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  1. 1/5, metal really isn't my thing especially that kind of brooding stuff. I can respect it's apparently based on a true story though (although I believe the lyrics of that would break the site rules, lol...)
  2. Bonkle

    Dino Attack

    A long time ago I got it into my head that Dino Attack is just the Lego embodiment of one of those light gun arcade cabinets from the late 90's and early 00's and it keeps coming to the front of my mind every few months, share this post with 5 friends or you will be cursed with this knowledge as well and condemned to buy only the lame European Dino 2010 versions
  3. Was gonna say, lol. Just paint a red one.
  4. Just read through Chapter 1 and really enjoyed it, even more than the prologue I think. I really like how you've been able to weave in all the information about Metru Nui's politics and economy through individual character's lives and how it affects them instead of just dumping information on the audience straight up. I like Larker already, especially for his relationship with Subi. Things of note: I really liked the opening bit. I've seen so many scenes in sci-fi movies and shows that do the "training exercise made to look real" gimmick and I can almost always spot them ahead of time. But you really made me feel the danger for Tengi was real. "sullen 17-point turn", hilarious. The bit where Larker gets home felt really... well, real, to me. You captured the feeling of getting home after a long day perfectly, I could envision that scene vividly. A great moment solidifying this more grounded moment in Bionicle canon, at least compared to some of the later shenanigans Greg wrote.
  5. Hey, thank you so much for the detailed feedback, this made my day. To address your comment about Halak, the next chapter will dive into her a little more - I'm not sure how clear it was but the last one ends with Arhet going into her mind, so the coming chapter will be in her head and we'll learn more about her. Originally the story was going to be 3rd person and not have Halak at all, but I realized it would be too melodramatic and brooding to just constantly comment on Corvec's disdain for life. She provides a sounding board for him and lets me piecemeal the information about his past. I'll admit her character wasn't as strongly conceived because of that plot-deviceish nature of her existence but there is more to her as we'll see.
  6. "A Lady of a Certain Age", The Divine Comedy
  7. "Where My Heart Will Take Me", Russell Watson
  8. "16, Maybe Less" by Iron and Wine
  9. 4/5 old buddy, it's been a while
  10. Your last one was Edward Norton IIRC so that's who I'm seeing here even if it isn't actually him. Similar enough
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