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  1. I went back and read your research post and was even more impressed, and now I'm even more excited to read more. There are a lot of great things going on here. And I definitely agree about the puzzle aspect of fanfic being a benefit. And thanks for reading mine, feedback is always welcome because I always feel I can improve but no pressure if you don't wanna.
  2. Just read chapter 1, and definitely enjoyed it. So many Bionicle fics are same-y but this one, like some other recent ones on the site, thankfully, are working hard to stand out. The horror angle is great. I was genuinely disturbed by the description of the corpse. Typically when we think of zombies or skeletons we project certain personalities or attributes onto them that make them totally separate from living things, and when we are just dealing with a regular corpse its humanity is typically played up to convey tragedy. The way you described this body, however, and the way the Matoran reacted to it, was truly chilling. Even though clearly dead it still seemed like it would spring to life at any moment, and the whole scene was just so unearthly. That's the beat way I can put it.
  3. Kill Ninjago for the love of all that is good. I'm so sick of it. Just give me a good new "yellow" theme, don't find something else to license and milk.
  4. 3/5 old Kanohi Force acquaintances
  5. Love this, you've successfully made me feel like I've somehow got another class this semester.
  6. Bonkle

    2019 in Film

    >no Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  7. Just read the prologue for Sculptors/Smelters and I really enjoyed it! I like the setting and the characters you've established so far, very unique for a Bionicle story. IIRC there's pretty much zero story information for the Civil War beyond some basic notes, so you've picked a great niche you can have a lot of fun with. I look forward to more. I also appreciate how much research you've evidently put in for the above post - although I don't have time to read it at the moment. Will do later.
  8. And ad for a game I've heard good things about and some character profile links.
  9. Oh man, uhhh looks like it was all 6 Vahki about two and a half years ago lol. I do plan on getting some parts for a MOC... eventually.
  10. BZP's formatting is screwy, it looked fine on my document and when I pasted it here I couldn't ditch those indents
  11. Almost nothing of note or real interest for me in the 2010s. A definite decline for LEGO on all fronts. (Not including Bionicle of course, since we are in the general LEGO section)
  12. Remember the fight between Smith and Neo at the end of Revolutions?
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