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  1. the addition of the bionicle watch part is genius
  2. LOL, cant play around with masks like those bro .. I was shocked to see them on there
  3. Did you really just sell both your white huna and yellow ruru on bricklink at a total of 6000USD?
  4. haha no unfortunately it is not, only a re-make I had to replace the yellow ruru with an orange one .. thanks alot! Thanks alot for your elaborate and kind comment! yes you are right, the idea actually came from not having the yellow ruru to complete the original with, so I started thinking about other ruru's that could be used. Here is a picture of all the tarakava together:
  5. Hi guys just wanted to show some re-colorings of the sand tarakava I did. (Terrakava & Taralava) Front Back Color Comparison w/ Original Let me know your thoughts!
  6. Hello guys, I know this is probably a common sought after request, but I was wondering whether anyone is willing to sell their light-blue kaukau kanohi misprint? thanks!
  7. Thanks a lot for your comment, appreciate it!
  8. Yes, the purple and orange really stood out a lot haha! thanks a lot! Thanks a lot for your comment! yes you're right! I wanted to add some kaukau, as outside of Gali and Hahli we indeed never saw them in canon. When I was young (2001-2002 era) I made all villages with my dad but unfortunatly didn't take any pics at that time. Cool idea tho!
  9. Muake and Kane-Ra has two. EDIT: Ninja'd. Cool collection. These guys further highlight the worthlessness of the Kaukau. "I live underground. I need to breathe water!" Haha you are so right! however they could have used the "underwater breathing" skill when the Gahlok attacked and flooded onu-koro.
  10. I agree on the bohrok arms however they are a bit tricky to attach to the mctoran, they fit a lot better with the 2003 matoran torsos. The black huna i got off of bricklink, but I believe the Kane-Ra also comes with two black Huna.
  11. Thanks alot! yes they unfortunately clashed a lot more than I expected. I do have the blue kaukau and dark blue tohunga feet for hahli but I forgot to add it.
  12. Hi everybody, I just wanted to briefly display my collection of mctoran to you all! Feel free to share your own mctoran collections, I would love to see them, as well as to read your comments and thoughts. http://i61.tinypic.com/2cgizpl.jpg KO-KORO http://i61.tinypic.com/28veryq.jpg TA-KORO http://i59.tinypic.com/2dwgcxx.jpg PO-KORO http://i61.tinypic.com/2ahw048.jpg LE-KORO http://i62.tinypic.com/23kby55.jpg GA-KORO http://i59.tinypic.com/2eds74z.jpg ONU-KORO Thanks for viewing! Edit: Images linked; please keep embedded images in BBC to 640x640 pixels and 100 kB, about. -Wind-
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