Ta-Koro map. Then other players on the server could only play on Ta-Koro, until I switched the map to say, The Kini Nui/ Lair of Makuta mix, which is AWESOME!!!!) Again, this might be a bad idea and might add a lot more bugs, so... yeah. So I pay my respects, and end this message....NOW...
  13. You know what would be a cool map? Metru Nui!! Like, you could go to the different Metrus, and go to the sea of protodermis and have the Makuta boss fight like in the 2nd bionicle movie!! "You don't want to know who is really in control of Metru Nui" -Vakama
  14. Welcome to BZP! Enjoy your stay.

  15. This game is EPIC!! I played it and it is one of the best bionicle games I have ever played.the makuta boss fight is the BEST!! You should have visorak and it'd be cool if they could fire webs at you and you'd turn into a hordika until you die.(But you could still have all your mask powers and stuff.Your player could just change their appearance...) You don't have to take this idea if you don't want to. It'd be cool, though. It'd probably not work on the rahkshi that well.... Now I know that there's a bug fix. How come I never noticed that?! So I was wondering, does bionicle fighter work on windows 10 (I don't have windows ten. Which is probably pretty bad.)? Edit: Double post merged. -Wind-
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